March 2, 2008


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Academic Information





          Each year the faculty awards three graduate fellowships (the Day, Hooker, and Dwight Fellowships) to those members of the graduating class who have completed at least two years of residency at Yale Divinity School, have acquired such proficiency in theological studies as best to qualify them for doctoral work, and who have been admitted to a doctoral program in this country or elsewhere.  The grants have varied in size from one thousand to thirty-five hundred dollars.

          Applications are available in Dean Wilson’s Office, Seabury first floor, and should be returned to Grace Chao, Room N122, no later than Friday, April 15, 2008.

2008-9 Fellowships for Yale Graduate and Professional Students: Final deadline is March 20, 2008.  The Beinecke Library offers, on a competitive basis, Research Fellowships to Yale Graduate and Professional School students who wish to use Beinecke collections as a primary resource for their dissertations or culminating projects.  The Beinecke offers up to six Pre-Prospectus Summer Fellowships to enable Yale Graduate students to determine how Beinecke collections may serve their research needs as they prepare and hone their prospectuses.  The Beinecke also offers up to two Academic Year Research Fellowships to support Yale graduate students whose dissertations involve materials from the Beinecke collections. The purpose of the fellowships is to provide Yale doctoral students the opportunity for uninterrupted dissertation research during the academic year at a time optimal for their academic progress.  Only students whose research requires extensive use of Beinecke materials will be considered for these awards. Recipients must be regular readers at the Beinecke during their fellowships. Recipients may not hold other fellowships or teaching positions in conjunction with Beinecke fellowships.  For information on applying for fellowships, please go to or email


Senior Class Officers (Class of 2008): Dear Senior Class, Congratulations, Class of 2008!  Amazingly, gratefully, and with mixed emotions, we are less than three months away from Commencement Weekend and the joyous completion of your degree programs.  I know there is much to be done between now and then academically, professionally, and personally, so please know of my prayers and good wishes for you all.  I look forward to sharing Commencement with you on May 25th and 26th, as you are graduated  from the Divinity School and Yale University.  Each graduating class selects a group of officers to serve several immediate functions and one future function.  It is time to select those officers.  The three officers are President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  The immediate functions are four:  1)  leading the class to select a preacher for Commencement Worship, and both a preacher and a celebrant for Commencement  Communion,  2)  helping to plan the Commencement Worship and  Commencement Communion services,  3)  supporting the Class Agents  (appointed by the Office of Alumni Affairs) in their work on behalf  of class gifts to the Divinity School, and  4)  providing  leadership during the Commencement ceremonies themselves.  The future function is one:  facilitating communication and reunion  planning among class members as a distinct alumnae/i group of the  school in the years after graduation (under the leadership of the  office of Alumni Affairs).  Nominations for class officers may be submitted to me over the next ten days.  The deadline for nominations is the end of the day (midnight) on Monday, March 3rd.  Please have the agreement of the person you are nominating before submitting their name.  Nominations should be sent to me via email at  I will acknowledge each nomination with a message of reply, so please verify that I received your nomination.  If an election is required to choose officers from  among a group of nominees, the election will be held over the two  days of March 5th and 6th.  Please note that all class members are included in this email message, including those who completed their work in December.  Many thanks to you all.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  In the meantime, Godspeed and abundant mercies for you and all that fills your lives in these days of completion and transition.  With much love and gratitude for you all.  Peace, Dale Peterson, Dean of Students


From the Ministry Resource Center: Resources on urban ministry, youth ministry in urban settings, housing, poverty, immigration, housing, climate change, eco-justice, Holy Week are waiting for you in the Ministry Resource Center.  You are also invited to these upcoming workshops:

Tuesday, March 4, 10-11 a.m.: Year-Round Stewardship

Tuesday, March 4, 11:30-12:30 p.m.: Church Buildings as Hospitable Space—every day and night—Spaces for Transformation!

