September 1, 2007


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Academic Information







All students should check-in on line at  If you are having trouble accessing your account, you should contact Robert Piscatelli our Computer Support person at 432-5273.


Entering students.  There is open registration between Tuesday, September 4  beginning at 9:00 a.m. and Friday, September 14 until noon.   After you have signed up for classes you should download your classes and have your faculty advisor sign it.  Once it is signed it should be returned to the Registrar’s Office.  Registration is not final until the signed form is returned to the Registrar’s Office.  A list of Faculty Advisers is posted outside the Registrar’s Office (1st floor Seabury) and in the Common Room. Student IDs will be issued or updated beginning September 4 if you are not on the Bursar hold list or the measles hold list or transcript hold.*   We will be in the Common Room from 9-1 September 4 through September 7 and all other times in the Registrar’s Office, Seabury 1st floor.


All returning students.. There is open registration between Tuesday,  September 4 beginning at 9:00 a.m. and Friday, September 14 until noon.  After you have signed up for classes you should download your classes and have your faculty advisor sign it.  Once it is signed it should be returned to the Registrar’s Office.  Registration is not final until the signed form is returned to the Registrar’s Office.  Student IDs will be updated beginning September 4, if you are not on the Bursar hold list.  We will be in the Common Room from 9-1 September 4 through September 7 and all other times in the Registrar’s Office, Seabury 1st floor.


After noon on Friday, September 14 all changes and registration will have to be made through the Registrar’s Office.


Please note:  classes begin Wednesday, September 5.  You may go to class before finalizing your registration.


*To find out if you are on Bursar’s hold or measles or transcript hold, you may check the Yale’s Student System Web page through  If you find yourself on Bursar’s hold, please see Doreen Generoso in the Financial Aid Office.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.


To:                  All students and faculty


From:              Robert Wilson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs


Date:               August 31, 2007


Re:                  Deadlines







1.      September 14, is the last day of on-line registration.


2.      September 14, is the due date for submitting a reading course proposal.


3.      September 14, is the last day to turn in a permission slip to take a downtown course.


4.      No course can be added after September 26.


5.      After September 14, a fee of $10 will be charged for each course change.


6.      September 19 is the last day to submit a request of Credit/No Credit form.  It is also the last day to submit a form to take a Credit/No Credit course for a grade.


7.      October 24 is the last day to drop a course.  Courses dropped after October 24 will have a grade of “F” or “NC” automatically recorded.


8.      December 21  is the official end of the term, and all work is due by that date.  Faculty may set earlier deadlines if they wish.  In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension until February 11.  After February 11, all requests for further extensions must be submitted to the Professional Studies Committee.





Welcome to the new academic year.  Below are the courses that qualify for the new Black Religion in the African Diaspora MAR concentration approved by the faculty this past spring.  If you have any questions, please contact Professor Emilie Townes (  All inquiries welcome and encouraged!


2007 Fall Courses

REL 768          Environmental Theologies                                                          W. Jenkins

REL 786          Liturgical Theology                                                                   S. Garrigan

REL 701          Religion in American Society, 1550-1870                                 H. Stout

REL 914          Teaching the Bible in the Congregation                          Y. Smith

REL 938          Moving Images, Worship in Christian Congregations     M. Fassler

REL 972          Youth, Culture, and Christian Education                                    Y. Smith

REL 814          Christian-Muslim Dialogue                                                        L. Sanneh

REL 826          The Political Economy of Misery                                               E. Townes

REL 828          What’s in a Text?: Charles Long’s Significations                      E. Townes

REL 875          Global Ethics and Sustainable Development                               W. Jenkins

REL 877          American Indians and Ecology                                      J. Grim

AFAM 505      Theorizing the Racial Formation of the U.S. in               J. Holloway

                        the Early Twenty-First Century

AFAM 596      African American Poets of the Modern Era                               R. Stepto

AFAM 706      Readings in Twentieth-Century United States History    G. Gilmore

AFAM 723      Black Intellectuals of the Caribbean Diaspora                H. Carby

AFAM 764      Readings in Nineteenth Century American History,                    D. Blight


AFAM 823      The Political Economy of Misery                                               E. Townes

AFAM 845      What’s In a Text?: Charles Long’s Significations                     E. Townes

AFST/HIST 492             West African Islam                                                    L. Sanneh


2008 Spring Courses

REL 769          African American Moral and Social Thought                 E. Townes

AFAM 588      Autobiography in America                                                        R. Stepto

AFAM 719      Race, Racisms, and Social Theory                                            A. Nelson

AFAM 726      Black Travel and Transnationality                                              N. Pabst

AFAM 749      Transnational Imaginaries                                                          H. Carby

AFAM 829      American Legal History: Citizenship and Race               K. Cleaver

AFAM 837      African American Moral and Social Thought                 E. Townes



YDS Mailbox Mistake: We recently issued mailbox keys this week.  There was an error in our list and you were given the key to someone else's mailbox.  If your last name begins with A through M you will need to get a different key.  Please bring the key you were given to Heather at the reception desk and she will give you the correct mailbox key.  If you have already seen her regarding this matter please disregard this email.  Again, this is only for students whose last names begin with A through M.  Thank you for your help and sorry for any inconvenience.


