The Commencement Edition, May 16, 2006

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Page 1  - YDS Banner Bearer, Class Marshals and Class Officers

Page 2 – The “short version” of Commencement Details

Page 3-5  - The “long version” of Commencement Details

Page 5 – Cap and Gown pick up and return information

Page 6 – Special Accommodations for University Commencement

Page 7-8 – YDS News

Page 8 – Classifieds

Page 8 – Ministry Resource Center


Commencement 2006 Banner Bearer and Class Marshals

Congratulations and best wishes to the students who will serve the Class of 2006 as Commencement Banner Bearer and Class Marshals.  We are grateful to these five graduating students for their willingness to lead the student processions during Commencement exercises, and to represent the Class of 2006 as Divinity degrees are granted by Yale President Richard Levin on the Old Campus platform.
Banner Bearer - Alice Kearney

Master of Divinity - Ken Hughes

Master of Divinity - Abbott Bailey

Master of Arts in Religion - Karilyn Crockett

Master of Sacred Theology - Jing Cheng


Senior Class Officers 2006: It is my joy and honor to announce to you the Senior Class Officers for the Class of 2006.  The officers are Rob Boulter, Kate Bryant, Martha Korienek, Elizabeth Lerohl, Nancy McLaren, Elizabeth Marie Melchionna, Jennie Ott, Chan Sok Park, Elizabeth Roebke, and Jason Turner.  Congratulations and many thanks to these members of the Class of  2006 for their willingness to serve as Class Officers.  Class Officers, please know of our appreciation for you and the work you are doing on behalf of the Class of 2006, and be assured of our prayers and support for you in these days of preparation for Commencement.  Best wishes to the Class of 2006, now and in the days ahead!
Commencement Events (The Short Version)

Keep this page handy for Commencement Weekend!


Friday, May 19, 2006

Time:                11:00 am

Event:  Graduation Rehearsal

Location:          YDS Quad


Sunday, May 21, 2006


Time:                9:30 and 11:00 am

Event:               University Baccalaureate Service

Location:          Woolsey Hall


Time:                4:00 pm  (Graduating Class Photo at 3:15pm)

Event:               Divinity School Commencement Worship Service/Awarding of Prizes

Preacher:          Emilie Townes

Location:          Divinity Quadrangle


Time:                5:30 pm

Event:               Graduate Reception

Location:          Front of Quadrangle (Prospect Street)


Monday, May 22, 2006


Time:                7:30 – 9:30 am

Event:               Light Continental Breakfast

Location:          Common Room


Time:                8:00 – 9:00 am

Event:               Communion Service for Candidates and Guests

Preacher:          Carolyn Sharp

Celebrant:         Dale Peterson



Time:                10:30 am

Event:               (Note: Students gather at Cross Campus at 9:45; all students who are able will meet at 9:15 on Prospect Street to process down the hill to Cross Campus behind the YDS banner.)

Event:               University Ceremony

Location:          Old Campus


Time:                12:30 pm

Event:               Divinity Degree Ceremony

Location:          Divinity Quadrangle (Front of Chapel)


Time:                2:00 pm

Event:               Graduate Reception

Location:          Divinity Quadrangle (Prospect Street)


Commencement Events (The Long Version)

All the dates and details you need for Commencement Weekend



Faculty and staff, degree candidates, spouses and guests are invited to attend all events related to Commencement at the Divinity School.  The schedule is as follows:



Sunday, May 21, 2006


University Baccalaureate Service

Woolsey Hall

9:30 am and 11:00 am

No procession for graduates, processional candidates or faculty.

No tickets required.


Divinity School Commencement Worship Service

Divinity Quadrangle

4:00 pm

Preacher:          Emilie Townes


[Note: Prizes for YDS recipients will be awarded after the sermon and before the recessional.  Prizes for ISM and BDS recipients will be announced.] 


This event is preceded by a procession, weather permitting.  Wearing gowns, caps and hoods, M.Div., M.A.R., and S.T.M. candidates for graduating will assemble on the Quadrangle directly in front of the Chapel.  Led by your marshals, you may assemble in any order of your choosing; to sit with friends, march before or after, not side by side.  Faculty will assemble in the RSV Conference Room.


