April 5, 2009


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Academic Information. 2

Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule. 2

Comprehensive Calendar 3

Lectures by Senior Faculty Candidates in Systematics. 3

Financial Aid 2009-10. 3

Diploma Changes Deadline. 3

CLC Coordinators. 4

Student Council Nominations. 4

Lectures and Events. 4

This Week in Marquand. 4

IRAP-IFFP Lunch with President of the Center for the Religious Freedom.. 4

National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Young Adult Fellowship Program.. 4

Ministry Resource Center 4

Peter Marty Visit 4

The Spiritual Roundtable presents: Rev. Craig Rennebohm, author of "Souls in the Hands of a Tender God" 4

The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, & Society Lecture: " Global Rebellion: Religious Challenges to the Secular State" 4

Tools of Participation: A Role-Play Training on Community Organizing. 4

Book Title Contest 4

Poetic Preaching Workshop. 4

How to Do Church with Folks in Recovery. 4

Lecture at OMSC, “Billy Graham,American Evangelicals, and Sino-U.S. Relations”. 4

Goodwin Writing Prize. 4

April Blood Drive in honor of Matt Perille (SY '08) 4

Lecture: “"Constructing Jesus: Memory and Imagination" 4

Reading of Original Play. 4

Classifieds. 4

Lost/Found. 4

ISO: Pattern-Maker 4

ISO: Actors. 4

Employment 4

Q Source Editor 4

OMSC Hospitality Position. 4

Housing. 4

Summer Sublet in East Rock Area. 4

Summer Housing Sought 4

House to Rent 4

Summer Rental 4

Fully Furnished Summer Sublet 4

Downtown Summer Sublet 4

3 Bedroom House Available for Rent 4

Worship. 4

Holy Week & Easter Worship at the University Church. 4

Theodicy Quartet at St. John the Divine. 4


Academic Information


Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule




Monday, May 4

9-12 noon Rel. 600, O.T. Interpretation

C. Sharp     

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

2-5 p.m. Rel. 601, N.T. Interpretation    

D. Swancutt

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

Tuesday, May 5

9-12 noon Rel. 618, Intermediate Greek: Septuagint           

J. Hultin

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 726, Systematic Theology                  

E. Waggoner

Niebuhr Hall

3:30-6 p.m. Rel. 669, Historical Jesus

A. Collins

RSV (S200)

Wednesday, May 6

9-12 noon Rel. 604, Elementary Biblical Hebrew           

D. Kim

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 677, Advanced Biblical Hebrew Poetry       

J. Baden

L 104

9-12 noon Rel. 715, Intro to Christian Ethics II

F. Simmons

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 605, Elementary NT Greek                             

S. Brand


2-4 p.m. Rel. 686, Greek Exegesis, 2 Peter and Jude      

J. Hultin


Thursday, May 7

9-12 noon Rel. 734, Reformation Europe (for all graduating seniors; others by request)         

B. Gordon

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 850, Dante’s Journey to God   

P. Hawkins

ISM Great Hall

2-5 p.m. Rel. 674, Intermediate Hebrew II                    

V. Hoffer

Bushnell 212

Friday, May 8

9-12 noon Rel. 729, Survey of Medieval Latin Literature

J. Johnson

Wood (S117)


Comprehensive Calendar

In an attempt to better communicate all that happens on the Sterling Divinity Quadrangle (and beyond), some changes have been made recently in the way events and activities are posted.  Click on “calendars” on the YDS homepage menu (left-hand side of the page) for an updated list of events/activities information sources, along with a description, location and contact person for each.  Questions about particular calendars can be addressed to the individuals listed.  General questions about the calendars can be directed to  The list can be found at:


Lectures by Senior Faculty Candidates in Systematics

On behalf of Professor Miroslav Volf and the search committee members, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the senior faculty position in Systematic Theology at the Yale Divinity School:

-         Ian McFarland, “One with Adam: Some Reflections on the Christian Doctrine of Original Sin”

                        Tuesday, April 7 (5:30PM)

Niebuhr Hall, N123

-         Oliver Davies, “Credit and Creed.  A Response by Transformation Theology to the Global Banking Crisis.”

