February 15, 2008


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Academic Information. 2

Official Spring 2009 Academic Deadlines. 2

Commencement Memo from the University Secretary. 2

Candidates in for Senior Faculty Positions in Ethics. 3

Leadership in Public Ministry Information Session. 3

Part-Time Internship Mandatory Orientation. 4

University Prizes now accepting applications. 4

Summer Language Classes. 4

Lectures and Events. 5

Oxford University Summer Programs. 5

Lecture: “The Obama Effect and Black Physicians”. 5

In the Pastor’s Study: What Pastors Need to Know About Muslims. 5

Parks-King Lecture, “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Critical Black Theology and Hope” – M. Shawn Copeland  6

Lunch to Discuss Israel and Gaza. 6

Killowatt Ours Screening. 6

Sexual Harassment Assault Resources and Education Center Presentation: “One in Four”. 6

All Different Folks Needed for All School Conference. 7

Ministry Resource Center 7

The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society’s Spring 2009 Colloquium.. 7

Citizen Police Academy. 7

“Music as a Catalyst for Sacred Prayer and Ecstasy” -- Yuval Ron Performance. 7

Lecture and Musical Demonstration: Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Harmony in the Golden Age of Spain  8

SOM Believers in Business Conference. 8

Liturgical Dance Workshops. 8

Calls for Submission: 9

The Logos, a journal of Christian thought at Yale. 9

World Liturgies Book. 9

Wordsmiths – YDS Literary Magazine. 9

Classifieds. 9

Needed/Found. 9

Amps and Drums. 9

Employment 9

Ministry Resource Center 9

Housing. 10

Summer Housing Opportunities at Oxford University. 10

Summer Sublet in East Rock. 10

YDS Alumna House for Rent in Branford. 10

YDS Alumnus Sublet 10

For Sale. 11

Furniture. 11

Worship Opportunities. 11

University Church. 11


Academic Information


Official Spring 2009 Academic Deadlines


To:       All YDS students and faculty

From:   Emilie Townes, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Date:    January 27, 2009

Re:       Deadlines




-           March 2 is the last day to drop a course.  After March 2, a grade of F will be automatically recorded if a drop form has not been submitted to the registrar’s office.

-           May 8 is the official end of the term, and all work is due by that date.  Faculty may set earlier deadlines if they wish.  In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension until June 30. 

-           June 30 is the last day for faculty to accept late work for spring semester.  After June 30, all requests for further extensions must be submitted to the Professional Studies Committee.


Commencement Memo from the University Secretary

Dear Graduate or Professional School Student,


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate in Yale University's 308th Commencement, which will be held outdoors on our historic Old Campus on Monday, May 25, at 10:30 a.m.  A schedule of events is found on website, along with instructions on ordering academic regalia and information on accommodations, parking, and Commencement announcements. Important information regarding the payment of outstanding bills, library privileges, and your diploma name is attached and is also available online.


During the ceremony on Old Campus, President Levin will confer all degrees and present symbolic diplomas to student marshals from each residential college and school. Immediately following the Old Campus ceremony, Commencement marshals will lead you back to your school, or to a place designated by your dean, to receive your diploma.


No tickets are required for Commencement, but, with more than 18,000 attending, guests are advised to arrive early. Tickets for special performances by the Yale Glee Club, Whiffenpoofs-Whim 'n Rhythm, and Yale Dramatic Association are ordered directly from sponsoring organizations. Contact information is listed in the schedule for Yale College.  Commencement 2009 promises to be spirited and memorable. I look forward to sharing it with you and your family and to celebrating your considerable accomplishment.



Linda Koch Lorimer

Vice President and Secretary


Candidates in for Senior Faculty Positions in Ethics

On behalf of Professor Gene Outka and the search committee members, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the senior faculty position in Ethics at the Yale Divinity School.

