September 22, 2007


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Academic Information



Reorder textbooks are arriving at the bookstore…Is yours there?  A number of people have stopped by and inquired about textbooks which sold out and were placed on reorder.  These are slowly but surely coming back in stock.  Here's a brief list of books which we received this afternoon and will be available for sale starting Tuesday morning:

REL 726 (Systematic Theology): Free of Charge (this was mistakenly omitted from the original book order for this course, so come get it!)

REL 748 (Liberation Theology): Human Liberation in a Feminist Perspective (8 copies available), God of the Oppressed (10 copies), Justice and Only Justice (8 copies)

REL 768 (Environmental Theologies): Earth, Community, Ethics, (5 copies), Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor (5 copies)

REL 798 (Anglican Theology/History): Transformation of Anglicanism (5 copies)

REL 909 (Pastoral Care and Depression): Night Falls Fast (this came in earlier today; we've got 3 copies left!), Willow Weep For Me (7 copies)

See you all at the bookstore!


Announcing the Bosnia Travel Seminar: A Pastoral Theology of Genocide, War, and Rape: Spring 2008, May 11-21. Enrollment deadline October 30, 2007.  An information meeting for all who are interested will be held on Monday September 24, 2007 at 6:30 PM in Niebuhr Hall.  All are welcome to come hear more and ask questions.  This course examines the role of religious communities (Protestant, Catholic, and Muslim) in both the perpetration and healing from war, more specifically genocide. We will engage topics of mass rape and cultural destruction as fundamental strategies of genocide. Students will then explore the role of these religious communities from a pastoral theological perspective.  Students in this course will engage the topic academically through preparatory reading during the spring semester. The class will then travel to Bosnia to meet with individual survivors of the war, religious leaders, and academic professionals in Sarajevo, Srebrenica, and Mostar. We will conclude the trip in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Instructors: Profs. Jan Holton and Kristen Leslie


From the Ministry Resource Center: Videos/DVDs on African American History and Music might prepare you for involvement in topics related to the Middle Passage.  Check them out!  Food Day, All Saints Day, Ecology, Death Penalty, and many more upcoming special observances have resources here.  We also have drama resources: simple, complicated, musicals….Do you need wings?  We have them.  Also, come by to consult with us on your supervised ministry responsibilities, papers and projects.  Let us know your topics and we will assist you!


Lectures and Events



Calling all lovers of literature!  Join us in the Bookstore on Thursday, October 4th, for the Yale Literature and Spirituality series, when our guest will be the poet Scott Cairns.  Cairns, professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at the University of Missouri, is the author of six collections of poetry, including /Compass of Affection/ (published in 2006) and several works of non-fiction. His work has been frequently anthologized, and has appeared in Christian Century, The New Republic, Image, Spiritus, The Atlantic Monthly, and elsewhere. He is the co-editor of The Sacred Place, an anthology of prose and verse celebrating the intersections of landscape and ideas of the holy. His personal spiritual journey, chronicled in the recently published memoir Short Trip to the Edge, has taken him from the Baptist church of his youth to the Orthodox church of his middle years.  Professor Cairns will meet for a time of informal conversation with students from 3:00-4:00p.m. on October 4th in the Jonathan Edwards Dining Room.  Following that session, all are invited to a Public Reading at 4:15 in the Bookstore Rotunda. The Reading will be followed by a book signing and Reception (Sarah Smith Gallery).  Books are available for purchase in the Bookstore.  The Yale Literature and Spirituality Series is a joint project of the Institute of Sacred Music and the Student Book Supply.  Any questions, or for more information, please call 432-6101.  All are welcome!