Graduate Reception

Front of the Quadrangle (Prospect Street)

5:30 pm


Monday, May 22, 2006


Light Continental Breakfast

Common Room

7:30 – 9:30 am


Communion Service for Candidates and Guests

8:00 – 9:00 am

Preacher:          Carolyn Sharp

Celebrant:         Dale Peterson


University Commencement

Old Campus

10:30 am


All participants are encouraged to meet in front of the Divinity School (on Prospect Street) at 9:15 to walk to Cross Campus behind the YDS banner.


Guests will be seated until 10:15 am.  Faculty and candidates assemble at 9:45 under the Divinity School sign on Cross Campus (in front of Sterling Library); follow your marshals, in any order.  Because the Commencement exercises will be outdoors even in the event of rain, you and your guests should be prepared with raincoats and umbrellas.  All candidates for degrees are required to attend the University Commencement.


Divinity Degree Program

12:30 pm

Divinity Quadrangle

This will include a brief ceremony with a Charge to the Graduates.  Diplomas will be awarded to members of the M.A.R., M.Div., and S.T.M. classes.  In caps and gowns, graduating M.Div., M.A.R., and S.T.M. assemble by degree and alphabetically behind the appropriate student marshal.  Attendance of each member of the graduating classes is required unless a request to be excused, addressed to the Dean in writing, is granted.


Graduate Reception

2:00 pm

Divinity Quadrangle (Prospect Street)



For more information on Commencement

For Divinity events,

            Contact the office of the associate deans

            Robert Wilson (432-5308) and/or Dale Peterson (432-5310)


For University events,

            Call 432-2310 for a recorded message or

            Visit the University website at


A rehearsal for graduation (where and when to stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight) will be held on
FRIDAY, MAY 19, at
11:00 a.m. on the Quad.  Rehearsal will take about an hour and will be followed by a pizza lunch for the graduating class.  Rehearsal isn't mandatory, but is an opportunity for graduates to
feel comfortable with the various processionals and recessionals (and who can pass up a free lunch and a chance to hang out with members of your class prior to the big day?)  This is a rehearsal for the purposes of learning how we will walk in and out for the academic processions of Commencement Worship (Sunday, 4pm) and Commencement Exercises (the diploma ceremony, Monday, 12:30pm), and how you will walk across the stage to receive diplomas.  We will not run through the entire programs of the Commencement Worship (Sunday,
4pm) and Commencement Communion (Monday, 8am) services at this rehearsal at 11am on Friday.  As Susan indicates, this particular rehearsal should last an hour only.  Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.  Many thanks to you all, and great rejoicings!


Graduation Photographs:  I'm writing to let you know that we'll be taking the Class of 2006 Photo at 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 21 in front of the Marquand Chapel steps. Please wear your caps and gowns as this is our one chance to take a formal photo of everyone together. If it is raining, we'll relocate inside the large tent in the middle of the quadrangle. You may purchase a class photo after May 24 from photographer Jim Anderson by visiting  Those 103 of you who ordered a composite photograph may pick them up at the table near the front of the tent entrance at the following times:  Sunday, May 21 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday, May 22 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.  If, for some reason, you can't pick up your composite, please drop me a line at or give me a call at 464-4429 and I'll mail it to you. It'll be easier for all of us, though, if you pick it up in person. As an added incentive, we'll be distributing parting gifts along with the composite photos.  Thank you and congratulations, Frank Brown.


Class Gift Contributions:  This is the last week you can contribute to the class gift before it is announced at the commencement worship service on Sunday. We are at 30% participation, and we would love for everyone to contribute. All donations will benefit student scholarships.  You can donate via cash, check, or credit card. Donations can be given:  In Person: To Peggy Ojeda on the second floor of Seabury (above the financial aid office). We will also set up a table during the graduation rehearsal and lunch on Friday, so please bring your gift then.  By mail:  Checks payable to "Yale Divinity School" with the memo line "2006 Class Gift" may be sent to the Office of Alumni Relations, 409 Prospect St., New Haven, 06511 or online at  Donations must be received by 3pm on Friday, May 19 in order to be counted toward the class gift for commencement. Donations received after that time will still go to the annual fund/class gift but will not be announced at graduation.  Thanks for giving back to YDS!  -Your 2006 Class Agents - Karilyn Crockett, Martha Korienek, Will Mebane, Elizabeth Marie Melchionna, Jennie Ott, Chan Sok Park, Kaji Spellman, Jared Stahler, Andy Thompson.

Caps and Gowns

Distribution Dates
Attire may be picked up at Payne Whitney Gymnasium pool amphitheater, located to the left of the main entrance, at the hours listed below. Please bring valid I.D.
Graduate and professional school distribution will begin on Thursday, May 18.