- Cristina Traina: “Untangling eros: loving the vulnerable sensuously”

            Wednesday, February 18 (12:00PM)

            RSV Room,S200

- Amy Laura Hall: “Social Darwinism and Moral Theology”

            Monday, February 23 (5:00PM)

            Niebuhr Hall, N123

- William Werpehowski – TBA

            Wednesday, March 5 (5:00PM)

            Niebuhr Hall, N123

- Diana Cates – TBA

            Thursday, March 5 (5:30PM)

            RSV, S200


Leadership in Public Ministry Information Session

Leadership in Public Ministry is offered both as a summer course (summer 2009) or as an academic year part-time internship (09-10).  Since the primary difference between the two programs is how nice the weather is outside, (and full time v. part-time), the information sessions for both will be combined.  Space in the program is limited to 9 participants for each.  If you cannot make the information sessions, you will need to find time to meet individually with Tiffany Ong AFTER the original session (

Thursday, February 19 (12:30PM)

LaTourette Hall


Part-Time Internship Mandatory Orientation

If you are hoping to do a part-time internship for next year and have not yet completed your meeting with Susan Olson, the sign-up sheets for those has been moved to her actual office door (as opposed to Tiffany Ong's door, where previously located). This office is at

N-116, conveniently located adjacent to the candy bowl.  You must have completed your orientation (either the group meeting or individually with Tiffany Ong) to sign up for a meeting. Make arrangements with if you haven't done that yet.


University Prizes now accepting applications

The Yale University Secretary's office is now accepting applications for the John Addison Porter and Theron Rockwell Prizes. A brief description of each prize and an application form (same form is used for both prizes) are available at:; A completed application form must accompany each submission. To ensure fairness, entries will be accepted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 2.


Summer Language Classes

TO:                  Students enrolling in Elementary Biblical Hebrew,

                        Elementary N.T. Greek or Ecclesiastical Latin


FROM:            Lisabeth Huck, Registrar, Yale Divinity School


The Elementary Biblical Hebrew, Elementary N.T. Greek and Ecclesiastical Latin courses will be offered May 26 - July 7, 2009.  All three courses will meet Monday through Friday mornings 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Each course is fully comparable in scope and intent with two semesters of language work taken during a regular academic year and earns six hours of credit. 


There is a $300 deposit, which will be credited toward the $2,280 tuition fee for each course, due with the registration form.  Either class may be cancelled if less than four students have enrolled in it by May 8THE DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE.


Tuition rebates for students who drop out of summer language programs:

Before the end of the first week (06/02)

Full, minus $300 deposit

Before the middle of the course (06/15)

One-half (50% of tuition), minus $300 dep.

After the middle of the course

0 % rebate


This course is graded on the H, H-, HP+, HP, HP-, P, F grading system.  If you want to take this on the Credit/No Credit grading system, a form is available from the Registrar’s Office, which must be signed by the instructor of the course.  This form is due by June 8th  at the latest.


If you drop the course before the middle of the semester (June 17), the course will not appear on your transcript.


TO:                  Lisabeth Huck



Please enroll me in the intensive Elementary Biblical Hebrew ______ , Elementary N.T. Greek ______, or Ecclesiastical Latin ______ course to be offered this summer (2009) at Yale Divinity School.  I am enclosing my $300 deposit.


Yale Student ID #:________________  MDiv. _____  MAR (Gen.)____  (Conc.)  ____

Name:              ____________________________________________________________

Address:           ____________________________________________________________


Telephone:        ______________________/email:  _______________________________

Present academic affiliation or occupation (if other than Yale Divinity School)



Lectures and Events


Oxford University Summer Programs

The Oxford Summer Program (OSP) allows students, as affiliate members of Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, to do intensive scholarship in the oldest university in the English speaking world.  Students hone their research and writing skills and delve into the areas that interest them most while exploring the relationship between Christianity and the development of the British Isles.  Seminars and tutorials are given on specialized topics under expert Oxford academics in the areas of English language and literature, history, including the history of art and history of science, philosophy, theology and the study of religion. The program is structured for rising college sophomores, juniors, and seniors, graduate and seminary students, non-traditional students, teachers, and those enrolled in continuing education programs. The 2009 Oxford Summer Program will be from June 19 – July 25 and participants earn 6 credits for their work during the five week program.  To learn more and see a list of seminar options, visit (


Lecture: “The Obama Effect and Black Physicians”

The Humanities in Medicine’s Multicultural Lecture presents Dr. Ezra Griffith

Thursday, February 26th (5:00PM)

