May 3, 2009


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Academic Information. 2

Financial Aid Letters. 2

Outside Scholarship Opportunity for African American Males. 2

Candidates in Systematic Theology. 2

Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule. 2

Lectures and Events. 3

Award-winning Poet at Forestry School 3

Seeking Host Families for Islam Summer Institute. 3

Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual Internships Summer 2009. 4

Ministry Resource Center 4

Wine-tasting to Benefit Your Place. 4

Classifieds. 4

Found/Needed. 4

ISO Storage Space. 4

ISO: Ride to Hartford Over the Summer 4

ISO: Website Help. 5

ISO: Digital Camera for the Summer 5

For Sale. 5

Furniture. 5

Theology Texts. 5

Men’s Bike. 5

Free: Carry-On Suitcase. 5

Employment 6

ISO: Dog Watcher, possibly one willing to have dog sleep in their bed. 6

Ministry Resource Center 6

Workers Needed for Commencement 6

Extended Summer Unit CPE at Greenwich Hospital 6

CPE in Wichita, KS. 6

CPE Opening in Hartford. 6

Youth Director 6

Housing. 7

2 BR House East Rock. 7

Large Apartment Available in Hamden. 7

ISO: Free Housing. 7

ISO: Roommate 1. 7

ISO Roommate 2. 7

Summer Sublet 1. 7

Summer Sublet 2. 8

Summer Sublet 3. 8

Summer Sublet 4. 8

Summer Sublet 5. 8

Summer Rental (not to be confused with a sublet) 8


Academic Information


Financial Aid Letters

Financial Aid letters for the 2009-10 academic year are ready to be picked up in the Financial Aid Office on Monday May 4. Office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday; any letters not picked up by noon on Thursday May 7th will be placed in the US mail.

Outside Scholarship Opportunity for African American Males

Attached please find the instructions and application for the Dr. Calvin Martin Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund, the deadline is May 15th.  Some requirements are that you need to be between the ages of 16 and 25 and a legal resident of the tri-state area.  (Dr Calvin Martin Mem. Scholarship Trust Fund-College.doc).


Candidates in Systematic Theology


On behalf of Professor Miroslav Volf and the search committee members, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the senior faculty position in Systematic Theology at the Yale Divinity School. 

-         Christoph Schwobel, “Changing Places: Understanding Sin in Relation to God”

Monday, May 4 (12:30PM)

Niebuhr Hall, N123


Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule




Monday, May 4

9-12 noon Rel. 600, O.T. Interpretation

C. Sharp     

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

2-5 p.m. Rel. 601, N.T. Interpretation    

D. Swancutt

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

Tuesday, May 5

9-12 noon Rel. 618, Intermediate Greek: Septuagint            

J. Hultin

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 726, Systematic Theology                  

E. Waggoner

Niebuhr Hall

3:30-6 p.m. Rel. 669, Historical Jesus

A. Collins

RSV (S200)

Wednesday, May 6

9-12 noon Rel. 604, Elementary Biblical Hebrew           

D. Kim

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 677, Advanced Biblical Hebrew Poetry       

J. Baden

L 104

9-12 noon Rel. 715, Intro to Christian Ethics II

F. Simmons

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 605, Elementary NT Greek                             

S. Brand


2-4 p.m. Rel. 686, Greek Exegesis, 2 Peter and Jude      

J. Hultin


Thursday, May 7

9-12 noon Rel. 734, Reformation Europe (for all graduating seniors; others by request)         

B. Gordon

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 850, Dante’s Journey to God   

P. Hawkins

ISM Great Hall

2-5 p.m. Rel. 674, Intermediate Hebrew II                    

V. Hoffer

Bushnell 212

Friday, May 8

9-12 noon Rel. 729, Survey of Medieval Latin Literature

J. Johnson

Wood (S117)

Lectures and Events


Award-winning Poet at Forestry School

Poet-activist and Pushcart nominee Andrea Gibson will be performing

            Monday May 4 (7:00PM)

