August 29, 2008


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A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Happy first week of school, friends, and welcome to the time of the school year where many academic details must be attended to.  This week’s Q Source has loads of information from two phenomenal women familiar to us at YDS but new in their roles: Emilie Townes, the new Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Lisa Huck, the new registrar. <wild applause>.  Note well the course, registration, and degree information pp. 1-6.  Enjoy shopping period.  It’s fun.  It’s even more fun if you’re a second or third year student who’s gotten a Degree Audit from the registrar’s office so that you shop classes contributing to on-time graduation. -- KB


Academic Information


Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall Semester 2008


  1. September 12, is the last day of on-line registration.
  2. September 12 is the due date for submitting a reading course proposal.
  3. September 12, is the last day to turn in a permission slip to take a downtown course.
  4. No course can be added after September 24.
  5. After September 12, a fee of $10 will be charged for each course change.
  6. September 17 is the last day to submit a request of Credit/No Credit form.  It is also the last day to submit a form to take a Credit/No Credit course for a grade.
  7. October 22 is the last day to drop a course.  Courses dropped after October 22 will have a grade of “F” or “NC” automatically recorded.
  8. December 19 is the official end of the term, and all work is due by that date.  Faculty may set earlier deadlines if they wish.  In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension until February 9.  After February 9, all requests for further extensions must be submitted to the Professional Studies Committee


NEW for returning students! Online Course Selection Information

Effective this semester, the Divinity School and the Schools of Nursing and Forestry & Environmental Sciences are joining Yale College, the Graduate School, and E&PH in the use of Online Course Selection, or OCS.  Though an initial advising session with your advisor is still required, your course selection and advisor's approval will now all be done online. NO MORE PAPER PLANNING SHEETS!  Just follow these simple steps:

1. Check in with your Advisor to talk about your semester.  ONLY YOUR ASSIGNED ADVISOR CAN APPROVE YOUR SCHEDULE.

2. Log on to  You will be prompted to complete and certify your personal information before the system will allow you to register.  YOU CANNOT REGISTER UNTIL ALL OF YOUR HOLDS ARE CLEARED.

3. Make your class selections to build a schedule worksheet

4. Visit your classes to make sure your schedule will work.

5. Use the built in feature to print your weekly class schedule

6. Submit your schedule to your advisor for approval.  Note: Once you submit, you cannot change your schedule!

7. You will receive e-mail notice when your advisor has approved your schedule, or if your advisor has asked to to make revisions to your schedule.

8.  Resubmit if necessary (see #6 above) 8. You will receive e-mail notice when the Registrar has approved your schedule.  The Registrar will not approve your schedule until all your necessary “permissions” have been turned in (e.g., downtown classes, reading courses, etc).


For your convenience, I (Lisa) will be upstairs Tuesday-Friday mornings next week to demo the new system and answer questions.  Please feel free to stop by and check it out. -- Lisabeth Huck, Registrar


Language Classes

NB: The only elementary language classes for which credits can count towards graduation are those listed on page 46 of the 2008-2009 YDS Bulletin: Latin, classical and biblical Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Coptic. Normally, the limit for elementary languages will be 12 hours.



An application for admission to the extended degree program must include:

1.         Your name.

2.         Address and e-mail address.

3.         Area of concentration.

4.         A statement explaining why you wish to extend a concentrated M.A.R. program.

5.         A letter of recommendation from at least one faculty member in the field in which the degree program is concentrated.


PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO GRACE CHAO, ROOM N122, SEABURY 1st floor, BY October 15, 2008. -- Emilie Townes, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs






REL 652  Scripture and Ethics                                                                                            Willis Jenkins/Carolyn Sharp             Area 1/Area 5                       TTh 9.00-10.20

REL 742  Warrior Chants and Unquiet Spirits                                                 Emilie Townes                                      Area 2/Area 5, Ethics          T 8.30-10.20

REL 779  Bonhoeffer and King                                                                                          Willis Jenkins                                       Area 2, Ethics                       MW 3.30-5.00

REL 877  American Indian Religion and Ecology                                                           John  Grim                                             Area 5, Non-Xn Rel.                 T 2:30-5:20

REL 970  Preaching & Pastoral Care                                                                 Jan Holton/Nora Tubbs Tisdale        Area 4                                    W 1:30-3:20

