September 7, 2008


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Academic Information


Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall Semester 2008


  1. September 12, is the last day of on-line registration.
  2. September 12 is the due date for submitting a reading course proposal.
  3. September 12, is the last day to turn in a permission slip to take a downtown course.
  4. No course can be added after September 24.
  5. After September 12, a fee of $10 will be charged for each course change.
  6. September 17 is the last day to submit a request of Credit/No Credit form.  It is also the last day to submit a form to take a Credit/No Credit course for a grade.
  7. October 22 is the last day to drop a course.  Courses dropped after October 22 will have a grade of “F” or “NC” automatically recorded.
  8. December 19 is the official end of the term, and all work is due by that date.  Faculty may set earlier deadlines if they wish.  In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension until February 9.  After February 9, all requests for further extensions must be submitted to the Professional Studies Committee



An application for admission to the extended degree program must include:

1.         Your name.

2.         Address and e-mail address.

3.         Area of concentration.

4.         A statement explaining why you wish to extend a concentrated M.A.R. program.

5.         A letter of recommendation from at least one faculty member in the field in which the degree program is concentrated.


PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO GRACE CHAO, ROOM N122, SEABURY 1st floor, BY October 15, 2008. -- Emilie Townes, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs


Funding Student Participation in Conferences

A new fund has been established in the by the Academic Office with the support of the Dean’s  Office to help MDiv and MAR students who are presenting papers or substantial presentations at professional society meetings and conferences

The fund would have the following stipulations:


1. Students must submit a grant request to the academic dean no less than one month from the date of the conference or professional society meeting.  This grant request must include:

a. The name of the conference and the name of the paper the student will deliver. 

b. A copy of the program with the student’s name printed in it. This must be submitted with the receipts if there is no advance copy available.

c. A maximum 1-page statement of support from a YDS full time faculty member that states the nature of the paper, the student’s readiness to undertake such a presentation, and their estimate of how successful the paper will be.

d. A provisional budget for the conference.

e. Amount requested.

2. $500 grant per student.  A student may apply for funding no more than once in their academic career at YDS.

3. The grant must be used to help defray travel, housing, and meals while attending the conference.  The grant cannot be used to purchase alcohol.

4. The student must submit detailed receipts to the academic dean who will verify the expenses.


The academic dean will convene a selection committee to decide on grant awards. 





REL 652  Scripture and Ethics                                                                                            Willis Jenkins/Carolyn Sharp             Area 1/Area 5                       TTh 9.00-10.20

REL 742  Warrior Chants and Unquiet Spirits                                                 Emilie Townes                                      Area 2/Area 5, Ethics          T 8.30-10.20

REL 779  Bonhoeffer and King                                                                                          Willis Jenkins                                       Area 2, Ethics                       MW 3.30-5.00

REL 877  American Indian Religion and Ecology                                                           John  Grim                                             Area 5, Non-Xn Rel.                 T 2:30-5:20

REL 970  Preaching & Pastoral Care                                                                 Jan Holton/Nora Tubbs Tisdale        Area 4                                    W 1:30-3:20

REL 962  Preaching to Whole Congregations through Multiple Ways of Knowing  Yolanda Smith/Tom Troeger              Area 4                                    Th 1:30-3:20

REL 973  Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                         Yolanda Smith                                      Area 4                                    T 1:30-3:50

REL 973  Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing     Kristen Leslie                                      Area 4                                    M 1:30-4:20

AFAM 505  Theorizing Racial Formations                                                      Hazel Carby                                                                                           M 1.30-3.20

AFAM 573  Transnationalism, Modernity and Diaspora                                              Kamari Clarke                                                                                        TTh 2.30-3.45

AFAM 647  Black Feminist Theory and Praxis                                                               Jafari Allen                                                                                            W 9.25-11.15

MUSI 925    Recalibrating Ethnographic Radar                                                               Michael  Veal                                                                                         W 9.25-11.15


Spring 2009 (tentative)

