February 22, 2008


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Academic Information. 2

Official Spring 2009 Academic Deadlines. 2

2009-2010 Financial Aid. 2

Candidates for Senior Faculty Positions in Ethics. 3

Candidates for Junior Faculty Positions in American Religious History. 3

Part-time internship information. 4

Listening is Performing, Performing is Listening: A symposium on Music and Preaching. 4

Harvard Summer Language Programs. 4

Lectures and Events. 4

February Student Book Supply Picks. 4

First Baptist Church New Haven Bible Study. 4

Green Mapping for Eco-Justice: Harlem.. 5

Newman Lecture: ““Against Nostalgia: Catholicism, History, and Modernity”. 5

CHANGED: Date of Annual Book Party. 5

Parks-King Lecture, “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Critical Black Theology and Hope” – M. Shawn Copeland  5

Sweet, Sweet, Spirit: Celebrating the Fruits of the Holy Spirit 5

Ministry Resource Center 6

YDS Clothing Swap. 6

Nursing Lecture. 6

Liturgical Dance Workshops. 6

British American Drama Academy. 6

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Amps and Drums. 7

Employment 7

BTFO Coordinator 7

Ministry Resource Center 7

Postering. 7

Spring Break Work. 7

VOLUNTEER: Eco-Stewards Program.. 8

P/T Youth Director 8

Family Assistant 8

Housing. 8

Live in the Catholic House Next Year 8

Summer Sublet 9

Branford House Owned by YDS Alumn. 9

YDS Housing Available Fall 2009 Semester 9

Fair Haven House Available. 9


Academic Information


Official Spring 2009 Academic Deadlines


To:       All YDS students and faculty

From:   Emilie Townes, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Date:    January 27, 2009

Re:       Deadlines




-           March 2 is the last day to drop a course.  After March 2, a grade of F will be automatically recorded if a drop form has not been submitted to the registrar’s office.

-           May 8 is the official end of the term, and all work is due by that date.  Faculty may set earlier deadlines if they wish.  In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension until June 30. 

-           June 30 is the last day for faculty to accept late work for spring semester.  After June 30, all requests for further extensions must be submitted to the Professional Studies Committee.


2009-2010 Financial Aid

Dear Students,


Welcome back from reading week.  The financial aid application for the 2009-10 academic year is now available on line at the following web address


Who should fill out the Financial Aid Application?  All those who wish to receive aid for the 2009-10 academic year.


I received a merit scholarship, should I fill out the application?  Yes, I need to update the file and have current addresses.


Is there a deadline?  Yes, the application deadline is April 1st.


What happens if I miss the deadline?   If you miss the deadline, there is no guarantee you scholarship would increase even by the tuition increase.


What other paperwork do I need to turn in?  You will need to complete the FAFSA at and turn in a copy of your 2008 federal income tax return.


Please complete the application and turn it in by Wednesday, April 1st if you expect to receive aid during the 2009-10 academic year. You will also need to provide me with a copy of your 2008 federal income tax return when it is complete and file the FAFSA at as soon as possible.  If all paperwork is received, I hope to have a new award letter to you before you leave for the summer.


If you do not expect to be enrolled or are not graduating, please let me know so I may remove/add you to  my list.




Candidates for Senior Faculty Positions in Ethics

On behalf of Professor Gene Outka and the search committee members, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the senior faculty position in Ethics at the Yale Divinity School.

- Amy Laura Hall, “Social Darwinism and Moral Theory”

Monday, February 23 (5:00PM)

Niebuhr Hall, N123           

- William Werpehowski – “The End of War is Peace: An Ecumenical Exchange”

            Wednesday, March 5 (5:00PM)

            Niebuhr Hall, N123

- Diana Cates – “Aquinas on Love and Hatred”

            Thursday, March 5 (5:30PM)

            RSV, S200


Candidates for Junior Faculty Positions in American Religious History

On behalf of Professor Bruce Gordon and the search committee members, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the junior faculty position in American Religious History at the Yale Divinity School. 

- K. Healan Gaston, “America’s Judeo-Christian Tradition as Contested Ground”

            Wednesday, February 25 (12:30PM)

Niebuhr Hall, N123

- Matthew Hedstrom, “Missionaries in the Stacks: Public libraries, liberal protestants, and the marketing of spiritual eclecticism in the mid-twentieth century United States”

Thursday, February 26 (5:30PM)

Great Hall, N100

- Tisa J. Wenger, TBA

            Monday, March 2 (5:30PM)

            Latourette Hall, S223


Part-time internship information

If you missed the LPM information session, you'll need to catch up on what you missed by visiting with Tiffany Ong. After catching up, please complete the application and return it by the due date.