                        Monday, April 20 (12:30PM)

                        RSV S200

-         Janet Soskice, “TBA”

Monday, April 27 (5:00PM)

Niebuhr Hall, N123

-         Christoph Schwobel, “TBA”

                        Monday, May 4

                        Lecture title, time, and location to be announced


Financial Aid 2009-10

To all YDS Financial Aid Recipients:  Just a simple reminder that financial aid applications are due April 1st for the 2009-10 academic year.  Don’t forget to:

1.  Download the financial aid application from the YDS web site (, fill it out and                                                     turn it in by April 1st.

2.  Complete the FAFSA on line at

3.  Turn in a copy of your 2008 federal income tax return with your financial aid application.

All those who receive financial aid whether it be merit based or need based must complete the financial aid application to update the electronic file and paper file for the new year. Contact:


Diploma Changes Deadline

Reminder: the deadline for making changes or corrections to your diploma

name is April 6th, 2009. Prior to that date, please go to the "commencement" tab on your student record and follow the instructions regarding diploma name. If you are expecting to graduate in May and your diploma name does not display, please contact Lisa Huck immediately. Thanks.


CLC Coordinators

Congratulations and best wishes to Denice Kelley and Bryce Wiebe upon their selection as Community Life Committee (CLC) Co-Coordinators for the 2009-2010 academic year. We are grateful to Bryce and Denice for their willingness to serve the Divinity School community in this significant way, and we look forward with joyful anticipation to their able leadership of the CLC next year. Denice and Bryce, our prayers and hopeful thoughts are with you as you prepare to offer leadership in this community through the CLC. Congratulations, and thank you!


Student Council Nominations

Nomination sign-up sheets for each of the elected positions are posted on the bulletin board outside the Jonathan Edwards room, near the Commuter Lounge. If you or anyone you know will be a returning student in good standing for the 2009-2010 academic year, you can sign-up. You can nominate yourself or someone else. A person may be nominated for more than one position. If you are nominated, you will be contacted before the start of elections in order to determine if you want to accept the nomination(s).  Descriptions of each of the elected positions will be posted in an envelope on the bulletin board. You are also encouraged to contact the student who currently holds that position to ask them any questions (see the photos of your friendly Council members to find out who that is!).   Please contact TJ Dumansky,, with any questions about the nomination process.


As stated in the Student Handbook, the purposes of the Council include:

  1. To provide a forum for student representatives to meet and discuss issues of concern to the student body.
  2. To act on behalf of the students and in their interest on issues of community concern and school policy.
  3. To serve as the primary liaison between the student body and the faculty and administration of the Divinity School.
  4. To advocate for the interests of Divinity School students within the broader university community.

Lectures and Events


This Week in Marquand

-         Monday: A Service of the Word on Communities Within Community Day led by the Baptist student group with graduating student Reggie Bacchus preaching.

-         Tuesday: Word and Worship on Admitted Students Day: Tom Troeger, J. Edward and Ruth Cox Lantz Professor of Christian Communication preaching.

-         Wednesday: Sung Morning Prayer for Holy Week.

-         Thursday: A Service of the Word led by the Episcopal Student Peace Fellowship with graduating student Kerith Cannon preaching.

-         Friday: Good Friday.  As classes do not meet, there is no chapel Friday.

Services begin at 10:30am. All are Welcome!


