March 30, 2008


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Academic Information




Final Exam Schedule

Second Semester, 2007-2008



Monday, May 5


9:00 – noon

Rel. 600

O.T. Interpretation (J. Collins)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 600


Latourette S223


Rel. 600


Bushnell S200

2:00 - 4:00

Rel. 601

N.T. Interpretation (Attridge)

Great Hall


Rel. 601


Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 601


Latourette S223


Tuesday, May 6


9:00 – 11:00

Rel. 797

Eucharistic Prayers & Theology (Spinks)

Great Hall

9:00 – noon

Rel. 618

Intermediate Greek: Septuagint (Hultin)

Broholm S202

9:00 – noon

Rel. 726

Systematic Theology (Craigo-Snell)

Niebuhr Hall

2:00 – 3:30

Rel. 795

Anglican Theology/History Great Britain(McDowell)

Bushnell S100

2:00 – 4:00

Rel. 605

Elementary NT Greek (Brand)

Latourette S223

2:00 – 5:00

Rel. 829/

Theology of Plato & Aristotle (Hare)

Niebuhr Hall

2:00 – 5:00

Phil 705

Theology of Plato & Aristotle (Hare)

Niebuhr Hall


Wednesday, May 7


9:00 – 11:00

Rel. 723

Music in Western Christian Tradition (Fassler)

Great Hall

9:00 – 11:00

Rel. 837

Modern Masterpieces in Art/Architecture (Cook)

Latourette S223

2:00 – 5:00

Rel. 759

Biblical Interpretation of Early Church (Martens)

Latourette S223

2:00 – 5:00

Rel. 674

Intermediate Hebrew II (Hoffer)

Bushnell S104


Thursday, May 8


9:00 - noon

Rlst 113/

Religious Ethics & Modern Moral Issues (Outka)



Rel. 713

Religious Ethics & Modern Moral Issues (Outka)


9:00 - noon

Rel. 677

Advanced Biblical Hebrew: Poetry (Baden)

Bushnell S101

2:00 – 3:00

Rel. 739

Religion in American Society since 1870 (Balmer)

Niebuhr Hall


Friday, May 9


9:00 – noon

Rel. 729

Survey of Medieval Latin Lit. (Johnson)

RSV Rm S200

2:00 – 5:00

Rel. 604

Elementary Biblical Hebrew (Hoffer)

Bushnell S100

2:00 – 5:00

Rel. 700/

Reformation Europe: 1450-1700 (C. Eire)


2:00 – 5:00

Hist 215

Reformation Europe: 1450-1700 (C. Eire)











409 Prospect Street

New Haven, Connecticut 06511






TO:                  Students enrolling in Elementary Biblical Hebrew,

                        Elementary N.T. Greek or Ecclesiastical Latin


FROM:            Detra J. Mac Dougall, Registrar, Yale Divinity School


The Elementary Biblical Hebrew, Elementary N.T. Greek and Ecclesiastical Latin courses will be offered May 27 - July 8, 2008.  Junius Johnson, will teach Ecclesiastical Latin.  Elementary Biblical Hebrew and Elementary N.T. Greek (TBA)All three courses will meet Monday through Friday mornings 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Each course is fully comparable in scope and intent with two semesters of language work taken during a regular academic year and earns six hours of credit. 


There is a $300 deposit, which will be credited toward the $2,200 tuition fee for each course, due with the registration form.  Either class may be cancelled if less than four students have enrolled in it by May 9.


Tuition charges for students who drop out of summer language programs:

Before the end of the first week

$300 deposit (06/03)

Before the middle of the course

Half tuition (06/16)

After the middle of the course

Full tuition


This course is graded on the H, H-, HP+, HP, HP-, P, F grading system.  If you want to take this on the Credit/No Credit grading system, a form is available from the Registrar’s Office, which must be signed by the instructor of the course.  This form is due by June 9th  at the latest.


If you drop the course before the middle of the semester (June 18), the course will not appear on your transcript.


TO:                  Detra J. Mac Dougall



Please enroll me in the intensive Elementary Biblical Hebrew ______ , Elementary N.T. Greek ______, or Ecclesiastical Latin ______ course to be offered this summer (2008) at Yale Divinity School.  I am enclosing my $300 deposit.