Tuesday, March 25, 10-11 a.m.:  Welcoming First-Time Guests

Tuesday, March 25, 11:30-12:30 p.m.: Easy, High-Quality, Lay-Led Adult Education



Lectures and Events



Ethics Search Committee Lectures: On behalf of Professor Outka and the Ethics Search Committee, you are invited to attend the following lectures given by the candidates for the junior faculty position in Ethics at Yale Divinity School. 
Monday, March 3


Doctoral candidate in Religious Ethics at Yale University

Title:  To be announced

Lecture 5:30 pm, Niebuhr, N 123

Reception       6:30 pm, Sarah Smith Gallery

Tuesday, March 4


Doctoral candidate in Religion at Princeton University

Title:  To be announced

Lecture 12:30 pm, Latourette, S 223

Wednesday, March 5


Ph.D. graduate in Religion and Society from Princeton Seminary Assistant Professor of Religion and of African and African American Studies at Earlham College

Title:  To be announced

Lecture 12:30 pm, Niebuhr, N 123


Liturgical Dance Workshop: To the Communities of YDS, ISM and Berkeley: Come out this Monday, March 3rd for our third workshop on liturgical dance.   The workshop construct follows the same pattern, each workshop will be offered twice in the same day for those whose schedules are almost full or who commute to Yale on a daily basis. The first workshop will take place during lunchtime from 12:30 – 1:15 and the second will take place during the evening time from 5:30 – 6:30.  Those who have taken advantage of these workshops have found this schedule extremely accommodating.  If you have a dance background that is wonderful, but for those who do not it is not necessary to have one.  The most important element that is needed is the desire to learn to worship God with your entire body.  The entire YDS community (students, faculty, men and women) are welcomed to take part.  Please wear comfortable clothing and come with a dancing heart, YOU MAY JUST LOVE IT.  For this Monday ONLY there will be a change for the 12:30 workshop, which will take place in the RSV room. The 5:30 – 6:30 workshop will take place in our beautiful Marquand Chapel.    If you have any questions please contact Kathleen S. Turner at  Come on out and experience a closer, more intimate time of expressing your love for God through liturgical dance.  


All School Conference This Week: Hello YDS!  We are very excited to remind you that All School Conference begins Monday, March 3.  This year's conference is entitled "Yale and New Haven: Living Together", and will explore the intersections between the academy and the community, with a particular focus on urban ministry.  Please join us for panels, workshops, documentaries, and free food! A schedule is at the bottom of this email--there were also schedules placed in your mailboxes and there are many more outside Dale's office.  Please feel free to invite friends, families, pastors, and church members.  We realize that this is a very busy week with midterms and other obligations, but even if you can only come to one or two events we would love to see you!  A few events to highlight:

Monday March 3--Workshop on Urban Youth ministry with Rev. Tony Lee (lunch provided by Bulldog Burrito)--12:30 - 2:30 in Niebuhr

Tuesday March 4 -- Talk with Robert Smuts, Chief Administrative Officer of the City of New Haven about the intersections between the city, the academy, and the congregation (reception to follow) 2:00- 3:30 in the Common Room

Wednesday March 5 -- Revolution '67! Join us for the new P.O.V. documentary's third national screening, along with a talk by the director and filmmakers about the race riots of the late 1960's and their contemporary effects on cities like New Haven (dinner provided by Thai Taste).

We hope to see you there!! Also, if you would like to volunteer to help with small jobs (and would like some extra points in heaven), please email or  We are so excited for this week to begin! (And please check out the full schedule below).  Peace, Carrie and Brandon

Monday, March 3

10:30-11:00: ASC Chapel, Rev. Tony Lee preaching

12:30-2:30: Workshop: Strategies for Urban and Youth Ministry: Appealing to the Next Generation Church (Rev. Tony Lee), Common Room (Lunch provided by Bulldog Burrito)

4:00-5:00: Panel: Immigration and the Congregation (Common Room) 6:00 - 7:00--Panel: Organized Labor at Yale (Latourette)

