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Alumni Award Nominations

The Yale Divinity School Board of Alumnal Affairs welcomes your nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Awards. The awards are given out each October during our annual Convocation and Reunion week at YDS and nominations are accepted year round. Please click here to submit your nomination online or print out the form and mail in your nomination to the address indicated below.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards are for living graduates and cannot be posthumously awarded. Only an alumnus or an alumna of YDS can nominate an individual. However, anyone may submit a letter of recommendation. The Awards Committee emphasizes the importance of a complete nomination, which must include adequate information describing the person's history and work, as well as at least one letter of recommendation.

Alumni Awards are currently given within the following categories (click on the award title to read a description of that award):

William Sloane Coffin '56 Award for Peace and Justice

Distinction in Theological Education

Distinction in Congregational Ministry

Lux et Veritas

Questions/Mailing Address:
Alumni Relations Office
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E-mail: gail.briggs@yale.edu