REL 746  Vexations: Religion and Politics in the Black Community             Emilie Townes                                      Area 2, Area 5                       T 1.30-3.20

REL 973  Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                         Yolanda Smith                                      Area 4                                    T 1:30-3:50

REL 973  Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing    Kristen Leslie                                       Area 4                                    M 1:30-4:20

REL 813  Travel Seminar: Salvador, BR                                                                            Diana Swancutt/Emilie Townes         Area 5                                    Th 6.30-8

January 15, February 19, March 26, April 23, April 30, and May 7;  Travel: May 9-21

REL 819  African Religion: Theological Inquiry                                                              Lamin Sanneh                                       Area 5                                    W 3.30-5.20

REL 870  Environmental Ethics                                                                                          Willis Jenkins                                       Area 5                                    TTh 1.30-3.00

REL 878  Neighborhood Ethics                                                                                          Harlon Dalton/Willis Jenkins             Area 5                                    W1.30-3.20

AFAM 719  Race, Racisms & Social Theory                                                                   Alondra Nelson                                                                    T 2.30-4.20

AFAM 764  Readings in 19th Century American History 1820-1877          David Blight                                                                                          W 7.00-8.50p

AFAM 814  Race and Ethnicity                                                                                         Khalilah Brown-Dean                                                                          T 1.30-3.20

AFAM 857  Blackspace and Cinema                                                                                Terri Francis                                                              T 7.00-9.00p/W 3.30-5.20

SOCY 610  Race, Gender, and the African American Experience                                 Averil Clarke                                                                                           M 1:30-3.20



Please consult with your advisor about other possible appropriate courses based on your focus.



In partial response to a query from the Student Council, the Curriculum Committee polled the faculty about their course offerings for this year to develop a list of courses that integrate the themes of class, gender, race, and sexuality in the course content.  This is not an exhaustive list and you are encouraged to explore other courses that may do so, but we did not receive this word. 



REL 652    Scripture and Social Ethics                                                              Willis Jenkins/Carolyn Sharp                                             TTh 9:00-10:20                  (C/G/R)

REL 656    Godly Skepticism: Ecclesiastes                                                       Carolyn Sharp                                                                       MW 1:30-3:00                         (G)

REL 661    Genesis & Its Afterlife                                                                     Peter Hawkins/Victoria Hoffer                                           TTh 9:00-10:20                 (G/nationalities/religion)

REL 700    History of Western Christianity 600-1450                                     Bruce Gordon                                                                       MW 8:30-9:20                        (C/G/social history)

REL 737    German Reformation 1517-1555                                       Bruce Gordon                                                                       Th 1:30-3:20                       (G/S/social history)

REL 742    Warrior Chants & Unquiet Spirits                                  Emilie Townes                                                                      T 8:30-10:20                    (C/G/R/S)

REL 744    Seminar: Theological Anthropology                                              David Kelsey                                                                        T 1:30-3:20                                (G/depending on topics R)

REL 779    Bonhoeffer and King                                                                        Willis Jenkins                                                                       MW 3:30-5:00                            (C/G/R/S)

REL 835    Iconography of Christian Art: Visual Christology                       Jaime Lara                                                                              MW 1:30-2:50                                (R/ethnicity/G/C/S)

REL 847    The House of the Lord                                                                     Jaime Lara                                                                              TTh 1:30-3:00                                 (C/R/colonialism)

REL 869    Feminist Pastoral Psychology                                                         Kristen Leslie                                                                        Th 1:30-4:20                            (C/G/R/S)

REL 877    American Indian Religions & Ecology                                           John Grim                                                                              T 2:30-5:20                        (R/G/C)

REL 879    Power, Religion, Gender, & Violence                                              Sallama Shaker                                                                      M 1:30-3:20                        (C/G/R/S)

REL 907    Introduction to Pastoral Care                                                          Jan Holton                                                                             TTh 9:00-10:20                  (some R/G/C/S)

REL 912    Principles & Practices of Preaching                                                Nora Tubbs Tisdale/Tom Troeger                                    TTh 11:30-12:20     (C/G/R/S)