Student ID #:    ___________________  MDiv. _____   MAR (Gen.)____   (Conc.) _____

Name:              ____________________________________________________________

Address:           ____________________________________________________________


Telephone:        ______________________/email:  _______________________________

Present academic affiliation or occupation (if other than Yale Divinity School)








          Each year the faculty awards three graduate fellowships (the Day, Hooker, and Dwight Fellowships) to those members of the graduating class who have completed at least two years of residency at Yale Divinity School, have acquired such proficiency in theological studies as best to qualify them for doctoral work, and who have been admitted to a doctoral program in this country or elsewhere.  The grants have varied in size from one thousand to thirty-five hundred dollars.

          Applications are available in Dean Wilson’s Office, Seabury first floor, and should be returned to Grace Chao, Room N122, no later than Friday, April 15, 2008.


From the Registrar's Office:  Reminder to students not graduating in May to return the form indicating your plans for next year by tomorrow.  April 7-18 Returning students are expected to meet with their faculty advisers to review how the year has gone and to think about courses for next year. 


Cap and Gown Reminder: This is one more reminder that the deadline to order your cap and gown without incurring a late fee is Sunday, 3/30. Orders placed between 3/31 and 4/11 will be subject to a $10 late fee. No orders will be accepted after 4/11. Ordering information can be found here:


From the Ministry Resource Center: Sustainability resources, Earth Day celebrations, worship leadership with children, working with college students, reviewing Bible or church history, preaching, and everything else that congregations care about are available at the Ministry Resource Center.  Make your commute better by listening to Bible, music, history, theology, sermons.  Make your projects and papers better and save yourself time by starting with practice of ministry resources that can be adapted to all situations.  Ask for input!  For summer jobs, we have the resources.  For interviewing for jobs, we can give you an overview of related resources.  if you are graduating and moving away, you can be a member of the Ministry Resource Center anywhere, and we will ship resources to you after email/phone consultation.  Ask about the membership.  Visit our website:


Lectures and Events



On Tuesday, April 22, Serene Jones will be speaking in the RSV Room at 12:30 about how we as religious leaders can claim our own theological voices.  Professor Jones - soon to be President Jones at Union Theological Seminary - will reflect on how she has developed and maintained her own theological voice, and invite us into conversation about how we might do the same.  Lunch will be served at this event. Please send an email to Bill Goettler ( to indicate that you'd like to attend.

Arrive late, and leave early, as your schedule permits.


Host a Dinner Party for Marriage Equality:  On behalf of the YDS Coalition and Love Makes a Family, we are sending out a final call for hosts for the 4th annual "Eat, Drink, and Be Married!" progressive dinner, happening on Saturday, April 12th.  "Eat, Drink, and Be Married!" is a statewide event, sponsored by Love Makes a Family ( In April, hundreds of hosts all over the state will throw dinner parties in order to raise money and support for marriage equality in CT.  At YDS, EDBM takes the form of a wedding-themed progressive dinner: guests gather at an appetizer reception, travel to the homes of various faculty and students for dinner, and then come back together for dessert and dancing.  Wedding attire is encouraged! Guests purchase tickets for a suggested donation of $30, and 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales go directly to Love Makes a Family.  Last year, YDS hosted the largest EDBM event in CT, with over 75 guests attending ten dinners and raising over $3000 for Love Makes a Family. This year, our goal is one hundred guests, ten parties, and $3200.  We can do it, but not without your help!  Here's how it works:

Interested hosts should contact Scott Larson by March 15th.

Each host determines the size and menu of his/her party.

Hosts may choose to donate the food and/or wine for their parties, or the Coalition can purchase those items. (Last year, for example, parties ranged in size from 4  to 15 guests, all hosts donated food, and about

1/3 of the hosts donated wine.) Once ticket sales are complete, we will assign guests and drivers to each party.

On Saturday, April 12th at 5:30pm, all of our guests will gather for an appetizer reception at Berkeley Center.  At 6:30pm, guests will meet their designated drivers and travel to the homes of our hosts (you!).  After dinner (around 8pm), everyone will gather for desserts and dancing (location TBA).