E-mail Virus Threat: A new email security threat is upon us; we could be soon seeing messages that appear to have YouTube hyperlinks which are really links to numeric IP addresses spreading malware.  So far the email team has blocked messages containing the subject "man, who filmed this thing?"  Thanks, Robert Piscatelli, Divinity IT, 432-5273


From the Ministry Resource Center: Our workshops for the fall semester are starting up.  The first will take place on Wednesday, September 5 from 1:30-2:30 and is focused on Preparing a Narrative Budget.  Also, we have soundtracks of the Bible or of religious music that you can listen to while you commute.  Or you can pick up DVDs on church history or other course-related topics.  We also have resources to lead children, youth, and adult experiences in congregations and agencies.  Not to mention all the material we have on climate change, racism, the death penalty, and ethics.  For everything your congregations care about, we have resources to save you time and enhance your leadership abilities.  Come check our resources out at the Ministry Resource Center.



Lectures and Events



Annand Program for Spiritual Formation: The Annand Program for Spiritual Formation invites 1st year students to join small spiritual formation groups led by experienced spiritual directors.  These groups center around prayer and introduce students to a variety of spiritual disciplines. This program is a wonderful way to place your academic studies in the context of your spiritual life and is an important part of formation for any kind of ministry.   Second and third year students are also invited and encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity through the Annand program to meet monthly with an individual spiritual director.  Sign up for an entrance interview to learn more about these groups, individual spiritual direction and any other way that the Annand program may help foster your spiritual life.  Sign-up sheets are now outside the Annand Meditation Room, S-105 (across from the Berkeley offices) for brief entrance interviews for all of these programs.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email


Seminarians are invited to a leadership conference called Music that Makes Community, to be held at Trinity Church - St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC, on October 4 - 6, 2007.  The workshop is designed specifically for clergy/seminarians, musicians, and lay leaders who want to learn how to lead congregations in singing by heart, without the use of hymnals or other printed materials.  Using call/response, round, chant, refrain and other styles, the conference gives congregations a simple, beautiful, faithful and traditional way to sing with new energy and in ways that foster community.  All Saints Company* developed this conference at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church in San Francisco this past June with such great success that we are offering it again on the east coast.  We have a strong team of facilitators, with Eric Law, composer and Episcopal priest widely known for his work on intercultural issues and multi-ethnic worship; Ben Allaway, Composer-in-Residence at Graceland College, Des Moines, Iowa; Marilyn Haskel, composer and musician at St. Paul’s Chapel, NYC; Emily Scott, composer and director of worship at Riverside Church, NYC, and Donald Schell, founding rector of St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, San Francisco.  The workshop is limited to 40 students to ensure a good facilitator/small group ratio, and we advise early registration, as the first conference was over-subscribed quickly.  The registration cost for the conference is $150.  --the Evangelical Education Society is tentatively exploring the possibility of supporting seminarians with scholarships for this conference on a case-by-case basis.  For more information, contact The Rev. Daniel Simons, executive director of All Saints Company at


Intramural Teams: If you are interested in playing on one of the Divinity School Intramural teams this fall this is your chance!  The options are: volleyball, softball (slow pitch), and soccer.  All teams are co-ed.  If you have questions about the days of practices, game days, skill level, etc., please email me  This is a great way to get involved and meet other Div school students, professor, and other graduate and professional students.  Email me if you are interested, because the season will be starting up shortly.


Auditions for Choral Ensembles: Auditions to be held in Leigh Hall (College Street) on the 4th Floor.  Audition requirements include demonstrating good sight-reading ability and the performance of a short solo song or aria.  Ensemble information follows below.  To set up an audition, call 203-432-9671.  Audition times are: Tuesday, September 4 , 2-6pm, Wednesday, September 5, 11-4pm, Thursday, September 6, 11-6pm, Friday, September 7, 9-4pm, Saturday, September 8, 9-12pm Monday, September 10, and 2-4pm (Repertory and Recital Chorus Only).



