October 10th, 2005


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Academic Information




1.      September 9, is the due date for submitting a reading course proposal.


2.      After September 9, approval must be gained from the student’s academic advisor to add or drop a course.  No course can be added after September 21.


3.      After September 9, a fee of $10 will be charged for each course change.


4.      September 14 is the last day to submit a request of Credit/No Credit form.  It is also the last day to submit a form to take a Credit/No Credit course for a grade.


5.      October 19 is the last day to drop a course.  Courses dropped after October 19 will have a grade of “F” or “NC” automatically recorded.


6.      December 16 is the official end of the term, and all work is due by that date.  Faculty may set earlier deadlines if they wish.  In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension until February 6.  After February 6, all requests for further extensions must be submitted to the Professional Studies Committee.



APPLICATION FOR EXTENDED CONCENTRATED M.A.R. PROGRAM.  This program is described on p. 48 of the current catalog.  An application for admission to the extended degree program must include: 1)  Your name, 2) Address and e-mail address, 3) Area of concentration, 4) A statement of the reasons you want to extend your MAR for a third year (up to eighteen hours of work), 5) Names of two faculty members who know your work and are in the field in which the degree program is concentrated.  PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO GRACE CHAO, ROOM N122, SEABURY 1st floor, BY October 17, 2005.  Admission decisions will be announced by November 15, 2005.  Robert Wilson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.


Convocation Schedule

Monday, October 10, 2005


 8:30 am           Welcome Desk Opens • Sarah Smith Gallery


 9:30 am           Opening Reunion Worship led by the Class of ’55 • Marquand Chapel


10:00 am          Rehearsal for Sam Todd Speech Choir • Jonathan Edwards Dining Room


10:30 am          Coffee • Common Room


11:00 am          Gathering for the ’84, ’85 & ’86 Cluster Reunion • Bushnell Seminar Room (S100)


11:00 am          Rehearsal for Sam Todd Memorial • Marquand Chapel


11:30 am          Picnic Lunch for the ’84, ’85 & ’86 Cluster Reunion • Bushnell Seminar Room (S100)


12:00 pm          Class of ’55 Reunion Luncheon with Dean Attridge • Common Room

(tickets required) (Class photo following • Adams Court)


 1:30 pm           In Celebration for the Life of Sam Todd ’84 • Marquand Chapel

                        “Mourning a Loss, Celebrating a Life”


 1:45 pm           Afternoon gathering for Class of ’55 • Richard J. Wood Seminar Room


 1:45 pm           Afternoon gathering for Class of ’80 • Taylor Seminar Room (S212)


 2:15 pm           Afternoon gathering for Class of ’50 • Jonathan Edwards Dining Room


 2:30 pm           Alumni Tea • Common Room

                        Class photos during • Adams Court

                        Class of ’50

                        Class of ’80

                        Classes of ’64, ’65 & ’66

                        Classes of ’84, ’85 & ’86

                        Classes of ’99, ’00 & ’01


 4:00 pm           Opening Convocation • Marquand Chapel

                        First Beecher Lecture:  Harry S. Stout

Preaching Morality in America’s Civil War

I:  And the War Came


5:45 pm            Reception • Day Missions Library


6:15 pm            Class of ’80 Reunion Dinner • Quinnipiack Club

                        (tickets required)


6:15 pm            Reunion Cocktail Party for the ’99, ’00 & ’01 Cluster Reunion •  

Berkeley Center


6:15 pm            Dinner Party for the ’84, ’85 & ’86 Cluster Reunion •

Quinnipiack Club


8:00 pm            Concert • Woolsey Hall

Rejoice! The Musical Legacy of Robert Baker
Yale Camerata, Marguerite Brooks, director

Yale Schola Cantorum,

Simon Carrington, director

Thomas Murray, organ with Martin Jean and other special guests

Presented by the Yale Institute of Sacred Music



Tuesday, October 11, 2005


8:00 am            Breakfast with Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins, General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) • Jonathan Edwards Dining Room


9:00 am            Worship • Marquand Chapel

                        Reverend Sharon E. Watkins, preacher


9:45 am            Coffee • Common Room


9:45 am            Walking Tours of Sterling Divinity Quadrangle • Front Gate of           

                        Sterling Divinity Quadrangle


10:30 am          First Taylor Lecture: William Alston, delivered by Nicholas Wolterstorff • Marquand Chapel