For more information or to sign up as a host, please contact Scott Larson at This is a fun and important event, and we hope that you will be a part of it!  Sincerely, Scott Larson and Erik Graham-Smith  P.S.: Even if you can not serve as a host, please consider attending a dinner or making a contribution. Mark your calendars now--tickets will go on sale soon, and they sell out quickly!


The Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective Seminar Series presents Professor Patrick Weil, Centre d’histoire sociale du siècle, Universite de Paris.  He will speak on the topic "Dreyfus, Vichy, de Gaulle, Chirac:  Reflections on the French-Jewish Malaise" on Thursday, April 3 at 4:15 in LC 101.  For more information, visit


Dear Div School, The Left Behind offers to you a three-step program for Div School Awesomeness: 1) attend classes and complete assignments; 2) lavishly donate all of your future earnings to YDS; 3) sign up to perform in Div School Idol 2.  If you can sing, tell jokes, dance, juggle, do contortions, levitate, eat 12 pounds of sushi in under three minutes, give witty monologues, do impersonations, play an instrument, or if you have any performance oriented display that might be construed as talent then please email the Left Behind at  With awesomeness, The Left Behind


Camp Workshop: Please note the Yale WorkLife Program is hosting a panel of camp directors on "How To Choose A Summer Camp" on April 3rd. The workshop is free.  This panel discussion led by camp directors will address guiding principles for choosing a summer camp. The presenters will address different types of camps (day, overnight and specialty), questions and quality indicators when looking at camps, understanding the best type of camp for your child and the overall benefits of camp. This is for parents of children ages 5-16 years.  This event will occur on Thursday, April 3rd  7 p.m. at 221 Whitney Avenue, Room LL1 (across the street from the Peabody Museum) To register or for more information go to or call 203-432-8069.


Come hear Professor Mark C. Murphy on "Deviance and Defectiveness in Natural Law Jurisprudence" on Tuesday, April 1st at 4:10 PM in Yale Law School, Room 122.  Refreshments will be provided.  Professor Murphy is the Fr. Joseph T. Durkin, SJ, Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University and author of Natural Law and Practical Rationality and Natural Law in Jurisprudence and Politics. 


The MacMillan Center Initiative on Religion, Politics & Society a Graduate Student Workshop on Monday, March 31.  This talk will be given by Madhavi Devasher who will speak on the topic "Letting the Genie out of the Bottle: The Dynamics of State led Islamization in Pakistan" from 4:00-5:30pm in Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, Rm 202.  Appetizers from 'Judies' are provided.


Do you live in New Haven or YDS?  I asked a 3rd year student a few weeks ago if s/he felt like they were part of the New Haven community.  This student responded with a resounding "No."  If this sentiment echoes your own and you want to change that, but don't know how, then read on.  In spirit of sustaining the energy generated in the All-School   Conference about bridging the divide between YDS and New Haven, half of one of the bulletin boards in the commuter lounge has been designated as the "WE LIVE IN NEW HAVEN!!!" bulletin board.  This is a space on which you can post and discover opportunities to become more closely involved in the New Haven community.  So, whether you're a first year student who would love to play with at-risk kids but don't know where to start, or a third year student about to leave behind your beloved post manning the desk at a runaway shelter and want to tell others about this need you're vacating, this is the board for you.  Also note: there is a small booklet published by Dwight Hall in the pocket at the bottom of the board.  This lists literally 100's of social justice and public service organizations in our area.  It's a great resource if you don't find something you're looking for on the board.  Check it out!


First Year YDS Quiet Day/Retreat: All 1st Year YDS Students are invited to: The Annual 1st Year Quiet Day/Retreat on Saturday, April 5 from 8:30am-1pm at the Berkeley Center, 363 St. Ronan St. (Corner of Canner and St. Ronan streets).  All YDS 1st year students are invited to join their classmates for a morning of retreat in quiet, prayer and reflection before the end of the semester crunch.  In the midst of a busy semester and year, we encourage you to take this opportunity to find some holy space to be with God and refreshment for your spiritual life.  This retreat is to be led by a monastic brother from the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE) in Cambridge, MA - an Anglican men's monastic community.  Attendance is free.  The schedule is as follows:

8:30am - Breakfast (optional)

9am-12pm - Retreat Program

12:30pm - Lunch

A sign up sheet is now outside the Annand Room, or you can e-mail to reserve a spot. 

and sponsored by the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation so we know for how many to plan meals.


