March 24, 2007


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Academic Information




409 Prospect Street

New Haven, Connecticut 06511






TO:                  Students enrolling in Elementary Biblical Hebrew,

                        Elementary N.T. Greek or Ecclesiastical Latin


FROM:            Detra J. Mac Dougall, Registrar, Yale Divinity School


The Elementary Biblical Hebrew, Elementary N.T. Greek and Ecclesiastical Latin courses will be offered May 29 - July 11, 2007.  Julie Faith Parker, will teach Elementary Hebrew, Michael Peppard, will teach Greek and Junius Johnson, will teach Ecclesiastical Latin.  Elementary Biblical Hebrew, Elementary N.T Greek and Ecclesiastical Latin will meet Monday through Friday mornings 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Each course is fully comparable in scope and intent with two semesters of language work taken during a regular academic year and earns six hours of credit. 


There is a $300 deposit, which will be credited toward the $2,100 tuition fee for each course, due with the registration form.  Either class may be cancelled if less than four students have enrolled in it by May 11.


Tuition charges for students who drop out of summer language programs:

Before the end of the first week

$300 deposit (06/05)

Before the middle of the course

Half tuition (06/18)

After the middle of the course

Full tuition


This course is graded on the H, H-, HP+, HP, HP-, P, F grading system.  If you want to take this on the Credit/No Credit grading system, a form is available from the Registrar’s Office, which must be signed by the instructor of the course.  This form is due by June 11th  at the latest.


If you drop the course before the middle of the semester (June 18), the course will not appear on your transcript.


TO:                  Detra J. Mac Dougall



Please enroll me in the intensive Elementary Biblical Hebrew ______ , Elementary N.T. Greek ______, or Ecclesiastical Latin ______ course to be offered this summer (2007) at Yale Divinity School.  I am enclosing my $300 deposit.


Student ID #:    ___________________  MDiv. _____   MAR (Gen.)____   (Conc.) _____

Name:              ____________________________________________________________

Address:           ____________________________________________________________


Telephone:        ______________________/email:  _______________________________

Present academic affiliation or occupation (if other than Yale Divinity School)





Application for the Two Brothers Fellowship

The Two Brothers Fellowship (YDS Bulletin, p. 135), which is designated for support of biblical or archaeological study.  One or more substantial awards will be made for the summer of 2007, with preference given to students who have a clear interest in doing advanced work in their proposed course of study.
1. Your name.
2. Address and e-mail address.
3. Proposed course of study.
4. Estimated budget.
5. Name of faculty member who might be contacted regarding the students work in Bible

MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2007.



Scholarship Information: To all students who will be returning for the 2007-08 academic year and receive any type of financial aid including Merit scholarships.  The Financial Aid Application is now available on line at the following link, or you can go directly to the YDS web site to download it.  You will need to turn in the YDS aid application along with a copy of your 2006 federal income tax return if you filed by April 1st.  You should also complete the Renewal FAFSA for 2007-08 so that I receive an electronic copy by that date.  If all documents are received I hope to have a new award letter available for you by May 1st.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Thank you, Doreen


Information for Graduating Students: Order form for caps and gowns must be placed between Feb. 1 - Mar. 30 using this form:  General information about caps & gowns is available at


Summer Course RLST S-261, Introduction to Religious Ethics will be offered by by Fred Simmons this summer.  An inquiry into the nature, method, and purpose of religious ethics through examination of principal Western positions as developed in the Christian tradition.  Investigation of the relationship of religion to ethics, the sources of moral authority, the goals that constitute the good life, and the implications of conclusions about each topic for the other two structures the course.  Readings, discussion, and papers seek to facilitate appreciation of foundational works in religious ethics and foster skills of moral reasoning.  Authors considered include Plato, Augustine, Thomas, Luther, Calvin, Kant, Kierkegaard, Sidgwick, Barth, and Yoder.  The course meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1 to 3:15 and runs from July 9th to August 10th (the Yale Summer Session B term).  Though offered through Yale College, Divinity School students are encouraged to participate and will receive Divinity School credit so long as arrangements are made in writing with the instructor, the Director of Yale Summer Session, and the dean of the Divinity School.  Additional note from Academic Dean Bob Wilson: I just wanted to remind all concerned that Divinity students can't take undergraduate courses for credit, and by definition, all downtown summer courses are undergraduate courses since the Graduate School doesn't offer anything in the summer, and so far as I know, neither do any of the Professional Schools except Divinity.  In order for Divinity students to take an undergraduate course, I need to see an email from the instructor indicating how the course requirements will be raised to a graduate level.