If you had hoped to do a part-time internship next year and have not yet started that process, you are strongly urged to do so quickly.  If you attended one of the info sessions, sign up for your appointment with Susan Olson or Alfred Tisdale. (Susan Olson sign-ups are on her door).  If you didn't attend an information session, then the first thing to do is meet with, and THEN set up an appointment with Alfred Tisdale (Episcopalian sites only) or Susan Olson (all others).


Listening is Performing, Performing is Listening: A symposium on Music and Preaching

Preachers, presiders, scholars, and musicians will gather at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music for three days to explore three broad repertoires of liturgical music: Jazz, Sacred Music of the Black Church, and Western Classical. Each repertoire will be examined and discussed in lecture and workshop.  For more information and to register please visit:


Harvard Summer Language Programs

Applications for Harvard Divinity School's Summer Language Program will be available on line by mid-March at:  If you are interested and wish information now, contact the * HDS Registrar's Office *at* 617-495-5760 or

Lectures and Events


February Student Book Supply Picks

In efforts to increasingly make the Student Book Supply your own, we have been working on featured monthly “Picks.”  These include SBS Staff picks, Faculty picks, and Student picks.  These are books recommended by your professors and colleagues as “must read” titles before you leave YDS.  Sometimes they’re fun, simple reads.  Others are challenging and thought provoking.  This month, in honor of Black History, the picks featured have been thoughtfully chosen by our own scholars Denise Kelley, Marvin McMickle, Christopher McKee, and Meredith Coleman-Tobias.  Ask them why they chose these books, or stop by the SBS and read their short reviews of these titles.  This section is located immediately in the door to the right.


If you are interested in participating in this opportunity in the future, please contact, who has been graciously and wonderfully heading up this project.  Due to a strong interest, we will accommodate as many as possible, but please know that we may not be able to fit in every request.


First Baptist Church New Haven Bible Study

Dr. Abraham Malherbe will lead a Bible Study entitled “Life in the Early Church.”  Dr. Malherbe is Buckingham Professor Emeritus of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation and former Academic Dean in Yale Divinity School. He is the author of Social Aspects of Early Christianity, Paul and the Thessalonians, Paul and the Popular Philosophers, and The Anchor Bible Commentary on Thessalonians.  (

            March 1 (9:00AM)

            First Baptist Church in New Haven (205 Edwards St)


Green Mapping for Eco-Justice: Harlem

The Center for the Study of Science and Religion at The Earth Institute of Columbia University (CSSR); Ecologies of Learning at NYTS; West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc. (WeAct,, a non-profit, community-based, environmental justice organization; Green Map Systems (, a participatory mapmaking platform that bridges the gap between awareness and action; and Faith Leaders for Environmental Justice.  The partners have called on religious congregations in Harlem to chart their natural, cultural and civic resources, and identify impediments to healthy living. The finished maps will be online, interactive, and will be made available to congregations, community boards, eco-justice advocates, and community organizers throughout Harlem. 

March 3rd (4:30-6:00PM)

Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10115


Newman Lecture: ““Against Nostalgia: Catholicism, History, and Modernity”

Brad Gregory, University of Notre Dame will offer this talk sponsored by the Departments of History and Religious Studies.  Reception to follow.  Contact:

Thursday, March 5th (5:00PM)

Hall of Graduate Studies, 320 York Street, Room 119B


CHANGED: Date of Annual Book Party

The date of the Annual Book Party, at which faculty publications from the previous year are celebrated, has been changed.  The new date of the Book Party is Tuesday, April 14th, 4:30 pm in the Common Room.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend the celebration!


Parks-King Lecture, “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Critical Black Theology and Hope” – M. Shawn Copeland

M. Shawn Copeland, associate professor of systematic theology in the Department of Theology at Boston College, will deliver the 2009 Parks-King Lecture at Yale Divinity School.  The title of Copeland’s lecture is “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Critical Black Theology and Hope,” taken from Martin Luther King’s most programmatic work, Where Do We Go From Here:  Chaos or Community?  The lecture will be followed by a reception in the Sarah Smith Gallery.  Both are free and open to the public.

