October 17th, 2005


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Recess at YDS!

Recess at YDS is a gift to you; it is a post-mid-term time for fun, relaxation, prayer, and merriment making.  You are invited to come to as much or as little as you like; it’s as win-win as choosing between the fries and the Happy Meal.  Bon appetite!


Feel free to meditate in the Nouwen Prayer Chapel, skip down the halls blowing any bubbles that you might find, and peruse the activities on the schedule below.  The possibilities with the sidewalk chalk are endless.  Recess was brought to you by the Community Life Committee,--take a break, you’ve earned it!



1:00 Ping-Pong Tournament Commences

         Hosted by the Nightwalking Society, this tournament will run throughout all of Recess in

         the Commuter Lounge.  (not on, but near Holy Grounds).  Sign up by contacting Jonathan

         Page.  Who’s the best at YDS?

5:45 Spiritual Life at YDS Conversation with Prof. Thomas Troeger

         Each month the CLC and the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation will have a

         professor talk about how they maintain their faith practices while at YDS—Prof. Troeger

         is the brave soul who is going first!  Come and hear about his musical spiritual practices in

         the ISM Great Hall!

6:45 Community Dinner

         Hosted by the lovely and lively YDS Student Council, the Community Dinner will be held

         in the Common Room.

9:00 Game Night and s’mores

         More than just an incentive to clean up after the Community Dinner, the Common Room

         will become like recess on a rainy day, but better!  Not only will there be board games to

         play, there will be s’mores.  Mmmm…. S’mores….






All day: Ping-Pong Tournament

         Bring it!



10:30 “Recess” themed Marquand Chapel service

         Everyone’s favorite Dean of Students, Dale Peterson, celebrating.

4:00 Friday Fellowship

        This is not your average Friday Fellowship!  Come meet on the Quad for fellowship and a

         little friendly competition!  There will be a Student-Faculty Horseshoe Competition

         hosted by the Nightwalking Society as well as volleyball, croquet, and bocce ball.

10:00 Lounge Lizards at the GPSCY

        Put on your leisure suit.  The Divinity School has commandeered the lounge at the

         GPSCY and their karaoke machine for you to come and sing with your friends! 



9:30 Yoga with Eric

         A YDS Favorite: it’s good for the mind, body, and soul.  Come to the RSV room for an

         hour-long yoga session.  Mats provided.


1:30 Art and Soul Painting Retreat

Through movement, breathing and music we will engage the right side of the brain

where creativity resides.  Then, using the vibrant colors and paint-like flow of oil pastels or tempera paint, our “paintings” will create themselves from personal and archetypal images stored in the deep well of our unconscious.  These paintings will then become the focus of our individual meditation and inner journeying. So come, artists and “non artists” alike and experience the freedom and joy in “the Process”; let’s create soul art together!


Wear socks, and loose, washable, comfortable clothes to move in; we will use tempera paints.  The class will meet in Latourette and will end at 5pm. There is a non-refundable $5 fee for supplies.  RSVP to Elizabeth Marie Melchionna by Thursday, October 20th at 5pm.  Brought to you by the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation.


2:00 East Rock hike

         Nothing says Recess like time outdoors.  The Outings Club will be hosting a fun and

         relaxing hike up Eat Rock in New Haven.  Meet in the Common Room.


3:00 Pumpkin Carving

         It’s almost Halloween!  Time for Pumpkin Carving!  Meet in the RSV room to carve your

         pumpkin with The Nightwalking Society.  


5:00 Ping-Pong Tournament Ends

         Who will be victorious?  There can be only one.


Recess—we won’t take your lunch money, scout’s honor.




On Campus

Monday:         Marquand Harvest Festival!  Food, drink, and fellowship in worship
Tuesday:         Service of the Word, Prof. Randall Balmer, preaching
Wednesday:    New! Sung Morning Prayer
Thursday:        A Service of Word and Breath, Laura Sponseller, M.Div. '06, preaching
Friday:             Recess Eucharist, Rev. Barbara Blodgett, presiding


      Monday, October 17:      3 p.m. CVs
      Monday, October 17:      
4 p.m. resumes
      Monday, October 17:     
5 p.m. credentials.
I am happy to give you all the one on one resume/CV help you need provided you attend a workshop!  For more information contact Susan Olson (


KNITTING GROUP - The YDS Women's Center invites all knitters and those interested in learning to knit to gather for conversation, prayer, and knitting.  Knitting group meets each Monday at 8pm in the Women's Center (Fisher Hall, 2nd floor).  For more information, write to

BIBLICAL AND ANCIENT STUDIES WOMEN’S GROUP:  The first meeting of the Biblical and Ancient Studies Women's Group will be on Tuesday, October 18th at 12pm in the JE Dinning Room.  The MAR/STM Women's Group is designed for women who are interested in pursuing academic careers in Biblical Studies, Ancient Judaism and Ancient Christianity.  It will meet twice a semester in order that students can meet women faculty and PhD students in an intimate and friendly setting.  The group is designed to assist women with all aspects of their MA program from how best to prepare for class and balance schedules to writing and researching term-papers and making applications to graduate school.  It is open to all, including those who are neither women nor biblical scholars.  Feel free to come late and to bring lunch!  If you have any questions or require additional information please email either or  We hope to see you there!


YDS RECRUTING VISITS - Melissa Pucci, Assistant Director of Admissions, will be visiting the following schools this week: Wednesday, October 19: Mount Holyoke College from 12:15-1:15 and Smith College at 4:30.  If you have friends at Mount Holyoke or Smith who may be interested in exploring graduate theological education at YDS, please invite them to meet Melissa!

SPIRITUAL LIFE AT YDS CONVERSATION SERIES: is a monthly conversation where professors will have an opportunity to share about their spiritual practices and faith in the midst of their academic work and life.  Possible topics may include academia as a spiritual practice, the impact of faith on his or her studies, or others.  This Thursday, Oct. 20th, Prof. Thomas Troeger will share about his spiritual practices and his work with hymnody.  Please gather in the ISM Great Hall at 5:45 for this chance to get to know more about our new Homiletics Professor!  Sponsored by the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation at the CLC.  Questions? Contact Martha Korienek at


AUTHOR THOMAS LYNCH ON CAMPUS:  Join us this Thursday, October 20th for a visit by poet, essayist, and undertaker Thomas Lynch.  Described by Richard Bernstein in The New York Times as a cross between Garrison Keillor and William Butler Yeats, Mr. Lynch is the author of three books of poetry and several collections of essays.  His sometimes irreverent, sometimes profoundly moving collection of essays, The Undertaking: Life Stories from the Dismal Trade, won the American Book Award, the Heartland Prize for Nonfiction, and was a finalist for the National Book Award. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Christian Century, Harper's, Esquire, Newsweek, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and many others. He has appeared on Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, the BBC, and NPR.  Students are invited and encouraged to join Mr Lynch from 3:30 - 4:00 in the Jonathan Edwards Room for an informal conversation about his work, copies of which are available outside Professor Martha Serpas' office. There will be a Public Reading by the author, followed by a book-signing and reception, beginning at 4:15 in the Bookstore.  Copies of his books are currently available for sale at the SBS.  This event is the second in the 2005-06 Yale Literature and Spirituality Series, and is sponsored by the Institute of Sacred Music and the YDS Student Book Supply.  Future events include: Pulitzer Prize winner Marilynne Robinson, novelist and essayist, November 10th.  For more information, call the ISM at 432-5062 or the Bookstore at 432-6101.


FIRST YEAR WOMEN'S GROUP - All first-year women are invited to join a bible study/spiritual support group.  Please join us for fellowship and prayer as you adjust to YDS and work to integrate your faith and studies.   The group meets each Thursday at 8pm in the Women's Center (Fisher Hall, 2nd floor).  For more information, write to


THE ART AND SOUL WORKSHOP:  Through movement, breathing and music we will engage the right side of the brain where creativity resides.  Then, using the vibrant colors and paint-like flow of oil pastels or tempera paint, our “paintings” will create themselves from personal and archetypal images stored in the deep well of our unconscious.  These paintings will then become the focus of our individual meditation and inner journeying.  So come, artists and “non artists” alike and experience the freedom and joy in “the Process;” let’s create soul art together!  Saturday, October 22nd from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm in Latourette Hall.   Registration and Supply fee of $5.00 (non-refundable).  Please wear socks, and loose, washable, comfortable clothes to move in; we will use tempera paints.  Call Harriet at (860) 210-1699 with any questions or concerns. RSVP to Elizabeth Marie Melchionna by Thursday, October 20th at 5pm.  (  About the facilitator:  Harriet has been involved in art since childhood and as an art major in college, a grade school art teacher, a student at the Art Students League and as a landscape and still life painter.  Eight years ago, she began her exploration  of process painting and most recently studied with Aviva Gold.  Harriet holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology where she trained as a spiritual director.  Her background in art and spirituality form the base for her development of art/spirituality workshops.  Sponsored by the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation.  A Part of “Recess at YDS.”


ALL SCHOOL CONFERENCE PLANNING MEETING:  There will be meeting MONDAY, OCTOBER 24 at 12:30 in the Jonathan Edwards Dining Room to begin planning for the All School Conference.  The theme for All School Conference this year will be "The Prophetic Voice."  Please come if you are interested in helping!  Questions?  Please contact Martha Korienek at


ISM October Events 

(for more information on any of these events please contact


Monday, October 17 | 4:30 pm (Divinity School Common Room)
The first Liturgy Symposium of the season: The Sacramental Worldview of Africans and African Americans -
Melva Costen, Visiting Professor of Liturgical Studies.
Refreshments served for mind, body, and spirit. Lecture is free and open to the public.

Tuesday, October 18 |
5:15 PM (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)
Zarlino and Monteverdi Between Theory and Practice. Yale Schola Cantorum performs as guests of the Yale Collegium Musicum.

Thursday, October 20 | 4:15 PM  (Divinity Book Supply)
Literature and Spirituality: Thomas Lynch, poet and essayist. More information and live webcast at


Thursday, October 27 | 4:30 PM (ISM Great Hall)
Reception for artist J. Michael Walker.  The sacred art of J. Michael Walker will be on display in
New Haven at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music from October 10 – November 30. The free exhibition, entitled Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe: J. Michael Walker’s Life with the Virgin and Saints, is open weekdays 9 – 4. Most of the works will then travel to New York to the National Museum of Catholic Art and History, where they will be on display from December 10, 2005 to August 30, 2006. More information at

Sunday, October 30 | 4:00 PM  (St. Matthew's, Wilton, CT)
Grant Us Peace,  Concert of the Yale Camerata. Free and Open to the Public.

Monday, October 31 | 4:15 PM  (Yale Divinity School Common Room)
Christian Modernism as Cultural Reference - Robert Inchausti, Professor of English,
California Polytechnic University. Free and Open to the Public.


Lectures and Events

(Yale and New Haven)


Faith and Feminism:  Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt is making a special presentation on "Faith and Feminism" based on her exciting and readable new book by the same title. (Her book will be available for purchase that evening.) This lecture will take place at Hartford Seminary on Tues. Oct 18th at 7:00 PM.  Helen's leadership in the women's movement has been recognized by her inclusion in the National Women's Hall of Fame. Her book breaks new ground by arguing for a "holy alliance" between Christian faith and feminism, illustrated by historical examples from Sojourner Truth and Emily Dickenson to Dorothy Day.  We urge you to attend this unusual opportunity to learn from and dialogue with a person who has committed her life to bridging these movements.  Since Plowshares recommended inviting Helen Hunt to the Seminary, a suggestion which was embraced by President Heidi Hadsell and Prof. MT Winter, the $8 entrance fee for Plowshares' guests will be waived.  If you are planning to attend, please contact the seminary telling them that you will be attending as a guest of Plowshares.  Questions contact the plowshares institute (860) 651-4304.


What’s the Purpose of a Yale Education: A Forum on Gender, Education, and Career in Response to the NY Times.  Please join us for this panel discussion on Wednesday, October 19th from 12:30 – 1:30 in the Hall of Graduate Studies room 211.  In response to the recent article "Many Women at Elite Colleges Set Career Path to Motherhood," this panel addresses the accuracy of the article's conclusions.  In addition to the "truth of the trend," we ask what beliefs and opinions are part of the decision of young privileged and educated women to seemingly give-up that privilege to be "only" stay-at-home-moms?  From a gendered perspective, how might today's young male students re-think "traditional" family roles?


The Yale World Fellows Program Presents: 2005 Return to Yale Forum Lectures 60 World Fellows 3 Lectures 1 Night.  These three lectures will take place this Thursday, October 20, 5:30PM at Sterling Memorial Library & Yale Law School.  A Gala Reception will follow at 7:00PM in the Beinecke Rare Book Library.
      Terrorism: Politics By Other Means?  (
Yale Law School Auditorium)
      Can We End Poverty in Our Time?  (Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall)
      AIDS: Crisis of Sex, Drugs or Culture? (Yale Law School Lecture Hall 120)

Hot Coffee, Hot Issues:  The Yale World Fellows Program is pleased to announce... The 2005 Hot Coffee, Hot Issues International Affairs Discussion Series. Hot Coffee, Hot Issues is a weekly discussion series on current developments in international affairs led by experts from both inside and outside the Yale community.  Each week, a new topic will be selected from the headlines for Friday's discussion.  Coffee, tea and morning pastries are served at 8:15am and conversation will begin at 8:30am.  If you would like to receive the weekly discussion topic by email, or know someone else who would, please send an email to  


“Challenges of Theological Training for Ministry:  Is Anything Missing?”  Dr. Marcella Hoesl, M.M., professor of systematic theology at Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas, and senior mission scholar in residence for the fall semester at OMSC.  The lecture begins at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, October 21, 2005.  Bring a light lunch at 12:15 p.m.  Coffee will be provided.  For lecture details or directions, visit (What’s New?) or call (203) 624-6672, ext. 315.


Network for Sustainable New Haven Fundraiser:  The Network for a Sustainable New Haven's mission involves connecting the various groups and people around here who are already working on sustainability issues, and generating synergy through those connections. Up to this point the organization has simply served as a clearinghouse for information about local efforts and opportunities, distributed by e-mail every week or so. But now we are stepping up the pace as there seems to be momentum around New Haven, with growing activity in the areas of organic food production and farmers' markets, sustainable transportation solutions, environmental justice, clean energy, green building design and construction, the New Haven Green Map, and much more.  To this end, we are holding an exciting fundraiser on Saturday, October 22 at 5 pm at the Peabody Museum.  This event will include a speaker, a gourmet buffet dinner of local and organic produce (Claire’s Corner Copia) and a Jazz concert. The money raised will fund the creation of a public exhibit kiosk about the value of sustainable choices and ways to make those choices right here at home.  It will be produced in 2006 under the direction of the New Haven Environmental Coalition (made up of over 50 leaders and groups in New Haven).  The suggested donation is $50 per adult, but we would gladly accept less! Of course, donations are tax deductible. If you are interested, let me know and I can get you a ticket.  Please contact David Mangold Heiser with questions 203.432.3776.


Whole Foods in the Have:  Whole Foods, a supermarket selling organic food, came to New Haven the
week of Aug 22 to look at potential sites. If you are interested in having this market in greater New Haven, please email to, to express your support.  Then, please send an email to another person asking them to write in favor of Whole Foods as well. 


Civil Union?  Gay Marriage?  None of the Above?  If you have questions about “Sorting Out the Issue,” Presbyterian Promise invites you to be part of a weekend with Marvin Ellison, October 22-23, 2005.  Rev. Marvin Ellison’s work focuses on the ethical issues relating to sexuality, spirituality, and justice.  His Same-Sex Marriage? A Christian Ethical Analysis explores the issues behind one of the most urgent discussions facing Christians.  For more information, contact Dick Hasbany at or at (203) 777-4579.


Onward Christian Media - According to a recent wave of news stories, the conservative Christian right wields an increasingly powerful media force and is becoming more creative at getting their message out – on television and radio, and in movies, books and magazines.  While some don’t see a cause for alarm, others believe this kind of proselytizing dangerously blurs the lines between politics and religion. Join the conversation. Presenters are Chris Hedges, author, Losing Moses on the Freeway: The 10 Commandments in America; War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning, former correspondent, The New York Times and Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor and Columnist, Newsweek.  This event will be co-presented with New School University’s Media Studies Program on Tuesday, October 25, 6:30 to 8:00 pm at New School University, Lang Student Center, Arnhold Hall, 2nd Floor, 55 West 13th Street.  To RSVP: visit, email or call 212-686-5005.


BLACK THEOLOGY AND WOMANIST THEOLOGY IN DIALOGUE: WHICH WAY FORWARD FOR THE CHURCH AND THE ACADEMY?  A Conference to be held October 31 – November 4, 2005.  Sponsored by the University of Chicago Divinity School and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  Cosponsored by the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture, the Office of  Minority Student Affairs, the Office of Community and Governmental Affairs, and the
Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, at the
University of ChicagoFunded by the Louisville
  Professors Dwight Hopkins (Chicago) and Linda Thomas (LSTC) are the conference coordinators. The conference web site is:


The Future of Philanthropy:   Join us on Friday, November 4, 2005, at the Future of Philanthropy conference organized by the Yale SOM Net Impact Club and sponsored by the Yale SOM Program on Social Enterprise.  The conference will allow future leaders of business and society to share innovative ideas on how to incorporate capital into positive societal impact through the most effective methods.  To this end, we have planned a full day of panels and workshops, approaching issues in philanthropy from various perspectives:  discipline-specific, location-centered, innovative models, relationships, sustainability, and motivation.  Only $10 for Yale students!  For details, visit our website at 


Turning the Wheel, Henri Nouwen and Our Search for God:  The year 2006 is the tenth anniversary of Henri Nouwen’s death.  To mark this anniversary, the Nouwen Archives at the University of St. Michael’s College is hosting a three day gathering from May 18-20, 2006 that will bring together scholars, students, ministers, and spiritual seekers to explore themes and ideas that preoccupied Nouwen in his lifetime and which have particular relevance in today’s context.  We are seeking proposals for individual presentations, full sessions, and workshops that will address the relevance of Henri Nouwen’s vision of the spiritual life from a variety of perspectives  Proposals for individual presentations, full sessions or workshops should be approximately one page in length, including: 1) title; 2) short description of the proposed paper, session, or workshop, including its estimated length (approx. 250 words), and; 3) full contact information—mailing address, email address and daytime telephone number.  The deadline for proposals is November 1, 2005.  These should be sent to:  Gabrielle Earnshaw at For more information see: nouwen/conference 


Pastors and Lay Leadership Conference:  “Organizing for Justice:  Reawakening, Reclaiming and Restoring the Village.”  This conference is hosted by Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. February 7-9, 2006 in Jacksonville, FL.  For more information please contact the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. (773) 548-6619 or visit our website at or email 





Female Research Assistant Needed: (healthcare economics project) Looking for female research assistant for a research project with Dr. Howard Forman from the Department of Radiology at the School of Medicine.  The project, on healthcare access to mammography services for breast cancer, entails telephone surveys of mammography facilities and attempting to schedule mammography appointments.  We are looking for a female research assistant for phone calls simulating calls from actual patients. We will need someone for 3-5 weekdays per week (approx. 15 hours per week preferred) for 2-4 continuous weeks during a period between 10/24 and 11/23.  The pay is $10-$12/hour. If you are interested, please reply as soon as possible to with: the minimum number of hours per day and days per week that you would be able to contribute and your phone number and email address for contact.  Questions?  Please contact Akash Shah at (203) 500-4294.


Part-time Administrative Assistant Needed:  First Presbyterian Church of New Haven is looking for a part-time administrative assistant (approximately 10 hours a week).  Hours that need to be filled are T/W/Th 9 a.m. – Noon.  Contact Bill Goettler at (203) 562-5664 or for more details!

Spiritual Life


University Public Worship at Battell Chapel: An ecumenical worship service of the historic Church of Christ in Yale.  11 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  Church school/child care provided. Handicap accessible. We welcome and support persons of any race, age, nationality, physical ability, mental condition and sexual orientation.


Ministry Resource Center

Visit the Ministry Resource Center at  

Contact us at or 432-5319

Staff is available 10-3 weekdays


Oct. 18, 1-2                   Easy, High Quality, Lay-led Adult Education

Oct. 27, 1-2                   Youth Ministry Shaped by Congregational Assets: Research Findings on Exemplary Youth Ministry

Nov. 2, 10-11                 Easy, High Quality, Lay-led Adult Education

Nov. 3, 12:30-1:30        Making and Using a Narrative Budget

Nov. 4, 1-2                    Characteristics of Mature Christian Youth: Research On Exemplary Youth Ministry


We have liturgical resources, activities for intergenerational groups or study group resources for: United Nations (Sunday, Oct. 23), Children’s Sabbath (your choice any Sunday this Fall), All Saints Day, Halloween and alternatives to Halloween!


Learn with your learning style: See videos, DVDs on church history, biblical subjects, Listen to CDs of the Bible, check out DVDs/videos on various liturgies and cultural contexts for liturgy!


Curriculum is available for groups for adults, youth, children: these are easy to adapt to your situation!


Writing a paper on your denomination’s position on: sacraments, homosexuality, war, etc?  Come see the resources for your project.