April 26, 2009


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Academic Information. 2

Candidates in Systematic Theology. 2

Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule. 2

Congratulations 2009 Banner Bearers and Student Marshalls. 3

Lectures and Events. 3

Wisdom from those who’ve been there. 3

Religion and Eco-Justice Fellowship Retreat 3

BTFO Volunteer Open House. 4

This Week in Marquand. 4

IRAP-YFFP  Catered Last  Lunch. 4

“Building Abrahamic Partnerships” – Interfaith Cooperative Ministries Annual Meeting. 4

Grad-Prof Student Spring Chill-Out Day. 4

Lecture: An Introduction to Process Philosophy. 5

Learn Songs.  Support Classmates.  Make Friends. 5

Congrats 2009-2010 Student Council 5

BDS Diversity Potluck Monday. 6

Lecture: "When Does Moderation Mean Less Change and Less Democracy: A Reflection on the Transformation of Religious Parties and Turkey's Justice and Development Party" 6

Evening Prayer and Vigil to End Violence Against Women. 6

Scholarship Opportunity: Emerging Leaders Conference. 6

Ministry Resource Center 6

ISO: Crafters. 7

Call for Submission: Prospect YDS Literary Magazine. 7

Classifieds. 7

For Sale. 7

New Interpretter’s Dictionary of the Bible. 7

Employment 7

Coffee Hour 7

Q Source Editor 8

Ministry Resource Center 8

Volunteer: Holden Village. 8

Housing. 8

2 BR Apartment 8

Summer Sublet 8

Room Available in Recently Remodeled Colonial 8

Female Roommate Sought 9

Sublet Bethesda House. 9

ISO: Free Housing Beginning April 28. 9

Summer Sublet Available. 9

Summer Rental 9


Academic Information


Candidates in Systematic Theology


On behalf of Professor Miroslav Volf and the search committee members, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the senior faculty position in Systematic Theology at the Yale Divinity School. 

-         Janet Soskice, “Creation Ex Nihilo and Naming God.”  Soskice is a University Reader in Philosophical Theology, and lecturer at Cambridge University, Faculty of Divinity and Fellow of Jesus College.  CV available in Room N122. 

Monday, April 27 (5:00PM)

Niebuhr Hall, N123

-         Christoph Schwobel, “Changing Places: Understanding Sin in Relation to God”

Monday, May 4 (12:30PM)

Niebuhr Hall, N123


Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule




Monday, May 4

9-12 noon Rel. 600, O.T. Interpretation

C. Sharp     

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

2-5 p.m. Rel. 601, N.T. Interpretation    

D. Swancutt

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

Tuesday, May 5

9-12 noon Rel. 618, Intermediate Greek: Septuagint           

J. Hultin

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 726, Systematic Theology                  

E. Waggoner

Niebuhr Hall

3:30-6 p.m. Rel. 669, Historical Jesus

A. Collins

RSV (S200)

Wednesday, May 6

9-12 noon Rel. 604, Elementary Biblical Hebrew           

D. Kim

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 677, Advanced Biblical Hebrew Poetry       

J. Baden

L 104

9-12 noon Rel. 715, Intro to Christian Ethics II

F. Simmons

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 605, Elementary NT Greek                             

S. Brand


2-4 p.m. Rel. 686, Greek Exegesis, 2 Peter and Jude      

J. Hultin


Thursday, May 7

9-12 noon Rel. 734, Reformation Europe (for all graduating seniors; others by request)         

B. Gordon

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 850, Dante’s Journey to God   

P. Hawkins

ISM Great Hall

2-5 p.m. Rel. 674, Intermediate Hebrew II                    

V. Hoffer

Bushnell 212

Friday, May 8

9-12 noon Rel. 729, Survey of Medieval Latin Literature

J. Johnson

Wood (S117)


Congratulations 2009 Banner Bearers and Student Marshalls

Congratulations and many thanks to the five graduating students who have agreed to serve as Banner Bearer and Student Marshals for the Class of 2009 Commencement ceremonies.  We are grateful for the willingness of these individuals to lead the processions on Old Campus and the Divinity Quadrangle, and to represent the Class of 2009 as Divinity degrees are granted by Yale President Richard Levin in University Commencement exercises. 