REL 962  Preaching to Whole Congregations through Multiple Ways of Knowing  Yolanda Smith/Tom Troeger              Area 4                                    Th 1:30-3:20

REL 973  Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                         Yolanda Smith                                      Area 4                                    T 1:30-3:50

REL 973  Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing     Kristen Leslie                                      Area 4                                    M 1:30-4:20

AFAM 505  Theorizing Racial Formations                                                      Hazel Carby                                                                                           M 1.30-3.20

AFAM 573  Transnationalism, Modernity and Diaspora                                              Kamari Clarke                                                                                        TTh 2.30-3.45

AFAM 647  Black Feminist Theory and Praxis                                                               Jafari Allen                                                                                            W 9.25-11.15

MUSI 925    Recalibrating Ethnographic Radar                                                               Michael  Veal                                                                                         W 9.25-11.15


Spring 2009 (tentative)

REL 746  Vexations: Religion and Politics in the Black Community             Emilie Townes                                      Area 2, Area 5                       T 1.30-3.20

REL 973  Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                         Yolanda Smith                                      Area 4                                    T 1:30-3:50

REL 973  Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing    Kristen Leslie                                       Area 4                                    M 1:30-4:20

REL 813  Travel Seminar: Salvador, BR                                                                            Diana Swancutt/Emilie Townes         Area 5                                    Th 6.30-8

January 15, February 19, March 26, April 23, April 30, and May 7;  Travel: May 9-21

REL 819  African Religion: Theological Inquiry                                                              Lamin Sanneh                                       Area 5                                    W 3.30-5.20

REL 870  Environmental Ethics                                                                                          Willis Jenkins                                       Area 5                                    TTh 1.30-3.00

REL 878  Neighborhood Ethics                                                                                          Harlon Dalton/Willis Jenkins             Area 5                                    W1.30-3.20

AFAM 719  Race, Racisms & Social Theory                                                                   Alondra Nelson                                                                    T 2.30-4.20

AFAM 764  Readings in 19th Century American History 1820-1877          David Blight                                                                                          W 7.00-8.50p

AFAM 814  Race and Ethnicity                                                                                         Khalilah Brown-Dean                                                                          T 1.30-3.20

AFAM 857  Blackspace and Cinema                                                                                Terri Francis                                                              T 7.00-9.00p/W 3.30-5.20

SOCY 610  Race, Gender, and the African American Experience                                 Averil Clarke                                                                                           M 1:30-3.20



Please consult with your advisor about other possible appropriate courses based on your focus.



2008-2009 academic year  (as of 8/27/08)

In partial response to a query from the Student Council, the Curriculum Committee polled the faculty about their course offerings for this year to develop a list of courses that integrate the themes of class, gender, race, and sexuality in the course content.  This is not an exhaustive list and you are encouraged to explore other courses that may do so, but we did not receive this word. 



REL 652    Scripture and Social Ethics                                                              Willis Jenkins/Carolyn Sharp                                             TTh 9:00-10:20                  (C/G/R)

REL 656    Godly Skepticism: Ecclesiastes                                                       Carolyn Sharp                                                                       MW 1:30-3:00                         (G)

REL 661    Genesis & Its Afterlife                                                                     Peter Hawkins/Victoria Hoffer                                           TTh 9:00-10:20                 (G/nationalities/religion)

REL 700    History of Western Christianity 600-1450                                     Bruce Gordon                                                                       MW 8:30-9:20                        (C/G/social history)

REL 737    German Reformation 1517-1555                                       Bruce Gordon                                                                       Th 1:30-3:20                       (G/S/social history)

REL 742    Warrior Chants & Unquiet Spirits                                  Emilie Townes                                                                      T 8:30-10:20                    (C/G/R/S)

REL 744    Seminar: Theological Anthropology                                              David Kelsey                                                                        T 1:30-3:20                                (G/depending on topics R)

REL 779    Bonhoeffer and King                                                                        Willis Jenkins                                                                       MW 3:30-5:00                            (C/G/R/S)

REL 835    Iconography of Christian Art: Visual Christology                       Jaime Lara                                                                              MW 1:30-2:50                                (R/ethnicity/G/C/S)

REL 847    The House of the Lord                                                                     Jaime Lara                                                                              TTh 1:30-3:00                                 (C/R/colonialism)

REL 869    Feminist Pastoral Psychology                                                         Kristen Leslie                                                                        Th 1:30-4:20                            (C/G/R/S)

