May 4, 2007


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Academic Information



Graduation Rehearsal: Congratulations to the class of 2007!  Please note that graduation rehearsal for the class will be held on Friday, May 25th, at 10:30am.  We will meet outside on the Quad for a rehearsal of how we will process and recess on Sunday and Monday of Commencement, and how you will receive your diplomas on Monday.  The rehearsal will last an hour, after which we will enjoy a pizza lunch together.  This is not a mandatory rehearsal, but it is a great chance to understand how things will go during the actual Commencement ceremonies and to have a good time as a class before the weekend events begin.  So, here's hoping you can attend, and here's hoping for blue skies and 70 degrees!  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.  In joy,



Message from Dean Attridge: Faculty and staff, degree candidates, spouses and guests are invited to attend all events related to Commencement at the Divinity School.  The schedule is as follows:


Sunday, May 27, 2007


University Baccalaureate Service

Woolsey Hall

9:30 am and 11:00 am

No procession for graduates, processional candidates or faculty.

No tickets required.


Divinity School Commencement Worship Service

Divinity Quadrangle

4:00 pm

Preacher:          Margaret Farley


[Note:  Prizes for YDS recipients will be awarded after the sermon and before the recessional.  Prizes for ISM and BDS recipients will be announced.]


This event is preceded by a procession, weather permitting. Wearing gowns, caps and hoods, M.Div., M.A.R., and S.T.M. candidates for graduating will assemble on the Quadrangle directly in front of the Chapel.  Led by your marshals, you may assemble in any order of your choosing; to sit with friends, march before or after, not side by side.  Faculty will assemble in the RSV Conference Room.


Graduate Reception

Front of the Quadrangle (Prospect Street)

5:30 pm


Monday, May 28, 2007


Light Continental Breakfast

Common Room

7:30 – 9:30 am


Communion Service for Candidates and Guests

Marquand Chapel

8:00 – 9:00 am

Preacher:          Nora Tubbs Tisdale

Celebrant:         Dale Peterson


University Commencement

Old Campus

10:30 am


All participants are encouraged to meet in front of the Divinity School (on Prospect Street) at 9:15 to walk to Cross Campus behind the YDS banner.


Guests will be seated until 10:15 am.  Faculty and candidates assemble at 9:45 under the Divinity School sign on Cross Campus (in front of Sterling Library); follow your marshals, in any order.  Because the Commencement exercises will be outdoors even in the event of rain, you and your guests should be prepared with raincoats and umbrellas.  All candidates for degrees are required to attend the University Commencement.


Divinity Degree Ceremony

12:30 pm

Divinity Quadrangle


This will include a brief ceremony with a Charge to the Graduates.  Diplomas will be awarded to members of the M.A.R., M.Div., and S.T.M. classes.  In caps and gowns, graduating M.Div., M.A.R., and S.T.M. assemble by degree and alphabetically behind the appropriate student marshal.  Attendance of each member of the graduating classes is required unless a request to be excused, addressed to the Dean in writing, is granted.




Graduate Reception

2:00 pm

Divinity Quadrangle (Prospect Street)


The list to which this letter is sent is preliminary and should not be taken as evidence that a degree will be conferred.  A few persons who will not have completed requirements for graduation in May, but expect to do so before the opening of the fall term, should consider themselves members of this year’s graduating class and attend the ceremonies.  A complete list of all events is attached.


It is your responsibility to contact the persons listed below for changes in time and/or location of Commencement events.


For Divinity events,

            Contact the office of the associate deans

            Robert Wilson (432-5308) and/or Dale Peterson (432-5310)


For University events,

            Call 432-2310 for a recorded message or

            Visit the University website at



2006 – 2007

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Time:              9:30 and 11:00 am

Event:             University Baccalaureate Service

Location:        Woolsey Hall


Time:              4:00 pm

Event:             Divinity School Commencement Worship Service/Awarding of Prizes

Preacher:        Margaret Farley

Location:        Divinity Quadrangle


Time:              5:30 pm

Event:             Graduate Reception

Location:        Front of Quadrangle (Prospect Street)


Monday, May 28, 2007


Time:              7:30 – 9:30 am

Event:             Light Continental Breakfast

Location:        Common Room


Time:              8:00 – 9:00 am

Event:             Communion Service for Candidates and Guests

Preacher:        Nora Tubbs Tisdale

Celebrant:      Dale Peterson

Location:        Marquand Chapel


Time:              10:30 am

Event:             (Note: Students gather at Cross Campus at 9:45; all students who are able will meet at 9:15 on Prospect Street to process down the hill to Cross Campus behind the YDS banner.)