REL 762    Preaching to Whole Congregations through Multiple Ways of Knowing                Yolanda Smith/Tom Troeger                                              Th 1:30-3:20                 (C/G/R/S)

REL 970   Preaching & Pastoral Care                                                              Jan Holton/Nora Tubbs Tisdale                                        W 1:30-3:20                        (R/G/S)

REL 973    Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                       Yolanda Smith                                                                      T 1:30-3:50                        (C/R/some S)

REL 973    Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing     Kristen Leslie                                                    M 1:30-4:20                     (C/G/R/S)


Spring (tentative)

REL 600     Old Testament Interpretation                                                         Carolyn Sharp                                                                       MWF 9:30-10:20                       (C/G/S/some R)

REL 601     New Testament Interpretation                                                        Diana Swancutt                                                                    MWF 9:30-10:20                       (C/G/ethnicity/S/R)

REL 670     Gender in Early Christianity                                                            Diana Swancutt                                                                    TBA                                       (G/S)

REL 734     Reformation Europe                                                                         Bruce Gordon                                                                       TBA                                       (G/social history)

REL 739     Themes in Reformation Historiography                                        Bruce Gordon                                                                       TBA                                       (G/social history)

REL 746     Vexations: Religion & Politics in Black Communities Emilie Townes                                                                      T 1:30-3:20                             (C/G/R/S)

REL XXX  Introduction to Christian Ethics, 2                                 Fred Simmons                                                                       TBA                                       (C/G/R/S)

REL XXX  Medical Ethics                                                                  Fred Simmons                                                                       TBA                                       (C/G/R/S)

REL 813     Travel Seminar: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil                     Diana Swancutt/Emilie Townes                                         Th 6:30-8p                             (C/G/R/S/religion, globalization)

REL 837     Latin American Art and Architecture                                            Jaime Lara                                                                              TBA                                       (R/colonialismG/S/C)

REL 854     The Passion of Christ in Literature and the Visual Arts             Peter Hawkins/Jaime Lara                                   TBA                                       (C/G.R)

REL 870     Environmental Ethics                                                                       Willis Jenkins                                                                       TTh 1:30-3                                (C/G/R)

REL 877     Religion and the Feminization of Poverty                                     Sallama Shaker                                                                      T 2:30-4:30                                (C/G/R/S/ethnicity/globalization)

REL 878     Neighborhood Ethics                                                                       Harlon Dalton/Willis Jenkins                                             W 1:30-3:20                                ( C/G/R/S—to some extent)

REL 907     Introduction to Pastoral Care                                                         Kristen Leslie                                                                        TTh 9-10:20                                (some R/G/C/S)

REL 988     Pastoral Care and Addiction                                                           Jan Holton                                                                             T 1:30-4:20                            (some R/G/C/S)




Fall 2008


REL 742 Warrior Chants and Unquiet Spirits                                                  E. Townes                                             Area 2/Area 5, Ethics          T 8.30-10.20

REL 652 Scripture and Social Ethics                                                                 Carolyn Sharp/Willis Jenkins             Area 1/Area 5                       TTh 9:00-10:20              

REL 661 Genesis & Its Afterlife                                                                                         Peter Hawkins/Victoria Hoffer           Area 1/Area 5                       TTh 9:00-10:20     

REL 700 History of Western Christianity 600-1450                                        Bruce Gordon                                       Area 3                                    MW 8:30-9:20

REL 737 German Reformation 1517-1555                                                                          Bruce Gordon                                       Area 3                                    Th 1:30-3:20          

REL 744 Seminar: Theological Anthropology                                                 David Kelsey                                        Area 2                                    T 1:30-3:20

REL 869 Feminist Pastoral Psychology                                                                            K. Leslie                                 Area 5                                    Th 1.30-4.20

REL 877 American Indian Religions & Ecology                                                              John Grim                                              Area 5/Non-Xn Rel                T 2:30-5:20            

REL 879 Power, Religion, Gender and Violence                                                              S. Shaker                                                Area 5                                    M 1.30-3.20