Wednesday, May 17 (seniors only)


10 am to 4 pm

Thursday, May 18


10 am to 4 pm

Friday, May 19


10 am to 4 pm

Saturday, May 20*


10 am to 2 pm

Sunday, May 21*


8 am to noon

Monday, May 22


8 am to 10 am

If you are unable to pick up your attire at the times above, please make arrangements for someone else to pick it up for you. The person picking up your attire must present a Yale I.D., or other valid identification, as well as a signed note from you authorizing pick-up.

Return Caps and Gowns:  On the day of Commencement, rental regalia ordered by Graduate and professional school candidates should be returned either to Payne Whitney Gymnasium or to the housing office of the Yale School of Medicine between the hours of 1 pm and 6 pm. The YSM housing office is located at
367 Cedar Street, first floor, inside Marigold’s Dining Hall. Failure to return rental regalia will result in a fine equaling replacement costs.

Special Accommodations – Old Campus Graduation

Yale's wheelchair-accessible special service vans are on call 24 hours Monday through Friday, as well as Saturday and Sunday of Commencement weekend. To schedule, call 203 432-2788.


Please Note:  The University Commencement Exercises (Old Campus ceremony) will be simulcast on the large screen of Niebuhr Hall in the Divinity School on Monday at 10:30am.  Also, the Monday 12:30pm Commencement Exercises (diploma ceremony) will be webcast (live streaming) on the YDS website.


Divinity School Parking Lot 11 (the large gated lot across from the main entrance) will be open to all cars on both Sunday and Monday of Commencement.

On-street handicapped parking for University Commencement weekend is available but limited. Spaces exist on the following streets: College Street, Elm Street, and High Street extension (near the Law School, opposite Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.)

University lots are open to the public all day Saturday and Sunday, as well as Friday after 4:00 pm. Satellite parking with wheelchair-accessible shuttle service from Pierson-Sage garage is available on the day of Commencement. See "Directions & Parking" for details. Please note that this shuttle service is provided on Monday only.

Seating for Commencement, Old Campus:  Old Campus is a flat grassy area, with accessible entrances on College and High Streets. On Commencement morning, an additional entrance is available to wheelchair users and their family members. This entrance, located on High Street near the Yale Post Office, leads to an area of reserved seating for wheelchair users and all accompanying family members. A small simulcast screen is erected in this section to enable better platform viewing. Directly across the street from the wheelchair entrance is an accessible portable restroom.

A special Divinity School shuttle van will be in operation on Monday to carry passengers from the Divinity School to Old Campus and back for the University Commencement Exercises.  The van will display a "Divinity School" sign.  The van will be a 32-passenger van with wheelchair accessibility.  The schedule is as follows:  8am - 10:30am, Divinity School (Prospect Street front gate) to Phelps Gate of Old Campus (College Street), in continuous round-trip runs.  11:30am - 1:30pm, Phelps Gate of Old
Campus (
College Street) to Divinity School (Prospect Street front gate). 

Simulcast:  Commencement is broadcast live on Yale cable television and the local Comcast channel. Both ceremonies are also simulcast to Battell Chapel and other wheelchair-accessible sites on campus.


YDS News

BTFO Coordinators 2006: 

Congratulations and best wishes to Wendy Liddle (MDiv '07) and Brandon Johnson (MDiv '08) upon their selection as Coordinators of the Before the Fall Orientation (BTFO) for 2006!  Brandon and Wendy will serve as primary designers and organizers of this orientation program for new students, scheduled this year for August 29 to September 1.   Wendy and Brandon will begin preparations for this annual event over the next few weeks, as they recruit volunteers from among the returning students to offer leadership and assistance in BTFO.  Please keep Brandon and Wendy in your good thoughts and supportive prayers as they undertake this important service on behalf of the Divinity School.  Wendy and Brandon, our congratulations, gratitude, and best wishes to you both!


CLC Coordinators 2006-2007: 

Congratulations and best wishes to Carmen Germino (MDiv '07) and Jessica Anschutz (MDiv '07) upon their selection as Community Life Committee (CLC) Co-Coordinators for the 2006-2007 academic year.  We are grateful to Jessica and Carmen for their willingness to serve the Divinity School community in this significant way, and we look forward with joyful anticipation to their able leadership of the CLC next year.  Carmen and Jessica, our prayers and hopeful thoughts are with you as you prepare to offer leadership in this community through the CLC.  Congratulations Carmen and Jessica!