Event:             University Ceremony

Location:        Old Campus


Time:              12:30 pm

Event:             Divinity Degree Ceremony

Location:        Divinity Quadrangle (Front of Chapel)


Time:              2:00 pm

Event:             Graduate Reception

Location:        Divinity Quadrangle (Prospect Street)


Information regarding parking & graduation information/schedules will be posted on the website.


BORROW DIRECT BOOKS OVERDUE!  Borrow Direct has experienced ongoing problems with courtesy and overdue notices for the past several months.  As a result, readers have not been notified when Borrow Direct books are overdue.

* If you have any overdue Borrow Direct books, no matter how old, RETURN THEM NOW to avoid fines and replacement fees.

* If you receive overdue notices for books previously returned, let us know via email to

* Do this now, before you leave New Haven for the summer.  Thanks!  Let me know if you have any questions.


To All: For those who have not changed their passwords yet, please do so as soon as you can. May 29th is quickly approaching, and ITS is not offering a grace period.  If you password is not changed by then, your netid account will be deactivated. Depending on the amount of people who haven’t complied, it might be days before you can get your account re-activated.Please change you password by going to  If you have any trouble, please contact Tim at 432-8180 or Robert Piscatelli at 432-5273.


Dear Students, Please return your YDS Mail Box key to either Patricia Ojeda, YDS Receptionist, or to the YDS Business Office at your earliest convenience.  If you need to mail the key back, please address the envelope to:

Yale Divinity School - Business Office

409 Prospect Street

New Haven, CT  06511

We will be assigning mailboxes over the Summer to include the new students which will change the alphabetical order - in turn changing your mail box number.  If you are a commuter student and have obtained a locker in the Commuter Lounge, please empty it out and remove your personal lock.  We use these lockers during the Summer for the Language Courses and the Summer Term Courses.  Thanking you in advance for your anticipated cooperation, Eileen Kopjanski, Facilities Manager, YDS




From the Ministry Resource Center: Congratulations, Graduates!  We want to be of service to you:  Membership in Ministry Resource Center is available after you graduate.  Also, during the summer, if you are a continuing student, you can check things out from the Ministry Resource Center for summer jobs, projects, fun, or continuing education on things you can’t take in courses.  Lectures from biblical scholars, sermons by noted preachers, DVDs and videos on church history, pastoral care, youth ministry, global issues, practice of ministry, creative worship….and much, much more.


Lectures and Events



From the Student Book Supply:  Congratulations Graduates!  Your sacrifices and hard work have paid off!  We at the Student Book Supply are proud of you and congratulate you on your accomplishments.  For your convenience, the Bookstore will be open Graduation weekend on the following schedule:  Saturday and Sunday, 12:30-3:30; Monday 1:30-4:30. Diploma Frames still available!


Darfur Petition: Dear YDS Community and Friends, The 2007 Senior Class Officers invite you to sign a petition calling for an end to the violence in Darfur, the text of which is at the end of this e-mail.  This petition will be presented in our commencement communion service and will be sent to civic leaders after graduation.  As we celebrate the end of the term, this is a good way to look beyond the walls of this institution to the work that still needs to be done in the world.  Copies of the petition will be at the reception desk by the bookstore and near Dale's office until commencement weekend.  As you turn in your mailbox key, drop off that final paper, or get an end-of-the-term candy fix from Dale's bowl, please take a minute to read the petition and sign it if you support it.  Thank you for your consideration.  Sincerely, The 2007 Senior Class Officers


Peace Center Training Institute: How much of your time is taken up by having to address destructive conflict in the church?  If you're like most church leaders, the answer is "too much!"  If you were unable to attend the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center's "Mediation Skills Training Institute for Church Leaders" on May 7-11, 2007, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, you may be interested to know that another MSTI training is being offered in New England July 23-27, 2007.    It's being hosted by Beneficent Congregational Church in Providence, Rhode Island (see attached registration brochure for details).  This training event has consistently been rated by judicatory leaders and pastors of multiple denominations as "the best continuing education event I've ever attended."   One Lutheran Bishop wrote in his evaluation form, after attending the institute:  "The best and most thorough model for mediation with individuals and congregations that I have experienced in more than three decades of ordained ministry."  Even if you're not able to attend the institute yourself, it would be valuable to inform pastors in your region about this important continuing education opportunity.  It would be a simple matter to forward this email, along with the attachment to them.  For more information, contact 