REL 962 Preaching to Whole Congregations through Multiple Ways of Knowing   Yolanda Smith/Tom Troeger              Area 4                                    Th 1:30-3:20

REL 970 Preaching & Pastoral Care                                                                  Jan Holton/Nora Tubbs Tisdale        Area 4                                    W 1:30-3:20

REL 973 Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                          Yolanda Smith                                      Area 4                                    T 1:30-3:50

REL 973 Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing     Kristen Leslie                                        Area 4                                    M 1:30-4:20


Spring 2009 (tentative)

REL 670 Gender in Early Christianity                                                                                Diana Swancutt                                    Area 1                                    TBA                      

REL 739 Themes in Reformation Historiography                                                            Bruce Gordon                                       Area 3                                    TBA

REL 746 Vexations: Religion & Politics in Black Communities                     Emilie Townes                                      Area 2/Area 5                       T 8:30-10:20              

REL XXX Introduction to Christian Ethics, 2                                                  Fred Simmons                                       Area 2                                    TBA                               

REL XXX Medical Ethics                                                                                   Fred Simmons                                       Area 5                                    TBA

REL 813 Travel Seminar: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil                                         Diana Swancutt/Emilie Townes         Area 5                                    Th 6:30-8p

January 15, February 19, March 26, April 23, April 30, and May 7;  Travel: May 9-21

REL 870 Environmental Ethics                                                                                           Willis Jenkins                                       Area 5                                    TTh 1:30-3

REL 877 Religion and the Feminization of Poverty                                         Sallama Shaker                                      Area 5                                    T 2:30-4:30

REL 878 Neighborhood Ethics                                                                                           Harlon Dalton/Willis Jenkins             Area 5                                    W 1:30-3:20


Please consult with your advisor about other possible appropriate courses based on your focus.


Language Classes

NB: The only elementary language classes for which credits can count towards graduation are those listed on page 46 of the 2008-2009 YDS Bulletin: Latin, classical and biblical Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Coptic. Normally, the limit for elementary languages will be 12 hours.


Study Strategies from BTFO Academic Presentation

Here is a personal list of thoughts and reminders that helped me through the academic year.  Many are elementary, but I was surprised how often I neglected the most obvious things.  A complete list of 21 Thoughts and Reminders (with tips on writing papers, doing reading assignments, etc.) is available to anyone by request:  Warmest Best Wishes,  Awet Andemicael, September 2008

Some Thoughts and Reminders Concerning Academic Life – Part I

Continually commit yourself and your studies to God.  Pray and read the Bible regularly for devotional purposes (aside from the academic assignments you are given).  Stay attached to the Source, the Vine, so that you are continually open to the inspiration and sustenance of God’s Holy Spirit. 

1.         When choosing classes, give yourself at least one relatively low-stress class: e.g., a class with relatively light requirements (although do not confuse “few” requirements with “light” requirements – that seminar with one 25-page paper at the end of the semester may be way more stressful than another class with more assignments but less weight placed on each one), a class on a topic with which you have some familiarity or expertise, a class taken credit/no credit, or a class that you find so uplifting and fun that it energizes you for the rest of your day. 

2.         Take into account the actual number of hours you will need to complete the readings, papers, etc. when figuring out which/how many classes to take. 

3.         Consider how many exams and papers you will end up having at the end of the semester and paced throughout the semester. 

4.         Try to get on top of things, or even a bit ahead, right at the beginning of the semester.  Each week, it gets harder and harder to catch up. However, if you miss the first class and but later decide to take it, the world will not actually come to an end.

5.         Thank God repeatedly for reading weeks.  However, try as much as possible to work as if they did not exist. 

6.         Allow yourself as much time as you possibly can to study and do your assignments, in order to have a high-quality learning experience–sort of like chewing your food thoroughly, rather than taking big bites and swallowing.  You may get the nutritional content of the food in both cases, but the latter may give you indigestion. 