Divine Mystery and Our Knowledge of God
I: The Divine Mystery Thesis


12:00 pm          Alumni Luncheon in honor of David H. Kelsey • Common Room

                        (tickets required)


1:30 pm            ISM Kavanagh Lecture:  Janet R. Walton • ISM Great Hall

                        Ritual Action Global Action


2:45 pm            State of the School Address by Dean Harold Attridge

                        and Annual General Meeting of Alumni • Niebuhr Hall


4:00 pm            Second Beecher Lecture:  Harry S. Stout • Marquand Chapel

Preaching Morality in America's Civil War
II:  The Conduct of the War


5:45 pm            Wine and Cheese Reception • Common Room


6:45 pm            Alumni Awards Banquet • New Haven Lawn Club

(tickets required)



Wednesday, October 12, 2005


7:30 am          Yale Divinity School Board of Alumnal Affairs Meeting • RSV Room


9:00 am            Worship • Marquand Chapel

                        Reverend Martin Copenhaver, preacher


9:45 am            Coffee • Common Room


10:00 am          BDS Graduate Society Meeting • Berkeley Center


10:30 am          Second Taylor Lecture:  William Alston,

delivered by Nicholas Wolterstorff • Marquand Chapel

Divine Mystery and Our Knowledge of God

                        II:  Why We Should Take Divine Mystery Seriously


11:30 am          BDS Graduate Society Luncheon • Berkeley Center


11:30 am          Class of ’50 Reunion Luncheon • Jonathan Edwards Dining Room

                        (tickets required)


11:30 am          From Generation to Generation:  A Conversation about ministry and the changes in our world • Niebuhr Hall

                   All are welcome         

Facilitated by Talitha Arnold ’80 M.Div., Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div. and Dee Brown-Daniels ’80 M.Div.

                        Pizza, salad and soda will be provided


1:30 pm            BDS Pitt Lecture:  Robin Eames • Marquand Chapel

                        “Where Now for World Anglicanism?”


2:30 pm            Yale Divinity School Board of Alumnal Affairs Meeting •  Bushnell Seminar Room (S100)


4:00 pm            Third Beecher Lecture:  Harry S. Stout • Marquand Chapel

Preaching Morality in America's Civil War

III:  The War and American Civil Religion

5:00 pm            Conversation with the Beecher Lecturer • Niebuhr Hall


6:00 pm            BDS Evensong and Awarding of Honorary Degrees • Marquand Chapel

                        Reverend Clayton Thomason, preacher            


7:00 pm            BDS Reception • Common Room


7:30 pm            Dinner for the ’64, ’65 & ’66 Cluster Reunion • Mory’s


8:00 pm            BDS Dinner • New Haven Lawn Club

(reservations required)



Thursday, October 13, 2005


9:00 am            Worship • Marquand Chapel

                        Reverend Shelley D. B. Copeland, preacher


9:45 am            Coffee • Common Room


10:30 am          Third Taylor Lecture: William Alston, delivered by Nicholas

Wolterstorff  •  Marquand Chapel

Divine Mystery and Our Knowledge of God

III:  The Need for True Statements About God and How to Reconcile This With Divine Mystery


11:30 am          Conversation about the Taylor Lecturer • Marquand Chapel


11:45 am          Yale Divinity School Board of Alumnal Affairs Meeting • RSV Room



On Campus

MINISTRY AND THE CHANGES IN OUR WORLD:  The Class of 1980 invites the entire YDS community to a conversation over lunch during Convocation and Reunion week on the topic “From generation to generation: ministry and the changes in our world.”  Wednesday, October 12 -- Niebuhr Hall at 11:30 am.  Alumni of the Class of 1980 began their theological education when Jimmy Carter, a Southern Baptist, was President, but they have been in ministry primarily through the Reagan--Bush legacy.  The religious landscape has changed in the past 25 years as much as the political and social.  This conversation will be an opportunity for us to reflect on how ministry has also changed over the years.  We are now in a time of mega churches; the power of the religious right is a force in the political sphere; and many denominations seem to have "backtracked" on issues that appeared headed toward being settled in 1980 -- civil rights, ecology, gay rights, women clergy, etc.  Whether you have been in ministry 5 years, 25 years, 50 years or are in your first semester at YDS, please join Talitha, Jerry, Dee and others to reflect on what sustains you in your ministry in this time, where you find hope, and where you feel called.  Pizza, salad and soda will be provided. Facilitated by Talitha Arnold ’80 M.Div, Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div, and Dee Brown-Daniels ’80 M.Div.