IRAP-IFFP Lunch with President of the Center for the Religious Freedom

Please join us on Monday at 12:30 in S117 for a discussion and PowerPoint presentation with Andrea Blanch, president of the Center for Religious Freedom.  She will be primarily discussing her work with the Abrahamic Reunion – a group of spiritual and lay leaders who are working together for peace in Israel/Palestine.  As time permits she will also discuss her work with an Arab women empowerment program as well as her ongoing work with women survivors of trauma and violence. Because of increased budget constraints, only cookies will be provided.  Please bring your own lunch. (Contact:


National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Young Adult Fellowship Program

In case you know of anyone that would be interested in this fellowship

(travel, food, and lodging are included). Deadline is May 11, 2009, for application. The Council is continuing the tradition of nurturing young faith and environment leaders by sponsoring a four-day Young Adult Fellowship Program this summer.  The program, which will focus on climate justice, seeks to nurture and train a new generation of faith leaders on environmental issues. The fellowship class will be held in the summer of 2009 at Port Isobel, Virginia. Participants will enjoy the unique atmosphere of this Chesapeake island while delving into theology with our theologian-in-residence and learning more about climate, poverty, and justice through interactive workshops and plenary sessions. One of the goals of the program, now in its third year, is to bring together a diversity of young adults for fellowship and learning. To apply, visit<


Ministry Resource Center

Ministry Resource Center invites you to

-         see Climate Change resources that you can use with groups and congregations

-         use Holy Week resources with groups, to plan events or worship, or for your own            Holy Week experience:  CDs, DVDs, and more Earth Day activities resources for all ages Water Day, Fair Trade Day, and more Labyrinth approaches for adapting to all kinds of groups and themes.

-         Interviews for jobs coming up?  We'll acquaint you with resources related.

-         Graduating?  Keep using the Ministry Resource Center by having a membership and we ship to you anywhere in the country.  Ask for details.



Peter Marty Visit

Every other year, the Hoskins Visitorship brings a Christian leader who deals particularly with issues relating to the reform and renewal of the church to Yale Divinity School.  This year our Hoskins Visitor is Peter W. Marty, host of Grace Matters, the radio ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and senior pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa.  (Full Bio:  Peter will be with us from April 14 – 16, 2009.  He will be involved in a number of activities while here, including chapel, a lunch with Lutheran faculty and staff, dinner with Lutheran students, a “Common Room Conversation”, Lutheran/Episcopal Eucharist service, and a lunch with Area IV faculty and ministerial staff.  Despite all these activities we still have open time slots on both Tuesday (2:30 – 4:30 pm) and Wednesday (3 – 5 pm) afternoons.  If you would like to schedule an individual (or group) appointment with Peter during either of these time slots, please let me know by Tuesday, April 7th (


The Spiritual Roundtable presents: Rev. Craig Rennebohm, author of "Souls in the Hands of a Tender God"

Craig Rennebohm, a United Church of Christ pastor whose ministry includes outreach on the streets of Seattle, training and consultation with local congregations and community mental health centers, and advocacy for community mental health care will be at CMHC, Columbus House, and Christ Church on May 13-15, 2009.  Check the offerings below and make a choice as to which you want to attend.  Sponsored by the Spiritual Roundtable composed of CMHC, CSN agencies, local clergy and others interested in spirituality and healing.


Family Focus: Companionship Training

Target groups: family, clients, staff

Contact person: Ted Pappas (203) 974-7265

Wednesday, May 13 (4:00-6:00PM)



Topic: Companionship Training

Target Groups: clergy, congregations, public

Contact person: Carol Archer: (203) 907-9504

Wednesday, May 13 (7:00-9:00PM)

Christ Church, Elm & Broadway


Topic: Spirituality and Mental Illness.  CEU credit application pending

Target Groups: nursing, social, mental health staff

Contact person: Mary Dansinghani (203)974-7860

                Thursday, May 14 (9:30-11:30AM)



Topic: Companionship Training

Target Groups: Columbus House, O&E staff

Thursday, May 14 (1:00-3:00PM)

Columbus House


Topic: Companionship Training/Break-out groups

Target Groups: Columbus House, O&E staff

Contact person: Becca Allen (203) 401-4400 x125

Friday, May 15 (9:30-11:30 AM)

Columbus House



The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, & Society Lecture: " Global Rebellion: Religious Challenges to the Secular State"

Mark Juergensmeyer, Department of Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara

Tuesday, April 7 (12:00-1:20PM)