            Koon Hall at Forestry School


Seeking Host Families for Islam Summer Institute

The 2009 Summer Institute on Islam, Intercultural Relations, and Leadership is an extraordinary training opportunity co-sponsored by Pathways for Mutual Respect and the Yale Center for Faith and Culture's Reconciliation Program. Pathways for Mutual Respect is an educational nonprofit founded in 2006 by a current Yale grad student following his unusual experience as an American studying at an Iranian university. SIIIRL's unique curriculum is designed to equip young leaders and scholars to engage their professional, academic, and faith communities on issues of reconciliation and peacebuilding, particularly between the West and the Muslim world. SIIIRL will provide participants with a deeper, nuanced, and culturally informed understanding of the Islamic world. (


Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual Internships Summer 2009

Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER) welcomes students from seminaries, universities, and colleges both national and international to participate in the internship program.  Interns engage in the full range of activities at WATER, from office work to program planning. They learn how a small non-profit is run and what it takes to nurture such an Alliance. Interns wishing to do their own research will have a chance to utilize WATER's constantly growing library as well as consult with our experienced staff through periodic in-house seminars.  Give us a call if you have any questions about the program, 301.589.2509.  (If the application is no longer attached to this email, contact


Ministry Resource Center

The Ministry Resource Center invites you to use the remaining weeks of the school year to explore something you haven't gotten to do yet:

-         forms of prayer from prayer resources,

-         DVDs on church history, biography, documentaries,

-         CDs of music from other cultures,

-         topics you haven't gotten to study but will need to know in your ministry.

Remember you can be a member of the Ministry Resource Center no matter where you live and we will ship resources to you!  We are open and active all summer to help you with summer ministries, CPE resources, or just for free/fun learning!  FAIR TRADE DAY is coming--explore our resources!


Wine-tasting to Benefit Your Place

Wine and Cheese Tasting.  $30.

            May 18, 2009 (6:00PM)

            116 Crown




ISO Storage Space

Jason and Mary Emily Duba need a place to store belongings for about 10 months (July '09-May '10?).  Largest pieces are a double bed that comes apart, a rocking chair, two wicker chests, and two bikes. No other furniture.  If you have a non-damp basement, attic, or spare room, we would really appreciate it. It would save us from having to rent a locker (around $900 for 10 months), and since we're going to be volunteering for the year we're pretty tight on cash. Contact:

ISO: Ride to Hartford Over the Summer

I am hoping to be commuting to Hartford for the summer and was wondering if anyone else is planning on doing the same and has some idea on how best to do that. I do not have a car and my google skills are coming up with unfavorable results.  Or if you have a car and wouldn't mind me tagging along(I will pay for gas), please let me know. Contact:

ISO: Website Help

I am in need of some web design help. I have a website for my writing work, and I made it myself, ergo, it looks like it was made in MS Paint. I'd really like for it to look more professional, so if you are skilled in web design (maybe Flash or XML - those are things, right?), I could greatly use your services. I'm willing to pay you in beer, Greek tutoring lessons, or, you know, cash. Contact:

ISO: Digital Camera for the Summer

Does anyone have a simple digital camera that either John Helmstadter or I could borrow this summer? You can loan to whoever you like more and we will take extra special good care of it. We can repay you in cookies and awesome pictures of assorted things.  Long shot, but worth a try... Contact:


For Sale


I'll be leaving in June and have a few things to sell: a hardly-used futon, an exercise bike, a double bed, coffee table, small end tables etc., dining table (small) and chairs.

Theology Texts

-         John Milbank's "Being Reconciled" brand new, sale price $10 (ordinarily $35)

-         Michael Welker "God The Spirit" brand new, sale price $8 (ordinarily $25)

-         Miroslav Volf "Exclusion and Embrace" brand new, sale price $8

-         Franz Fanon "Wretched of the Earth" brand new, sale price $5 (ordinarily $12)

-         Leonardo Boff "Jesus Christ Liberator" like new, sale price $7 (ordinarily $25)

-         Saint Augustine "The Trinity" (NCP, trans. Edmond Hill) brand new, $10 (ord. $32)

-         Theologia Germanica of Martin Luther, some underlining, $5 (ordinarily $20)

-         Martin Luther, Selections, ed. Dillenberger, some notes in front, $3 (ord. $13)

-         Heiko Oberman "Luther, Man Between God and Devil, some underlining $4 (ord. $18)

-         James Cone "Black Theology & Black Power" brand new, $5 (ord. $20)

-         Saint Augustine "Confessions" used, $2

Please contact if you're interested.