Film Screening: In celebration of World Refugee Day, IRIS is pleased to be presenting a special screening of the film "God Grew Tired of Us" at Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven, on Tuesday, June 19th.  We will have a reception at 5:30, the film at 6:30 followed by a discussion at 8:00.  There will be a $10.00 suggested donation.  This event is made possible by the generous contributions from Yale University's Pier Program, the World Affairs Council, and the International Association of New Haven.   For more information about the film, visit


Donations for BTFO Give-Away Room: Please consider donating some of your furniture or household goods to the BTFO Give-Away Room. Your donations will make life easier for the incoming class in August, particularly those students who are moving to New Haven from faraway or overseas.  The BTFO Give-Away Room will be accepting donations on Tuesday, May 29 from 10-1.  The best door for entrance to the basement of the Fisher Hall storage room is the middle door - in the courtyard of the apartments.


-- Furniture, household goods, electronics, silverware, dishes, kitchen equipment and clothing are all helpful donations. All should be clean and in good condition.

-- Books that are useful reference books or that are commonly assigned textbooks here at YDS are good donations too. Others...not so much.

-- Please do not donate food.

-- We very much need to stick to these hours. Please do not drop things off at Fisher at other times. The room will not be open. Facilities will understand "donations" dumped off outside of scheduled hours as "littering." Don't litter!

-- Unfortunately, we can't offer "pick-up" service at your home for donated goods.

Thanks in advance for easing the transition into YDS for the new class!  Please direct any questions to or


Bone Marrow Registration: Dear Friends, Three years ago, when a family friend stricken with leukemia needed a bone marrow transplant, I registered as a bone marrow donor.  I have yet to be called to donate.  However, the simple act of registering was an occasion of grace.  It was a chance to stand up and say, I am ready, Lord, if you need me.  Use me, use me to a good that is greater than my own.  To give life -- what else are we called to do if not that?  I encourage you to register.  For more information on how to register, please go to  Love to all, Judith Dupre.





Needed/Lost and Found:


Glasses Found: I put a pair of glasses on the bench outside Dale's office.  They are female gold rimmed spectacles.  I found them in the ladies' room down in the ISM today.  Thanks, Melissa




Keychain Found: I found a keychain on the road (Prospect) outside the Divinity School this week.  It consisted of several keys linked together by a piece of heavy wire.    Unfortunately, it was pretty beaten up by car traffic when I found it, but it's at Dale's office.


Twin Bed Frames Needed: I need two twin bed frames.  I have mattresses but the person I borrowed the bed frames from is moving out of State.  Does anyone have a couple twin beds I can borrow, have, or buy?  Thank you, Megan Ashbaugh




A great room available for sublet over the summer.  The apartment is on the other side of the Albertus Magnus college, and is a part of a three room townhouse looking apartment.  The price for the room is $380 per month + utilities. The sublet is available from July to September.  If you are interested, please email  


Three bedroom apartment for rent at 54 Clark Street 2nd floor.   $1350/month. Will give lease June 1, June 15, or July 1.  Please email Erin O'Roak if you are interested


Tamara Shantz and I are vacating our fabulous New Haven apartment and would love to pass it along to some well deserving Divvies.  Here's the scoop: 2 spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets, 1 bathroom, large living room with working fireplace, dining room, and large kitchen.  Hardwood floors around the apartment, great light, tons of storage. Coin-operated laundry in basement.  Located in apartment complex on the corner of Cottage and Whitney (less than 10 minute walk to Div School).  One garage spot and on-street parking.  Rent is $1300/month, utilities (gas, electric, phone, cable, internet) range from $80-120/month  (per person) depending on month. Lease starts 7/1, but some flexibility in moving dates (earlier or later).  For more info, please email


One bedroom apartment for rent over a garage (formerly a carriage house) at 755 Prospect Street.  Heat, electric, washer/dryer and parking for one car is included in the rent, which is $850.  The apartment is small and thus suitable for one person or a couple. The apartment is on the grounds of the Human Relations Area Files, Inc. an agency of Yale University. It is across from Albertus Magnus College, two blocks from the Yale Shuttle. References, a one year lease and an $850 security deposit is required.  The apartment is ready for immediate occupancy. If you would like to see the apartment, e-mail Jo Ann at  Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Spacious two-bedroom third-floor apartment, with enormous closets, available beginning July 1.  Five large, bright rooms, central air conditioning, wall-to-wall carpeting.  Eat-in kitchen. At 250-252 Willow St., near intersection of Willow and Orange, across street from Café Bravo.  Landlord lives on first floor.  Rent is $900.  Utilities not included, pets not allowed.  If interested, please contact Gus Spohn at


