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Steering Committee

Mr. George M. Noonan '79 M.Div.
Kansas City, MO

Vice President

Mary Ellen T. O'Driscoll '02 M.Div.

New York, NY

Rev. Nicholas Hood, III '76 M.Div.
Detroit, MI

Chair of the Alumni Awards Committee
Rev. Javier A. Viera '00 S.T.M.
Mamaroneck, NY

Chair of the Nominating Committee
Rev. Fred R. Brooks, Jr '61 M.Div
Vestal, NY

Co-Chairs of Alumnal Events Task Force
Rev. Kwame Osei Reed '79 M.Div.
Reston, VA


Rev. Dr. Marilyn L. Stavenger '61 M.Div.
St. Louis, MO

Chair of the Student Involvement Task Force
Susan Klein '44 M.Div.
Los Angeles, CA