7:30-9:30: V-Day Performance: A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer (Common Room)


Tuesday, March 4

10:30-11:00: Chapel

2:00-3:30: Talk with Robert Smuts, Chief Administrative Officer, City of New Haven (Common Room, reception to follow)

4:00-6:00: Documentary: The Connecticut Plan for Global Climate Change (Forestry School--380 Edwards St) (Pizza will be served)

7:00-9:00: Reading: For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf (Common Room)


Wednesday, March 5

10:30-11:00: Chapel, Sung Morning Prayer

12:30-1:30: Discussion: Housing in New Haven and Beyond (Common Room)

3:00-5:00--Panel: Challenges to Women's Healthcare in an Urban Environment (Common Room)

6:00-9:30: Documentary: Revolution '67, discussion with filmmakers and community organizers to follow (Niebuhr, dinner provided by Thai Taste)


Thursday, March 6

10:30-11:00: Chapel, Diana Carroll preaching 12:30 - 1:30--Roundtable discussion: New Haven, Crime, and Safety (Common Room, pizza provided)

1:30-4:00: Park cleanup (drop-in--more information to follow), hot chocolate and cookies in the Common Room

4:00-6:00: Documentary: For the Bible Tells Me So (Niebuhr)

6:00-8:00: Lenten Community Dinner (Common Room)


Friday, March 7

10:30-11:15: Chapel, Eucharist, Rev. Shelly Stackhouse (Redeemer UCC) preaching and presiding 12:30-1:30: Discussion: Where do we go from here? (Common Room)


Exciting Addition to All School Conference:   Robert Smuts, the Chief Administrative Officer of the City of New Haven (and a Yale graduate) will be speaking at YDS on Tuesday, March 4 from 2:00 - 3:30 in the Common Room.  Mr. Smuts will be talking about the connections between Yale, New Haven, and religious institutions, and will be available for questions after the talk.  Please join us for a reception afterwards.  We look forward to seeing you there!  Peace, Carrie and Brandon  (For more All School Conference events, see our schedule at


Student Input Needed for Ethics Search: The ethics faculty search committee is moving closer to its final deliberations, and it is important for student concerns to be voiced.  As the student representative on the search committee, it is my task to gather your comments and report them to the committee.  This email is to notify you of the multifarious venues by which you might choose to do so.  Mailbox: YDS Box 241, Email:


Bible Study at First Baptist Church: All are invited to Bible Study at First Baptist Church of New Haven on Sundays, through March 16th, from 9am to 10:15am.  Dr. Abraham Malherbe will lead a study on "Windows on the Early Church: A Study in Acts."  Dr. Malherbe is the Buckingham Professor Emeritus of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation and former Academic Dean of Yale Divinity School.  First Baptist Church is located at 205 Edwards Street, at the corner of Edwards and Livingston Streets.  For more information, contact the church office at 562-0069.  All are welcome!


EMS Rescheduled: The meeting of the Northeast Region of the Evangelical Missiological Society has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 15. Please mark your calendars and watch for updated information to be circulated next week.  Blessings, Dwight Baker

Medical School Lecture: You are cordially invited to a lecture to be delivered by Thomas P. Duffy, MD, Director of the Program for Humanities in Medicine, Professor of Medicine at Yale University, on Thursday, March 6, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. in the Historical Library on 333 Cedar Street.  The lecture is entitled: “Reflections on Portraits of an Illness.”  An exhibit, Portraits of an Illness, will be on display in the Yale Medical Library during the month of March. The exhibit consists of a series of self-portraits created by Aaron Donner, an artist and furniture designer, as he underwent chemotherapy for treatment of acute leukemia. Dr. Thomas Duffy will discuss the uniqueness of this body of work and the opportunity it offers to explore how art, the arts and humanities enrich our understanding of illness and suffering.  We hope you are able to attend and please bring your friends and colleagues.  Please post this announcement.  Thank you ever so much.