Summer CPE: The Hebrew Home of Greater Washington invites your applications for summer CPE.  It is the only Jewish-sponsored health care center in the metropolitan DC community, and the largest skilled nursing home in the area.  They offer rehabilitation and recovery care as well as skilled long-term care for residents with Alzheimer's disease, complex medical issues, and physical or memory-related disabilities.  Contact Rabbi James Michaels, Director of Pastoral Care, at 301.816.7711.



CLC Coordinators 2007-2008:  Congratulations and best wishes to Carrie Levy and Brandon Johnson upon their selection as Community Life Committee (CLC) Co-Coordinators for the 2007-2008 academic year.  We are grateful to Brandon and Carrie for their willingness to serve the Divinity School community in this significant way, and we look forward with joyful anticipation to their able leadership of the CLC next year.  Carrie and Brandon, our prayers and hopeful thoughts are with you as you prepare to offer leadership in this community through the CLC.  Congratulations, and thank you.  Dale Peterson, Deanof Students


BTFO Coordinators 2007: Congratulations and best wishes to Nichole Flores and Patrick Ward upon their selection as Co-Coordinators of the Before the Fall Orientation (BTFO) for 2007!  Patrick and Nichole will serve as primary designers and organizers of this orientation program for new students, scheduled this year for August 28th to 31st.  Nichole and Patrick will begin preparations for this annual event over the next several weeks, as they recruit volunteers from among returning students to offer leadership and assistance in BTFO.  Please keep Patrick and Nichole in your good thoughts and supportive prayers as they undertake this important service on behalf of the Divinity School.  Nichole and Patrick, our congratulations, gratitude, and best wishes to you both!

Dale Peterson, Dean of Students


Senior Class Officers 2007: It is my joy and honor to announce to you the Senior Class Officers for the Class of 2007.  The officers are Jessica Anschutz, Angela Batie, Alicia Brooks, Carmen Germino, Elijah Heyward, Alisha Jones, Kurt Nelson, Leigh Preston, and Vanessa Rose.  Congratulations and many thanks to these members of the  Class of 2007 for their willingness to serve as Class Officers.  Class Officers, please know of our appreciation for you and the work you are doing on behalf of the Class of 2007.  Please be assured of our prayers and support for you in this time of preparation for Commencement.  Best wishes to the Class of 2007, now and in the days ahead!  Yours truly, Dale Peterson, Dean of Students


Ministry Resource Center Workshops:

Giving Our First Fruits: A 2007 Way!

11-12 noon, Thursday, Friday, March 29

Obtaining the Church School Leaders for Next Year:  Identifying and Inviting the Right People 10-11:30, Friday, March 30

Need resources for Holy Week, retreats, Earth Day, jobs you are applying for, papers you are writing….Come and get them!


Open House for Admitted Students: The Admissions Office will host its annual open house for admitted applicants on Monday, April 2nd beginning at 8:30 a.m. Registration will take place in the Sarah Smith Gallery. We have planned a full day of lectures, panels, and social events.  Please join us in welcoming to YDS those applicants who have been accepted into the Fall '07 entering class!  Anna, Melissa, Doreen and Jan






Lectures and Events



Spring Fling is coming and the Community Life Committee would like your help!  Spring Fling is YDS's annual formal dance party. If you are interested in helping with this year's event, please join us for a planning meeting on Friday, March 30 at 12:30 in the common room.  If you would like to help with the event but can't make the meeting, email or  Thanks!  Jessica Anschutz and Carmen Germino, 2006-2007 CLC Coordinators


Friday, March 30, 12:15 pm, Matthew Kustenbauder, Yale University, will give a talk entitled "Reformers, Rebels, and Revolutionaries: Prophetic Movements in Africa" as part of the African Studies Brown Bag Lunch Series. Luce Hall, room 203.  Contact Jenny Kline ( by 10 am on Thursday to RSVP for lunch.