Dear friends, Sadly my husband and myself will be leaving our wonderful apartment following graduation and wanted another Divinity student the have the chance to take it over if possible.  It is just a stone's throw away from YDS on Whitney Avenue (across from Bethesda Church).  Details: Hardwood floors (so-so condition but hardwood nonetheless).  Built-in desk and bookshelves Friendly neighbors Free parking in back Amazing landlord.  Rent is $875 plus utilities.  If you are currently seeking a place, please do not hesitate to contact us as it will not last long (our landlord is already setting up appointments to see it).  All best, Johanna and Mark Osborne


I am moving out of my very affordable and excellently located apartment at the end of July. Before my landlord starts advertising it, I thought I'd spread the word among the YDS community. It is at 265 Humphrey St. (between Orange and State), third floor, and it has one bedroom. It is very bright with lots of natural light, and it has charm and character. It costs $735 per month with all utilities included, except electricity, which is not much. I only move out because I prefer to live in community. Send me an email if you want to know more or want to see it:


I am looking for a one or two bedroom apartment (preferably in East Rock) to sublet from June 22-28, to house relatives visiting from Europe. $250 for 6 nights.  Thank you, Sylvia Mullins


Hi everyone, I'm looking for a roommate for my apartment on Bishop Street.  $462.00/month--Sub-lease for month of June, (if possible), new 1 year lease stars July 1.  Cute basement apartment: hardwood floors, LOTS of light, eat-in-kitchen and tiled bathroom.  Parking pass for street parking, on-site laundry and great maintenance services.  Heat and hot water included; electric runs ~$30.00/month. Cable and internet cost ~$50.00/month.  Great location in East Rock: 15 min to Yale and downtown New Haven.  For more info or to view the apartment contact Jessica French at 


Steve and Rachael Jungkeit are interested in subletting their house for the summer while they're in Germany.  It's a cozy, book lined house, and would be available from June 16 until August 30.  Located on a quiet and beautiful residential street in Westville, it's got a sun porch, back yard, two bedrooms, washer and dryer, etc.  The Yale golf course is within walking distance, and trails perfect for running and biking surround the neighborhood (we have mountain bikes you'd be welcome to use as well).  We're asking $1000 for the entire summer.  If you're interested, e-mail



For Sale:


I know it's a cliche, but with the rents in New Haven, there's a lot of truth to it.  My spouse Jenny and I are preparing our Hamden townhouse to sell this summer, and we figured we'd open it up to the Div School community before we went through all the hoops with a real estate agent.  It’s a two-bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse (1375 sq. ft.) with new paint throughout, brand-new kitchen appliances, central air, washer/dryer, two skylights, a deck, and off-street parking.  Tons of closet space (incl. a walk-in in the master bedroom) and its own large storage room in the basement.  It sits in the Whitneyville neighborhood, just north of New Haven, in the Whitney Place complex overlooking Lake Whitney.  It’s a short walk to the Playwright and Whitneyville shopping, and a two-mile commute to Yale.  We have absolutely loved living here, and it'd be great to pass it on to someone in the Div School family.  Send me an email ( if you'd like to schedule a visit or ask any questions.  Peace, Travis Scholl


I have brand new copies of the following theological texts that I'm selling for half their Amazon list prices:

Karl Barth "The Epistle to the Romans"                         list price $20   my price $10

Paul Tillich "The Courage to Be"                                      $10.36             $5

Gustavo Gutierrez "A Theology of Liberation"                              $12.92             $6

John Milbank "Being Reconciled"                                     $32.36             $16

Wittgenstein "On Certainty"                                                          $14                  $7

Please e-mail me ( if you're interested.


