March 22, 2009


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Academic Information. 2

Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule. 2

2009 Graduate Fellowship Applications. 3

Prospective Faculty Talks. 3

Comprehensive Calendar 3

Goodwin Prize for Excellence in Theological Writing. 3

Lectures and Events. 3

State of the School Address Survey. 4

Cardinal Walter Kasper Visit 4

Conference: Exploring the Post Secular 4

Swazi Theater Artist, Nicholas Bhekifa Mamba. 4

Lent Movies at Center Church. 4

Mercy Volunteer Corps Video Contest 4

Pastor’s Study: Stories of Holy Week and Easter 4

Lunch with 10 Shekel Shirt 4

Opportunity for United Methodist Women. 4

Call for Papers: “A Secular Age: Tracing the Contours of Religion and Belief”. 4

Lecture with Ada Maria Isasi-Dias. 4

Ministry Resource Center Workshops. 4

The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, & Society Lecture: “Foundations of Religious Liberty: Toleration or Respect?” with Brian Leiter. 4

Voice and Voicelessness Rescheduled. 4

Holy Happy Hour 4

YDS Student Journal, Glossolalia. 4

Lecture: Probing the Secrets of the Mind with Functional Brain Imaging. 4

Lecture: Bill McKibben. 4

Reminder of Yale Subsidized Childcare. 4

Classifieds. 4

Employment 4

Ministry Resource Center 4

Latino Cultural Center is looking for a Graduate Assistant! 4

Classics Language Translation and Research Assistant Needed. 4

Museum of Jewish Heritage Lipper Internship. 4

For Sale. 4

Bean Buddies/Babies. 4

18 inch LCD TV, Insignia brand. 4

Furniture. 4

Housing. 4

Summer Sublet 4

Summer Sublet 4

Summer Sublet 4

Housing Needed for Visiting Law School Faculty 2009-2010. 4


Academic Information


Spring 2009 Final Exam Schedule




Monday, May 4

9-12 noon Rel. 600, O.T. Interpretation

C. Sharp     

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

2-5 p.m. Rel. 601, N.T. Interpretation    

D. Swancutt

Niebuhr Hall, Latourette (S223), Bushnell S212

Tuesday, May 5

9-12 noon Rel. 618, Intermediate Greek: Septuagint           

J. Hultin

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 726, Systematic Theology                  

E. Waggoner

Niebuhr Hall

3:30-6 p.m. Rel. 669, Historical Jesus

A. Collins

RSV (S200)

Wednesday, May 6

9-12 noon Rel. 604, Elementary Biblical Hebrew           

D. Kim

Broholm (S202)

9-12 noon Rel. 677, Advanced Biblical Hebrew Poetry       

J. Baden

L 104

9-12 noon Rel. 715, Intro to Christian Ethics II

F. Simmons

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 605, Elementary NT Greek                             

S. Brand


2-4 p.m. Rel. 686, Greek Exegesis, 2 Peter and Jude      

J. Hultin


Thursday, May 7

9-12 noon Rel. 734, Reformation Europe (for all graduating seniors; others by request)         

B. Gordon

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m. Rel. 850, Dante’s Journey to God   

P. Hawkins

ISM Great Hall

2-5 p.m. Rel. 674, Intermediate Hebrew II                    

V. Hoffer

Bushnell 212

Friday, May 8

9-12 noon Rel. 729, Survey of Medieval Latin Literature

J. Johnson

Wood (S117)



2009 Graduate Fellowship Applications

The Office of Academic Affairs is accepting applications for the 2009 Graduate Fellowship.  Applications are available in Dean Townes’s Office, Room N122.  All Application should be returned to the Office of Academic Affairs no later than Friday, April 17, 2009.


Prospective Faculty Talks

On behalf of Professor Bruce Gordon and the search committee members, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the junior faculty position in American Religious History at the Yale Divinity School. 


Betty L. Adams “To Arouse the American Conscience: Black and White Church Women Talk of Race, Religion, and Politics in Hard Times.”