Bedford Hills Correctional Facility Visit - Saturday, April 19th: For the past two years, the Yale Committee on Social Justice (YCSJ) has coordinated visits from the YDS community to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility to worship with the inmates and visit with them in the Regional Medical Unit (RMU) of the prison. Debra Slade has coordinated these visits as she has been a volunteer there for several years. This may be of particular interest to you if you are thinking about working in the area of prison ministry or with ex-offenders in the community. Bedford Hills Correctional Facility is the only maximum security prison for women in New York State and is located in Westchester County about one hour and 15 minutes from New Haven.  The visit will take place on Saturday, April 19th, leaving New Haven at 7:00 AM and returning around 3:30 PM. There is also a possibility that you would be able to return sooner depending on whether we are able to stay until 11 am or noon. In the past, students have carpooled together.  Please email Debra Slade your interest in going by April 7th along with your full name, address and telephone number which she will need to obtain the gate clearance. Also, please let her know if you play any musical instrument and whether you would be interested in doing this during the worship service. In order to go, you will need to attend an orientation which will be held on Tuesday April 8th. In order to enter the prison, you will need to present a picture identification-- driver's license or passport.  Please contact Debra if you have any questions at  Thank you.


Yale Divinity School 2008 Sustainability Summit: What does sustainability mean at Yale Divinity School What practical steps can we take to act and minister responsibly?  Come to the Common Room on Tuesday, April 1, noon-1:30, to participate in a conversation around these questions.  Special guests include Julie Newman, director of Yale’s Office of Sustainability; Dean Harold Attridge; Willis Jenkins, the Margaret A. Farley Assistant Professor of Social Ethics; Brian Vinci, director of facilities at YDS; Luke Bassett, a YDS/FES joint degree student; and Linda Shields, assistant manager, Dining Services.  Join the conversation, and bring your ideas with you!  Students, faculty and staff are all welcome.  Held in conjunction with Yale University’s 2008 Sustainability Summit, March 31-April 3


In anticipation of the upcoming conference on Varieties of Secularism in a Secular Age at Yale, we would like to draw your attention to the SSRC blog “The Immanent Frame” on secularism, religion, and the public sphere edited by Jonathan VanAntwerpen. The Immanent Frame features engaging discussions by prominent scholars on Charles Taylor's A Secular Age, Mark Lilla's The Stillborn God, and on themes such as "rethinking secularism," “religion and higher education," "religion and American politics," and "secularism and international relations," among others.  You can read the recent post by Philip Gorski on "Class, Nation, and Covenant" at


The Yale University Departments of Classics and Religious Studies in conjunction with Yale Divinity School are proud to be hosting a lecture by John Scheid from the College de France at the University of Paris.  He will be speaking on “Ritual and the Meaning of Religion” on Tuesday, April 22 at 4:30pm in LC211.



SCLAVI/The Song of an Emigrant plays will occur on in various configurations on Thurs, April 3 at 8PM (Post-show reception) Fri, April 4 at 8PM (Talkback) and Sat, April 5 at 8 PM.  SCLAVI/The Song of an Emigrant follows an anonymous worker's return to his village in Slovakia after attempting to find his fortune in America. The emigrant's effort to fit back into the fabric of his homeland finds him in a virtual no man's land, without rights, a family, or cultural identity. The Latin word sclavi means both Slavs and slaves, and Slavs still remain a cheap labor force in this world. Drawing on folk songs, letters from emigrants, a novel by Karel Capek, and using a unique blend of raw physical action and live music, SCLAVI/The Song of an Emigrant tells a compelling story about the search for one's place in the world.  These are FIC's only three performances in America, so tickets are selling fast!  For more information or to buy tickets, please visit  or call the Box Office at 203.432.1234.