8 Prospect Place, Room 119


Tools of Participation: A Role-Play Training on Community Organizing

The YDS Organizing Committee is hosting a role-play training on Friday, April  17th, in the mid-afternoon, to encourage students to examine how the methods and philosophy of community organizing can enrich their ministries during and after their studies here at YDS. Exact time and location TBA. You should have some familiarity with organizing in order to attend. We are currently conducting introductory trainings with student groups. Please contact the leader(s) of your student group(s) to see if there are upcoming trainings scheduled. Feel free to contact us if you are not part of any group and are interested in learning more. Thank you very much! -- YDS Organizing Committee (Eraina Davis, James deBoer, Jane Jeuland, Denice Kelley, Matt Laferty, Debbie Noonan, Josh Williams)

Book Title Contest

After a year of trying to find the perfect title and subtitle for my book on Paul, my mind is gone and I need some help. The title now agreed on is The Unofficial Paul, but we don't yet have a subtitle.  If you have ideas, please send them to me at, and the winner will get a free copy of my Aeneid translation. Since it's the Aeneid, the second prize is two copies.


Poetic Preaching Workshop

April 15-16

            Garrett Evangelical Seminary


How to Do Church with Folks in Recovery

One of my favorite people will be here to talk about doing church with folks who are recovering addicts, ex- offenders, the homeless and marginally homeless as well as oil traders, lawyers and a host of other professionals.  During his 14 years in this community (  Matt wrestled with issues of solidarity, identity, community and redemption as they related to this population of 300+.   Matt is currently at Texas Tech University as a PhD candidate in the College of Human Sciences, and will graduate in May, 2010.  He is employed at the Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery where he is teaching and managing a grant from the Department of Education that oversees the replication of this program in universities around the country.  His dissertation concerns a group of women that lived on the streets with their children in Houston, all were long-term drug users, all used their bodies as commodities to provide for their children and all have undergone major transformations in their life.  He is specifically exploring how they negotiate the movement from a contaminated narrative to a redemptive narrative - core to this inquiry are the elements of identity, memory, power, redemption and narrative.  Contact:

Dessert will be provided:

            Monday, April 6 (12:30-1:20PM)

            Jonathan Edwards Room


Lecture at OMSC, “Billy Graham,American Evangelicals, and Sino-U.S. Relations”

Dr. Tu Yichao, assistant professor in the Center for American Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, will highlight the important role that American evangelicals played in Sino-American relations during the second half of the twentieth century with particular focus on evangelist Billy Graham. Although an outspoken critic of Communism in the 1950’s, two decades later Graham was promoting the opening of Sino-American relations and paving the way for renewed missionary work in China. His evolving attitude toward China and its impact on Sino-American relations, according to Tu Yichao, a visiting scholar at Yale Divinity School, provided a significant commentary on the changing perceptions and interactions between two world powers.  In 2007 Tu Yichao completed a Ph.D. at Fudan University, writing her dissertation on American Evangelicals and International Relations: Using Billy Graham as a Case Study.

            Friday, April 17 (12:30PM)

            Overseas Ministries Study Center, 490 Prospect Street


Goodwin Writing Prize

In recognition of essays that demonstrate creative theological thinking and excellence in scholarship.  Eligibility requirements:

-         The writer must be a masters or pre-dissertation doctoral student

-         The submission must be an original, unpublished essay

-         Submissions must be postmarked by June 1st, 2009

For more information please visit our website:


April Blood Drive in honor of Matt Perille (SY '08)

The American Red Cross at Yale is hosting a blood drive at Payne Whitney Gym April 7th-9th, from 1-6:30pm each day. The drive is in support of Matt Perille (SY '08) who was recently diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Matt is currently home in Chicago receiving treatment, but he and many others need people to donate blood to make their treatment possible. In addition, Connecticut alone needs 650 units of blood every day but only gets about 550. One pint of blood can save three lives. Please sign up to donate in honor of Matt. To signup, please go to Login using your netID and password, then click the "Sign up" link in the lower right hand corner. Fill out the personal info on the sign up page (try the automatic fill), select an appointment under any time that has slots left, and click "submit." You will automatically be sent a confirmation with your appointment time, which you are free to change if necessary. Also, you will be sent a reminder 1 day before your appointment.  To volunteer, email,, or