            Wednesday, March 25 (5:30PM)

            Niebuhr Hall (N123)


Clarence Hardy III “The End of (the Black) Church and the Rise of God-Talk: Reflection on modern (African) American Religious History”

            Friday, March 27 (12:30PM)

            Niebuhr Hall (N123)


Comprehensive Calendar

In an attempt to better communicate all that happens on the Sterling Divinity Quadrangle (and beyond), some changes have been made recently in the way events and activities are posted.  Click on “calendars” on the YDS homepage menu (left-hand side of the page) for an updated list of events/activities information sources, along with a description, location and contact person for each.  Questions about particular calendars can be addressed to the individuals listed.  General questions about the calendars can be directed to  The list can be found at:


Goodwin Prize for Excellence in Theological Writing

In recognition of essays that demonstrate: Creative theological thinking, Excellence in scholarship, Faithful witness to the Christian tradition, and Engagement with the community of faith.  Awarded by the Board of Directors of Theological Horizons, a non-profit supporting theological research and education.

Eligibility Requirements:

•          The writer must be a masters or pre-dissertation doctoral student

•          The submission must be an original, unpublished essay

•          Submissions must be postmarked by June 1, 2009.

For more information about essay parameters and to read a past winner’s essay, please visit our website:

Lectures and Events


State of the School Address Survey

The State of the School Address is your opportunity to find out what's going on with YDS. Shortly after Spring Break we will have a presentation and question and answer time with Dean Attridge. In preparation for that, Student Council will be collecting information from you, the student body to find out what you want to know. Watch out for the survey this week, and contact your Student Rep to pass on any information or questions you have for the Dean and for Student council. The meeting will be in the evening, and we strongly encourage everyone to attend. This is your time to find out what's going on in your community.   (TO BEGIN, PLEASE click on the following survey link or simply copy and paste the following link into your web browser (Password: sotsa)


Cardinal Walter Kasper Visit

On Thursday, March 26th, His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper will be visiting the

Yale campus.  You are invited and encouraged to attend the following events:


-         Common Room Conversation with Cardinal Kasper (12:00-1:30PM).  Light lunch provided.

Yale Divinity School Common Room

-         Community Mass (5:00PM)

                        Saint Thomas More Chapel, 260 Park Street

-         “The Timeliness of Speaking of God: Freedom and Communion as Basic Concepts of Theology.” The Fay Vincent, Jr. Fellowship in Faith & Culture Lecture (7:30PM).  Respondent:  Louis Dupré.  Reception to follow

                        The Thomas E. Golden Jr. Center

Saint Thomas More Chapel, 268 Park Street


Cardinal Walter Kasper was born in Heidenheim-Brenz, Germany, in 1933 and was ordained in 1957.  An accomplished theologian and author of many books and articles, Kasper studied at the University of Tübingen where he later became professor of dogmatic theology.  He taught at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., in 1983.  In 1987 he was ordained bishop of Rottenberg-Stuttgart, Germany.

 Widely respected for his work in Christian ecumenical relations, Kasper was chosen in 1979 as one of a dozen Catholic theologians to sit on the World Council of Churches’ Faith and Order Commission, one of the most comprehensive theological forums in Christianity.  In 1994 he was named co-chairman of the Lutheran-Catholic commission of Unity and five years later was appointed secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome.  On May 3, 2001, Pope John Paul II named Kasper as its president, succeeding the retiring Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy.  As president of the council, Kasper is also the president for the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews.

Under the leadership of Cardinal Kasper, the Council for Promoting Christian Unity has as its primary function guiding and serving the ecumenical activities of the Catholic Church and is also responsible for Catholic-Jewish relations.  Among its numerous activities have been international theological dialogues with the Lutheran World Federation, the Anglican Communion, the World Methodist Council, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the Pentecostals, the Disciples of Christ, evangelicals, the Orthodox churches, the Baptist World Alliance, and various Jewish organizations, including the International Jewish Committee for Inter-religious Consultation (IJCIC).