You are cordially invited to a lecture to be delivered by Linda Clarke, MA, Writer, Performer, Narrative in Health Care on Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. in Hope 103 Amphitheater at 315 Cedar Street.  The presentation is entitled Hands: A Suite of Stories and is a personal story which offers a reflection on the importance of connection in the health care relationship.  We hope you are able to attend and please bring your friends and colleagues.  Deborah Finger, Admin Asst, Medical School, 785-4744


Yale's Program in Ethics, Politics and Economics Presents The 2007 Robert H. Litowitz Lecture, “Democratic Hope” given by Richard J. Bernstein, Vera List Professor of Philosophy, New School for Social Research.  This talk will take place on Monday, April 16th from 4:00-5:30 at William L. Harkness Hall (WLH) in room 116.  A reception will follow the lecture.  For further details please contact


Both Marquand Chapel organists are presenting recitals this week!  Timothy Weisman is playing his MM degree recital in Woolsey Hall on Monday, March 26, 8:00pm, and Parker Kitterman is playing a recital in Battell Chapel on Saturday, March 31, 5:00pm.


Darfur Benefit Series: This benefit, hosted by friends and members of the Outreach Commission of the First Congregational Church of Madison, is being presented to raise awareness about and inspire action to address the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, which has claimed the lives of over 400,000 people since 2003.  Net proceeds will  go to and to My Sister's Keeper, < to benefit the Akon School for Girls in southern Sudan.  We are planning events ranging from a Saturday evening candlelight vigil on April 28 to a benefit showing of George Clooney's documentary "Journey to Darfur" on Thursday, May 3, and a May 5 book talk by the renowned Darfur expert Professor Eric Reeves of Smith College, author of A Long Day's Dying: Critical Moments in the Darfur Genocide.  If you have any questions, please contact: Nancy Okie at


Calling all future religious professionals!  On Monday, March 26 (the Monday after Spring Break), Professors Jan Holton and Nora Tubbs Tisdale will be leading a workshop on conducting at and caring through funerals. All are welcome to attend.  Monday, March 26 - 12:00-1:30 PM  Location TBA.  Come when you can--leave when you must.  And bring your lunch!  Dessert will be provided.  Registration is not necessary, but if interested in attending, please email so that we can get a sense for numbers. 


On Monday, March 26, Dr. Harold Varmus will deliver the 2006-2007 Arthur Allen Leff Fellowship Lecture in Room 127, Yale at 4:30 p.m.  Dr. Varmus is the former Director of the National Institutes of Health and co-recipient of a Nobel Prize for studies of the genetic basis of cancer, Co-Founder of the Public Library of Science and the President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC).  His talk, "Freeing Scientific Culture:  The Fight to Provide Public Access to Results the Public Finances," will discuss open access to the scientific literature, with its implications regarding copyright, effects on other scholarly fields, and the practice of science globally.





Needed/Lost and Found:


Lost Leather Bag from the Ministry Resource Center: Someone forgot to return the leather bag from the costumes in the Ministry Resource Center.  Please just bring it back soon as others are asking for costumes for use in their congregations.  Thanks, and keep using the costumes!


Carpool to New London: I most likely will be doing CPE in New London this summer and am looking for someone to carpool with.  Is there anyone else at YDS going up to New London everyday this summer for CPE or otherwise?  Thanks, Justus Ghormley (


Lost Earring: Hi all!  I've lost an earring that has some personal value.  It's a dangling globe of moonstone (a translucent white stone).  I'll be happy to treat the person who finds it to a free lunch at the Refectory!  Thanks, Esther Brown (


Lost Book: Hi, everyone.  I lost a book that I need urgently.  If anyone has seen a stray Blackwell Anthology of Environmental Ethics, please let me know.  I'm not sure if my name is written on the inside cover or not, but I can identify the book if it's mine.  Thank you, Joshua Ashton Hill (




Summer Sublet: Apartment available from June 1-August 31.  There’s a possibility of extending the lease after August.  688 Orange Street 1-bedroom apartment.  10 minute walk to the Divinity school.  Very unique layout and in great condition.  Landlord lives on first floor and is very helpful.  Very close to Orange Street markets.  The back story: I am desperately looking to get out of my lease by June 1st and need someone to either sub-let for the summer or take over the lease for the next year.  For the months of June-August the apartment will be fully furnished, including a full bed and some kitchen supplies and a window A/C unit.  The rent is $950 per month but I am willing to talk about sub-letting it for less if anyone is interested.  There is also the possibility of you keeping the A/C unit!  If interested please email TJ Dumansky at


Live with Diana Carroll!  Bedroom in a beautiful remodeled Victorian single-family home - $475/month, all new appliances, washer/dryer, dishwasher, large kitchen with bar/island, sunny dining and living rooms, off-street parking, patio and backyard, lots of storage space, two large full bathrooms, one with marble tile Wireless internet Five blocks (15 minute walk) from YDS residential neighborhood.  Furnishings are available if needed as is summer storage.  381 Huntington St. (off of Prospect St.) (1/2 block from Albertus Magnus) Owned by YDS alum Matt Morgan, 203-401-4203, or  This bedroom available June 1.  Other bedrooms will be available at end of summer.