I have a whole bedroom of furniture that I would like to sell to anyone to whom it would be useful, the contents of which are:

-a Double bed with 4 posters (if you smile warmly I will consider throwing in a set of sheets, pillow cases and a comforter for free)

-a desk (which I swear induces clear writing and lack of writers block)

-an HP Photosmart C3130 All-in-One printer

-a Funky green chair

-a Red comfy reading chair with fun decorative pillow (again, smile pending)

-a Bedside table with cool lamp

-a standing up light fixture that is approximately my height

- lots of closet-organizing apparatus (collapsable shelves etc)

- a big white chest with many drawers

All of the above have barely been used since I only live in New Haven 3 days/week.  Let me know if you're interested in seeing the merchandise in person...  Warm regards, Shira (





Liturgical Assistant for The University Church for the 2007-08 academic year:  The University Church Liturgical Assistant will provide administrative and logistical support for the worship life of the University Church at Battell Chapel.   Under the supervision of the Associate University Chaplain, the Liturgical Assistant will work 10-15 hours per week during the semester, beginning in late August or early September 2007.  Responsibilities include: Work with the Pastor and Associate Chaplain to coordinate the logistics for Sunday morning services and other special services that may occur (e.g. Ash Wednesday, Advent Lessons and Carols).  Attend weekly worship planning meetings, with an eye to logistics.  Work closely with the Associate University Chaplain to help plan and lead a weekly Evening Prayer service: opportunities for creative liturgical leadership, special emphasis on encouraging student leadership among undergraduates.  Work with the Pastor and Associate University Chaplain to design and print the bulletins for University Church services and Evening Prayer.  Depending on interest and background, opportunities available for worship leadership, writing prayers, etc.  A high level of organization is essential. Preference given to students who have taken Liturgical Theology or other worship courses at YDS.  If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact: Callista Isabelle, Associate University Chaplain, at


United Church on the Green offers a wonderful opportunity to work with children ages 4-10 each Sunday morning during the academic year.  Work includes creating activities for the children, participating in the worship community, and teaching and learning with the children about the Bible and God's love.  UCG requires a commitment to weekly Sunday attendance, since the Church School is held during the latter half of the worship service.  Please contact John Gage, Senior Pastor at United Church on the Green, at for more information or interest.









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Fall 2007


BTFO Orientation begins, 9 AM

BTFO Orientation ends



On-line registration begins, 9 AM

Opening Convocation, 4 PM

Fall classes begin

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

On-line registration ends, 4 PM

Last day for: rebate, downtown course permission, add/drop course without charge, approval of reading course

BPO meeting, 4 PM

Last day for approval of credit/no credit

Fall faculty dinner

Fall faculty retreat

Last day to add a course




Reading period begins, 6 PM

Convocation begins

Convocation ends

Reading period ends, 8:30 AM

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

Last day to drop a course

BPO meeting, 4 PM




Open House for Prospective Students

Faculty meeting 4:00 PM

BPO meeting, 4:00 PM

Reading period begins, 6 PM

Reading period ends, 6 PM

Thanksgiving recess begins, 6 PM

Thanksgiving recess ends, 8:30 AM 

Classes resume, 8:30 AM






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Faculty meeting, 4 PM

Advising Period ends

Classes end, 6 PM

Reading period begins

Advent Service, Marquand Chapel, 7PM

BPO meeting, 4:00 PM

Reading period ends, 9:00 AM

Final exams begin, 9:00 AM

Exams end/Semester ends, 6 PM

All course work due



Spring 2008



Grades due for Fall 2007

Spring classes begin, 8:30 AM

On-line registration begins, 9 AM

Faculty Meeting, 4 PM

Martin Luther King Day.  No classes

BPO meeting, 4 PM

On-line registration ends, 4 PM

Last day for: rebate, downtown course permission, add/drop course without charge, approval of reading course

Last day for approval of credit/no credit



Last day to add a course

Reading period begins, 6 PM

Reading period ends, 8:30 AM

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

BPO meeting, 4 PM













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Last day to drop a course

Faculty meeting, 4PM

Spring recess begins, 6 PM

Spring recess ends, 8:30 AM

Classes resume, 8:30 AM

Easter Rejoicing.

    Marquand Chapel 7 PM

BPO meeting, 4 PM




Advising period begins 

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

Advising period ends

BPO meeting, 4 PM

Regular classes end at 6 PM

Martin Luther King Day Classes 


Reading period begins, 6 PM

Spring Faculty Dinner




Reading period ends, 9 AM

Exams begin, 9 AM

Faculty Meeting, 2 PM

Exams end/Semester ends, 6 PM

Senior grades due for Spring 2008

Faculty meeting, 2 PM

BPO meeting

YDS Commencement Service, 4 PM

University and YDS Commencement

All other grades due for Spring 2008