Conference: Exploring the Post Secular

This conference will address the possible meanings of religion and of the various terms with roots in the term “secular”: secularism, secularity, secularization. Conveners: Philip Gorski, John Torpey, David Kyuman Kim.  Conference sponsors: The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society; The Center for Comparative Research at Yale University; Social Science Research Council; co-sponsored by The Graduate Center, City University of New York.  The conference is free and open to the public. No registration is required. For further information, please contact the conference coordinator, Ate Alt nordu, at       

April 3-4

            Yale University


Swazi Theater Artist, Nicholas Bhekifa Mamba

Nicholas Bhekifa Mamba is the President of the Association of Swazi Theatre Groups and a member of People’s Educational Theatre (PET), Swaziland.  Over the past fifteen years, he has committed much of his artistry to making implicit and explicit connections between Swazi syncretic belief systems, shifting Swazi culture, international non-government organizations, and HIV/AIDS in Swaziland.  Mamba engages local performance as a medium for reconciliation of the above discourses.  For the past two summers, Mamba has worked with the Yale Summer Session undergraduate course “Arts and Public Health in Action: A Study of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland and South Africa.”

Mamba will be lecturing, participating in class conversations, and facilitating informal dialogues at YDS in early April.  He will be participating in several classes in addition to public events: “Ministry and the Disinherited,” “Systems of Hope,” “Education for Transformation,” and “Preaching in the Black Tradition.”  For additional information, contact Meredith Coleman-Tobias (


April 2 (6:00PM): Public Interview with Religious Studies/African-American Studies Ph.D. student, Jennifer Leath, “Swazi Churches and Black Churches in the US: A Cross-Cultural Exchange” hosted by Yale Black Seminarians

J.E. Dining Room


April 7 (12:30-1:20PM): Brownbag Lunch and Conversation

J.E. Dining Room


April 8 (7:00PM): International Affairs Council Gaddis-Smith Lecture, “The Crossroads of HIV/AIDS and Swazi Theater in International Non-Government Organizations,”

Luce Hall


Movies at Center Church

Tired of all the reading for class?  Want to do something different for Lent 2009 but you have no idea what, and are too exhausted to run up and down East Rock?  Well, come and join us at Center Church in New Haven for our Lent Movie Series!  On Wednesdays in Lent we will gather at 5.30 PM at our Church House at 311 Temple Steer for a potluck dinner, and at 6.30 for a movie.

-           March 25: The Scarlet & The Black (starring Gregory Peck)

-           April 1: Discussion on all the movies

Come and join us this Lenten season for food, movies, and reflection!  If you have any questions, email me at


Mercy Volunteer Corps Video Contest

The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers invite you to win a free 10 day mission trip to Brazil to work with the Maryknoll community there. To enter you have to be between the ages of 18 and 35 and send a three minute video explaining the service or ministry with which you are involved and why you should be selected. If you would like more information, please visit


Pastor’s Study: Stories of Holy Week and Easter

Every pastor has a story about Holy Week. This conversation with five New Haven pastors from five different denominations will offer a glimpse into the challenges and joys of this most holy season. What does it mean to live into - and through - Holy Week, from the pastor's point of view? A lunch of homemade soups and fresh breads will be served; rsvp by emailing

            Tuesday March 24 (12:30PM)

            JE Dining Room


Lunch with 10 Shekel Shirt

IRAP-YFFP is excited to host musician and activist Lamont Heibert of 10 Shekel Shirt for lunch.  Lamont will talk about his music and his work providing safe homes for girls who have been victims of the sex trade in India.  And, Lamont has agreed to play a bit of us music for us as well.  This will be a way cool lunch…so please join us.  Lunch provided.