REL 877    American Indian Religions & Ecology                                           John Grim                                                                              T 2:30-5:20                        (R/G/C)

REL 879    Power, Religion, Gender, & Violence                                              Sallama Shaker                                                                      M 1:30-3:20                        (C/G/R/S)

REL 907    Introduction to Pastoral Care                                                          Jan Holton                                                                             TTh 9:00-10:20                  (some R/G/C/S)

REL 912    Principles & Practices of Preaching                                                Nora Tubbs Tisdale/Tom Troeger                                    TTh 11:30-12:20     (C/G/R/S)

REL 762    Preaching to Whole Congregations through Multiple Ways of Knowing                Yolanda Smith/Tom Troeger                                              Th 1:30-3:20                 (C/G/R/S)

REL 970   Preaching & Pastoral Care                                                              Jan Holton/Nora Tubbs Tisdale                                        W 1:30-3:20                        (R/G/S)

REL 973    Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                       Yolanda Smith                                                                      T 1:30-3:50                        (C/R/some S)

REL 973    Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing     Kristen Leslie                                                    M 1:30-4:20                     (C/G/R/S)


Spring (tentative)

REL 600     Old Testament Interpretation                                                         Carolyn Sharp                                                                       MWF 9:30-10:20                       (C/G/S/some R)

REL 601     New Testament Interpretation                                                        Diana Swancutt                                                                    MWF 9:30-10:20                       (C/G/ethnicity/S/R)

REL 670     Gender in Early Christianity                                                            Diana Swancutt                                                                    TBA                                       (G/S)

REL 734     Reformation Europe                                                                         Bruce Gordon                                                                       TBA                                       (G/social history)

REL 739     Themes in Reformation Historiography                                        Bruce Gordon                                                                       TBA                                       (G/social history)

REL 746     Vexations: Religion & Politics in Black Communities Emilie Townes                                                                      T 1:30-3:20                             (C/G/R/S)

REL XXX  Introduction to Christian Ethics, 2                                 Fred Simmons                                                                       TBA                                       (C/G/R/S)

REL XXX  Medical Ethics                                                                  Fred Simmons                                                                       TBA                                       (C/G/R/S)

REL 813     Travel Seminar: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil                     Diana Swancutt/Emilie Townes                                         Th 6:30-8p                             (C/G/R/S/religion, globalization)

REL 837     Latin American Art and Architecture                                            Jaime Lara                                                                              TBA                                       (R/colonialismG/S/C)

REL 854     The Passion of Christ in Literature and the Visual Arts             Peter Hawkins/Jaime Lara                                   TBA                                       (C/G.R)

REL 870     Environmental Ethics                                                                       Willis Jenkins                                                                       TTh 1:30-3                                (C/G/R)

REL 877     Religion and the Feminization of Poverty                                     Sallama Shaker                                                                      T 2:30-4:30                                (C/G/R/S/ethnicity/globalization)

REL 878     Neighborhood Ethics                                                                       Harlon Dalton/Willis Jenkins                                             W 1:30-3:20                                ( C/G/R/S—to some extent)

REL 907     Introduction to Pastoral Care                                                         Kristen Leslie                                                                        TTh 9-10:20                                (some R/G/C/S)

REL 988     Pastoral Care and Addiction                                                           Jan Holton                                                                             T 1:30-4:20                            (some R/G/C/S)




Fall 2008


REL 742 Warrior Chants and Unquiet Spirits                                                  E. Townes                                             Area 2/Area 5, Ethics          T 8.30-10.20

REL 652 Scripture and Social Ethics                                                                 Carolyn Sharp/Willis Jenkins             Area 1/Area 5                       TTh 9:00-10:20              

REL 656 Godly Skepticism: Ecclesiastes                                                                          Carolyn Sharp                                       Area 1, OT                             MW 1:30-3:00        

REL 661 Genesis & Its Afterlife                                                                                         Peter Hawkins/Victoria Hoffer           Area 1/Area 5                       TTh 9:00-10:20     

REL 700 History of Western Christianity 600-1450                                        Bruce Gordon                                       Area 3                                    MW 8:30-9:20

REL 737 German Reformation 1517-1555                                                                          Bruce Gordon                                       Area 3                                    Th 1:30-3:20          