Open to all Yale students, faculty and staff

The Yale Camerata, directed by Marguerite L. Brooks, is composed of Yale students, faculty, staff, and experienced   singers from the NewHaven community. The Camerata performs a widely varied spectrum of choral literature, with a special commitment to choral music of our time.  Upcoming concerts include a performance of the Durufle Requiem with the New Haven Symphony, Stravinsky's Les Noces, and a joint concert with the Yale Glee Club and Yale Philharmonia performing Mendelssohn's Elias with Helmuth Rilling.  Also music of Bach, Beethoven, and others.  Rehearsals are on Tuesdays from 7-10pm (first rehearsal, Sept 11).




Each choir member will receive a stipend of $30 per hour

Open to all Yale Students (undergrad, grad and professional)

The Yale Schola Cantorum, directed by Simon Carrington, is a 24-voice touring and recording chamber choir that specializes in music before 1750 and from the last 100 years.  Membership in the choir is open to all full-time Yale students; each member receives a stipend.  Upcoming events include a residency with Stephen Layton, a concert dedicating the new mean-tone organ in Marquand Chapel, and a workshop at a regional choral convention.  Repertoire includes the music of Gibbons, Zelenka, Britten, and Mendelssohn, the Monteverdi Vespers and contemporary pieces of Berio, MacMillan, and Gubaidulina.  Rehearsals are on Mondays from 7:15-9:45pm and Wednesdays from 7:45-10:15pm (first rehearsal, Sept 10).  For more information about Simon Carrington at:





Open to all Yale Students

Repertory Chorus:  Conducted by first-year conducting students, the Repertory Chorus gives two performances a year during regular rehearsal time.  Eclectic repertoire.  Rehearsals Mondays, 4-6pm (first rehearsal, Sept 10).

Recital Chorus:  Conducted by second-year conducting students.  Four performances and four dress rehearsals in addition to regular rehearsals.  Rehearsals Thursdays, 4-6pm (first rehearsal, Sept 13).


OMSC Fall Reception: The Overseas Ministries Study Center will hold its Fall Reception on Wednesday, September 5, 2007, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., at OMSC, 490 Prospect Street, New Haven. The public is invited to help welcome the new community of international residents. Details about and directions to OMSC are available by telephone at (203) 624-6672 or are online at


Yale Art Gallery Events: We would like to invite all students in the Divinity School to two Open House events happening at the Yale Art Gallery next month.  Firstly, our annual all-campus Open House, which we produce in collaboration with the British Art Center, will be on Thursday, September 6, from 5:30-8pm. We will offer tours at both museums, refreshments, and a cappella entertainment to welcome students back to the university.  Secondly, we will be hosting a Graduate and Professional School Open House on September 20 from 5:30-8pm. With this event we aim to welcome a broad spectrum of graduate and professional students into the British Art Center and the Art Gallery. As with the September 6 Open House, there will be refreshments, tours, and music.






Needed/Lost and Found:


St. Paul University, Ottawa, ON., Canada - Research Study on Defining Spirituality and Religiosity: Joanne Hall, a research assistant working on this study, funded by Saint Paul University, 223 Main St., Ottawa, ON, Canada, is exploring how individuals from different backgrounds define the concepts of spirituality and religiosity.  Participants from all cultural and religious backgrounds are invited to participate. Diversity in participants is an important aspect in ensuring the validity of this research.
To participate in this study, or to read more about the study, go to their web-link at The French web-link is


For Sale/Help Available:


Books for Ruth and Esther Class: If students still need a copy of the Ruth and Esther: A Feminist Companion to the Bible (Second Series) book by Athalya Brenner book, I have a used copy with very little writing in pencil and no highlight marks for $35.  Please e-mail me at


Ride Available: I will be commuting to the divinity school from Western Massachusetts on Tuesdays through Thursdays this fall and would love to be able to carpool with other students who live along the way!  I will be taking 91 from Northampton, so if you live in the Springfield or Hartford area or anywhere else along the way and are interested in carpooling, I would love to be able to coordinate schedules in attempt to be a little more green and save on the cost of gas.  Also, if anyone is in need of a ride to Bradley, I am more than willing to take you if I am headed back to western Massachusetts at about the same time you would need to leave for the airport.  Peace, Jeannine Oakes (




Apartment Needed: I am an entering student and my wife and I will be living in a brand new apartment building in Bridgeport this year. Unfortunately, we just found out that we will not be able to move in until sometime between the 10th and 15th of September.  We are able to move all of our belongings into the place but they have not yet received their occupancy permit.  Our biggest problem is that we have a small dog.  We would be willing to pay someone to rent a room for this short period and even help cook and clean or play music :)  Thank you!  Ivar Hillesland, Targhee Haveman