The Beaumont Room, Yale Medical School


In the Pastor’s Study: What Pastors Need to Know About Muslims

Omer Bajwa, the Coordinator of Muslim Life at Yale University will be our guest. Bajwa holds a graduate degree in Near Eastern Studies from Cornell, with a specialization in Islamic Studies. This will be an open-ended conversation about Islam, and offer a beginning place for any Christian-Muslim dialogue.  Homemade soups and fresh breads will be served; rsvp by emailing

            Wednesday, February 18 (12:30PM)

Marquand Chapel


Parks-King Lecture, “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Critical Black Theology and Hope” – M. Shawn Copeland

M. Shawn Copeland, associate professor of systematic theology in the Department of Theology at Boston College, will deliver the 2009 Parks-King Lecture at Yale Divinity School.  The title of Copeland’s lecture is “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Critical Black Theology and Hope,” taken from Martin Luther King’s most programmatic work, Where Do We Go From Here:  Chaos or Community?  The lecture will be followed by a reception in the Sarah Smith Gallery.  Both are free and open to the public.

Tuesday, February 24 (5:15PM)

Niebuhr Hall


Lunch to Discuss Israel and Gaza

Please join the Initiative on Religion and Politics to discuss Israel and Gaza-- what its elections mean, what happened in Gaza, and why Israel figures so prominently in American politics.  If you'd like a quick primer on Israel before Chris Meserole recommends taking a quick look at the multimedia brief below that the CFR put together:  All are welcome!  Contact:

Monday, Feb. 3 (12:30PM)



Killowatt Ours Screening

Award-winning film Kilowatt Ours: A Plan to Re-Energize America is a solutions-oriented look at one of America's most pressing environmental challenges -- energy.

Filmmaker Jeff Barrie offers hope as he turns the camera on himself and asks, "How can I make a difference?" In his journey Barrie explores the source of our electricity and the problems caused by energy production including mountain top removal, childhood asthma and global warming. Along the way he encounters individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities who are leading the way, using energy conservation, efficiency and renewable, green power all while saving money and the environment. This edition of the film focuses heavily on mountaintop removal in the Southeast. Later in the semester, the film may be followed by a panel and/or presentation from the filmmaker.

For more information on the film, go to:

            Wednesday February 18 (7:00-9:00PM)

            Burke Auditorium (195 Prospect)


Sexual Harassment Assault Resources and Education Center Presentation: “One in Four”

Many of you may have attended events from Yale’s chapter of One in Four in the past, but this is the first time the national members have presented at Yale. They have a powerful presentation and we are very pleased to bring them here.  Contact:

Wednesday February 17, 2009

Master’s Tea in (4:00PM)

            Silliman College

Evening Program (7:30PM)

WLH 119


All Different Folks Needed for All School Conference

-         The CLC coordinators need folks to help with food, moderating panels, pestering other community members to attend, etc. If you (or your friend -you can volunteer others) are able to help, please e-mail or  They will also be available during the lunch hour in the Common Room if you would like to speak with them then.

-         As part of the awesomeness that is All-School Conference, our next community dinner is a Murder Mystery and we need your help to put it on!  We are looking for ten people to take roles at the next community dinner.  Email Lindsay Bacher ( if you are: a-an actor, b-brilliant in your high school production of "Our Town," c-charismatic, d-darn it, just want to be involved!  The time commitment is minimal - a brief run-through/information time earlier in the week (an hour at most) and the community dinner itself.


Ministry Resource Center

The Ministry Resource Center invites you to:

-         View DVD Kilowatt Ours and many more on environmental issues

-         Explore what our Gifts and those of our congregations are and how they may be invited….

-         Check out Lent resources for groups, worship, retreats and more…

-         African American History: there's always more to learn and fun ways to learn, like a DVD you haven't seen….


