May 10, 2009


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Academic Information. 2

Commencement Letter from Dean Attridge. 2

Attention Graduating Students. 3

Graduation Rehearsal 3

Summer Library Hours. 4

Summer Term Courses on Sale for Students. 4

Lectures and Events. 4

Presbyterian Ordination Exams. 4

May 15 Bike to Work Day Breakfast! 4

Donate Nonperishable Food! 5

Fulbright Workshops. 5

Mailboxes and Commuter Lockers. 5

Ministry Resource Center 5

Sustainability Summit survey reminder 6

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1998 Dodge Stratus for sale. 6

1998 Nissan Sentra. 6

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Workers Needed for Commencement 7

Bridgeport CPE Opening. 7

Yale University Art Gallery Teaching Jobs. 7

VOLUNTEER: New Haven Reads Tutors. 7

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ISO: Community House. 7

Summer Sublet in East Rock Neighborhood. 8


Academic Information


Commencement Letter from Dean Attridge

To:                   Members of the Class of 2009, Family and Friends

From:               Harold Attridge

Re:                   Commencement Events -- May 24th and 25th

Faculty and staff, degree candidates, spouses and guests are invited to attend all events related to Commencement at the Divinity School.  

The schedule is as follows:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

University Baccalaureate Service

Woolsey Hall

9:30 am and 11:00 am

(No procession for graduates, processional candidates or faculty.  No tickets required.)


Divinity School Commencement Worship

Divinity Quadrangle

4:00 pm

Preacher: Jaime Lara

This event is preceded by a procession, weather permitting. Wearing gowns, caps and hoods, M.Div., M.A.R., and S.T.M. candidates for graduating will assemble on the Quadrangle directly in front of the Chapel.  Led by your marshals, you may assemble in any order of your choosing; to sit with friends, march before or after, not side by side.  Faculty will assemble in the RSV Conference Room.


Graduate Reception

Front of the Quadrangle (Prospect Street)

5:30 pm


Monday, May 25, 2009

Light Continental Breakfast

Common Room

7:30 – 9:30 am


Divinity School Commencement Communion

Marquand Chapel

8:00 – 9:00 am

Preacher:          Kristen Leslie

Celebrant:         Dale Peterson and Emilie Townes


University Commencement

Old Campus

10:30 am

All participants are encouraged to meet in front of the Divinity School (on Prospect Street) at 9:15 to walk to Cross Campus behind the YDS banner.


Guests will be seated until 10:15 am.  Faculty and candidates assemble at 9:45 under the Divinity School sign on Cross Campus (in front of Sterling Library); follow your marshals, in any order.  Because the Commencement exercises will be outdoors even in the event of rain, you and your guests should be prepared with raincoats and umbrellas.  All candidates for degrees are required to attend the University Commencement.


Divinity School Commencement Exercises

12:30 pm

Divinity Quadrangle

This will include a brief ceremony with a Charge to the Graduates.  Diplomas will be awarded to members of the M.A.R., M.Div., and S.T.M. classes.  Prizes for YDS recipients will be awarded at this time; prizes for ISM and BDS recipients will be announced.  In caps and gowns, graduating M.Div., M.A.R., and S.T.M. assemble by degree and alphabetically behind the appropriate student marshal.  Attendance of each member of the graduating classes is required unless a request to be excused, addressed to the Dean in writing, is granted.


Graduate Reception

2:00 pm

Divinity Quadrangle (Prospect Street)

The list to which this letter is sent is preliminary and should not be taken as evidence that a degree will be conferred.  A few persons who will not have completed requirements for graduation in May, but expect to do so before the opening of the fall term, should consider themselves members of this year’s graduating class and attend the ceremonies.  A complete list of all events is attached.


It is your responsibility to contact the persons listed below for changes in time and/or location of Commencement events.


For Divinity events, contact the offices of the associate deans: Emilie Townes (432-5308) and/or Dale Peterson (432-5310).


For University events, call 432-2310 for a recorded message or visit the University website at


Attention Graduating Students

From the Registrars office to all students anticipating graduation this month:

Please check your student records (via SIS) and make sure you have no holds preventing you from receiving your diploma (financial, exit interview, etc). Also, make sure to check your transcript and make sure you have no lingering incompletes from previous semesters (they would be listed on your transcript as "in progress work", or "TI."  All holds and incompletes must be resolved before you will be cleared for graduation.


Graduation Rehearsal

Attention Graduating Students: Please join the Class of 2009 in a Graduation Rehearsal on Friday, May 22nd, at 10:30am. We will meet outside on the Quad for a rehearsal of how we will process and recess on Sunday and Monday of Commencement, and how you will receive your diplomas on Monday. The rehearsal will last an hour, after which we will enjoy a pizza lunch together. This is not a mandatory rehearsal, but it is a great chance to understand how things will go during the actual Commencement ceremonies and to have a good time as a class before the weekend events begin. So, here's hoping you can attend, and here's hoping for blue skies and 70 degrees! Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.  In celebration, Dale.