Coffee Hour 2006-2007

Micah Luce (MAR '07) will serve as the preparer, coordinator, and general manager of our community Coffee Hour for academic year 2006-2007.  Micah will begin his Coffee Hour service to the community on the first day of classes in September.  We are grateful to him for taking on this important job!  Many thanks to Immaculee Kengbo (MDiv '06) who has prepared our Coffee Hour for the past two years and who has done an outstanding job in providing for our community in this significant way.  Thank you, Immaculee...  we are grateful to you!


Q Source Editor 2006-2007

The Q Source Editor for 2006-2007 will be Danielle Tumminio (MDiv '06, STM '07).  Congratulations, Danielle, and many thanks to you for your willingness to do this important work for the Divinity School.  Danielle will begin her work as Q Source Editor with the BTFO Edition in late August.  Thank you, Kelly for your excellent work this past year!  Best wishes, Danielle, for the coming year!

From Joe R. Jones, Visiting Professor of Theology:  It has been wonderful to be a member of the YDS community this academic year.  Thanks for the generous hospitality that students, faculty, and staff have extended to me.  Sarah and I live in a cabin on
Ft. Gibson Lake in Eastern Oklahoma.  Visitors welcome!  My Yale internet box should be open through July.  But the internet address below is open and now usable.  Stay in touch!

Joe and Sarah Jones

20040 S. Pistol Point Road

Hulbert, OK  74441



To: the Divinity School Community:
From: Richard Levin, President of Yale University

I write with the greatest pleasure to inform you that Harold Attridge has agreed to serve as Dean of the Divinity School for a second five year term, effective July 1, 2007.  In response to my request for an assessment of the Dean's performance during his first term, I received numerous letters strongly recommending his reappointment.  In these helpful letters, as well as in my meetings with many of you, it became evident that the Dean is viewed with great admiration and respect.  Known for being a good listener, colleagues pointed with approval to Dean Attridge's fairness, sensitivity, and intellectual leadership.  Students also enjoy their interactions with the Dean, who has clearly demonstrated a commitment to excellence for the School.  I was gratified to find my own admiration for Harry Attridge's work echoed so enthusiastically.  The Divinity School and the University are fortunate to have the services of such an outstanding leader, and I know that you join me in thanking him for his willingness to continue his outstanding service as Dean.




Do you have items that you would like to giveaway?  Well, this is a reminder that we are organizing a BTFO giveaway for the incoming students this fall.  So, if you have items that you think would be useful for students let us know.  The giveaway room is in the basement of Curtis hall.  We are available to let you in or schedule a time to pick stuff up if necessary.  Feel free to contact either Wendy Liddle ( or Brandon Johnson (


HELP WANTED: HOST / HOSTESS COUPLE:  The Overseas Ministries Study Center in New Haven, Connecticut seeks a married host-hostess couple to live in residence on our campus (preferably long term), beginning in July 2006. One person will be full-time, responsible for hospitality, housekeeping, secretarial support, and security of three campus buildings. The other person will be part-time, responsible for hospitality, maintenance and grounds, security, and livery service as needed. An applicant for the part-time position who has experience in property maintenance is invited to apply for the position of fulltime Maintenance Supervisor.  The couple should have excellent interpersonal skills and a willingness to work with people from all over the world. Flexibility is required. Salary, medical benefits, and a fully-furnished, air conditioned apartment are provided. Complete job descriptions are available upon request.  Couples with the requisite interest and experience should contact Jonathan Bonk, executive director, or Judy Stebbins, director of finance and housing at OMSC.  Tel: (203) 624-6672     


Ministry Resource Center

Visit the Ministry Resource Center at

Contact us at or 432-5319

Staff is available 10-3 weekdays


Congratulations, Graduates!  We want to be of service to you:  Membership in Ministry Resource Center is available after you graduate:  you and/or your congregation can be a member no matter where you live and after graduation you can continue to use the resources of the Center.  Ask us the details.  UPS will bring the things to you that we discuss on the phone or in email.  For details:  Ask about details in the
Ministry Resource Center!


During the summer, if you are a continuing student, you can check things out from the Ministry Resource Center for summer jobs, projects, fun, or continuing education on things you can’t take in courses.  Lectures from biblical scholars, sermons by noted preachers, DVDs and videos on church history, pastoral care, youth ministry, global issues, practice of ministry, creative worship….and much, much more.