Babysitter Needed: I am looking for someone to take care of my delightful eleven year-old daughter after school (3:00 – 6:30)  two days a week -   about 7 – 10 hours (may sometimes include evenings).  Some driving involved.  Must have car.  Good math skills a plus.  Love of sports an added bonus.  Homework patience a necessity. Good pay.  If interested, email


Marquand Chapel Singers Needed: Are you interested in participating in a dynamic and energizing worship experience?  Are you either an experienced singer or maybe someone who likes to sing to in the shower?  Are you interested in joining a warm and welcoming community?  Then come sing in the Marquand Chapel Choir!   And we'll even give you the chance to try it out... Come to the Marquand Chapel Choir "Open Sing" on Thursday of BTFO from 4:30-5:30pm in the Chapel - all new and returning students are welcome!  We will sing energizing and spiritual songs to refresh you after a long day of activities!  The "Open Sing" choir will then sing a short anthem in Chapel on Friday morning.  Led by conducting grad students Dominick DiOrio (MM '08) and Sooyeon Lee (MM' 08), the Marquand Chapel Choir participates in musical worship in Daily Chapel on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The choir rehearses on Sundays from 7-8:30pm and Fridays from 9-9:25am.  Yale Divinity Students may elect to take the course for credit (REL911 - P Evans).   All interested students are welcome to join the choir for the coming year, and may sign up for a "hearing" time for voice placement after the "Open Sing" or by emailing  Hearings will take place Saturday afternoon, Sept 1st in Marquand Chapel.   ***Generously-Paid Section Leaders also sought in all voice types!  If you are interested in auditioning for one of these positions, please e-mail to set up an audition.


Part-time Youth Group Advisor:  The New Canaan, CT Congregational Church is looking for a part-time advisor for our high-school youth group.  We are seeking energetic and fun people who have experience working with youth and want to help nurture them on their faith journeys.  There are about 100 kids in the group and 6 advisors.  We have weekly meetings on Sunday nights from 7:00pm to 8:30pm and an annual mission trip for a week in February.  Advisors are expected to come early and help prepare for meetings.  It is also our hope that the advisors would strive to create meaningful relationships with the kids and spend time beyond the weekly meetings with the kids.  Compensation for the year is $5,000.  New Canaan is 40 min. from New Haven.  If you are interested please contact Kelly Hough.  Kelly was recently ordained as Minister to Youth at the Congregational Church.  Her email is or call her at 203-966-2651 ext. 34.


Looking for a small job at a great place to work?  The ISM is looking for an individual(s) to assist with the bulletins for the daily chapel services in Marquand.  We need help with Xeroxing, collating, and folding of the bulletins from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday.  Guaranteed fun, fast paced, and interesting.    If you have questions or are interested, please contact Laura Chilton at  or call at 432-9681.


Want an easy, creative, enjoyable work-study gig?  We're assembling a team of space arrangers for Marquand Chapel daily worship.  If you're interested in being part of a team with regular early morning (also possible late night) responsibilities, between averaging between 3-5 hours per week (some weeks more), please send an email indicating your interest to  You must be regularly available at least two days per week from 8-9 am.  Many thanks, Patrick Evans


Yale Law School professor is looking for a family assistant.  Responsibilities include child-care for two very well-behaved and independent boys, ages 12 and 17; running errands, including dropping off and picking up dry-cleaning, getting groceries and videos, etc.; cooking simple kid-friendly meals (spaghetti, hamburgers, salads, etc.); and possibly some weeding/gardening.  Ideally, the position will begin Sept. 1 and run through the school year. Last year, the spouse of a Divinity School student (Mark Osborne) held the position and another Divinity School student (Julia Schoenhals) worked for us over the summer.  We are looking for someone full-time, who would be available about 20-40 hours a week, depending on applicant's availability, so it is ideal for a Divinity School student spouse or partner.  The person must be available both before and after the children's ordinary school hours to help with getting them to and from school.  The position pays $13/hour plus employer will pay both employee's and employer's portion of social security taxes. Must drive (and have good driving record), but employer will provide car.  If interested, please send email to


Worship Opportunities



Fall Welcome from the University Church: Both new and returning students are invited and very welcome to worship at the University Church on Sunday at 10:30 AM -- followed by a free picnic lunch! Worship takes place in Battell Chapel at the corner of Elm and College.  The service is a lively, ecumenical celebration of Word and Table.  We very much hope to see you there!