Class of 2009


Friday, May 22nd, 10:30am

Divinity School Quadrangle



Summer Library Hours

Summer hours for the Divinity library begin Saturday, May 9th. 

-         Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:50 p.m.  Exceptions: Closed May 25th and July 3rd.

-         Closed weekends!

For other Yale Library hours please look on the web at:


Summer Term Courses on Sale for Students

YDS students and Class of 2009 can take Summer Term courses for $75.  The May 15 registration deadline looms large, and at least one course is now filled up, so quick action is in order for those who would like to attend.


A number of senior faculty are teaching, including Dean Harold Attridge, Peter Hawkins, Denys Turner, and Robert Wilson. Registration materials, class listings, and other details about Summer Term* are available on the YDS web site at

Lectures and Events


Presbyterian Ordination Exams

Presbyterian (PCUSA) Ordination-Bound students - please take note of the following important dates: The Ordination Exams will be given on August 28 and 29, 2009. Early registration for those exams closes on June 15. The Final Deadline to register for the August Exams is July 15.  The Bible Content Exam will be given on October 2 at 10 a.m. The early registration deadline is July 15. The final deadline to register for the October Bible Content Exam is August 17.


You need the permission of your Committee on Preparation for Ministry to take the Ordination Exams, so be in touch with the committee chair if you don't yet have that permission. And if you are a Presbyterian considering ordination and none of this makes sense to you, contact:


May 15 Bike to Work Day Breakfast!

Please come to our next BTW Day breakfast, Friday, May 15, 7:30-9:30 a.m. in front of New Haven City Hall, 165 Church Street. Free coffee and breakfast provided this month by Bru Cafe and the City. Transportation Director Mike Piscitelli will be on hand to fill us in on several exciting and imminent projects of great interest to cyclists. Plus, CT Transit will provide a bus for anyone who wishes to practice putting their bike on one of the bus bike racks (it's so-o-o easy, but until you've done it you might be a little shy about holding up the bus while you put your bike on).  Contact:


Donate Nonperishable Food!

Some of you may be cleaning out your cupboards and pantries and don't want to haul food around from residence to residence.  So donate your nonperishable foods!  Bring them to the Commuter Lounge and look for the box that says "DONATE FOOD!"  That's the box where you donate food.  We'll be collecting food through May 22 and then bringing it to the Connecticut Food Bank.  -2009 Class Officers


Fulbright Workshops

Workshops offered this year for Graduate and Professional Students interested in research abroad under the Fulbright and Fulbright-Hays Student Scholar programs. Workshops will take place in HGS 119 on:

-         Wednesday, July 8, 10am

-         Thursday, September 3, 10am

Any student thinking about applying for a Fulbright is strongly urged to attend one of these sessions, and should later plan to meet with Dean Harper-Mangels who serves as campus coordinator for these programs.  Students should also register at the Yale Grants and Fellowships system at:  More information about Fulbright can be found at  More information about Fulbright-Hays can be found at


Mailboxes and Commuter Lockers

You need to return your campus mailbox keys before Friday May 8th. You will be assigned a different mailbox next year. If by any chance you lost or misplace your key there is a fee of $25, which needs to be paid by check to Yale University. You can leave these payments at my desk. There is a labeled container at the front desk were you can drop your key off at any time, and I can keep track of your key by the number on it. Remember this is for all YDS students. If you are out of the area you need to mail your key in to 409 Prospect St., New Haven, CT, 06511 attention Patricia Ojeda.  


Also, commuter students that have been using lockers in the student lounge, it is time to clean and empty them. Remember to take your locks off, as we will l reassign lockers next year. All lockers should be clean and empty no later that May 16th. Anything remaining in the lockers after that day will be thrown away and the lock with be cut off.


Ministry Resource Center

The Ministry Resource Center invites you to be a member after you graduate and we will discuss your needs and ship to you anywhere.  While you have some free time, see some interesting DVDs, hear some music CDs, read a book that you haven't had time for.




Prepare for summer jobs, future jobs, summer ministries with resources from Ministry Resource Center.  We can help you!  We are here for you all summer!


Sustainability Summit survey reminder

As the end of the spring term approaches, take a moment to reflect on this year's Sustainability Summit and complete our brief survey.  Your feedback will help us shape the next summit in 2010.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Please follow this link to the survey:




ISO: Flatware

As you pack up to head out, please consider donating any used forks, spoons, or knives to the refectory kitchen for future student use. Just drop 'em in the box right outside the refectory!  While you're at it, please return any forks or other items that have wandered away from the student kitchen.  Our new supply has dwindled as of late.  Thanks!