Men’s Bike

How about transportation for $20? Give me an email or call (248-7247) and come and get it!  For fun exercise and for basic transportation.  Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt,

Free: Carry-On Suitcase

just bought a new carry-on suitcase and would like to give my old one away to someone who is in need of it. It is in good condition but the interior lining that supports the upper portion of it came off. If you would like to pick it up, please email me.  Contact: Rahiel (


ISO: Dog Watcher, possibly one willing to have dog sleep in their bed

Looking for someone who can host dog in their home 4-7 days, either May 26-June 2, or May 29-June 2nd.  She's 9 years old and is happy just to hang out, as long as she's gotten a walk or romp in the park a couple times a day.  She would probably prefer to sleep in your bed, but could be convinced to sleep on her own.  Contact:

Ministry Resource Center

Resource Assistant in the Ministry Resource Center for next academic year:  applications and job descriptions in the Center.  An opportunity to increase professional skills for ministry while earning money.  Talk to Director, Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt:

Workers Needed for Commencement

Student workers are needed for Commencement exercises on May 24th and 25th.  Students are needed for ushering, food and beverage service, set-up and clean-up, hospitality, and general assistance in helping Commencement go smoothly and enjoyably.  These are work-study positions for which wages are paid.  If you are interested in working one or both days, please e-mail me at with your availability for those days.

Extended Summer Unit CPE at Greenwich Hospital

Greenwich Hospital is pleased to announce that they will be adding an extended Summer unit to their CPE schedule for 2009-10: one beginning in June and another beginning in November.  For more information, please contact: or stop by the Office of Supervised Ministry (S101A,

CPE in Wichita, KS

The Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, KS is offering a full-year residency for CPE.  Contact Info:, (316) 962-2310, or, 1-800-362-0288 x22310.  Or (The Office of Supervised Ministry), for more information.

CPE Opening in Hartford

A position in the Summer CPE Unit at "Partners In CPE" in Hartford has opened up. Information about the program at Saint Francis Hospital and Mercy Community Health, the partners, can be found on  the website: Feel free to contact the Supervisor, John Swift, (772 579-3807).

Youth Director

Youth Group Director (’09-‘10), First Lutheran Church of the Reformation, New Britain, CT 06051.  The director will be responsible for helping the Jr. and Sr. High Youth (grades 7-12) of this congregation and the larger community grow in their commitment to Jesus Christ by building relationships, fostering a safe and supportive Christian environment and planning service and social activities. This will normally occur during Sunday night programming (whose normal hours are from 6-7:30 Sunday nights) as well as other trips, experiences, service opportunities and outings.  Please call Pastor Elisabeth Aurand, 860-224-2475, ex. 12 or email her at if interested in the position. (Yth Director JOB DESCRIPTION April-03.doc)



2 BR House East Rock

Great rental opportunity. Detached 2 bedroom house, Very quiet and private.  Unique original details…and loads of character & charm!  Washer & dryer on site, 5 min walk to downtown.  30 Cottage Street rear house, $1300.00 available June 1st.  If you would like to see the unit before June 1st please email the tenant            The landlord can be contacted directly at or 203.376.4826.

Large Apartment Available in Hamden

I will be vacating my apt. in June and would like to pass on this incredible deal to someone. It's a nice size 2 bedroom apt. with off-street parking, a back yard.  Rent is $950. and it's cheap to heat, because it's so well insulated.  Maintenance is impeccable and the landlord will do anything you need done.  Neighbors are great. It's 3 mi from Div School in Hamden.  Contact:

ISO: Free Housing

Bebe’s rent-free housing has suddenly fallen through just as semester deadlines are upon us. I have to move by early May and am looking for a similar situation ASAP that could continue through next year. Perhaps you know someone anticipating a knee replacement or other surgery who would benefit from a live-in Divinity student who is also an occupational therapist? Contact:

ISO: Roommate 1

My roommate decided to return to Ohio and I would like to remain in this apartment.  The well-maintained apartment is a 3rd floor apt on Everit Street (between Cold