April 7-9 (1:00-6:30PM) every day

Payne Whitney Gym


Lecture: “"Constructing Jesus: Memory and Imagination"

The Department of Religious Studies & the Program in Judaic Studies present Dale Allison, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  Supported by the Newman Fund & the Barbara & Morris Levinson Fund.  All are welcome! Refreshments provided.  For information call 432-0828 or email

Monday, April 6th (5:30PM)

53 Wall Street, Whitney Humanities Center, Room 208


Reading of Original Play

A reading of "Anatomy of a Judas," an original play in two acts by

Rachel Watson.  All are welcome!  Refreshments will be served.  Contact:

            Wednesday, April 8 (8:00PM)

Common Room





ISO: Pattern-Maker

I’m looking to have a relatively simple garment made and need the help of an experienced pattern-maker.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, please email me!  (

ISO: Actors

I am looking to audition actors for two separate performances going up in the area during the summer.  The first will show four performances at the Hudson Guild Theater in Chelsea (in Manhattan), during the week of July 14-26 for the LGBT "Fresh Fruit" festival.  The other is a presentation/reading of a musical version of The Epic of Gilgamesh, to be performed once at the Marquand Chapel (Divinity School), Friday May 22nd at 8pm.  Both opportunities are volunteer, although there's a good chance that we will have enough left over with proceeds from the New York performances to divide them up among us. You can find copies of the full script on my blog: Rehearsals:  Through the month of June, early July at Yale; dress rehearsals in New York in July. If you are interested, please contact me at with the following information:

     Your name

     Gender, Age

     Which performance(s) you're interested in

     Where you'll be over the summer

     Times that you'll be free next week for an audition (including the weekend).




Q Source Editor

The position of Q-Source editor is open for the 2009-2010 academic year.  It is the responsibility of the Q-Source editor to compile and edit the dalemails and other submissions given to the editor sent out each week and amass them into the publication known as the Q-Source, which is sent out some time during weekend. 


Qualifications: The Q-Source editor needs to be reliable, very organized, an excellent editor, and willing to check e-mail meticulously. 


If you are interested in applying for this position, please e-mail a short statement to me,  and Dale Peterson (, expressing why you would like to be the next Q-Source editor and what skills you bring to the position.  The application deadline is Friday, April 24th.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail either one of us.


OMSC Hospitality Position

Please see attached job posting for a host-hostess couple living in residence at OMSC for posting at YDS.  The position will start July 1, 2009 with a two-year minimum          commitment preferred.  (PT Host-Hostess Couple Posting - April 2009.doc).  Contact:


Summer Sublet in East Rock Area

Apartment available to sublet end of May through end of August. One bedroom

in a two BR one bath East Rock apartment (Willow Street). $466/month plus 1/2 utilities. Free laundry. 5 min from East Rock Park, 12 min from Div school, 2 min from Archie's and Romeo and Cesare's (!). Right on the green line, 2 blocks from the blue. Fully furnished. Central air, backyard, and grill for occasional use, office, and balcony. Responsive landlords live on-site. Also includes delightful roommate (TJ Dumansky).  Contact or if interested.

Summer Housing Sought

My name is Brett Maiden and I have been accepted to the Divinity School for next year. I am interested in taking Hebrew, from May 26-July 7. I live in Tucson, Arizona and I am trying to organize a living arrangement in New Haven for this 6-week period. I have noticed that on-campus housing is listed as $300/week for those who choose to take the one-week classes. I was hoping that for those students taking the 6-week course, there would be different options for living, preferably cheaper. I would appreciate any suggestions which you might have for me. Contact:

House to Rent

Great rental opportunity. Detached 2 bedroom house. Very quiet and private.  Highly desirable East Rock neighborhood.  Unique original details…and loads of character & charm!  Walking distance to all fine neighborhood eateries.  Washer & dryer on site. 

