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Distinction in Theological Education


One of the finest traditions of YDS is the excellence of its faculty and their world class scholarship. Thus, the recipient of the award in Theological Education will be a scholar of distinction whose research and teaching reflects the best of traditions of YDS.


Distinction in Theological Education Recipients


Rossing2011 Barbara Rossing ’81 M.Div.


Lundblad2010 Barbara Lundblad



2009 Don Saliers '62 B.D., Atlanta, GA



2008 Bruce Rigdon '62 B.D., '63 M.A., '68 Ph.D., Chicago, IL


hough2007 Joseph C. Hough, Jr. '59 B.D., '65 Ph.D., New York, NY


williams2006 Preston Noah Williams '54 S.T.M., Belmont, MA


reynolds 2005 Frank E. Reynolds '55 B.D., Plainfield, MA


lindbeck2004 George A. Lindbeck '46 B.D., West Burke, VT

2003 Dean Joon Surh Park '69 B.D.

        Joe R. Jones '61 B.D.

2002 Thomas Mullen '59 B.D.

2001 N/A

2000 William Francis May ‘52 B.D.

1999 Jim Waits '61 B.D.

1998 Wilmer Cooper '51 B.D.

1997 Jim Nelson '57 B.D.

1996 Stanley Hauerwas '65 B.D.

1995 Sallie McFague '59 B.D.
        Hide Yasu Nakagowa '52 B.D.

1994 Rosemary Skinner Keller '58 M.R.E.

1993 James Laney '54 B.D.

1992 Masao Takenaka '51 B.D., '52 S.T.M.






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