Trial Subscription use of Routledge

The library now has trial access through September 21 to the Routledge
Reference Resources Online: Religion Resource, available from the library's
Databases & Article Searching page (  A huge number of resources are available through this site.


EndNote, EndNote Web, and RefWorks Trainings

The following hands-on workshops are scheduled this semester in the lower level of the Bass Library, 110 Wall Street in the Bass Electronic Classroom L06 (enter at pavilion on Cross Campus lawn).  All of the computer programs (which offering varying ways to organize research and create bibliographies) and their trainings are free to the Yale community.  Register at the Sterling Library Reference Desk or by e-mail to


Creating Bibliographies with RefWorks

October 15 (3:30 - 5:00PM)

October 27 (5:00 - 6:30PM)

Creating Bibliographies with EndNote

September 26 (1:00 - 2:30PM)

November 10 (3:00 - 4:30PM)

Creating Bibliographies with EndNote Web- EndNote Web allows you to store and manage references, import citations from online databases and create a bibliography instantly as you write.

October 7 (3:00 - 4:30)

December 5 (1:00 - 2:30)


Lectures and Events


This Week in Marquand

Services begin at 10:30am.  All are Welcome!!!


Loring Sabin Ensign Lecture. 

Mary McClintock Fulkerson, The Divinity School Duke University, will deliver a lecture entitled: “Ecclesiology as if Bodies Matter: (Re) Shaping Moral Imaginations.”  Bodies do matter in U.S. churches, but mostly in negative ways.  Sexuality, race and gender are often topics to avoid.  Claims of inclusiveness and welcome notwithstanding, the racial, class and “ableness” homogeneity of most churches suggests that in many ways dominant groups avoid marked bodies.  Defining such avoidance as a theological version of legal “colorblindness” this talk argues for a sacramental moral imagination that takes bodies seriously.)

Tuesday, September 23rd (5:15PM)

Niebuhr Hall

Reception following in the Sarah Smith Gallery.


Biblical Studies PhD Info Reception

Are you considering a PhD in biblical studies? Wondering what will matter most to admissions committees? Or whether to spend your next summer working German or Hebrew? Or curious about how much GREs really matter? How to find the right program for you? If you have wanted an opportunity to discuss such issues, please consider attending a wine and cheese reception at the Dean's residence.  Faculty and current graduate students will share their own experiences with the application process, and there will be ample opportunity for discussion. Please RSVP to

Monday, September 29th.


Community Dinner FRIDAY

Welcome back YDS Community! We would like to invite you to the first
Community Dinner of the year, the Back-To-School Cook-out on September 12 at
6:00pm on the Sterling Divinity Quad.  We encourage everyone to bring your own plates, cups, and utensils whenever possible in order to reduce the waste from the dinner.   If you are available to volunteer with preparation, serving, and/or clean-up, please contact Lindsay Bacher (


Temple Street Block Party: Experience an American Tradition

Experience a traditional U.S. block party. This festival brings the community together to share food, music, and fun activities for all ages. Learn more about the Arts District neighborhood; try the New Haven Parks & Recreation’s climbing wall and learn about their programs and activities; meet local safety officials and get safety tips; tour a New Haven fire engine and take a picture with the firefighters; groove to music by Ultra Radio; get a balloon; have your face painted and enjoy Bubba’s Barbecue and Libby’s Italian Ice. All are invited to this free event hosted by the Office of New Haven and State Affairs, Graduate Housing Office at Yale, Graduate Student Life at the McDougal Center, Office of Sustainability and Office of International Students and Scholars at Yale.

            Sunday, September 14, (11:30AM – 2:30 PM)

International Center, 421 Temple Street and 425 Temple Street Parking Lot.


Sacramental Winers Auditions

YDS’s female a cappella group, the Sacramental Winers will be holding auditions in the evening on Thursday, September 11.  Rehearsals will also be held at this time.  Email either Johanna Johnson ( or Jenny Miller ( for interest and information.