-         Grace Han, Banner Bearer

-         Christopher McKee, Master of Divinity Student Marshal                

-         Greta Getlein, Master of Divinity Student Marshal

-         Ruth Vaughan, Master of Arts in Religion Student Marshal

-         Philip Yoo, Master of Sacred Theology Student Marshal      

Thank you, Philip, Ruth, Greta, Christopher, and Grace, for your willingness to serve your class as Student Marshals and Banner Bearer.  Best wishes to you and the Class of 2009 for a successful and enjoyable Commencement celebration!  Our appreciation, as well, to Professor Lamin Sanneh, who will serve as Faculty Marshal for Commencement 2009 ceremonies.  We are grateful to Prof. Sanneh for his willingness to serve the Divinity School in this important way. In joy, Dale Peterson, Dean of Students

Lectures and Events


Wisdom from those who’ve been there

The Former Profits invite you to lunch after the last Marquand Chapel Service.  Come here how some of the former profits ended up here and what their experiences have been

Tuesday, April 28 (12:00-1:30PM)

Location TBA


Religion and Eco-Justice Fellowship Retreat

The National Council of Churches is continuing the tradition of nurturing young faith and environment leaders by sponsoring a Young Adult Fellowship Retreat this summer. The program, which will focus on climate justice, seeks to nurture and train a new generation of faith leaders on environmental issues. The all-expense paid fellowship retreat will be held July 27-29, 2009 at Port Isobel, Virginia. Participants will enjoy the unique atmosphere of this Chesapeake Island while delving into theology with our theologian-in-residence and learning more about climate, poverty, and justice through interactive workshops and plenary sessions. One of the goals of the program, now in its third year, is to bring together a diversity of young adults (age 22-40) for fellowship and learning.  The application deadline is May 11, 2009. To apply, visit


BTFO Volunteer Open House

There will be pizza, other snacks, and YDS's favorite freebie: information! In fact, you can have as much information as you'd like.  Here's a teaser: BTFO 2009 will run from Monday, August 24th to Friday, August 28th.  If you want to be a small group leader, plan to be at SDQ all day on Sunday, August 23rd as well for training.  If you can't make the open house on the 30th, and know you want to help out or have questions, please reply to

            Thursday, April 30 (4:00-8:00PM)

            YDS Common

This Week in Marquand

-         Monday: A Service of the Word with Ralph Klein, Visiting Professor of Lutheran Studies, preaching

-         Tuesday: (from 10:30am til 11:15am) Blessing for the End of Term led by the Chapel Ministers with the Marquand Gospel Choir.   

Services begin at 10:30am. All are Welcome!


IRAP-YFFP  Catered Last  Lunch

We will use this last meeting to do a bit of retrospective, a bit of future planning and to celebrate a successful year.   Also, one of the lunch’s founding members, Linda Lader will be joining us.   Bring your questions, your comments, your critique and your recommendations for next…even if you’ve missed most (if not all the lunches) please join us as we strive to build a student driven future for IRAP-YFFP.  Lunch will be provided by Don Smedley of the Rivendell Institute. 

            Monday April 27 (12:30PM)

            Room S117

“Building Abrahamic Partnerships” – Interfaith Cooperative Ministries Annual Meeting

All are invited. (ICM Annual Meeting Flier.pdf).  RSVP:

            Thursday, April 30 (6:00PM)

            Congregation Mishkan Israel

            785 Ridge Road, Hamden


Grad-Prof Student Spring Chill-Out Day

Come chill-out and stress down before finals, grading and graduation.  Enjoy free chair massages, bouncy castle and a Velcro wall, free give-aways, health information, reiki, arts and crafts, and delicious healthy snacks! G&P students & postdocs and their spouses/partners and families welcome. Sponsored by UHS Student Health Education and McDougal Grad Student Life, 432-BLUE  Followed by Family First Friday Happy Hour (4:00-6:00PM) and McDougal First Friday at Five with the College Days Them (5:00-7:00PM).   Please bring your own mug!