Spring St and East Rock Rd) in the East Rock neighborhood with a spacious living room, galley-style kitchen, and dining room. Bedroom is a moderate size room that overlooks backyard. Hardwood floors throughout the apartment. Tons of closet space for storage throughout the apartment. Extremely safe and quiet location. 5 blocks (10-15 minute walk) from the Divinity School and close to Forestry School and Science Hill. Two blocks from the Yale shuttle (blue line) and public transit.  Your split of the rent is $600 per month plus half of the natural gas and cable/internet. Landlord pays for electric and water. Free on-site laundry included. Ample street parking. Looking to share a one-year lease starting August 1 but can negotiate a later start date.  If you are interested, contact Matthew Laferty at

ISO Roommate 2

I am looking for an inexpensive room in a house or apartment within walking distance of YDS. (If an apartment, I would prefer to live with all mature females.)  My budget range is around ($450 to $500 whatever amount you think) a month, including utilities.  Please contact me at

Summer Sublet 1

Two bedrooms are available to rent this summer in a four bedroom house of graduate student women. The house is on Admiral Street and a ten minute walk from the Divinity School and downtown New Haven. Each bedroom is $400/month, which does not include internet or utilities, but they do not exceed $50/month in the summer. Looking to sublet both rooms for June, July, and August.  What's more, the living room is furnished with tangerine, grapefruit, and kumquat colored velvet chairs. Contact:

Summer Sublet 2

My name is Mark Anderson (MAR 06) and I would like to sublet my room in a house on Mansfield St. this June, July, and August.  It is a large, furnished room for one person in a large house with its own balcony and a great deal of natural light.  The house has full kitchen facilities, a washer and dryer, and plenty of common space.  Utilities are included in the rent.  The earliest move-in date is May 12th and the move-out date is August 31st.  The price for the whole summer is $1350, including the extra weeks in May.  182 Mansfield St. is a five-minute walk from YDS in a pleasant neighborhood that is also close to downtown.  If you are interested, please contact me at:

Summer Sublet 3

As summer approaches students are coming and going at a rapid pace. If anyone is taking classes here at YDS over the summer or just needs a place to stay, look no further. My roommate, Djordje (George), will be leaving for Chicago around the 8th of May and I (Benji) will be in and out of the apartment (601 Bellamy Hall) from May through August. Our place would be available for someone beginning the May 8th.  We already have someone interested in staying parts of June and July (perhaps) but there is still plenty of room in our two-bedroom apartment for another person. The rooms are furnished by the school and each room has internet including wireless. Rent is around six hundred dollars a person but these prices are negotiable. For those who don't know, Bellamy is minutes within the YDS campus. Interested? Don't hesitate to email me (

Summer Sublet 4

Apartment available to sublet from 20 May to 24 August (some flexibility).

One bedroom in a two wood-floored BR, wood-floored living room, tiled kitchen and bathroom, spacious East Rock apartment.  Washer and dryer on site. The apartment and bedroom are furnished. A nice YDS roommate.  The neighborhood is quiet and safe. The apartment is located in Orange Street and the cross street is Canner Street. 5 mins walk from East Rock Park, 15 mins walk from YDS, and 2 mins walk from Archie Moore's and Romeo & Cesare. $500/month (utilities included). I’m willing to be flexible with the rent.   Move in/ out arrangements can be discussed.  Contact:

Summer Sublet 5

I am still looking to sublet my room in a wonderful house on Mansfield St. from May-mid-August. It is a fully furnished room for one person in a large house with its own balcony (window accessible). Perhaps you, or one of your friends, would like to sublet?  The house has full kitchen facilities, a washer and dryer, and plenty of common space. Rent is $450 a month, which includes utilities. 182 Mansfield St. is a five-minute walk from YDS and the Blue Shuttle and Red Shuttle lines (along with bus-lines if you ride the bus) in a pleasant neighborhood that is a quick 15 min. walk to downtown. If you are interested, please contact me at:

Summer Rental (not to be confused with a sublet)

Summer rental still available in Fair Haven Heights neighborhood of New Haven. 2 BR; 1.5 B; large kitchen; lovely lot with garden, yard, and woods; walk to bus and riverfront area. 10 minute drive/20 minute bike ride to YDS. $800 or b.o. Call (216)862-0862 or e-mail --Barbara Blodgett