            Monday, March 23 (12:30PM)



Opportunity for United Methodist Women

The Living Justice Seminar Program engages young adults (ages 20-30) in exploring new directions and issues of social justice. The event is organized by the Office of Deaconess and Home Missioner, and is open to women and men ages 20-30 living in the United States, and will take place at the Alma Matthews House in New York City June 13-17, 2009.  Preference will be given to members of The United Methodist Church.  Please contact the Office of Deaconess and Home Missioner at ( )or 212-870-3850 for information.


Call for Papers: “A Secular Age: Tracing the Contours of Religion and Belief”

The June 2009 conference will explore the way in which theology and philosophy, when placed in dialogue with the social sciences, can reinvigorate public discourse. Suggested themes for papers include, but are not restricted to:

     * Assessment of Charles Taylor's A Secular Age;

    * the relationship between religion, belief and modernity: a critical assessment;

    * the role of theology and philosophy in the public square;

    * the decline of the appeal to an objective moral order and the rise of the human rights culture;

    * moral sources and diverse contexts today.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is: Monday 6th April, 2009. For further information (


Lecture with Ada Maria Isasi-Dias

“Reconciliation: The Face of Justice in the 21st Century,” Lecture by Dr. Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz (Mujerista activist-theologian and Professor of Theology and Ethics at Drew University).  Dr. Isasi-Diaz will discuss why reconciliation should be the focus for an effective understanding of justice and what role differences play in the understanding of justice as reconciliation.

            Monday, March 23 (3:00PM)

            Yale Divinity School Common Room


Ministry Resource Center Workshops

"Encouraging Exploration in Bible Study"

Wednesday March 25 (11:30-12:30)

"Inviting Individuals, Not Telling People to 'Sign Up'"

      Thursday March 26 (11:30-12:30PM)

"Sustainability Resources for Congregation Groups to Explore"

Wednesday April 1 (11:30-12:30PM)

“Resources for Congregation on Climate Change/Global Warming”

Thursday, April 2 (11:30-12:30PM)


See Bill McKibben, environment DVD; see Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz video; see lots and lots of resources on ecology issues and sustainability.  We would like to help you find what you need, save you time, guarantee quality!


The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, & Society Lecture: “Foundations of Religious Liberty: Toleration or Respect?” with Brian Leiter.

Brian Leiter joined the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School in 2008, simultaneously founding its Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values. Professor Leiter's teaching and research interests are in general jurisprudence (including its intersection with issues in metaphysics and epistemology), moral and political philosophy (in both Anglophone and Continental traditions), and the law of evidence. His books include Objectivity in Law and Morals (Cambridge 2001) (editor), Nietzsche on Morality (Routledge 2002), The Future for Philosophy (Oxford 2004) (editor), Naturalizing Jurisprudence: Essays on American Legal Realism and Naturalism in Legal Philosophy (Oxford 2007), and The Oxford Handbook of Continental Philosophy (2007) (co-editor). He is presently writing a book titled “Why Tolerate Religion?”  Lunch will be provided.

Tuesday, March 24 (12:00-1:20PM)

8 Prospect Place, Room 119


Voice and Voicelessness Rescheduled

At last! The reprise of the Voice and Voicelessness panel that had to be cancelled in January because of snow will happen.  Don't miss Dean Townes and Professors Sharp, Leslie and Craigo-Snell reflect on their experiences as women in the Academe.  Men are especially welcome!

            Wednesday, April 1 (12:30-1:20)

            RSV Room


Holy Happy Hour

Students and faculty, this your opportunity for informal conversation and a chance to ask those questions of each other that you never got to in class. Snacks, water, soda and wine will be served. Sponsored by the Committee for Spiritual Formation and the Practice of Faith and the Office of the Dean of Students. See you there!