            Friday May 1, (1:00-4:00PM)

HGS Courtyard, 320 York Street (indoors in case of rain)


Lecture: An Introduction to Process Philosophy

Roland Clement, (retired) biologist and former vice-president of the National Audubon

 Society will give an informal talk on his relationship with Process Philosopher Charles

Hartshorne and host a discussion on Alfred North Whitehead and Process Thought. Space will be limited so if you wish to attend, it is important to register by emailng

            Wednesday, April 29 (6:30PM)

            JE Dining Hall, YDS


Learn Songs.  Support Classmates.  Make Friends.

Interested in learning some new songs? Songs with minimal or no gourd accompaniment? Songs taught and led your fellow YDS classmates? Interested in being part of three creative, brief liturgies - the dedication of a Sudanese well, the dedication of a worship space being shared by Anglican and Korean Presbyterian congregations, a service of blessing and commissioning? This is the work of the folks in REL 928 Musical Skills and Vocal Development for Parish Ministry- their final projects in leading congregational song.  Only trouble is, they need a congregation.... or at least a guinea-congregation to practice their musical alchemy on.... that means YOU!  

Monday, April 27, (4:30-5:45 – or whenever you can stop by in there)



Congrats 2009-2010 Student Council

Congrats to…

President:  Delfin Bautista

Vice President:  Geoff Parker

Secretary:  Ellie McCormick

Student Rep. to the Faculty:  John Boyles

BDS Rep:  Open

STM Rep:  Kim Bauser

ISM Rep:  Sean McAvoy

Dear Theo:  Rachel Duncan

2nd year MAR rep:  Daniel Bell

3rd year MAR rep: Heather Vermeulen

2nd year M.Div. rep:  Alex Riffee

2nd year CLC Rep:  Katie Salisbury

2nd year GPSS rep:  Matt Laferty

3rd year MDiv. rep:  Open

3rd year GPSS rep:  Open

3rd year CLC rep:  Becca Lenn

Student Reps. to Faculty Committee on Spiritual Formation: Carol Lewis, Debbie Noonan, Catherine Amon, Katelynn Macrae

Student Reps. to Faculty Committee on Curriculum: Sarah Warren, John Boyles, Heather Vermeulen, Ally Brundige

Student Reps. to Faculty Professional Studies Committee: Jonathan Coffin, Kim Bauser, Denice Kelley, Greg Griffin

Student Reps. to Faculty Ministerial Formation Committee: Kevin Caruso, Andrew Kuzma, David Derksen, Brent Damrow

At-large rep. to CLC:  Kate Spelman

Also on the team are next year's CLC Co-Coordinators:  Bryce Wiebe and Denice Kelley


BDS Diversity Potluck Monday

The Berkeley Diversity Taskforce and CLC request the honor of your presence at a potluck extravaganza.  We'll be celebrating a year of awesome with treats that celebrate the diversity of each and every one of us.  Bring something delicious - be that "Bahama Mamas" (I still don't know what those are) or Irish soda bread - or just bring your appetite!  Remember, that's 6pm, SDQ, Monday.  By that point you'll be ready to crawl out of the library anyway. – Kate Spelman.