Jobs with the Festival of Arts and Ideas: I am writing from Audience Services at Arts & Ideas New Haven. We have a number of job openings in box office and house management during the month of June. In the past, we have employed numerous students from the Divinity School to the benefit of everyone.  If anyone is interested, they may email me at  Thanks so much.


House/Pet Sitter Needed: I am a YDS graduate (M.Div. '61) and my wife and I are looking for house and pet sitters for times we are away from our North Guilford home (about 20 mintues from YDS).  We have two friendly golden retrievers and one cat.  The setting is peaceful and wooded. Please email for details. Among other times, we need somebody mid-April till early May.  Thank you.  Peace,  Darrell Lacock


Seminarian Needed P/T for South Lyme Chapel (UCC): The South Lyme Chapel (UCC) is looking for a seminarian to assist with worship services on Sunday mornings at 9am.  This would involve being in charge of the service on occasion, or offering a sermon or prayer on other occasions.  The honorarium is $125 per Sunday.  The South Lyme Chapel is located in South Lyme, Connecticut.  For more information, or to express interest in helping this congregation, please contact the Rev. Cynthia Willauer (YDS MDiv 2000) at:


Ministry Resource Center Job: Applications are currently being received for a learning opportunity that occurs while earning money!  Come by the Ministry Resource Center to ask for application and job description or ask that one be emailed to you.  The Center is staffed 10-3 weekdays and one may work a few or many hours.  Please discuss your interests with the director, Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt.


Religious Studies Position at UU Church: I am on the Religious Education Committee at the UU Church in Meriden, CT.  We have expanded our Director of Religious Education position search to include some unconventional options.  We were hoping this part time position and salary might appeal to someone looking to get their feet wet in Religious Administration while still in school.  Gratefully, Jennifer A. Chadukiewicz, CSI, 860-632-7088,


The Spiritual Life Center is seeking a part-time Programs Coordinator for our staff.  Overview of the position: The Programs Coordinator will have the opportunity to initiate, implement and evaluate the programs offered by the Spiritual Life Center both on and off site. For the next two to three years, our focus will be on initiating new programs to meet the spiritual needs of younger professionals and older adults. The position is half-time and will include some evening and weekend commitments.  For more information, contact Hope Valiska, Administrative Assistant at 860.243.2374 or


Part-time job in doctor’s office: Self directed person with good organizational, filing, internet skills needed for several hours per week this summer at a solo practice physician's business office. Quiet office, 1/2 mile from YDS. Free parking. Reference, Myra McNeill YDS. If interested email


Seminary Summer from June 12—August 17: A partnership between Interfaith Worker Justice and the AFL-CIO and Change to Win unions, Seminary Summer involves 35 to 50 future religious leaders in a ten-week, paid internship program of faith and action.  Seminarians, rabbinical students, Muslim graduate students and novices are eligible to apply. For questions on eligibility, please contact Joy Heine, at 773-728-8400 x33.  Information is also available at  Please return all applications to: Interfaith Worker Justice, attn: Joy Heine, 1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60660



Worship Opportunities



From Berkeley Divinity School and the Lutheran Studies Program: Despite our fine collective venerable culinary traditions—which brought the world delicacies such as mushy peas, giant radishes, marmite, lingonberries, and an untold number of pickled fish—the Episcopal and Lutheran studies students decided instead to share a meal with a bit more substance: bread as body and wine as blood.  Join us for a combined holy communion. 

Holy Eucharist

Wednesday, March 28

6 PM Marquand Chapel

Celebrant – Bishop Mark Sisk (NY, Episcopal)

Preacher – Kurt Nelson (’07)

Reception immediately following.