Second Career Student Meeting: You might be a 2nd career student if: 1. You realize that all of the work you did in your previous life is useless in interpreting Bart and Rahner; 2. You can sing the Brady Bunch song from beginning to end; 3. The description baby boomer or greatest generation applies to you; 4. The last paper you typed with footnotes before div school was on a type writer and involved a card catalog; 5. Friends oscillate between incredulity and admiration at this path you are now on; 6. You can relate to Kathy Bates in "Fried Green Tomatoes" when she says to some young women before she smashes into their car, “I'm older and I'm better insured,” 7. You find yourself referring to "your other life.”  If any or all of these things apply to you then we have a group for you.  Come to the Commuter Lounge on Tuesday, September 25 or Wednesday, September 26 from 12:30 to 1:30 and we will come up with a time, a place and topics for future meetings.  See you there, Debbie McLeod Sears


The LGBTQA Coalition and Presbyterian & Reformed Seminarians invite the YDS community to a conversation with Michael Adee, National Field Organizer for More Light Presbyterians, a group working for the full inclusion of LGBTQ folk in the life and leadership of the church, on Friday, September 28, 12:30-1:30 PM (location TBA).  Lunch will be provided.  This is the first in a series of discussions the Coalition hopes to have regarding inclusion issues facing all our denominations.  For more information email (co-leader Pres/Ref) or (co-leader Coalition).


Buy a School Ring: Want to commemorate your time at YDS with something permanent and stylish? Not interested in getting a tattoo for that purpose?  A representative from the Jostens Ring company will be in the Common Room on Wednesday, 9/26, from 11-3, getting sizes and taking orders.  Stop by and say hi if you're interested.


Progressive Church: Are you looking to join (or inquire about) a progressive UCC/Congregational Church? Do you love high quality music? Do you want your kids to get an interactive, Bible/Lectionary based Christian Education? Do you love coffee, bagels and a plethora of treats after worship? Do you long to hear awe inspiring sermons preached from a modernistic pulpit in an enclosed sanctuary that reminds you of being in an outdoor chapel? Do you wish to visit any number of 12-step groups with folks who don't know you but who are caring and supportive?  Are you interested in helping to start up a Singles Group within a congregation of 20 - 80 somethings (20-80 year olds, that is?)  If you answered YES to any or all of the above, you are cordially and enthusiastically invited to the New Member Gathering of United Church of Rowayton in Norwalk, CT. (directly off I-95 by car or the New Haven Railroad by train) Tuesday, October 9th (Reading Period) and Tuesday, October 16th 7:30pm-9:00pm.  You are also invited to our Sunday Worships every Sunday at 10:15am.  Membership NOT required for worship!  In UCC tradition, ALL are welcome to the table.  Hope to see you there!  Peace, Carla Dietz Carroll


Free Books!  Experience the thrill of shopping for books, without the financial burden of paying for them (note: this does not advocate stealing from the bookstore)!  Thanks to a generous donation by a local Union Theological Seminary alum, there are loads of free books currently housed on the bench outside Dale Peterson's office (N117). Come by and get your pick while they are still here.


Yale Cabaret is up and running!  It is with tremendous pride that we write to you on the 40th anniversary of Yale Cabaret! Since 1968, the students of Yale School of Drama (YSD) have been producing groundbreaking work for the New Haven/Yale community. This season marks a major milestone in our history and we can't wait to share it with you!  And what better way to kick off our season than with two special events celebrating the spirit of irreverence and invention?   For more information, visit  We look forward to celebrating with you.


Bioethics Center Events:

September 25 - Tuesday
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: Room A-002, ISPS, 77 Prospect Street
Bioethics Study Group: "End-of-Life Issues"
Speaker: Edmund Pellegrino, M.D., Chairman of the President's Council on Bioethics, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Medical ethics and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University
Topic: The Illusory Beneficence of Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia
(For further information, dinner reservations or reading materials, contact, or
September 26 - Wednesday
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: Room A-002, ISPS, 77 Prospect Street
Bioethics Study Group: "End-of-Life Issues"
Speaker: Robert Fine, M.D., FACP, Director, Office of Clinical Ethics, Baylor Health Care System Institutional Ethics Committee Chair and Director of Palliative Care, Baylor University Medical Center
Topic: Medical Futility: Philosophy and Politics
 (For further information, dinner reservations or reading materials, contact, or
September 27 - Thursday
Time: 12:30 pm - 2 pm
Location: Conference Room, ISPS, 87 Trumbull Street
Bioethics Study Group: "Addiction, Mental Health, HIV/AIDS"
Speaker: Daniel Kim, MDiv Candidate, Yale Divinity School
Topic: The Ethics of Take-Home Naloxone Distribution
(For further information, lunch reservations or reading materials, contact
September 27 - Thursday
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Slifka Center
Co-sponsored by: Slifka Center, Physics Department and Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics
Speaker: Robert Socolow, Ph.D., Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University
Topic: Global Warming: An Ethical Agenda
(For further information contact
September 28 - Friday
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Location: Room A-001, ISPS, 77 Prospect Street
Bioethics Study Group: "Demography and Population Seminar"
Speaker: Richard Bribiescas, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Yale Anthropology, Director, Reproductive Ecology Laboratory
Topic: Hormones and Reproductive Ecology: An Anthropological Perspective on the Proximate Determinants of Human Fertility Variation
(For further information, reservations or reading materials, contact


Conference at First Church Guilford: Our Wilcox Lecture weekend (October 24-6) this year will help us with one of the major religious and cultural questions of our time: in the context of our diverse world, how shall Christians think about other religions and salvation? This issue and all those that come in its wake are not merely matters of personal curiosity; today such deep and critical theological questions are filling our political, cultural and religious world.  In this long-standing and rather stuck discussion, Prof. Heim of Andover Newton Theological School offers one of the most thoughtful, compelling and helpful contribu­tions today. We will be led into his insights as we move beyond simplistic reactions and take on questions such as, “What is salvation? What does each religion offer to save us from? What sort of salvation does each religion lead us to?” In probing here Mark will help us untangle these difficult religious and cultural issues of our time.  To register, call 203-453-5249 or e-mail


Support Group Training for ENUF Violence: ENUF violence, a local group at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, has partnered with The COVE, a bereavement support center for youth to provide training for anyone interested in facilitating support groups for those affected by violence.  So if you are interested in running a support group at your church or St. Andrew's for people affected by any kind of violence (youth affected by gang violence, soldiers affected by the violence in Iraq) or if you will be working with people affected by violence, you are welcome to attend our four training sessions in October. Please see the attached or below and email  by October 10th.  Blessings, Jane C. E. Jeuland, Director of Long-Range Planning


St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

262 Shelton Avenue (Shelton and Ivy)

New Haven, CT 06511


Saturday, October 13th - "Guiding Children Through Grief" Part 1 (9:00am -4:00pm)

Monday, October 15th - "Guiding Children Through Grief" Part 2 (5:30pm-8:30pm)

Monday, October 22nd - "Guiding Children Through Grief" Part 3 (5:30pm-8:30pm)

Saturday, October 27th - "Trauma, Loss and Transition" (9:00am-4:00pm)





Needed/Lost and Found:


Lost Rain Coat; In the frenzy of the rain storm last week, I left my rain coat on the coat hangers by the main entrance.  I returned there to retrieve it only to discover that it is no longer there.  I am hopeful that someone grabbed it on accident or someone picked it up for me.  In either case, if you have it or know where it wandered off to please email me.  It is a black, front zip, waterproof, Marmot jacket.  It was a gift to me and I would very much like to continue using it.  Peace, Bethany,


Signatures Needed: The President of the United Church of Chirst, Rev. John H. Thomas and other church leaders have written a pastoral letter against the war in Iraq, which they plan to present to Congress the first week in October. They are hoping to get 100,000 signatures by Oct. 1 to take with them. UCC/DOC Serminarians are helping in this effort to collect signatures. We  will have copies of the letter and a pledge form in the common room this week. Please drop by and sign up! You can also read the letter and sign up online.  To read the pastoral letter online go to:

To sign the pledge go to

Thank you for your attention!