            Monday March 30 (5:30-6:45PM)

            Commuter Lounge


YDS Student Journal, Glossolalia

The mission for Glossolalia is to promote student scholarship and enhance intellectual exploration among YDS students in all fields and interests. We are looking to see what you are thinking and writing.  As of now we have already formed a fantastic staff of reviewers and coordinators. We are looking for you to contribute some of your writing. Do you have a paper or idea that you would like to publish? Are you looking for a forum to present your ideas? We are interested in hearing from you. This is an opportunity to show your work and to engage in dialogue with peers on a broad range of topics. If you are working, have worked on, or thinking about a topic, do not hesitate to contact me ( or Rebecca Lenn (


Lecture: Probing the Secrets of the Mind with Functional Brain Imaging

Marvin Chun, Professor of Psychology and John B. Madden Master of Berkeley College will lecture on brain imaging.  Recent advances in medical imaging have given psychologists and neuroscientists unprecedented access to the inner workings of the human mind. Not just useful for mapping important functions such as language and motor skills, brain imaging techniques can also reveal the unconscious percepts, thoughts, memories, emotions, and even social biases that influence everyday behavior. Beyond its medical benefits, brain imaging is advancing our understanding of why people behave the way they do.

            Thursday March 26 (5:00PM)

            Anlyan Auditorum, 300 Cedar Street


Lecture: Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is an American environmentalist and writer who frequently writes about global warming, alternative energy, and the risks associated with human genetic engineering. Beginning in the summer of 2006, he led the organization of the largest demonstrations against global warming in American history. McKibben is active in the Methodist Church, and his writing sometimes has a spiritual bent. 

Beginning in January 2007 he founded to demand that

Congress enact curbs on carbon emissions that would cut global warming pollution 80 percent by 2050. With six college students, he organized 1,400 global warming demonstrations across all 50 states of America on April 14, 2007.  Bill has been awarded Guggenheim and Lyndhurst Fellowships, and won the Lannan Prize for nonfiction writing in 2000. He has honorary degrees from Green Mountain College, Unity College, Lebanon Valley College and Sterling College.

            April 3, 2009 (12:00PM)

            Marquand Chapel


Reminder of Yale Subsidized Childcare

Yale subsidizes backup childcare for students and employees (the rate is $7 an hour for students, more expensive but still reasonable for folks who make more $). It's available only in the event of an emergency (snow day, mild illness; the guidelines are set forth on the website).  Reminder: Current Yale faculty, students, and staff are eligible for 40 hours of subsidized back-up child care per fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th). It's never too early to register for the service! Keep in mind, when traveling for work to meetings or conferences, Caregivers On Call may be able to provide parents with on-site child care. They have a national network with access to providers in all 50 states, including major metropolitan areas and smaller communities. For more information go to or call 432-8069.




Ministry Resource Center

For a learning experience while ministering to students and leaders from congregations and agencies, learning about new ministry resources, and earning money, you are invited to apply for Resource.  Assistant positions in Ministry Resource Center soon!  Application and job description attached. Conversation available with Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt, Director. (RESOURCE ASSISTANT.doc, Application1.doc)

Latino Cultural Center is looking for a Graduate Assistant!

The Latino Cultural Center is looking for a Graduate Assistant to assist in developing high quality programs for the Center. Duties will include activities related to Latino American Heritage Month, organizing events that facilitate more interaction among graduate/professional and undergraduate students, annual student retreat, annual senior dinner, alumni events, and other projects focusing on the academic, political or cultural goals of the centers’ communities. The position requires facilitating meetings with students, alumni, faculty, and civic leaders. The GA also helps supervise the undergraduate staff.


Job Requirements: The successful applicant must possess excellent oral and written communication skills, negotiating, and analytical skills. Demonstrated ability to plan, manage and coordinate academically focused, co-curricular events. Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills--must be able to work effectively with students and train for particular leadership positions. Ability to work independently in a constantly changing environment. Graduate Assistant will generally work 7-19 hrs per week and requires evening and occasionally a weekend work schedule.  ($20/hour).  For information contact Dean Rosalinda Garcia at 432-2913 or .