Franke Lecture Speakers: Renowned Religious Scholar to Speak at Whitney Humanities Center:  Rémi Brague, a leading authority on the Abrahamic religions, will deliver two distinct lectures this month at the Whitney Humanities Center. The first, “God and the Humanities,” is scheduled for Tuesday, March 4, at 4:30 p.m. and continues the 2007–2008 Humanities Program Lecture Series. The second, “Church and State—Ever Separate?” forms part of the 2008 Franke Lectures on Religion and Law in Historical Perspective and will occur Wednesday, March 5, at 5 p.m. Both talks will be held in Room 208 and are free and open to the public.  For information contact Manana Sikic-phone 203 432-0673 or e-mail


The Other in Second Temple Judaism: A Conference in Honor of John J. Collins: On Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5, 2008 in The Cole Assembly Room,  Converse Hall Amherst College, Amherst, MA  01002A native of Ireland, Professor Collins is the Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation at Yale Divinity School.  He has published widely on the subjects of apocalypticism, wisdom, Hellenistic Judaism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  His books include The Scepter and the Star: The Messiahs of Apocalypticism in the Dead Sea Scrolls; Jewish Wisdom in the Hellenistic Age; The Apocalyptic Imagination.  He is co-editor of the three-volume Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism and has participated in the editing of the Dead Sea Scrolls. He is editor of a monograph series for Brill titled Journal for the Study of Judaism Supplements and of the journal Dead Sea Discoveries, and has served as editor of the Journal of Biblical Literature and as president of both the Catholic Biblical Association and the Society of Biblical Literature.  Free and Open to the Public.  For directions, lodging, and registration for lunch/dinner on April 5th, please see our website at


Relay For Life Assistance Needed: Dear Fellow Members of the Yale Divinity School, My name is Kelly Faltus and I am currently a candidate for the MAR in Ethics.  My day job, however, is working as an oncology nurse at the Hospital of St. Raphael.  I am writing to invite you to sign-up for this year's Yale Relay for Life, an exciting event that raises invaluable funding for research, resources and support for individuals, such as the patients I work with daily.  I will be serving as a captain for a Divinity School Team- TEAM Divi-licious!  This is my third year serving as a captain for a team and last year, our team for the Graduate and Professional Student Senate won the Relay Spirit Award- so I can promise you a fun filled event!  Read on for more information as to how you can get involved, either as a team member or a donor!  First, the event details:  Who: Anyone!!!  Faculty, staff, students, family members, children, adults- come one, come all!  Date: Saturday April 12th 4pm --> Sunday, April 13th 8am; Place: Yale Lanman CenterRequirements: To become a team member you can sign-up using the link below.  You will then be required to fundraise (a preferred minimum of $100 + a $10 sign-up fee); as for participating in the event, we will walk in shifts that are most convenient for your schedules (therefore, you don't have to be there for the entire 16 hours, but there are so many exciting things going on- you'll probably want to be!)  To donate: for those of you who would rather make a donation, you can do so by searching for our team via the link below and making a donation to one of our participants.  Give us some time to get people on board and subsequent e-mails will follow.  For those of you who have further questions, please e-mail me and if there is enough interest I'll hold an informational session next week.    We'll then plan for a team meeting following spring break.  I'm glad to help you with fundraising ideas and answer any questions!!  Finally, for any members of our community who are cancer survivors or no someone who is, there is a lovely program for survivors built into the event that I encourage you to participate in.  Please see the website link below or contact me with questions.  We had a Div School survivor on our team last year and she had a very moving experience and was a tremendous inspiration for our team!  Websites: To sign-up for our team TEAM DIVI-LICIOUS!