Tuesday, February 24 (5:15PM)

Niebuhr Hall


Sweet, Sweet, Spirit: Celebrating the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Services held nightly at 7:30 p.m. in Marquand Chapel at Yale Divinity School

-         Tuesday, February 24: Christopher McKee, M.Div '09 and the Marquand Gospel Choir

-         Wednesday, February 25: Craig T. Robinson, M.Div. '11 and Total Praise Ensemble

-         Thursday, February 26: Neichelle R. Guidry, M.DIv. '10 and John Tirro


Ministry Resource Center

The Ministry Resource Center can supply what you need for quality ministries with resources that can be adapted to your situation.  Ask about youth, children, adult group guides; Lent and Easter worship, study, activities; CDs for commuting on Bible, history, music, and more.

-         DVDs for entertaining weekend learning!

-         All-School Conference theme resources

-         Sustainability resources

-         Social Justice resources

-         Come look around and find what you didn't know you wanted!!!

We're here to help from 10-3 weekdays!


YDS Clothing Swap

Come and bring your clothes, accessories and shoes!  You can bring clothes to donate both days.  Both men's and women's clothing are welcome.  Please also consider bringing maternity clothes for those who are soon-to-be mothers.

Wednesday and Thursday, March 4-5 (11:00-1:30PM)

Common Room


Nursing Lecture

The Yale University School of Nursing presents the annual Sybil Palmer Bellos Lecture.  The Lecture will be followed by the Wisser Tea Reception.

            Wednesday, April 15 (3:30PM)

Yale University School of Nursing Lecture Hall, Room 118


Liturgical Dance Workshops

For all who are inquisitive about Liturgical Dance and its meaning, relevance and relationship to worship, we are announcing the spring 2009 series of workshops. The workshop construct will be the same as last semester.  This workshop series will focus on liturgical dance and healing. If you have a dance background that is wonderful, but for those who do not it is not necessary to have one. The most important element that is needed is the desire to learn to worship God with your entire body. The entire YDS community (students, faculty, men and women) are welcomed to take part. Please wear comfortable clothing and come with a dancing heart. If you have any questions please contact (  All take place in Marquand Chapel.

- The Word and Dance as Instruments of Healing

Monday, February 23rd (6:15 - 7:15 PM)

- The Sung Word and Dance as Instruments of Healing, Part 1

            Monday, March 2nd (6:15 - 7:15 PM)

- The Sung Word and Dance as Instruments of Healing, Part 2

            Monday, April 6th (6:15 - 7:15 PM)


British American Drama Academy

The British American Drama Academy is one of the top acting conservatories in the world, and it offers each year a one month long summer study program based in the historic university city of Oxford.  All Yale students are eligible to apply to the program which concentrates on Classical Acting, especially Shakespeare. The program is a great way to complement the training of any actor, and select students in the Yale School of Drama attend the program every year. It is open for serious acting students of all levels and ages. The program includes courses in Voice and Movement, Physical Acting, and Audition Technique, all taught by Britain's leading teachers of Drama.  The program runs from July 3^rd until August 1^st , 2009, and more information about it can be found at





Amps and Drums

My fence has a few holes which need immediate repairing. If you can help, please let me know as soon as possible- I will work my schedule around yours. Besides the usual eternal rewards in heaven (which, if you've been at YDS longer than a semester you've already racked up in the millions by helping everyone get to and from the airport), I am

additionally offering a tantalizing and ambrosial feast of pizza.  Contact:


BTFO Coordinator

If you are interested in serving as a BTFO Coordinator for 2009, please indicate your interest to Dale Peterson by the end of the day (midnight) on Monday, February 23rd (a week from today). A simple email message will suffice for indicating your interest. I will acknowledge your message with a reply, so please verify that your message was received by checking for my reply. For more information about the work of the Coordinators, please feel free to contact BTFO 2008 Coordinators Lydia Sohn ( and Brent Damrow (, or me.

Ministry Resource Center

If learning while you work is your thing, you might want to apply to be a Resource Assistant in the Ministry Resource Center during Academic Year 2009-2010.  Ask for a job description and application or explore your questions with Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt, Director.  A worthwhile, meaningful, professional development opportunity in which you learn about resources, about the real ministry questions in a variety of congregations, and serve others in the process.


The ISM is looking for one student to distribute posters to New Haven-area retail establishments. All of the distribution locations are located in the downtown area. A car is not necessary. We are looking for someone who is able to complete the work by the Monday 2/23. This job should take no more than 3 hours total. If interested, please contact Albert via email at or stop by Room N102.