Needed/Lost and Found:


Literary and Visual Artists, you are invited to submit your poems, essays, short stories, digital copies of visual art, etc., for publication in the YDS/ISM literary journal PROSPECT. Deadline for submitting your creative work this year is Monday, April 7. Members of the writing collective Wordsmiths serve as the editorial committee. Please send your submissions--and any questions you may have--to   and to


Ride Needed: Happy Easter!  I need someone to pick me up on April 1 (Tues) at 4:45pm from Bradley Airport. I'm in a bind as I have to be at an important function by 6:30pm.  I will gladly reimburse for gas and on another day be able to share a meal with you.  Please contact me by email at  Thanks and Blessings.  Respectfully, Aris


Storage Needed: Storage for boxes of books and papers needed for the coming year, beginning May 24-31. Will pay something along lines of commercial storage facilities, whatever that is, but am looking for a privately owned residence of sufficient capacity, albeit preferably not adjoining Acme Fireworks Factory, Apex Plutonium Fuel Rods, and so forth.  Thanks, Caelan Reccard (


Desk Chair Needed: If anyone needs to get rid of a desk chair, please take note that I am searching for a free one.  Swirly ones are preferred, but I'm not looking gift desk chairs in the mouth.  Happy Easter, Joshua A. Hill


Battlestar Galactica Needed: In preparation for the soon coming Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Marathon.  We plan to host a Season 1 & 2 viewing opportunity.    I know there are some YDSers who have Season 1&2 on DVD.  Please contact me if you are open to loaning them for a weekend.  For those of you laughing into your reusable mugs of organic fair trade Ethiopian coffee at our plebeian media tastes, please know there are more of us than you think (and we like frozen soy desert too), -Charles H. Vogl (  P.S. -  there is no better television series about robots and theological conflict in space.


Help Needed for Div School Idol: The awesome posters around campus speak to the awesomeness that will be awesome Div School Idol!  However, Div School Idol can only be AWESOME with YOUR HELP!  We need people to help with the following:

1) Ticket sales (Wed, Thurs, Frid - April 16-18) during the lunch time hours

2) Set-up (Friday afternoon - April 18th)

3) Tear Down (Friday evening - 10pm till whenever - April 18th)

4) Stage Light pick-up - we need someone to drive about 1/2 hour each way to pick up the stage lights - and they need to have either an SUV, a Subaru, or a Truck...this is VERY important!! WE DEFINITELY NEED HELP WITH THIS ONE!! - a starbucks gift card and even gas money is available for anyone who volunteers! - THURSDAY AFTERNOON (4/17)

5) Backdrop pick-up - Friday early afternoon - April 18th - drive to Hamden, pick up some fabric and poles - may need a truck/suv/subaru to help us for more info

If you think you can help in any capacity - ESPECIALLY if you have an SUV/TRUCK/SUBARU - please, please, PLEASE email ASAP!!  Also, if you have any extra amazing talent you haven't had the guts yet to reveal to us, please email Matt ( and sign up to perform!  THANKS AGAIN, only with your help can Div School Idol show its true AWESOMENESS!!  THANKS! Christy Groves, Left Behind Co-Leader


For Sale:


Yes, it's official, the Richard Smith Spring Book Sale has started!  Catch these deals now, while they're still available:

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way, an autobiography by the late Pope John Paul II - $5

Holy, Holy, Holy: Worshipping the Trinitarian God, by Christopher Cocksworth - $20

The Book of Jerry Falwell: Fundamentalist Language and Politics, by Susan Friend Harding - $10

Evangelical Christian Women: War Stories in the Gender Battles, by Julie Ingersoll - $20

Discovering an Evangelical Heritage, by Donald W Dayton - $5

Thy Kingdom Come: How the Religious Right Distorts the Faith and Threatens America, by our very own Randall Balmer - $15

Heaven Below: Early Pentecostals and American Culture, by Grant Wacker - $15

Liturgy: SCM Studyguide, by Stephen Burns - $15

The New Testament in Modern English, by J B Phillips - $5

Four Prophets, by J B Phillips - $5

The All-Night Vigil of the Russian Orthodox Church (Service-book in English for

laypeople) - $15

God and Man, by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom - $10

In the End, God... by J A T Robinson - $25 (this is an old and collectible edition of the book)

A History of the Episcopal Church, by Robert Prichard - $15

The Dead Sea Scriptures, translated by Theodor Gaster - $5

Theology: The Basics, by Alister McGrath - $15

Women and the Priesthood, edited by Thomas Hopko - $10 (a collection of essays on Orthodox attitudes to female priests, reflecting a range of views)

Psychology and Religion: The Terry Lectures, by Carl Jung - $25 (another old edition, this one in near-mint condition)

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Dogmatically, Liturgically and Ascetically Explained, by Dr Nicholas Gihr - $30

Please drop me a line if you're interested in any of these - look forward to hearing from you!  Richard


Car for Sale: 99 Honda Civic DX 4dr, Sedan Automatic, 159k miles $4,000.  Just repaired, new head gasket.  White, looks new inside and out.  After Market Radio with CD player.  Tinted windows, window guards, car 'bra' (all easily removable if desired).  Bluebook: $4,480, sell for $4,000 or best offer. I also have 14 good pictures of the car.  It's currently at my mechanic's house on Townsend Ave. on the way to lighthouse point.  E-mail for more information.