YECC Refectory Team

ISO: Storage

I am looking for secure dry storage space, beginning this weekend, until school begins again in the fall. Space should be big enough to hold a queen-sized mattress, boxspring, bicycle, 2 bookshelves, 1 desk, 2-drawer low dresser, 1 swivel deskchair and 1 small overstuffed chair. Free storage would be best, but let's discuss fee, if necessary. Really appreciate your help! Contact:


For Sale

1998 Dodge Stratus for sale

1998 Dodge Stratus for sale.  White with red spray paint on one door.  3 original windows, one relatively new.  Ready for new radio (old one was stolen).  Tires relatively new.  128,479 miles. 

I've owned this car for a while and, while I can't vouch for the original owner, I can provide maintenance records for the last 8 years. It's been well maintained although it had a brief (and very small) oil leak at the end of last year (which seems to have cleared up somehow, but I'll provide oil and a funnel). It looks and sounds a little rough but runs well and reliably. It was in good condition until I brought it to New Haven where it was spray painted (I'll also toss in a can of white spray paint) and broken into (for the radio, hence the newer window).  Asking $500 or best offer for a car that will get you around town.  Contact: Grayson Sansard (

1998 Nissan Sentra

QUICK SALE!!! 1998 Nissan Sentra for $2900.  Great commuter car for sale gets 33 mpg.  I have taken great care of my car. It has power doors and windows, alarm, new clutch and water filter, air conditioning, cd-player and great sound. Has 110K miles on it.



I'm moving back home to AL after graduation and need to sell furniture.  All furniture and accessories were bought new when I moved to CT in 06 and was stored during summers and semester away so is in good condition still.  I'm flexible so just offer and we'll see what we can work out. Pictures available on request.  For sale:

1 Queen size Bed with Mattress (includes 1 down comforter, 4 sets of sheets, 1 electric blanket)

1 Wardrobe (has 2 drawers and doors at the top that open to 3 shelves)

1 Desk

1 Computer Desk Chair (avocado green)

2 Bedside tables (white)

1 small book shelf (black)

Lamps...lot of them

1 industrial fan




Workers Needed for Commencement

Student workers are needed for Commencement exercises on May 24th and 25th.  Students are needed for ushering, food and beverage service, set-up and clean-up, hospitality, and general assistance in helping Commencement go smoothly and enjoyably.  These are work-study positions for which wages are paid.  If you are interested in working one or both days, please e-mail me at with your availability for those days.

Bridgeport CPE Opening

Bridgeport Hospital has a couple of openings in their summer CPE program.  The program begins on May 26 and ends on August 7 - those dates and tuition, etc. are detailed in the document I have attached to this e-mail.  If interested, contact:

The Rev. James (Jay) Cooke, S.T.M., B.C.C., Chaplain & ACPE Supervisor, Department of Pastoral Care, Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT, (203) 384-3948.

Yale University Art Gallery Teaching Jobs

The Yale University Art Gallery is hiring Gallery Teachers to teach school groups in the galleries beginning in September. Gallery Teachers will have four weeks of paid training in September and will begin teaching in the galleries in October.


VOLUNTEER: New Haven Reads Tutors

Tutors needed to help students in exam time.  If you have time Monday/Tuesday 4:00-7:00PM or Wednesday-Friday 3:00-6:00PM or Saturday 12:00-4:00PM.  Contact:


ISO: Community House

Hi, I'm entering as a junior into YDS and BDS this fall, and I'm looking for off-campus housing options, ideally to become available in August. In particular, I'd really like to live in a community house with other BDS, YDS or Yale students (for example, School of Forestry), but I'm also open to more traditional living situation with roommates.  A little about myself: born and raised in Virginia; studied Wildlife Science and Leadership and Social Change at Virginia Tech; and lived abroad in Europe for several years post-graduation. I'll be pursuing an M.Div at YDS and Diploma for Anglican Studies at BDS.  If you'd like to contact me, please do so at Thank you! Hilary Camblos

Summer Sublet in East Rock Neighborhood

Large bedroom (162 sq. ft. with an extra-large closet) available in a 3-bedroom apartment as a summer sublet (available from the end of May, $490/mo. + utilities) with a fall option on the lease. The bright and sunny room has an unobstructed view from its private balcony and is sound-isolated from the other bedrooms in the apartment. Wood-beamed dining room with skylight, fully-furnished kitchen, living room; coin-operated washer and dryer in the basement, shared off-street parking, Wi-Fi LAN access for internet, independent phone-line. A short walk to the Divinity School, by the corner of Orange

and Edwards, by Yale Shuttle lines, biomed bus, bus route to downtown/trainstation,

and Nica?s Market. No pets, no smoking. Contact: