December 12th, 2005

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Fall Final Exam Schedule 2005

Monday, December 12

9-12 noon

Rel. 600

O.T. Interpretation (J. Collins)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 600


Latourette S223


Rel. 600


Bushnell S200

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 601

N.T. Interpretation (Hultin)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 601


Latourette S223


Rel. 601


Bushnell S200

Tuesday, December 13

9-11 a.m.

Rel. 605

Elementary N.T. Greek (Nongbri)

Bushnell S200

9-12 noon

Rel. 604

Elementary Biblical Hebrew (Lemos)

Bushnell S100

9-12 noon

Rel. 798

Anglican Th/Hist. II: ECUSA/Anglican Church (Britton)

Bushnell S104

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 740

Rel. & Civil Rights Movement (Balmer)

Niebuhr Hall

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 853

Ritual & Music of Af/Am Worship (Costen)

Great Hall/ISM

Wednesday, December 14

9-12 noon

Rel. 618

Intermediate Greek (Gundry-Volf)

Broholm S202

9-12 noon

Rel. 726

Systematic Theology (J. Jones)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 726


Latourette S223


Rel. 726


Bushnell S200

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 782

Foundations of Xn. Worship (Spinks)

Niebuhr Hall

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 674

Intermediate Hebrew I (Hoffer)

Bushnell S101


Thursday, December 15

9-12 noon

Rel. 700

History of Xnity (Eire)


2-5 p.m.

Rel. 852

Exegesis Black Hymnody, Spirituals, Gospel Songs (Costen)

Great Hall/ISM

Friday, December 16

9-12 noon

Rel. 870

Environmental Ethics (Holmes)


9-12 noon

Rel. 791

UCC Polity (Siladi)

J.E. Dining

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 720

History of Xn. Theol. to 451 (Beeley)

Niebuhr Hall

To:         YDS Faculty and students


From:     Robert Wilson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs


Re:         Deadlines


Due Date

All work for the first semester is due by the end of the semester, Friday, December 16, unless the instructor specifies an earlier date.



1.          In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension of time beyond the end of the semester, but no extension can be given beyond Monday, February 6, 2006. 


2.     No work from  the first semester can be accepted by a faculty

        member after that date.


Additional Extensions

1            A student may appeal to the Professional Studies Committee for an additional extension.  Such an appeal must be made in writing before February 6 on a form provided by the Registrar’s office. 


2.     Extensions will be considered by the Committee only in exceptional circumstances, such as those indicated above.



The schedule of dates, deadlines, and extensions, as published by the Divinity School, applies to all courses to be credited towards a Divinity School degree, regardless of University department or school in which they are taken.

From the Registrar's Office:

Transcript Requests - Students requesting transcripts to be sent this month, please have your request in to the Registrar's office (Seabury, 1st floor) no later than Thursday, December 15.  After that date there is no guarantee the request can be filled before the winter recess.


If you are not returning second semester, please let the Registrar know.
On line registration will begin on January 9 and end on January 18.

Corrections to spring schedule:
Area II
Rel. 725 Patristic Christology changed to F 1:30-3:20
Rel. 795 Anglican Theology/History I: Great Britain changed to M, W 1:30-3:00

Area III
Rel. 701 Rel. in Am. Society 1550-1870 will not be offered

Area IV
Rel. 927 Text, Memory & Performance scheduled for Th 1:30-4:00
Rel. 962 Hymnody as a Resource for Preaching and Worship Tu 1:30-3:20
Rel. 967 Theologies of Preaching Th 1:30-3:20

Area V
Rel. 847 House of the Lord changed to M,W 9:00-10:20am


From the Office of Supervised Ministries: We will begin the interview and placement process for 2006-07 Part-time Internships with orientation meetings January 25 and 26.  If you would like to have an exploratory conversation with Barbara Blodgett before then, please schedule an appointment with her.  Otherwise, simply be ready to choose from the sites she will suggest for you.


On Campus

The Committee for Spiritual Formation & the Practice of Faith invites you to...
Prayer & Music Space during Exam Week:
in Marquand Chapel.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, December 11-14 from 9:00pm-10:00pm.

If there is a song or prayer in your heart,
you are invited to gather informally together
as the spirit moves you, to break from your labors.
Pray together or solo
sing together or solo
or simply sit in silence.
Feel free to bring musical instruments
or to use the piano.
Come and go as you wish.


Quiet Prayer Space during reading period and exams:  The Committee for Spiritual Formation and the Practice of Faith has reserved the Nouwen Prayer Chapel, in the lower level of the library, as a quiet prayer space daily from 12 noon to 2 p.m. from now through December 16 (subject, of course, to the library's hours). Come and pray! Come to find refreshment from your labors or rejuvenation for your next task. Come to praise God for insights gained and meaningful work accomplished. Or come simply to rest awhile in a peaceful, holy place.  Questions – feel free to contact Carolyn Sharp.


Food Drive:  The YCSJ/Connecticut Food Bank food drive is still going on and will continue up until the last day of the semester.  Items for the drive are being placed in the Common Room next to the little table by the Angel Tree.  All of us at YCSJ want to extend our thanks to those who have already participated.  Again, information about the food drive can be found at  The items they are asking for are Canned Items: Tuna, Canned Meat, Peanut Butter, Beef Stew, Macaroni & Cheese, Chunky Soups, Cereal/Oatmeal, Spaghetti & Sauce Rice, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruits, Beans, Cooking Oils,  Powdered Milk, and 100 % Fruit Juice.  Personal Care Items: Shampoo, Toothpaste, Diapers, Depends, Deodorant, Detergents, Brushes, Shaving Cream and Razors.


Divinity School Christmas Gifts:  Each Christmas, we present a gift of money to the members of the Divinity School custodial, dining hall, grounds, and security staff, as one way of expressing our appreciation for the important service they offer to our community each day.  This gift of money is based on your individual contributions and is presented to our colleagues on the last day of work before the Christmas holiday.  If you would like to contribute to the gift, please make your donation in cash to me.  If it is necessary for you to write a check, you may do so (make it payable to "Dale Peterson"), but a cash contribution is preferred.  You may hand your contribution to me directly, or leave it for me at my office.  We will collect contributions from Thursday, December 1st through Thursday, December 15th.  This expression of appreciation to these friends and colleagues is an enduring and heartfelt tradition of the Divinity School community.  This is one way we can offer thanks to these individuals who make our daily routines in this place more enjoyable and productive.  If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.  Thank you!  -Dale Peterson


QSource Submissions:  This is the final QSource of this semester.  There will be no Q Source until January 9th, 2006!  All submissions for the January 9 Q Source are due by Friday, January 6th, 2006.


Lectures and Events

(Yale and New Haven)

Immanuel, God with Us....STILL! Sunday, December 18th @ 5:00 p.m. Candlelight 2005 Worship Service at the Greater Allen Cathedral of New York located in Jamaica, Queens.  The service will include a sermon and a combine worship offering from the Worship and Arts Ministry of Allen including the Music Ministry, The Allen Liturgical Dance Ministry, Creative Arts Ministry, Drama Ministry and Step Team Ministry.  Arrival time should be by 3:30 at the latest to make sure you can secure seating. I can arrange for Yale Divinity students to sit together if arranged prior to the 18th.  Contact Alisha Jones for more information.


OMSC Christmas Reception:  The Overseas Ministries Study Center will hold its Christmas Reception on Wednesday, December 14, 2005, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., at OMSC's Great Commission Hall, 490 Prospect Street, New Haven. The public is invited. The international community of residents will provide music. Details about and directions to OMSC are available by telephone at (203) 624-6672 or are online at (What's New?).

Robert Fuller is coming to Yale on
February 2, 2006. He's coming to speak about his book, "Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank" and the issue of what he calls "rankism." More info and registration are at  The morning lecture is free; the afternoon workshop has a nominal fee.


Bonhoeffer Film:  The award-winning documentary film BONHOEFFER will be broadcast nationwide on PBS February 6, 2006 at 10 PM Eastern Time (check local listings).  For more information about the film visit


Workshop on Fundamentalism: Political, Religious, and Secular.  It will take place as one of the many workshops within the International Society for the Study of European Ideas conference at the University of Malta. Given the complexity of the concept of Fundamentalism, this workshop invites scholars to offer papers addressing theoretical, conceptual, social, political, and religious issues surrounding the notion of Fundamentalism. Please send paper proposals with a brief abstract to the contact below by December 15, 2005. Electronic submissions are welcomed.  Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riano, Darville University, Department of Social Sciences and History.  Tel: 937.766.3256 Fax: 937.766.7583 or email


North American Academy of Ecumenists Announces 2006 Essay Contest:  Students in seminaries, theological schools and graduate schools of religion are invited to enter an essay contest sponsored by the North American Academy of Ecumenists.  The essay is to be based on the theme of the next NAAE conference set for September 22-24, 2006:  “The Eucharist: Sign and Source of Unity?”  Web site:  The winning essay writer will receive an award of $250, will attend the 2006 conference of the NAAE in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and may be invited to present a précis of the essay.  Registration and travel expenses will be covered by the Academy.

Dorlores Zohrab Liebmann Fund:  I write to bring to your attention the annual application process for the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund, which awards graduate fellowships in any recognized field of study in the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences (including law, medicine, engineering, architecture or other formal professional training).  The 2006-2007 fellowships will include full tuition plus a stipend of $18,000.  Yale is among a select group of universities invited to nominate up to three registered graduate and professional students per year.  Additional information is available at  The criteria are outstanding undergraduate records, financial need and U.S. citizenship.  I have attached the application materials to this e-mail and ask that you forward any nominations from your respective schools (i.e., complete applications, including letters of recommendation) by Wednesday, January 4 to my office (Hall of Graduate Studies, Room 134).  Contrary to the directions on the form, applicants do not need to provide four copies and should not send the materials directly to the trustees.  As these applications will first be considered by the Office of the Provost, which will select the three nominations from Yale for the year, the University's internal deadline of January 4 supersedes the stated deadline of January 31.




Library positions available:  Circulation desk positions: needed - someone to work Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday mornings.  Please contact Susan Burdick if you are interested (

Handy person needed:  Experienced household maintenance and minor repair worker needed for a handful of projects inside my Cheshire home.  Jobs will include tasks like small sheet rock repair, painting, door hanging.  Can pay either by the hour or by the job, as negotiated.  If you have relevant experience, desire a handful of odd jobs that you can schedule at your convenience through the winter and into the spring, and have a car, contact Wes Avram at 432-9588 or


House/Pet Sitter Needed:  I am going to be away December 23 to January 2. I'll pay $150, and the person gets my place for entertaining, enjoying the fireplace, etc.  Interested?  Contact Dale Martin ( or home: 203.787.0132.


Administrative Support Position: Overseas Ministries Study Center is seeking a computer literate, academically savvy individual to provide administrative support services for Professor Lamin Sanneh's Oxford Studies in World Christianity publication project, with offices located at the Overseas
Ministries Study Center
. Must be self-motivated, with ability to accept responsibility, organize work, carry on correspondence, meet deadlines and maintain confidentiality. The successful candidate will have strong organizational skills, an appropriate academic background, as well as administrative and some editorial skills.  This is a two and one-half year, part-time position with flexible hours beginning in January 2006.  Preference will be given to an appropriately qualified and experienced individual who can commit to the duration of the project.  Job description provided on request.  Send Resume by mail or by email attachment to:  Dr. Jonathan Bonk, Oxford Studies in World Christianity (OSWC) at


Spiritual Life


University Public Worship at Battell Chapel: An ecumenical worship service of the historic Church of Christ in Yale.  11 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  Church school/child care provided. Handicap accessible. We welcome and support persons of any race, age, nationality, physical ability, mental condition and sexual orientation.


Morning Prayer with Eucharist will be said at 8 am each weekday during Reading and Exam Weeks at Berkeley Center, 363 St. Ronan Street, at the corner of St. Ronan and Canner.  The service generally lasts approximately 30 minutes.  Please note that there will be no Evening Prayer services.   Feel free to come when you can; all are welcome.


Ministry Resource Center

Visit the Ministry Resource Center at  

Contact us at or 432-5319

Staff is available 10-3 weekdays


v     Kwanzaa resources:  activities, storybooks, games, for all ages…  Check them out.

v     Videos on Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Movement, posters, activities. 

v     Epiphany and Three Kings Day resources can help you plan worship and activities for all ages.

v     Interfaith Worship for Martin Luther King Day resources:  do you need them?

v     Safe sanctuaries, safe church practices, avoiding risk, clergy misconduct, trust:  see our resources in print and video/DVD

v     Games, nativity puppets, nativity scenes, videos, and storybooks for children to help them experience Advent at home or at church.

v     Need African American hymnals or other hymnals and supplements, Taize music and videos?  Ask us about them.

v     Yes, we have Vacation Bible School curriculum, even for 2006, if you or your congregation now needs to see it.

v     Videos on the basics of Christianity that can be used in segments with supper, music, worship, for enhancing fellowship and discipleship: Beginnings, Living the Questions,

v     Prepare for CHURCH HISTORY courses second semester.  Look at video and DVDs over break.

v     Introducing the Old or New Testament DVD and video:  need an overview before your course??????

v     Lent study Hallelujah: The Bible and Handel’s Messiah—sound interesting?