Needed/Lost and Found:


Humanitarian Financial Assistance Needed: Dear Divinity School Community, The extended family of a member of our community is in need of humanitarian financial assistance.  The circumstances are unusual and the situation crosses international barriers.  If you would like to offer financial assistance in this matter, you may do so through the Church of the Holy Spirit, Episcopal, in West Haven, which is receiving and dispersing funds on behalf of this family in need.  The pastor of the church is The Reverend Dexter Cheney, the office phone number is 203-934-3437, and the church's mailing address is 28 Church Street, West Haven, CT 06516.  If you would like to know more about the situation, I invite you to contact me directly by email at or by phone at 432-5310; in either case the communication will be private and confidential.  I recognize the uniqueness of this general appeal, but the situation is one of immediate need and it may be that you would like to assist in meeting this need.  Thank you.  Yours truly, Dale Peterson, Dean of Students


For Sale:


Printer Cartridge for sale (and frenzied rant!): Black ink toner, #28 (for use with most LM inkjet printers) cost me $20, costs you $10.  Presidential candidates are talking about side-issues like healthcare, foreign policy, and energy policy, simply in order to distract us from the real issue of our era: trust-busting!  I got the wrong cartridge for my printer because Circuit City and Lexmark made a deal whereby they give you a free LM printer when you buy a computer at CC, but they don't mention that these printers have specialized cartridges only on sale in CC stores.  I should have seen it coming.  As Michael Franti says, "never ever ever make a deal with the devil."  Still, have we heard a word about this insane printer-cartridge-monopoly scandal from the mouths of our would-be presidents?  Nay, not one.  Mr. Obama, Ms.Clinton, and Mr. Nader, your move.  –John Helmstadter (


Car for Sale: 99 Honda Civic DX 4dr Sedan Automatic, 159k miles $4,000.  Just repaired, new head gasket and cold air intake.  White, looks new inside and out.  After Market Radio with CD player.  Tinted windows, window guards, car ‘bra’ (all easily removable if desired).  Bluebook: $4,480, sell for $4,000 or best offer. I also have 14 good pictures of the car.  It’s currently at my mechanic’s house on Townsend Ave. on the way to lighthouse


Employment/Internship Opportunity:


Coalition Intern Position Opening: We are accepting applications for the Coalition Intern position for 2008-2009.  This position is part of the Supervised Ministry Program and is taken for credit.  The LGBTQ Coalition Intern is responsible for coordinating events and programs at YDS that aim to strengthen the LGBTQ and Allied community and promote the full and equal participation of LGBTQ people at Yale and in society. The duties of the intern include, but are not limited to the following: 

Those interested in applying should email Patrick Evans and Emilie Townes by March 7, 2008.  We will then set up a time to interview you.  We hope to have the interviews complete by mid April to allow for some transition time from this year to next.


Keyboardist Position Available: If you play organ or piano, and want to make money, read on!  (Read and forward on also if you know someone else for whom this is the case.)  Emanual Lutheran Church in New Haven (on Humphrey) is seeking an organist or piano player to play the Sunday morning 10:00 AM service, throughout the year.  The Sunday commitment would be from 9:30 to 11:15AM.  In addition, there are several special services such as Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday.  The Easter service is at 10:00 AM.  The person would be expected to select hymns with the assistance of the Pastor and the worship committee.  We are offering a weekly salary which falls in the range between $100and $150 per week, depending on experience and ability. Please contact either Rev.Harvey Weitzel at or at the church (203-562-2965) or Mr. Nick Confancesco, the council president at (203-777-8669).  (Even if you have interest in something short-term, just filling in for a while, feel free to contact the above.)


Ministry Resource Center Position: Applications and job descriptions for Resource Assistant in the Ministry Resource Center are available by contacting Director, Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt,, to indicate your interest in knowing more and applying for positions in the Fall, 2008.  The Center is staffed 10-3 Monday-Friday.  This is a great opportunity for learning more about resources while helping students and congregations with their resourcing needs.  Express your interest right away!