On Yale’s Bus route.  5 min walk to downtown. Easy to show.  Quiet one way-street. 30 Cottage Street rear house.  $1300.00 available June 1st.  If you would like to see the unit before June 1st please email the tenant  The landlord can be contacted directly at or 203.376.4826.

Summer Rental

Simply put: This is where you want to spend the summer in New Haven.  Lovely 2BR house on a nice wooded lot with a backyard perfect for cookouts and badminton contests.  Walking distance to the busline, canoe launch, and Quinnipiac River Park with its Thursday afternoon farmers' market.  20 minute bike ride/10 minute drive to YDS. 

233 Lexington Avenue in the Fair Haven Heights neighborhood. 

$800/month or B.O., utilities included.  Available immediately. Contact Barbara Blodgett: (216)862-0862.

Fully Furnished Summer Sublet

Single bedroom in an apartment with four bedrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen and 1.5 bathrooms.   I will be renting my room from June through most of August. I will be leaving May 24 or 25, so we can even talk about dates after that if you' d like to move in late May. I would be back just before Fall orientation the last week of August, and move in/out arrangements can be discussed.  Rent: $498/month, rent includes utilities, so there will be no additional charges.  There is also free laundry, and there is both a CT transit and Yale shuttle stop directly in front of the building on Whitney Ave.  For those of you familiar with the place, it is the Bethesda House on Saint Ronan Street. Great location for the summer. There's yard space that you can use, and the neighborhood is quiet and safe.  Please contact me if you're interested:

Downtown Summer Sublet

Sublet my apartment for the summer. Mid-May through August (some flexibility).

Email for pictures and/or to schedule a viewing. Chapel Street, exposed brick, high ceilings, wood floors, windows, three rooms + bathroom, Dishwasher, $1100/month (negotiable).

3 Bedroom House Available for Rent

I have a 3bd apt for rent on winchester completely remodelledand available for immediate occupancy. Can you circulate for me I have it listed onthe  yale website and on craig list.  3bd, 1Bth,LR EIK, small office, $1200 no utilities included minute tothe Management school and the Divinity school. Contact Paula Walker (


Holy Week & Easter Worship at the University Church

All are welcome at these ecumenical worship services:

-         Sunday, April 5th, 10:30 am, Battell Chapel: A service of Palms and Passion with Holy Communion. The Rev. Callista Isabelle, Associate University Chaplain, preaching.

-         Wednesday Evening Prayer, April 8th, 9:15 pm, Dwight Chapel. A simple Holy Week service of scripture and candlelight in the pattern of Tenebrae.

-         Maundy Thursday, April 9th, 7:00 pm, Battell Chapel. The Rev. Callista Isabelle with preach, and the service will include footwashing and Holy Communion.

-         Easter Vigil, Saturday, April 11th, 11:00 pm, Dwight Chapel with the Episcopal Church at Yale and Luther House. The Rev. Ian Oliver, Pastor of the University Church, will preach, and The Rev. Nihal De Lanerolle, Episcopal Chaplain, will preside.

-         Easter Sunday, April 12th, 10:30 am, Easter Sunday Service with Holy Communion, The Rev. Ian B. Oliver, pastor of the Univ. Church and senior associate chaplain for Protestant life, will preach.

More Info.: (203) 432-1128 or


Theodicy Quartet at St. John the Divine

The Theodicy Jazz Quartet (Justin Haaheim and Andy Barnett at the div school, Sarah Politz, and Maeve Royce/Sam Adams) will be playing two gigs in New York on Good Friday, April 10th.  Details for these gigs are up at my newly updated music website.  Check it out here: Justin Haaheim: Music, Events, Shows, etc.  If you'd like to be on an email list for these updates, just send me an email at


-         St. Paul's Chapel at Trinity on Wall Street (some gospel, some straight ahead jazz, some New Orleans second line, etc)


-         Good Friday Blues and Lamentations

St. John the Divine in New York.