            Monday, April 27 (6:00PM)

            Sterling Divinity Quadrangle


Lecture: "When Does Moderation Mean Less Change and Less Democracy: A Reflection on the Transformation of Religious Parties and Turkey's Justice and Development Party"

The Council on Middle East Studies and The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, & Society welcome Sultan Tepe, Department of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago ( 

            Wednesday, April 29 (12:00PM)

            ISPS A001, 77 Prospect St


Evening Prayer and Vigil to End Violence Against Women

You are invited to take part in an evening prayer service and vigil to end violence against women in our local, national, global communities.  At that time, we will open a space for prayer, song and personal testimony.  If you would like your story read anonymously, please send an email to with your story attached.  The story will be given to a volunteer to read that evening.  All are welcome to this time and space for prayer and reflection.  Contact: Becca Lenn (

            Wednesday April 29 (8:00PM)

            YDS Quad


Scholarship Opportunity: Emerging Leaders Conference

On November 6-8, 2009, twelve seminarians and recent seminary graduates will gather in Minneapolis for a weekend with experienced leaders of progressive Christianity (theologians, professors, nonprofit leaders, and pastors) and lay leaders of the Plymouth Congregational Church.  The gathering is designed to be small enough for all participants to know one another with the goal of building relationships and networks that will last well into the future.  The planning committee for the weekend includes representatives from the Plymouth Center of Minneapolis, The Beatitudes Society, Harvard Divinity School, and Union Theological Seminary.  To apply, download the application HERE.  


Ministry Resource Center

You are invited to check out resources on displays in the windows in the Library leading to the Ministry Resource Center (they are there for you to take, and we will replenish with other interesting items); to check out resources on:

-         Fair Trade

-         Wedding liturgies of all kinds

-         Summer program resources

-         Church history

-         Films, puzzles, books, games, and DVDs for all ages

-         Holocaust

-         Sexual violence and the healing process,

-         Resources to equip you for interviews and future jobs!!!

You can be a member when you graduate or check resources out during the summer.


ISO: Crafters

For those of you out there who love to knit, crochet, bead, weave, etc., (or want to learn) this e-mail is for you. This summer I want to get a weekly gathering of crafters together to share our gifts and have time for community. I am thinking that we will meet one night a week (Monday-Thursday) for an hour or two. For the first couple meetings we find a place at the Div school (Quad, Community Lounge, Etc.), but then we may try to break out to people's homes or local coffee shops. If you are interested in participating (for any part of the summer), please e-mail me at with your preferred e-mail address and which night during the week best suits your summer schedule. Significant other's of students, faculty or staff are also welcome, so please forward this message to them if you think they may be interested. Contact:


Call for Submission: Prospect YDS Literary Magazine

Prospect, the YDS Literary Magazine put out by Wordsmiths, is still looking for submissions. We've got some great pieces lined up but need your help to showcase the broad array of creative talent in our community! The issue will be ready by graduation!

Please send whatever you would like to Jay ( and Sophia (



For Sale

New Interpretter’s Dictionary of the Bible

I have the first 4 volumes (A-R) of the New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible. All 4 volumes are new although they are out of the plastic covers in which they came. The 5th volume is not out yet, but if you are interested, I will receive it as soon as it is published in August of 2009 and will be able to complete your collection then.  I'm looking to sell each volume for $35 ($140 total for the first 4 volumes).  For comparison, Abingdon Press offers them for $75-80 each ($310 total for the first 4 volumes).  If interested, email me at



Coffee Hour

Looking for an awesome, yet managable job?  Join the amazing ranks of Coffee Hour gurus!  Such great people have included me, Micah, ... ... the person before Micah... um...  Duties include setting up the delicious, yet nutritious buffet of goodness post-chapel (11-11:30), ordering/acquiring food for said buffet, and generally being a rock star.  There's a stipend of payment for 10 hours per week along with the fortune and fame that goes along with such a prestigious position.  Let me know if you're interested! I want to have someone picked by the end of classes so someone learn with me.  Contact:

Q Source Editor

The position of Q-Source editor is open for the 2009-2010 academic year.  It is the responsibility of the Q-Source editor to compile and edit the dalemails and other submissions given to the editor sent out each week and amass them into the publication known as the Q-Source, which is sent out some time during weekend.  Qualifications: The Q-Source editor needs to be reliable, very organized, an excellent editor, and willing to check e-mail meticulously.  If you are interested in applying for this position, please e-mail a short statement to me,  and Dale Peterson (, expressing why you would like to be the next Q-Source editor and what skills you bring to the position.  The application deadline is Friday, April 24th.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail either one of us.