BTFO Coordinators 2008: Dear All, The planning and leading of Before the Fall Orientation (BTFO) for new students is served by two student Coordinators, selected at this time of the year for service during the summer months.  The Coordinators serve the Divinity School and the entering class of new students as organizers of the entire BTFO program, scheduled this year for August 26th to 29th.  The work of BTFO Coordinator is a paid position, offering $3,500 in total income for the entire project.  The hours are flexible and the schedule is variable over the course of the project, but the two Coordinators should anticipate the following workload: some work now (during the Spring 2008 semester) before the summer break begins; work on campus throughout the summer (mostly part-time but some full-time, with time for vacations); work throughout the BTFO program itself (August 26-29, 2008); and some work wrapping-up loose ends after the new semester (Fall 2008) begins.  If you are interested in serving as a BTFO Coordinator for 2008, please indicate your interest to me by the end of the day (midnight) on Monday, March 3rd (a week from today).  A simple email message will suffice for indicating your interest.  I will acknowledge your message with a reply, so please verify that your message was received by checking for my reply.  For more information about the work of the Coordinators, please feel free to contact BTFO 2007 Coordinators Nichole Flores ( and Patrick Ward (, or me.  Many thanks, Dale Peterson, Dean of Students


CLC Coordinators 2008-2009: Dear All, The Community Life Committee (CLC) is served by two student coordinators, selected at this time each year for service the following year.  The Coordinators are responsible for leading the work of the CLC committee of faculty, students, and staff; for overseeing the budgets and activities of CLC member groups; and for organizing a few key events of the school calendar:  the  Advent/Christmas Party, the All-School Conference, and the Spring  Fling dance.  In addition, the Coordinators develop programs to meet needs and interests of the community in any given year;  in  recent years, for example, the CLC Coordinators have sponsored the  Faculty Spirituality series.  The Coordinators work closely with the leadership of the Student Council and serve on the Student Council's Executive Committee.   The Coordinators work fifteen (15) hours per week throughout the academic year and are paid work-study wages.  If you are interested in serving as a CLC Coordinator for 2008-2009, please indicate your interest to me by the end of the  day (midnight) on Wednesday, March 5th (ten days from today).  An email message to me will suffice for indicating your interest.  I will acknowledge each email with a reply, so please verify that I received your indication of interest.  After hearing from you, I  will explain the rest of the application and interview process for  selecting next year's CLC Coordinators.  If you are interested in receiving more information about the work of the Coordinators, please feel free to contact the current CLC Coordinators Carrie Levy ( and Brandon Johnson (, or me.  Many thanks.  Yours truly, Dale Peterson, Dean of Students


Catsitter Needed for Spring Break: How would you like to take care of two beautiful cats for 8 days during spring break and make some MOOLA, aka CASH, aka DOUGH, etc etc.!!  I live over in Hamden and need a cat sitter for 8 days (March 13-20).  Little box cleaning is a minimum (only once or twice), and daily feeding, playing, and petting.  PLUS, I have an HDTV with DVD and VHS player, cable TV, and a pretty comfy couch.  If you are interested in helping out a fellow Div Student as I go home to Seattle to do some last minute wedding planning and a bachelorette party, please let me know ASAP!!  Thanks, Christy Groves (



Worship Opportunities


The University Church welcomes you to the following worship service:
Wednesday, March 5th: 9:15 pm - Informal ecumenical Evening Prayer in Dwight Chapel (on Old Campus, near High Street gate). All are welcome. Refreshments served.

This Week in Marquand:

Monday: A Service for the beginning of All-School Conference with Rev. Tony Lee from Community of Hope African Methodist Episcopal Church, Ft. Washington, Maryland.

Tuesday: Songs and Prayers from Taizé.

Wednesday: Sung Morning Prayer drawing on African-American traditions, with a reading by Prof. Emilie Townes, and the Total Praise Ensemble.

Thursday: Word and Worship: Graduating student, Diana Carroll preaching

Friday: Eucharist with Rev. Shelly Stackhouse, Lecturer in Supervised Ministries and Pastor of Redeemer UCC, preaching and presiding.


10:30am.  All are Welcome!!!