Total Praise Ensemble Open Rehearsal/Auditions

Total Praise is a community of singers who are dedicated to lifting up the name of Jesus through song (with particular attention given to Christian music in the African American tradition). We are not just singers, but we are first ministers of the gospel who seek to be ambassadors for Christ in every aspect of our living. We value intimate time with one

>>another in worship, fellowship, and the study of God's holy word.   Tuesday, September 9, 7pm to 8:30pm; auditions immediately afterward.  Marquand Chapel.  Contact:


Joint Degree Fair

Have you considered pursuing a joint degree while at student at YDS? To learn more about our joint degree options, please join us for a Joint Degree Fair.  Representatives from most of the Yale professional schools will be available. Yale Divinity School offers joint programs with the following Yale Schools: Nursing, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Management, Law, Medicine, and Public Health.

            Yale School of Management, Hall of Mirrors

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2008 (12-1PM)


September events abound at African-American Cultural Center

Beginning with FREE African Drum lessons on Monday tonight and ending with an a cappella concert and black graduate students networking reception at the end of the month, the House events are open to the entire Yale community.  For more information:


Senior Survey for Graduating Students

If you are graduating in December 2008 or May 2009, and have NOT already filled out the career office rising senior survey, please do so! Note that this is also where you sign up for the various job-vacancy posting lists.

-- Susan Olson


Ministry Resource Center


Outings Club Fall Kickoff Extravaganza Bonanza Tony Danza

For more information about the September 13th hike and/or bike ride, contact Josh Hill (


Faithful Democrats Fellowship

Faithful Democrats ( is now accepting fellowship applications for the 2008-2009 academic year. Following the historic Democratic Convention last week, we at Faithful Democrats will proudly be working this fall and beyond to elect Democratic candidates who embody a more just and compassionate form of politics and to shape policies that promote the common good.  If you are interested in becoming a Faithful Democrats Fellow or would like more information please contact us at (  – Rachel Johnson (MAR 2008)


Yale University Biblical Research Group Introductory Fellowship

The group, which is open to undergraduate and graduate students, began this summer with meetings once a week. Each meeting began with a teaching on a topic previously chosen and ended with question and discussion, as well as prayer and fellowship. The group is fully interactive and is designed to be a forum for each member to share his or her insight into specific topics as we all grow in an understanding of His Word. For more information (including address), please contact:

Wednesday, September the 10th (7:30PM)


Annand Program in Spiritual Formation: Sign-up Now!

Through September, Jane Stickney, program Director, will be meeting with students to pair them with ongoing program offerings.  Students from a diversity of religious and personal backgrounds who will find their vocations in the church, the academy, or other service are encouraged to explore participation. 

If you are interested in participating or just wish to find out more, please sign up outside the Annand meditation room door (opposite the Berkeley offices) or email ( to schedule a meeting with Jane Stickney, Director of the Annand Program.


University Church Events

From Turkish cuisine to labyrinth walks to service events, the University Church offers a huge array of upcoming activities.  For more information: (




Needed/Lost and Found:


ISO: Intramural Athletes

Yale Divinity School fields co-ed teams in softball, volleyball, and soccer for the autumn intramural season.  For more information, contact Bethany Davidson, FADS (Fans and Athletes of the Divinity School) coordinator (


For Sale:

FREE: Microwave Oven

We have an extra microwave oven (large and white), which we would like to give away. If anyone wants it, please email me ( you can pick it up as soon as is mutually convenient at 54 Hillside Place #3.



1 and 2 BR Apartments available in YDS Housing

An unfurnished junior one bedroom has become available in Curtis Hall due to a student withdrawl. Rent is $800 per month. There is also still an unfurnished two bedroom available in Bellamy for $1,050 per month Please contact Brian Vinci (


Several Area Apartments Available.