REL 744 Seminar: Theological Anthropology                                                 David Kelsey                                        Area 2                                    T 1:30-3:20

REL 869 Feminist Pastoral Psychology                                                                            K. Leslie                                 Area 5                                    Th 1.30-4.20

REL 877 American Indian Religions & Ecology                                                              John Grim                                              Area 5/Non-Xn Rel                T 2:30-5:20            

REL 879 Power, Religion, Gender and Violence                                                              S. Shaker                                                Area 5                                    M 1.30-3.20

REL 962 Preaching to Whole Congregations through Multiple Ways of Knowing   Yolanda Smith/Tom Troeger              Area 4                                    Th 1:30-3:20

REL 970 Preaching & Pastoral Care                                                                  Jan Holton/Nora Tubbs Tisdale        Area 4                                    W 1:30-3:20

REL 973 Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                          Yolanda Smith                                      Area 4                                    T 1:30-3:50

REL 973 Pastoral Leadership in Community Based Systems of Healing     Kristen Leslie                                        Area 4                                    M 1:30-4:20


Spring 2009 (tentative)

REL 670 Gender in Early Christianity                                                                                Diana Swancutt                                    Area 1                                    TBA                      

REL 739 Themes in Reformation Historiography                                                            Bruce Gordon                                       Area 3                                    TBA

REL 746 Vexations: Religion & Politics in Black Communities                     Emilie Townes                                      Area 2/Area 5                       T 8:30-10:20              

REL XXX Introduction to Christian Ethics, 2                                                  Fred Simmons                                       Area 2                                    TBA                               

REL XXX Medical Ethics                                                                                   Fred Simmons                                       Area 5                                    TBA

REL 813 Travel Seminar: Salvador da Bahia, Brazil                                         Diana Swancutt/Emilie Townes         Area 5                                    Th 6:30-8p

January 15, February 19, March 26, April 23, April 30, and May 7;  Travel: May 9-21

REL 870 Environmental Ethics                                                                                           Willis Jenkins                                       Area 5                                    TTh 1:30-3

REL 877 Religion and the Feminization of Poverty                                         Sallama Shaker                                      Area 5                                    T 2:30-4:30

REL 878 Neighborhood Ethics                                                                                           Harlon Dalton/Willis Jenkins             Area 5                                    W 1:30-3:20



Please consult with your advisor about other possible appropriate courses based on your focus.


Religion and Ecology or Divinity/Forestry Dual Degrees

For students interested in learning more about the dual degree program with the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, or courses in Religion & Ecology, come find my table at the YDS picnic lunch on Tuesday. I'll give a quick explanation of the possibilities, and you can meet Prof. John Grim, as well as other students in the degree program or taking classes in the area. We will plan to grab a table on the south side of the quad. -- Willis Jenkins, Margaret Farley Assistant Professor of Social Ethics.


Lectures and Events


Kirkridge Retreat Center: Creating a Culture of Peace Training for Trainers

Learn how to offer this spiritually-grounded program and increase your facilitation skills and your ability to use interactive and mutual learning techniques that call upon the experience, knowledge and wisdom of every participant. Taught by Janet Chisholm who  served as executive director and training coordinator at the Fellowship of Reconciliation, is the recent past chair of the national Episcopal Peace Fellowship and sits on the board of the Nevada Desert Experience, a 30 year peace witness at the nuclear test site.  For more information: (610) 588-1793 or

December 3-7, 2008


Pre- & Post-partum Fitness at Payne Whitney Gym

Pregnancy Fitness: Combines yoga based mind-body and special pregnancy exercises, as well as appropriate cardiovascular movement to prepare for labor, ease the discomforts of pregnancy, and facilitate mother's recovery.                  

T/Th noon – 1:00 p.m.       PWG 5th floor

   Postpartum / Mother-Baby Fitness: Appropriate strength and cardio exercises to regain core body strength and ease the transition from pregnant to postpartum self. Style of exercise helps facilitate mother-baby bonding. Get support and tips from other moms, too!

