January 11, 2008


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Academic Information. 2

REL 928. 2

REL 672. 2

A.Y. Collins’ Courses. 2

Education Leadership and Ministry Program.. 2

From the Registrar 2

Participate in the Yale Law School Clinic. 3

Lectures and Events. 3

Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. 3

This Week in Marquand. 4

MLK Day Activities. 4

Upcoming at Union Seminary. 4

Kirkridge Workshops. 4

Yale Religion and Poli Sci faculty on God in Obama’s White House. 4

Farewell to Barbara Blodgett 4

American Ballet Theater to perform Balanchine’s Prodigal Son. 5

All School Conference. 5

Healthcare4every1 Rally. 5

Submit your sermon to the library of Congress! 5

Panel: Can You be Religious and Pro-Choice?. 5

Video available: “Radical Islam and the Nuclear Bomb:  Understanding Contemporary Genocidal Antisemitism" 6

Classifieds. 6

Employment 6

VOLUTNEERS: Volunteer worker needed for 2009 Homeless Count 6

VOLUNTEERS: Work Study Camp Chaperones. 6

Work-study Employee: Careers Services Department 6

Childcare Giver Needed. 7

Housing. 7

Bedroom Available in Hamden Home. 7



Academic Information


REL 928

Students interested in REL 928 should note that while the class is by permission of instructor, no previous musical or vocal experience is required. If you are contemplating taking the course, please send a note to


REL 672

All students interested in taking REL 672, Martin Luther, His Life and Thought with Bill Rusch please note: The first class meeting will be on January *20th*, not January 13th.  Any questions, contact Bill Rusch at


A.Y. Collins’ Courses

REL 654, History of Biblical Interpretation will not be offered this semester. In its place, Professor Collins is offering REL669, Historical Jesus. Historical Jesus counts as *Area I and NT credit only *- not Area 2 as was indicated on some of the paper course schedules


Education Leadership and Ministry Program

The course is appropriate not only for those whose particular vocational calling may be into a school or university environment, but also for those whose future ordained or lay ministry will bring them into contact with a school (such as a parish priest or vestry member whose Church has a school affiliated with it). Taught by Rev. Jarvis, an ordained Episcopal Priest as well as a highly regarded thirty year head of school at the Roxbury Latin School in Boston, the course will be full of practical, hands-on examples of what educational ministry means in today’s context. The course qualifies for both Area IV and  Area V and is open to students of all denominations.


As part of the ELM Program, on January 16th Tony will be leading a field trip to two wonderful schools in our area that provide interesting examples of two different kinds of religiously affiliated institutions. Leaving at 7am from the YDS front door, we will first visit Millbrook School in Millbrook, New York. Following Millbrook, we will then visit South Kent School in South Kent, Ct. for Chapel, lunch and a tour of the School. We will return to New Haven by 5:30pm. We would strongly encourage you to join for this field trip and take advantage of a “look see” into the inner workings of school life that few outside those institutions ever get to see. The field trip is open to those who plan to sign up for the ELM course as well as those who are just interested in the opportunity to see and discuss school life. Please RSVP for the field trip by Tuesday, January 13, so that we can plan for transportation and all food to be provided.  (


From the Registrar

Due to popular demand, Registration for the Spring semester will open ONE HOUR EARLIER than previously announced. Online course selection (OCS) will open on Monday, January 12th at *8:00* a.m., not 9:00 a.m. as previously published. Also, OCS will close at *midnight *on Friday, Jan 23rd - not 4:00 P.M. as previously published.


Also, please make sure you check OCS carefully for course and classroom information. Although we have tried to keep the paper course schedules up to date, there may have been changes since your copy was printed. OCS is always the final authority.


Finally, graduating Seniors who are interested in confirming their degree progress should stop by the Registrar's office to pick up a current copy of their degree audit.