Lots of Stuff Needed: As you might have noticed, YDS is the awesomest place ever.  You might have also noticed that YDS is becoming increasingly aware of its potential for environmental goodness. Last year the YECC (Yale Earth Care Committee) did a kitchenware drive and we received a tremendous amount of donations that have been lovingly used by us all.  These items have been used extensively throughout the year for community dinners, for coffee hour (many, many, many thanks to Micah "the Muffin Man" Luce), and in the refectory by many of our coolest and most pulchritudinous (GRE word) students. By using and donating these items, you not only save the planet, but you also save YDS money!  This year we strive to go even further in making YDS a greener, happier, less wasteful, and more economical place (Micah is saving approximately one million dollars per year in paper cup expenses).  So, please, if you have any extra of the following, we would love to have it: mugs, cups, silverware, plates, bowls, serving spoons, forks, knives, dish towels, dish soap, sponges, kitchen cleaning sprays (we need lots of these—any kind will do!), etc….really anything you can think of!  Please leave all donated items in, near, on, beneath, behind, in front of, or next to the "cardboard box of love" that is in the Common Room.  PS.  Please feel free to use the items in the kitchen instead of using refectory disposables! For example, don't use a plastic fork to eat your lunch...take a metal one from the student kitchen and eat your way to a better planet. Then, like a good citizen, wash your fork, clean up your mess, and return the fork to where you found it. You'd be amazed at what a difference we can make!  Sincerely, The Yale Earth Care Committee




Roommate Needed: If there's anyone looking to rent a room at this time of year... I'm looking for a roommate!  Room available in a two-bedroom townhouse in Prospect Gardens across the street from YDS, hardwood floors, big windows, treed views, renovated bathroom, lots of storage in basement, tenant need only furnish bedroom.  500$/month utilities incl.  If you're interested please email me for more info and pictures:


For Sale:



Eric Jeuland’s Friend is Selling a Motorcycle….Do you want it?  A friend of mine is selling a great classic motorcycle for cheap!  Classic 1981, 220 Limited, Low Mileage, Booked value at $2200, Very good condition.  Since he fixed it up (and he's a professional mechanic) the price is now $1300 or best offer.  He said he'd love to keep it for himself, but he needs the money.  It's a steal.  Let me know.


Share an AAR room with Matt and Christy: Matt Riley and I have made hotel reservations for 4 nights in San Diego, California for the AAR/SBL Meeting.  We are staying at the Sheraton Suites in a double suite.  This means there is another room where another couple or two other people can sleep.  We got this size room intentionally to see if anyone else would like to share the cost of a hotel stay.  Including tax, the total cost of the room for 4 nights is $706.00.  Split between four people your hotel cost for the entire 4 days would be only **176.48**!!!!!  We get in on Friday November 16, 2007, and check out is on Tuesday November 20, 2007.  It may be too late for you to get cheap hotel rates down at San Diego for the annual meeting, so if you need a hotel, please contact us!!  We would prefer another couple, but if two others are willing to share the other room, we would be happy with that, too.  We are always willing to get a cot or something put in the room for the 4th person, if need be.  Please e-mail ASAP if interested.  Thanks!!  Christy Groves and Matt Riley (


Laser Printer for Sale: I'm selling a black and white HP 1020 laser printer for $75.00. The printer is only 2 years old and still has a toner cartridge in it (although I'm not sure how much ink is left in this cartridge).  This printer retails for 179.00.  It prints 19 pages per minute and is pretty compact in size.  I'm only selling it because I got a Macbook and it is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH PC'S.  If you're interested email me at  I still have the software and power cord that go with it, all you need is a PC and a USB cable and you're ready to go.  Oh and I'm not sure if it's compatible with Vista or not, as I got it before Vista was out.  Cheers!  Hilary (