The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics, and Society’s Spring 2009 Colloquium

"Reading History, Reading the Bible, Reading Hatred" – a lecture by Wayne Meeks, Department of Religious Studies, Yale University:

            Wednesday, February 17 (12:00 P.M.-1:20 P.M)

8 Prospect Place, Room 119


Citizen Police Academy

Yale University Police is hosting its Spring Citizen Police Academy running March 24th through April 28th, 2009. Attached is a flyer and application. Students and staff members will enjoy and benefit from this 6 week program.  Our goal is to provide an increased understanding and awareness of police operations, responsibilities and capabilities and to promote the partnership between the police department and the community. The Academy has been very well received in the past.  Your cooperation and support is instrumental to the success of this program.  Space is limited and the class fills up quickly, so we suggest signing up as soon as possible.  For information and application:


“Music as a Catalyst for Sacred Prayer and Ecstasy” -- Yuval Ron Performance

Please join the REL 928 class (Musical Skills and Vocal Development for

Parish Ministry) in welcoming the Yuval Ron Ensemble to YDS. Please come and bring

A friend or three.  An Ensemble demonstration which will focus on the Sufi practice of moving prayer-meditation (Whirling) and the use of sound in sacred trance settings from Turkey to Morocco. Also there will be a comparison and contrasting with Hasidic-Jewish music and trance dance and a demonstration of the Armenian Church chants and their meditative power. During this workshop the ensemble invite volunteers to participate in the whirling movement to live devotional music, if they would like. (

Monday, February 16 (3:30-5:30PM)

Marquand Chapel


Lecture and Musical Demonstration: Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Harmony in the Golden Age of Spain

The fascinating journey of the Oud (Middle Eastern Lute) from Baghdad, Iraq to Andalusia, Spain and the amazing master musician who changed the music of Europe. A lecture and demonstration of the Jewish and Arabic music originated from Andalusia and the 600 years of Arab role in Spain as well as the mutual influences between these traditions and the Christian music tradition of Spain

Monday February 16 (7:30PM)

Joseph Slifka Center, 80 Wall Street


SOM Believers in Business Conference

The Yale School of Management Christian Fellowship cordially invites you to the fourth annual Believers in Business conference February 20 - 21, 2009, on the Yale campus.  This year's theme of the Believers in Business Conference is "Leading Through Challenging Times." As we face a global economic recession, it is more important than ever that we find meaning in our work beyond money and prestige.  We desire to purposefully live a life worthy of God's calling through difficult times as well as times of prosperity. (


Liturgical Dance Workshops

For all who are inquisitive about Liturgical Dance and its meaning, relevance and relationship to worship, we are announcing the spring 2009 series of workshops. The workshop construct will be the same as last semester.  This workshop series will focus on liturgical dance and healing. If you have a dance background that is wonderful, but for those who do not it is not necessary to have one. The most important element that is needed is the desire to learn to worship God with your entire body. The entire YDS community (students, faculty, men and women) are welcomed to take part. Please wear comfortable clothing and come with a dancing heart. If you have any questions please contact (  All take place in Marquand Chapel.

- The Word and Dance as Instruments of Healing

Monday, February 23rd (6:15 - 7:15 PM)

- The Sung Word and Dance as Instruments of Healing, Part 1

            Monday, March 2nd (6:15 - 7:15 PM)

- The Sung Word and Dance as Instruments of Healing, Part 2

            Monday, April 6th (6:15 - 7:15 PM)


Holy Happy Hour

Good news to send you on your way to reading week! There's something to look forward to when you return.  Faculty and students will be talking about their understanding of God has been challenged / changed / reaffirmed in their time at YDS. Please plan to come and bring your friends! Snacks, soda, water, wine will be served. Sponsored by the Committee for Spiritual Formation and the Practice of Faith and the Office of the dean of Students.

Thursday, February 19 (5:30-6:45PM)

Commuter Lounge


Calls for Submission:

The Logos, a journal of Christian thought at Yale

The theme of the upcoming issue is “The Bible: Dead or Alive?”  To learn more about the publication and view archived issues, visit:  If interested in submitting a piece for publication, please contact:

World Liturgies Book

I co-authored a book 15 years ago of resources for worship from around the world, Gifts of Many Cultures. Maren Tirabassi and I have been asked to write another one. We are soliciting prayers, calls to worship, rituals, graphics, music, traditions for celebrating holy days, liturgies, and stories from around the world that North American churches could use in their worship services.  Last time we were inundated with submissions, but this time we have not received much.  We especially want resources that have vibrant local imagery and practice (a taste of the place they come from).  The book will be called Gifts in Open Hands. They can email me at or at

Wordsmiths – YDS Literary Magazine

We welcome submissions from students, faculty, and staff.  Our channels are open to your creative powers, so send anything you like, from a rant to a satire to a poem to a sermon to a chapter from a novel ... you get the idea.  Send your work to Jay ( or Sophia ( ) for review by our group.  Workshop and submission review meetings are open to anyone interested.