Participate in the Yale Law School Clinic

You are invited to participate in the Nonprofit Organizations Clinic this semester. All students, whether or not pre-registered, are welcome to attend the first meeting.   The Clinic, now in its 18th year, serves the pro bono needs of nonprofit groups, nascent or established, that require help in the process of organization and incorporation, obtaining tax exemption, and solving ongoing legal problems. The approximately 60 organizations we assist each year operate in various fields of activity -- including rural poverty, education, environmental protection, human rights, the arts, youth services. The clinic has assisted organizations operating in approximately 35 countries; overseas examples (drawn from recent Clinic history) include promoting rural cooperatives in South America, assisting orphans and widows infected with HIV/AIDS in Kenya, improving health standards in Iraq, experimenting with new poverty programs in India, providing micro-financing in Ghana, assisting start-up businesses in Tanzania, supporting educational innovations in China and establishing a new law school in Chile.


There are no prerequisites for enrollment. Two briefing sessions on nonprofit law are provided by the faculty supervisors in September, and thereafter the Clinic meets in plenary session or in subgroups five or six times during the semester, with most client work being done outside of class time (on a flexible schedule). Each non-law student is paired with a law student to operate as a team, assisted by the Clinic's Student Directors and faculty supervisors. Students receive pass/fail credit - or a similar form of credit -- for their work in the clinic, in a manner agreed upon with the Registrar of their school. .

            Friday, January 30 (1:10-2:00PM)

            Yale Law School, Room 124


If you would like to learn more about the Clinic but are unable to attend the introductory meeting, please contact one of the following Clinic representatives as soon as possible:

_Student Directors _

Sipoura Barzideh (

Marcie Graham (

Seunghee Ham (,

Bomi Lee (,

Emma llanso (,

Diana L. Rusk (,

Collette Shin (

Kwame Spearman (kwane,


_Faculty Supervisors_

Lisa Davis ( or 776-4400)

Barbara Lindsay ( or 497-8327)

John Simon ( or 432-2698)

Lectures and Events


Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

Exciting upcoming events at the Bioethics Center include such talks as “Hospice: From Grassroots Movement to Major Industry” and “The Eyeballs Have Moved: Marketing to Children and Youth in the Digital Age.”  Check it out!  (


This Week in Marquand

All are welcome for the 10:30AM services.


MLK Day Activities

Because of his dream, “Yes we can!”  Find a way to be involved during the university’s observed only federal holiday.  (


Upcoming at Union Seminary

Union Seminary invites you to participate in a variety of lectures, courses, and events including, “Media Relations for Churches and Faith-Based Organizations.” (


Kirkridge Workshops

Sing, organize, pray, and work for peace.  Workshop on how to do so can be found at


Yale Religion and Poli Sci faculty on God in Obama’s White House

Charlie Hill and Randy Balmer with Melissa Matthes moderating will offer their suggestions and analysis for how, whether, and why or why not Barack Obama might bring “God to the White House”   Randy Balmer is the author of the recent book God in the White House which explores the ways faith has animated various American presidencies.  Charles Hill has built a forty year career as a diplomat and advisor to Henry Kissinger, Boutros Ghali and many others.  Melissa Matthes is director of the Initiative on Religion and Politics and will be asking the hard (and soft) questions…so send her your suggestions today!

Tuesday, January 13 (4:00PM)

            Niebuhr Hall


Farewell to Barbara Blodgett

Harry Attridge and Emilie Townes invite you to bid “so long and best wishes” to Barbara J. Blodgett, Director of Supervised ministries. 

Wednesday February 4 (11:00AM)

Yale Divinity Common Room

[If you are unable to attend, feel free to send a card and/or note to “Office of the Dean (for Barbara Blodgett, 409 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT  06511-2167”]


American Ballet Theater to perform Balanchine’s Prodigal Son

The American Ballet Theater performs annually at Lincoln Center’s Metropolitan Opera House.  This spring one of the ballets we’ll be performing is Prodigal Son, a ballet rendering of the biblical parable choreographed by George Balanchine and first performed in 1929 by the Ballets Russes to a commissioned score by Serge Prokofiev.  The ballet will be performed the first week in June.  Please see attached. (


All School Conference

Mark your calendars for March 23-27, 2009 for the All School Conference -- an opportunity for our community to plan and execute a series of gatherings about a shared topic relevant to our community.  The theme of this year's All School conference will be an opportunity for the members of our community to be able to share their research, gifts, interests, talents, etc. with each other. We believe that we have a rich community full of incredible people and that often we are not able to interact in such a way that many of these aspects of our lives are immediately evident. Thus, we can draw on the rich pool of resources within our own community to provide a week of meaningful sharing with one another for the conference.