Research assistance needed for Prof. Carolyn Sharp: index preparation for my forthcoming book, Irony and Meaning in the Hebrew Bible. Probably between 10 and 20 hours of work total, compensated at the standard Yale rate of $12.30/hour. Good organizational skills and attention to detail are essential. Once I receive page proofs from the publisher (December?? I don't know exactly when), you'll have 30 days to prepare the indexes in the comfort of your own home. Interested? Please e-mail


Convocation Employment: Looking for a fun on-campus job working with alumni during Fall Reading Week?  The Alumni Office is looking for current students to work the weeks of October 1-5 and especially for Convocation & Reunion Week (October 8-11th).  Paid work includes: a)  ushering at lectures & worship; b)  meal hosts (read:  free food!); c)  registration desk greeters; d)  prep.-workers; e)  parking attendants (minimal hours).  If you are interested, please respond as soon as possible by email (  The first to respond will have the gig.  We hope you'll join what is shaping up to be a great team!  All the best, Rachel Lyle & Ryan Anderson, YDS Convocation & Reunions 2007


ISM Office Assistant: An assistant is needed to support the activity of the ISM staff.  Duties include covering the ISM reception desk while staff is away and answering the main Institute phone line, forwarding calls as necessary, photocopying, filing, general office maintenance, folding bulletins for Chapel and other duties as assigned.  Contact for more information.


Babysitter Needed: We are looking for a student from the Yale Divinity School to pick up our 4-year-old from the Celentano Museum Academy (next door to the Div School) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:10 and to stay with him for two hours until 4:10 (last year the students we hired took him to a local playground, to their apartments, or just on a walk during this time).  We will pay $25 per day, and we are looking for either one student to do both days or two students to do one day each.  Contact


Choral Scholars Needed: St. Thomas's Episcopal Church, New Haven, is seeking a Soprano and Tenor Choral Scholar for the 2007-2008 academic year.  The job description and salary are given in the attached contract.  Those who are interested should contact David Jernigan (


Student Assistant Needed for Conference: “Middle Passage Conversations on Black Religion in the Diaspora” is an interdisciplinary event conceived by Professor Emilie Townes that will occur at Yale from April 3-5, 2008.  See for details.  We are hiring one student assistant, who will report directly to the staff assistant (Christiana Peppard).  The student assistant will help in the organization and implementation of the conference by carrying out tasks as designated by the staff assistant.  Pay: competitive for Master’s students, paid through Yale University.  Time commitment: 2 - 5 hrs/week starting in January.  To Apply:  Applicants should peruse the Middle Passage Conversations website and then email a concise statement of interest to  The statement should include: your name, contact information, year/program, reason for applying, prior experience (if any), and any additional information that you deem relevant.


Worship Opportunities



Worship Services at the University Church:

Sunday, September 23

10:30 am - Ecumenical worship at the University Church. Battell Chapel (corner of Elm& College). Service of the Word with The Rev. Martha Highsmith, Pastor of the University Church and Deputy Secretary of the University, preaching. All are welcome.

Wednesday, September 26

9:15 pm - Student-led, informal ecumenical Evening Prayer in Dwight Chapel (on Old Campus, near High Street gate). All are welcome. Refreshments served.


House Church Sign-Up: YDS is happy to be offering house churches this year (sponsored by BDS).  What is a house church, you ask?  House Church is a group of five to seven people who get together once per week, at each other's homes, for about an hour or so to share in fellowship, prayer, and exploration of text.  This is a wonderful way to be in intentional community with other students, to seek and give support as you slog through challenging theological times, to get to know folks outside of your immediate circle of friends, and to explore worship in an intimate setting.  House Churches will start meeting next week, so please sign up by Friday morning.  The sign-ups are located on the bulletin board outside of Niebuhr Hall.  Be brave, be daring, sign up with people you don't know.  No prior experience necessary, but a commitment to the group is required.  This is open to ALL students regardless of everything.  In Peace,  Greta Getlein, Jennifer Zogg, Beth Magill, and Patrick Ward (BDS House Church Planning Group)