12:30 in the Jonathan Edwards Dining Room to begin planning for the All School Conference.  The theme for All School Conference this year will be "The Prophetic Voice."  Please come if you are interested in helping!  Questions?  Please contact Martha Korienek at


KNITTING GROUP - The YDS Women's Center invites all knitters and those interested in learning to knit to gather for conversation, prayer, and knitting.  Knitting group meets each Monday at 8pm in the Women's Center (Fisher Hall, 2nd floor).  For more information, write to

FIRST YEAR WOMEN'S GROUP - All first-year women are invited to join a bible study/spiritual support group.  Please join us for fellowship and prayer as you adjust to YDS and work to integrate your faith and studies.   The group meets each Thursday at 8pm in the Women's Center (Fisher Hall, 2nd floor).  For more information, write to


HOLY GROUNDS COFFEE SHOP – will be closed over reading week.


PEACEMAKING INITIATIVE:  "Imagine standing in the middle of a march surrounded by over 100,000 people with one message to send to this current administration and the American people," writes YDS student Brandon Johnson.  Brandon and other YDS students represented the Peacemaking Initiative last weekend at the largest anti-war protest in our nation's capital since the U.S. invasion.  Hear their stories online at  The Peacemaking Initiative is a new group in formation at YDS committed to challenging the powers and principalities on issues of war and peace. We take our name from the Beatitudes (Mt. 5.9) for we believe that it is our responsibility as people of faith to witness to the coming of God's peace here on earth.  If you have questions about the Peacemaking Initiative contact Canaan Harris (


YDS Recruiting Visits - Melissa Pucci, Assistant Director of Admissions, has announced her Fall Recruiting Schedule.  Listed below are her campus visits this week. If you have friends attending these colleges who may be interested in exploring graduate theological education at YDS, please invite them to meet Melissa!

Monday, October 10            Valparaiso University, 10 a.m.-Noon
                                                University of Notre Dame, 3-5 p.m.
                                                St. Mary's College,(IN) 7-8 p.m.
Tuesday, October 11            Wheaton College (IL), 10 a.m.-
                                                Northwestern University,
2-3 p.m.
University of Chicago, 6-7 p.m.
Thursday, October 13           Gustavus Adolphus Seminary Day




Lectures and Events

(Yale and New Haven)


Hot Coffee, Hot Issues:  The Yale World Fellows Program is pleased to announce... The 2005 Hot Coffee, Hot Issues International Affairs Discussion Series. Hot Coffee, Hot Issues is a weekly discussion series on current developments in international affairs led by experts from both inside and outside the Yale community.  Each week, a new topic will be selected from the headlines for Friday's discussion.  Coffee, tea and morning pastries are served at 8:15am and conversation will begin at 8:30am.  If you would like to receive the weekly discussion topic by email, or know someone else who would, please send an email to  


Whole Foods in the Have:  Whole Foods, a supermarket selling organic food, came to New Haven the
week of Aug 22 to look at potential sites. If you are interested in having this market in greater New Haven, please email to, to express your support.  Then, please send an email to another person asking them to write in favor of Whole Foods as well. 


“Toward a New Era for the Church in China:  Some Recent Hopeful Signs”  Dr. Jean-Paul Wiest, director of research at the Beijing Center for Language and Culture, and a research fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Religion.  The lecture begins at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, October 14, 2005.  Bring a light lunch at 12:15 p.m.  Coffee will be provided.  For lecture details or directions, visit (What’s New?) or call (203) 624-6672, ext. 315.


“Challenges of Theological Training for Ministry:  Is Anything Missing?”  Dr. Marcella Hoesl, M.M., professor of systematic theology at Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas, and senior mission scholar in residence for the fall semester at OMSC.  The lecture begins at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, October 21, 2005.  Bring a light lunch at 12:15 p.m.  Coffee will be provided.  For lecture details or directions, visit (What’s New?) or call (203) 624-6672, ext. 315.