Amps and Drums

If anyone has an electric guitar and/or guitar amp (leftover from a quarter- or midlife crisis, perhaps?) that they would like to donate to the newly created) music program at a poor, inner-city Hartford Hispanic Episcopal church (St. James Zion St.), it would be greatly appreciated. It would make a big difference for the congregation - they're enjoying the music so far, but the acoustic isn't cutting it - and I'm sure you could get a receipt for a tax deduction.  We also need some percussion instruments, if anyone has those sitting around.  Contact:



Ministry Resource Center

Resource Assistant applications are available to work in Ministry Resource Center next academic year.  Come by between 10 and 3 to chat with current staff.  Ask for an application and discuss the opportunity to learn, minister, and earn money.



Summer Housing Opportunities at Oxford University

The possibility of living in one of the world's most prestigious academic locations is now more affordable than ever.  With two locations available for short or long-term stays during the summer, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities' Centre for Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford has everything you will need.  In addition to a study-bedroom, guests have full use of a common room, a large fully-equipped kitchen, free laundry facilities, and beautiful grounds. Our Oxford properties are perfect for:


•       Student housing for Oxford summer school programs;

•       Economical accommodation for conferences in Oxford;

•       Furnished sabbatical housing near one of the world’s greatest libraries;

•       Faculty and student summer research experiences;

•       Personal travel to Oxford.

For availability, further details and extremely competitive rates, visit our



Summer Sublet in East Rock

If anyone's looking for summer housing or knows of someone who is, I'm trying to sublet my apartment on Whitney Ave-- 5 min from the Div School, 8 min from downtown and 3 min from East Rock Park. It's a 1br apartment, fully furnished, with an outdoor balcony, parking out back and laundry in the basement. The Yale shuttle/public bus line stops outside the house. Dates are flexible: roughly mid May to mid August. It's very pretty.

Contact: with any questions


YDS Alumna House for Rent in Branford

Former YDS-er ('07) wants to rent her house in Branford, since she has been called to serve a church in Maine.  House is 3-BR, 2.5 baths, LR, K, large multi-purpose room with sliders to deck, full un-finished basement. Half-acre of property on moderately busy street (but it's plowed first in the winter!). All appliances (W/D, ref., stove, d/washer) will remain when I move. Gas appliances are forced-air heat, water heater and stove.  House will be available about 3/1/09. Please contact my agent, Phil  Carloni, at ReMax Realty in Branford: 203-488-1641 (office).


YDS Alumnus Sublet

If anyone is looking for a room in the upcoming months, I've got a sweet deal for you. I'm looking for someone to sublet my room from anytime beginning in March, April, or May (the start date can be flexible within this period) until the end of August. Because I am relocating and urgently need to find someone, I want to make this offer attractive. I am willing to subsidize the already low rent of $400/month to make it $350/month.  Here are some specifics about the place: The room is part of an apartment. Kitchen, living room, and bathroom are shared by other tenants. Open to male and female residents; separate bathrooms available. Washer/dryer and internet access. Located 5-10 min walking distance from important downtown and Yale locations.   If interested, please contact me at


For Sale


Available May 2009:

1 Queen-size bed (Ikea)

1 King-size mattress

1 (very small and cheap) Walmart-desk

1 iron storage rack

1 folding chair

1 small (standard Ikea) carpet

1 Microwave


Worship Opportunities


University Church

- An ecumenical service of the Word on Transfiguration Sunday with Jim Wallis, President & CEO of Sojourners and Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners magazine, preaching. Free lunch and conversation with Wallis following worship.

            February 22 (10:30AM)

            Battell Chapel (corner of College and Elm St.)

- Open Forum with Jim Wallis.  All are welcome, refreshments will be served.

            February 22 (1:30-2:30PM)

            Linsley-Chittenden Hall on Old Campus, 63 High St, Room 102


To be added to the University Church weekly email list of other events and community service opportunities, email, 203-432-1128.