T/Th 1:30 – 2:45 p.m.      PWG 5th floor

Open to Yale and the New Haven community.  Contact the instructor, Ann Cowlin ( or the Payne Whitney Recreation office (203) 432-1431;


Call for Papers: The Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace

The Journal is a peer-reviewed, open-access, academic journal published online to promote rigorous dialogue on the role of religion as both a source of conflict and a resource for peace. Submit articles and essays up to 8000 words, case studies up to 3000 words, and book reviews to The Fall issue deadline is March 1.  The Spring issue deadline is September 1.  For more information, refer to the Journal's website (


Yale University, Office of International Students & Scholars: Orientation for Graduate and Professional Students and Spouses

A wide variety of practical and social orientation activities is offered up through September 10, 2008.  All international students and their partners are invited.



Choral Auditions for Choirs Sponsored by the Institute of Sacred Music

The Institute of Sacred Music invites the Yale community to audition to sing in one or more of its sponsored choirs during the 2008-2009 academic year: Yale Camerata, Yale Schola Cantorum, Yale Repertory and Recital Choruses.  ( Various audition times available September 2-8, 2008.  For more information or to schedule an audition, call

(203) 432-9671.


Ministry Resource Center Workshops:

Ministry Resource Center offers resources for your leadership in congregations and agencies, for your papers, projects, jobs; for your listening and viewing pleasure; for your commute; for your entertainment, and all in various media to meet a variety of learning styles. 

Features for the first week of school include: 

·        Featured Films: Jesus Camp, I Heard the Owl Call My Name, and The Red Balloon

·        WORKSHOP: “Bible Study for Everyone: Bible Study for Everyone: Using Bible dictionaries, translations, and study Bibles”

September 5, 12:30-1:30 PM (or by appointment)

·        WORKSHOP: “Learning Groups to Transform your Congregation:  Resources and How to Invite”

September 10, 12:30-1:30PM (or by appointment)




Needed/Lost and Found:

ISO: Car/Carpool

In search of a car, immediately. Preferably a newer model standard shift. However, if you hear of anyone selling a good car for a commuter student to travel to Yale Divinity School from Hartford area, please contact Treda Collier (


ISO: Serger

I'm looking for someone with a Serger who lives in New Haven and who would
let me come over and use it for 30 minutes or an hour some day. It would
mean the world to me. Email Elizabeth Wilkinson (


For Sale:

Rainbow Floor Lamp

You know you want it...A 5 bulbed floor lamp, each bulb with it's own different colored shade: blue, green, red, orange, and purple. You can aim the shades in all different directions... it is quite versatile! Perfect addition to any apartment or Pride Parade.  Contact Kerith Cannon (



Bellamy Apartment Available

An unfurnished two bedroom apartment has become available in Bellamy Hall, right here on campus. With two people rent is $525 per person, or it is $1,050 for a couple or family renting the entire place for themselves. All utilities and internet are included. Cable television or a telephone would have to be purchased separately. Residency is available to YDS students only. Email (brian.vinci@yale.edu_



Childcare Worker Needed

My name is Kino Vitet an incoming MDIV student. My wife and I are looking for childcare for our 12 month old son. Preferrable from 7:15am to 5pm, Mon. to Fri. (


Part-Time Youth Leader

The United Church of Christ Southbury seeks a Part-Time Youth Leader (20-25 hrs/week) to lead active and growing Jr. and Sr. Pilgrim Fellowship youth groups as well as extended and weekend mission trips.  Responsibilities also include ministering to youth and their families in time of need, maintaining an active presence at church and community youth events, and attending monthly Youth Ministry Committee meetings. Successful candidate will exhibit a faith-based mission purpose and excel in connecting with youth across multiple age groups. Strong knowledge of Youth programming and related resources, and good organizational skills are also required. Submit resume to Search Committee United Church of Christ, Southbury 283 Main St. North Southbury, CT 06488 or email to:


Worship Opportunities


University Church at Yale

All are welcome to worship at the University Church in Yale! 10:30AM, Sundays, Battell Chapel (corner of College & Elm streets).

For more information: ( or call (203) 432-1128.



IMPACT, the English Ministry of New Haven Korean Church, is a diverse group of undergrads, graduate students, and young professionals from Yale and the greater New Haven area who gather for worship on Sundays and Bible study/prayer during the week.
We are seeking to be an authentic, Christ-centered community and our mission
is to bring renewal and hope to our city through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sundays, 9:30AM at 42 Glen Parkway, Hamden CT  06517. A bus leaves from Phelp's Gate at 9:10Am for those who do not have transportation.

Contact Pastor Brent Swanson if you have any questions about our services or need directions you may contact me at the church at (203) 589-4833; (