The University Chaplain welcomes everyone back to campus from a break that, hopefully, provided an opportunity to return with renewed energy and rekindled spirit.  We invite you to join us in a shared worship experience this Sunday, March 25th, at the following services:

Sunday Morning Worship Service

10:30 AM

Battell Chapel, The University Church

Kurt Nelson, University Chaplaincy Intern, YDS '07, is preaching

Refreshments will follow.

Sunday Evening Prayer Service

8:00 PM

Dwight Chapel, Old Campus

Please join our student-led, evening ecumenical Christian prayer service.

Dessert and conversation to follow.


All Are Welcome.

For more information contact Associate Chaplain Callista Isabelle ast 432-1869 or


Passion Vespers at Christ Church, New Haven: This Sunday, March 25th, Christ Church offers our annual Passion Vespers at 5pm.  This service incorporates readings and meditations from Christian thinkers, mystics and poets from all ages centered on the Passion of Christ.  The service will be set among hymns, motets, and prayers and all sung by the Christ Church Choir.  As Lent draws us ever closer to the Paschal Mystery of Easter, please join us for this special time of prayer and reflection.  You and yours are most heartily welcome at Passion Vespers, Christ Church, New Haven (Across from the Yale Bookstore on Broadway) at 5:00pm.  More information available at


This week in Marquand:

Monday, March 26: A Celebration of the Feast of the Annunciation, led by Professor Margot Fassler.
Tuesday, March 27: Graduating student Leigh Preston, preaching, with the Marquand Gospel Choir.
Wednesday, March 28: Lenten Labyrinth, with music led by the Marquand Chapel Choir and Organists.
Thursday, March 29: Professor John Hare, preaching.
Friday, March 30: Community Eucharist, led by Union Theological Seminary Professors of Worship Janet Walton and Troy Messenger.

Services begin at 10:30; all are welcome!










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Fall 2007


BTFO Orientation begins, 9 AM

BTFO Orientation ends



On-line registration begins, 9 AM

Opening Convocation, 4 PM

Fall classes begin

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

On-line registration ends, 4 PM

Last day for: rebate, downtown course permission, add/drop course without charge, approval of reading course

BPO meeting, 4 PM

Last day for approval of credit/no credit

Fall faculty dinner

Fall faculty retreat

Last day to add a course




Reading period begins, 6 PM

Convocation begins

Convocation ends

Reading period ends, 8:30 AM

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

Last day to drop a course

BPO meeting, 4 PM




Open House for Prospective Students

Faculty meeting 4:00 PM

BPO meeting, 4:00 PM

Reading period begins, 6 PM

Reading period ends, 6 PM

Thanksgiving recess begins, 6 PM

Thanksgiving recess ends, 8:30 AM 

Classes resume, 8:30 AM






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Faculty meeting, 4 PM

Advising Period ends

Classes end, 6 PM

Reading period begins

Advent Service, Marquand Chapel, 7PM

BPO meeting, 4:00 PM

Reading period ends, 9:00 AM

Final exams begin, 9:00 AM

Exams end/Semester ends, 6 PM

All course work due



Spring 2008



Grades due for Fall 2007

Spring classes begin, 8:30 AM

On-line registration begins, 9 AM

Faculty Meeting, 4 PM

Martin Luther King Day.  No classes

BPO meeting, 4 PM

On-line registration ends, 4 PM

Last day for: rebate, downtown course permission, add/drop course without charge, approval of reading course

Last day for approval of credit/no credit



Last day to add a course

Reading period begins, 6 PM

Reading period ends, 8:30 AM

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

BPO meeting, 4 PM













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Last day to drop a course

Faculty meeting, 4PM

Spring recess begins, 6 PM

Spring recess ends, 8:30 AM

Classes resume, 8:30 AM

Easter Rejoicing.

    Marquand Chapel 7 PM

BPO meeting, 4 PM




Advising period begins 

Faculty meeting, 4 PM

Advising period ends

BPO meeting, 4 PM

Regular classes end at 6 PM

Martin Luther King Day Classes 


Reading period begins, 6 PM

Spring Faculty Dinner




Reading period ends, 9 AM

Exams begin, 9 AM

Faculty Meeting, 2 PM

Exams end/Semester ends, 6 PM

Senior grades due for Spring 2008

Faculty meeting, 2 PM

BPO meeting

YDS Commencement Service, 4 PM

University and YDS Commencement

All other grades due for Spring 2008