Ministry Resource Center

Resource Assistant in the Ministry Resource Center for next academic year:  applications and job descriptions in the Center.  An opportunity to increase professional skills for ministry while earning money.  Talk to Director, Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt:

Volunteer: Holden Village

Holden Village is looking for some more short term volunteers for working in the village during the summer. See Noah's email below. Holden is an ecumenical retreat center, rooted in the Lutheran tradition, deep and remote in the mountains near Chelan, Washington. (See: ).   Holden's dedicated to hilarity, ecology, theological insight, phenomenal worship, liturgy and living into the immense gift that is community. You might find such work valuable, transformative, and meet some remarkable theologians, artists and other folks dedicated to faith as a way of life.  Contact:



2 BR Apartment

Sunny 2 BR, 2 floor townhouse with basement, 1 1/2 baths, 2 miles from yale hospital, 1 assigned off street parking space, recently renovated kitchen and bathroom, dishwasher and washer/dryer, lots of closets, hardwood floors, ceiling fans, pet friendly, available 15 june 09, utilities separate, good references a must! (See photos here: )

Summer Sublet

A one-bedroom appartment is available for sublet in the Div School appartment from May 13-July 20. It's only 3 minutes away from Divinity School/ISM. Rent is 830.00/month total (parking, electricity, gas, air-conditioning, wireless internet -all included!). There is a small kitchen, bathroom and living room/dining room.  This would be the perfect opportunity for someone doing summer language or any other kind of summer classes/job.  Contact:

Room Available in Recently Remodeled Colonial

There is one room available in a spacious 4-person colonial at 780 Winchester Ave. (corner of Winchester and Huntington, front door faces the back of Albertus Magnus College) that has just been completely remodeled on the inside. Washer and dryer are on site and free, full kitchen with dining area, off-street parking, spacious side and front yards, and all-new appliances in the kitchen. Generous common living areas include a working fireplace! Rent for the room is $525/mo.  Call Whitney Easton at 203-401-4203 for more information.

Female Roommate Sought

Seeking female flatmate to share lovely home. Apt is in East Rock, Pearl and Orange, gorgeous kitchen with Italian tiled floors (all new and very tastefully done), private deck off kitchen, new bathroom, working fireplace. FREE Laundry in basement and on street parking. Please contact if interested. Sorry no pets or smoking. Great location, 2 blocks from Nica's market (Great Italian market), can walk to YALE and downtown in minutes. Avail May however am flexible with move in date up until June 1st. Prefer year lease starting in Aug, however am willing to consider summer sublet... Rent is $700 plus utilities per person.

Sublet Bethesda House

Large furnished room available June-August in 4 bedroom apartment at 305 St. Ronan Street.  Hardwood floors, sloped ceilings, 1 walk-in closet and 2 other closets and fire escape.  Two sets of latticed windows viewing the park and divinity school across the street to the west, and the enclosed garden and downtown new haven on the south.  Furnished.  Email:

ISO: Free Housing Beginning April 28

My rent-free housing has suddenly fallen through just as semester deadlines are upon us. I have to move by April 28 and am looking for a similar situation ASAP that could continue through next year. Perhaps you know someone anticipating a knee replacement or other surgery who would benefit from a live-in Divinity student who is also an occupational therapist? (

Summer Sublet Available

I'm looking to sublet my room in a wonderful house on Mansfield St. from May-mid-August. It is a cozy, fully furnished room for one person in a large house with its own balcony (window accessible).  The house has full kitchen facilities, a washer and dryer, and plenty of common space. Rent is $450 a month, which includes utilities.  If you are interested, please contact me at:

Summer Rental

Summer rental still available in Fair Haven Heights neighborhood of New Haven. 2 BR; 1.5 B; large kitchen; lovely lot with garden, yard, and woods; walk to bus and riverfront area. 10 minute drive/20 minute bike ride to YDS. $800 or b.o. Call (216)862-0862 or e-mail --Barbara Blodgett