Spring Break Work

The ISM is hosting the AGO National Pedagogy Conference here March 11-14.  One of the presenters has some major health issues, and we are looking for a student or students to assist this person during these days. This is a great opportunity to earn some extra money and make a real difference at the same time!  Contact:

VOLUNTEER: Eco-Stewards Program

Applications are being sought for the Eco-Stewards program of the Presbyterian Conservation Corps (PCC), a Christian community responding to God's call through applied eco-stewardship. The PPC is looking for Eco-Steward applicants from ages 18-24 years old who demonstrate interest in church, camp, and environmental concerns. The application deadline is May 1, 2009. To download the application, go to  Each program will comprise of two components at different sites: 1. Eco-Stewards Training (3-4 days) and 2. Eco-Stewards Hand-On Program (3-4 days). The two programs are as follows: West: July 5-12 at Highlands Camp in Allenspark, CO and Greenwood Farm in Hardin, MT and Midwest: August 2-9 at Stronghold Retreat Center in Oregon, IL and Chicago, IL.  PCC will transport participants between each site, but participants are responsible for travel to the training, and from the program component.

P/T Youth Director

The youth worker helps in all aspects of the youth programs of First Lutheran Church of the Reformation. The program’s normal hours are from 6-7:30 Sunday nights and the worker would be expected to help set up and clean up. The position would transition to youth group director for Sept., 2009. The director will be responsible for helping the Jr. and Sr. High Youth (grades 7-12) of this congregation and the larger community to grow in their commitment to Jesus Christ by building relationships, fostering a safe and supportive Christian environment and planning service and social activities.  Please call Pastor Elisabeth Aurand, 860-224-2475, ex. 12 or email her at if interested in the position.

Family Assistant

Yale Law School professor is looking for a family assistant.  Responsibilities include running family errands; cooking simple kid-friendly meals; weeding/gardening; supervising occasional home repairs; generally assisting in running the household; and child-care for a well-behaved and independent 13-year-old son.


We are looking for someone who would be available about 15-20 hours a week, so it is ideal for a graduate student spouse or partner.  The person must be available after the child's ordinary school hours on some days to help with picking child up from school.  The position pays $15/hour plus employer will pay both employee's and employer's portion of social security taxes.  Must drive (and have good driving record), but employer will provide car.  If interested, please send email to



Live in the Catholic House Next Year

The Catholic House began as an experiment in Christian community living about 25 years ago. The house is currently home to 8 divinity student from a variety of theological interests and backgrounds. (For example: this year, we had 8 different Christian denominations represented in the house!) While the house runs a little bit differently each year, the housemates eat together at least once a week, pray together, and agree to share certain things in common. Past and current residents have found the Catholic House to be one of the most exciting and deeply meaningful experiences of their time at YDS.  This year, we will have between 3 and 4 spaces open, so we would love to hear from anyone who is interested in living in the house.  If you are interested in learning more about joining our community, please send a reply to by Thursday, February 26th. (Replies are not a commitment on your part- just a chance for us to give you more information). We will have two information sessions the next weekend: Sat., Feb. 28 (2pm) & Sun., Mar. 1 (8:30pm).  We look forward to hearing from you!

Summer Sublet

Are any of you getting kicked out of your YDS housing in May a need a place over the summer? Graduating seniors who have to be out in May? Anyone who wants a convenient place to stay short-term? We are looking for subletters for a two-bedroom apartment at the YDS Canner Street apartments from May-August. Let's help each other out! Email if you are interested.

Branford House Owned by YDS Alumn

The owner of this beautiful house is a YDS alumnus who desires that the tenants also be affiliated with the Divinity School. Please contact for further information or to come visit.

YDS Housing Available Fall 2009 Semester

Is there anyone who is planning to be in New Haven for the fall semester only?  If so, I'd love to try to work out some kind of apartment-sharing deal, either on or off campus, wherever lodging is available.  Contact Kat Zukaitis (

Fair Haven House Available

Are you hankering for a place of your own or a place to share that is just a bit removed from YDS but not too far away? A place with a great backyard, fabulous neighbors, near the bus line? I am looking for someone to rent my house in the Fair Haven Heights neighborhood of New Haven while it is on the market for sale.  Large sunny rooms, wood floors throughout, woodburning stove, 10 min drive to YDS. 2 BR, LR, DR, 1.5 baths, spacious kitchen. Rent and dates negotiable.  Barbara Blodgett (