Call Joann: 203-931-1052


East Rock 1 BR/$875

I have to give up my apt and would love for someone at YDS to enjoy a wonderful
apt with great landlords. On the corner of Whitney and Cold Spring. Easy walk
to classes and East Rock park. Check it out. Amalie Ash Reply to:



Childcare Mondays 9:15-10:30AM

Childcare sought for YDS student’s child during Monday Bible class.  My daughter Lucia will be 3 in November, and is a great, well-behaved kid. I'm looking for someone who is responsible, mature who enjoys working with kids and has some experience. References required. CPR first aid a plus. Child care can take place on YDS campus while the weather is nice, but can be switched to my home (East Rock) when it gets cold. Time would be Mondays (with possibility of Wednesdays available) 9:00/9:15-10:30. $10 per hour. Contact: (


Yale Babysitting Service

The Yale Babysitting Service links Yale parents with Yale students who want to babysit. You can access jobs posted by parents on the website at your leisure, and choose regular or sporadic work to fit your schedule! Register online at


Research Assistant

Yale Office of Sustainability seeks six students to join the Sustainability Project Team. . Sustainability Project Teams will work closely with representatives from the Athletic Department and Yale Health Plan respectively throughout the year to conduct a sustainability assessment of each department and provide supporting research that leads to the development of best practices and recommendations for a sustainability strategy in-line with Yale's overall commitment to sustainability.  Submit LETTER OF INTEREST and RESUME specifying “Research Assistant” in the subject line to  For further information, contact: 436-3571.


YDS Library Jobs

The Divinity School Library has two part-time (10-15 hours/per week) student assistant positions available immediately in the Library's Cataloging Department. Hours can be scheduled between 9 and 5, Monday through Friday. These positions enter records into Orbis, the Library's online catalog, for various materials. Requirements: Average or better keyboarding skills. Facility with English essential. Reading knowledge of one or more Western European language preferred. Must be physically able to shift books and move heavy book trucks. Pays $12/hour.  If interested, please contact Eric Friede, 432-6372 /


Family Assistant

Local family, new to Yale, seeks a student interested in a 15-hr per week job, primarily to be available to drive 2 boys to school in the mornings (Hamden Hall and Choate) and pick them up in the afternoon. There might also be a need for some errands - grocery shopping or the like. Must have a car. Housing is available in a nice garage apartment if desired. Very close to the Div School. If interested, please let Dale Peterson know as soon as possible.  Contact Dale Peterson (432-5310;


Marquand Chair Mover

The Marquand Chapel team is looking for four students interested in finding work and preparing the chapel space for worship each day.  The work includes arranging the chairs, tables, lecterns and candles. Being on the chair moving team would require you to be free between the hours of 8 am and 9 am.  Please contact Christa Swenson if you are interested in this position. (


Family Assistant/Child Care

Yale Law School professor is looking for a family assistant. Responsibilities include child-care for a well-behaved and independent 12-year-old son; running errands, including grocery shopping; cooking simple kid-friendly meals; weeding/gardening; supervising occasional home repairs; and generally assisting in running the household. 20 hours per week.  Over the last 3 years several divinity school students and spouses (Josh Evans, Julia Schoenhals, and Mark Osborne) have held the position.  The position pays $13/hour plus employer will pay both employee's and employer's portion of social security taxes. Must drive (and have good driving record), but employer will provide car. If interested, please send email to


Sunday School/Childcare Worker

"United Church on the Green, an Open and Affirming and Just-Peace congregation of the United Church of Christ on the Green in downtown New Haven seeks (1) a part-time Sunday school teacher for elementary age children and (2) an infant/toddler Sunday child care giver for the 2008-2009 program year beginning September 7. Must be totally comfortable working with children from families of all shapes and sizes. We have a growing number of young children attending and want to ensure they hear the good news that God loves them through stories of the Bible (via the "Seasons of the Spirit" curriculum).and quality care. Classes are held during Sunday morning worship, starting at 10:30 a.m.. Pay for each position is $50/Sunday. For more information, contact The Rev. John MacIver Gage at or (203)787-4195x15."


Worship Opportunities


University Church at Yale

All are welcome to worship at the University Church in Yale! 10:30AM, Sundays, Battell Chapel (corner of College & Elm streets).

For more information: ( or call (203) 432-1128.