Apartment Available: June 1st room available in beautiful, spacious, East Rock, 3-bedroom apt.  Located down the street at corner of Canner and Orange (103 Canner).   Sunny, hardwood floors, fully furnished, kitchen, living room, full bath, 1st-floor apt..   Each bedroom is spacious, good-sized closets.  Free washer dryer in basement, plenty storage space.  On-street parking.  Must provide own bedroom furnishings.  We are female, one Yale Nursing Student, one YDS alum, looking for someone clean, quiet (no parties please), responsible.  No smoking, no pets, first month's rent and deposit (of an additional month's rent) due up front.  Rent is $625 (does not include utilities, though these are cheap, split3 ways, totaling about $70 a month, including internet)  Contact:


Single Family House for Rent on Guilford Shore: Bedroom; Sleeping/Sun Room;  2 Bathrooms; new Kitchen; Dining Room/Study; Living Room;  lst & 2nd level Decks; all new low E windows with many facing the sea; community beach; partially furnished in quiet, seaside community.  Available fall 2008.  $1,050.00 / month + utilities September-May or year round.  Maximum 3 persons; security deposit; references; credit report;  no smoking; additional charge for pet (small cat or dog)Equal Housing OpportunityContact owners: Clyde/Betsy Work or Bill and Charlotte Kennedy at

Sublet/Year-Long Apartment Available: Big room available in 3br on Mansfield St. from May 15-Aug 15 with option to renew for full year.  $875 including utilities, 7 min walk from YDS.  Can be furnished or unfurnished for the summer; two walk-in closets, built-in bookshelves.  Big back yard, off-street parking, cool & bright inside friendly landlords live close by easy access to downtown.  Email  with questions.


Sublet Available: Summer sublet available at 182 Mansfield St., a five minute walk from YDS.  Large room in a house with great view and large balcony, new furnishings and AC.  $400 per month, utilities included.  Available June, July, and August.  Contact Mark Anderson (




I have worked with Divinity School students in the past through the Arts and Ideas Festival. Now, I am wondering if you might be interested in working a registration table for the conference Photographic Proofs ( on April 4-5. We are looking for someone extremely competent who can handle multiple tasks (and can handle being a little bored in the downtime). The pay is $12/hour plus Friday dinner and all meals on Saturday (as part of the conference).  Best, Alice, Co-organizer, Photographic Proofs (



Worship Opportunities



The University Church welcomes you to worship!  Here are some opportunities for this week:
Evening Prayer - Wednesdays
during the academic term: 9:15 pm - Informal ecumenical Evening Prayer in Dwight Chapel (on Old Campus, near High Street gate).  All are welcome. Refreshments served.

Sunday, April 6,  10:30 a.m. in Battell Chapel. An ecumenical service of Word and Table, with The Rev. Martha Highsmith, Pastor of the University Church and Deputy Secretary of the University, preaching.

This Week In Marquand:

Monday, March 31: Word and Worship: Graduating Student Patrick Ward preaching.

   **EASTER REJOICING**  7PM - Gather at the front gate for the procession at 6:45pm with Michael Mills and his World Drumming Ensemble.
Tuesday, April 1
:  Holy Laughter, Holy Play led by the Chapel Team.

Wednesday, April 2: Sung Morning Prayer - Songs of the Americas with homily by graduating senior Whitney Rice.

Thursday, April 3: Commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the week of the 40th anniversary of his assassination, with Prof. Cheryl Townsend Gilkes, MacArthur Professor of African-American Studies and Sociology at Colby College

Friday, April 4: Ecumenical Community Eucharist, led by Rev. Leon and Kay Linquist, members of the Marquand worshipping community.