Classics Language Translation and Research Assistant Needed

Part-time Translation and Research Assistant needed for summer 2009, to help in preparation of Cotton Mather's "Biblia Americana" for publication. Knowledge of Latin and biblical Greek and Hebrew essential. Stipend. Contact Ken Minkema, 432-5341,


Museum of Jewish Heritage Lipper Internship

The Lipper internship provides funds for educating students in public schools-it funds not only the payment and training of student interns to teach them in their schools, but also for the students' admission and transportation to and from the museum. CT schools have been under-represented in the program.  I highly recommend the Lipper internship-you get to work with some really great people, meet some awesome students, spread an awesome message of social justice, and, yes, get put up in a nice hotel in New York for a week and get paid up to $1500 a semester (plus travel reimbursement).  If you are interested in social justice, race issues, civil rights, or Judaism, or just need teaching experience, this could be a great opportunity for you!  Applications for the internship for the fall semester are due April 1st and can be found at  I would be more than happy to talk to you if you have any questions about the program or want more details on how it works (


For Sale

Bean Buddies/Babies

All have original tags with plastic tag covers and all are in excellent condition.   They have been sitting on a shelf.  If you are interested in any or all of these, please send me an email (  Beanie Buddies ($12 each)-Erin, Fetch, Roam, Sakura, Steg.  Beanie Babies($6 each)-Erin, Fetch, Roam, Seaweed, Mel, Dragon, Magic, Scorch, Trumpet.

18 inch LCD TV, Insignia brand

Best Offer: Terry Archambeault.


In preparation for a VERY mobile ministry commencing later this year, I've decided to sell some really cool stuff:

-         A Solid Bermuda Cherry Entertainment Center/Armoire ($2700 new) made by Lexington (7'-4"h, 4'-7"w, 2'-2"d) - $300

-         A Solid Bermuda Cherry Computer Center ($3000 new) made by Hooker (6'-5"h, 5'w, 2'-2"d) - $300

-         Both pieces have nice iron hardware on their doors. Both pieces also split in half for moving. Take 'em both for only 500 bucks!

-         Two paintings (Greco-Roman classic looking) in custom frames ($1500 new) $150

-         A box of comic books - approximately 200 bagged/backed, mostly Image comics from the mid-1990s - $25

-         A small cherry-wood table-top wine rack - free to a good home!

E-mail me @



Summer Sublet

My husband and I are going back to Mexico this summer and we would like to sublet our apartment. If you are looking for a nice place to stay during July and August consider ours. You'll love it!!!  It is just 10 minute walk from YDS.  Close to Forestry School, Science Park, and SOM.

Two bedrooms, Spacious kitchen with fridge, oven, stove and dishwasher, Bathroom, Dinning Room, Living Room, Large private terrace, Huge Fenced Garden (beautiful), Laundry Room.  Photos available at:


Summer Sublet

With the summer months coming quickly, I'm looking to sublet my room in a house on Mansfield St. for June, July, and August.  It is a cozy, furnished room for one person in a large house with its own balcony (window accessible).   The house has full kitchen facilities, a washer and dryer, and plenty of common space.  Utilities are included in the rent and I am willing to pro-rate the last two weeks of May at $100 per week if you would like to move in before June 1st.  182 Mansfield St. is a five-minute walk from YDS in a pleasant neighborhood that is also close to downtown.  If you are interested, please contact me at:

Summer Sublet

I would like to sublet my room in a house on Mansfield St. for June, July, and August.  It is a large, furnished room for one person in a large house with its own balcony and a great deal of natural light.  The house has full kitchen facilities, a washer and dryer, and plenty of common space.  Utilities are included in the rent and I am willing to pro-rate the last two weeks of May at $100 per week if you would like to move in before June 1st.  182 Mansfield St. is a five-minute walk from YDS in a pleasant neighborhood that is also close to downtown.  If you are interested, please contact me at:

Housing Needed for Visiting Law School Faculty 2009-2010

Furnished apartments or houses sought for either or both semesters in New Haven and surrounding areas.  Please contact: Beth Barnes (, 203-432-0415) in the Yale Law School Dean’s Office.