Please e-mail either or with any questions you may have. We will be in the Common Room from 12:30-1:20 on Wednesday January 14 if you would like to come by and ask us questions or speak with us about your ideas. If you have an idea for something we ask that you send us a brief summary by e-mail of what you would like to do for the conference by Tuesday January 20th. We look forward to all of your ideas and gifts!


Healthcare4every1 Rally

Headed by The Urban Institute in DC, to develop our proposal for health care for everyone, Healthcare4every1 has a long history of listening to the needs of Connecticut residents from all walks of life.  Connecticut's General Assembly begins their 2009 session this Wednesday, January 7.  We need you to join us at Union Station to send a message to our legislators and our governor that Connecticut can lead the nation with health care we can count on! (

            Tuesday January 13 (5:00PM)

            Hartford’s Union Station


Submit your sermon to the library of Congress!

The Library of Congress is planning on collecting audio and video recordings of sermons and orations that comment on the significance of the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama..


Panel: Can You be Religious and Pro-Choice?

The panel discussion will feature Connecticut religious leaders and a practicing medical service provider about issues of reproductive freedom and abortion and will be moderated by Rebecca Lenn of Yale Divinity School.  Dinner and dessert provided.  RSVP to  Sponsored by Medical Students for Choice, The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice of Connecticut - Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom, and the Women's Center of Yale Divinity School

            Tuesday, January 13 (6:00PM)

            The Anlyan Center (TAC) N203 - Medical School Campus


Video available: “Radical Islam and the Nuclear Bomb:  Understanding Contemporary Genocidal Antisemitism"

See for a copy of this December panel event.


The Ministry Resource Center Welcomes You!




VOLUTNEERS: Volunteer worker needed for 2009 Homeless Count

The more we know about our homeless population, the more we can help them and better coordinate our services. This Statewide Point-in-Time Count is not only a chance to learn how many people are homeless and where they are located, but also information about how they became homeless and what services they need to help them. The numbers from this count are also important for homeless assistance grants funded by HUD, State of Connecticut, and City of New Haven.  Please register to volunteer at either or the two links listed below. I am also attaching a volunteer recruitment flyer that offers more information about the even and can be distributed. We look forward to seeing you on the 28th!   Register either online or by phone:


2. voice mail: 203-495-1773 x 4040

            Wednesday, January 29 (6:00PM-11:00PM)

            New Haven

VOLUNTEERS: Work Study Camp Chaperones

For almost 20 years, youth from Tabor Lutheran Church in Branford have been spending one week each summer in towns across the Northeast and Middle Atlantic, at workcamps sponsored by the GROUP Workcamps Foundation. GROUP has been providing short-term mission trips, domestically and internationally, for 30 years. In that time, teenagers from around the country have provided over 6 million volunteer hours directly to home owners who are either physically or financially unable to make desperately needed repairs to their dwellings.  From July 27-31, 2009, Tabor is undertaking the somewhat daunting task of sponsoring a GROUP workcamp in the greater New Haven area, and we can use your help in one of two ways.  If you have interest in participating in the work camp or ideas on worksites, please contact Lisa Huck (

Work-study Employee: Careers Services Department

I am looking for a work-study assistant to assist with general tasks in my office during the spring term. The position is for 10-15 hours per week, and requires familiarity with word, and with the web. To apply, please contact


Childcare Giver Needed

A child born November 2008 needs care 3 to 5 weekdays for 6 to 8 hours a day starting in the late mornings. The days are flexible with the exception of Friday, which is required.  Ideally the caregiver would start in the second or third week in January but we can be flexible with this. Pay is negotiable, based on experience.  Contact:



Bedroom Available in Hamden Home

A comfortable, furnished bedroom in Woodlawn Street home in Hamden. A short term renter is preferable. Located within walking distance of the Whitney Avenue bus line and the Dixwell Avenue bus line. Also, walking distance to 3 major supermarkets and the Hamden shopping center.  Room available February 1, 2009.  Contact: Debra Thurston (