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William Sloane Coffin '56 Award for Peace and Justice


Coffin Award Recipients

                     2009 Peter Laarman '93 M.Div., Los Angeles, CA



2008 Timothy Ahrens '85 M.Div., Columbus, OH

campbell2007 Will D. Campbell '52 B.D., Mount Juliet, TN

price2006 David E. Price '64 B.D., Chapel Hill, NC

keys2005 Arthur B. Keys, Jr. '73 M.Div., Potomac, MD

evans2004 Robert A. Evans '63 M.Div., Simsbury, CT


                     2003 Cora Weiss

The Coffin award is given in honor of the life and ministry of William Sloane Coffin, former Chaplain to the University and one of the 20th century's most significant religious


The recipient of the Coffin award will be someone who shares Coffin's passionate and prophetic witness, a courageous

devotion to the dignity and worth of all persons, and who has made a notable contribution to the work of peace and reconciliation.