Civil Union?  Gay Marriage?  None of the Above?  If you have questions about “Sorting Out the Issue,” Presbyterian Promise invites you to be part of a weekend with Marvin Ellison, October 22-23, 2005.  Rev. Marvin Ellison’s work focuses on the ethical issues relating to sexuality, spirituality, and justice.  His Same-Sex Marriage? A Christian Ethical Analysis explores the issues behind one of the most urgent discussions facing Christians.  For more information, contact Dick Hasbany at or at (203) 777-4579.


Onward Christian Media - According to a recent wave of news stories, the conservative Christian right wields an increasingly powerful media force and is becoming more creative at getting their message out – on television and radio, and in movies, books and magazines.  While some don’t see a cause for alarm, others believe this kind of proselytizing dangerously blurs the lines between politics and religion. Join the conversation. Presenters are Chris Hedges, author, Losing Moses on the Freeway: The 10 Commandments in America; War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning, former correspondent, The New York Times and Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor and Columnist, Newsweek.  This event will be co-presented with New School University’s Media Studies Program on Tuesday, October 25, 6:30 to 8:00 pm at New School University, Lang Student Center, Arnhold Hall, 2nd Floor, 55 West 13th Street.  To RSVP: visit, email or call 212-686-5005.


BLACK THEOLOGY AND WOMANIST THEOLOGY IN DIALOGUE: WHICH WAY FORWARD FOR THE CHURCH AND THE ACADEMY?  A Conference to be held October 31 – November 4, 2005.  Sponsored by the University of Chicago Divinity School and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  Cosponsored by the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture, the Office of  Minority Student Affairs, the Office of Community and Governmental Affairs, and the
Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, at the
University of ChicagoFunded by the Louisville
  Professors Dwight Hopkins (Chicago) and Linda Thomas (LSTC) are the conference coordinators. The conference web site is:


The Future of Philanthropy:   Join us on Friday, November 4, 2005, at the Future of Philanthropy conference organized by the Yale SOM Net Impact Club and sponsored by the Yale SOM Program on Social Enterprise.  The conference will allow future leaders of business and society to share innovative ideas on how to incorporate capital into positive societal impact through the most effective methods.  To this end, we have planned a full day of panels and workshops, approaching issues in philanthropy from various perspectives:  discipline-specific, location-centered, innovative models, relationships, sustainability, and motivation.  Only $10 for Yale students!  For details, visit our website at 


Spiritual Life


University Public Worship at Battell Chapel: An ecumenical worship service of the historic Church of Christ in Yale.  11 a.m. on Sunday mornings.  Church school/child care provided. Handicap accessible. We welcome and support persons of any race, age, nationality, physical ability, mental condition and sexual orientation.


Reading Break Services at Berkeley: During the week of Convocation, Morning Prayer with Eucharist will be said Monday through Friday, 8 am, at Berkeley Center.  All are welcome.   


News from El Salvador:  As some of you know, I (Amy Denney) and my husband (Vince Zuniga) are spending this year working with the Anglican Church of El Salvador, as I received a Fulbright grant to work in the area of Religion and Social Justice.  Despite recent natural disasters in the country (volcanic eruptions and tropical storms) we are doing well.  We wanted to let you know that we have a blog up with pictures and articles about life in El Salvador, at  If you would like to be put on our list for a reminder email every few weeks when we have new postings, email me at  Also, if you're interested in doing some volunteer work or language study in El Salvador, there are numerous possibilities, and we can help facilitate connections in the country for you.  Let us know!




at the Circulation Desk in the Library, take a right and a left

Staff available 10-3 weekdays




Oct. 12, 12-1               Youth Ministry Shaped by Congregational Assets: Research Findings on Exemplary Youth Ministry

Oct. 18, 1-2                 Easy, High Quality, Lay-led Adult Education

Oct. 27, 1-2                 Youth Ministry Shaped by Congregational Assets: Research Findings on Exemplary Youth Ministry

Nov. 3, 12:30-1:30      Making and Using a Narrative Budget

Nov. 4, 1-2                  Characteristics of Mature Christian Youth: Research On Exemplary Youth Ministry


Trick or Treat for UNICEF boxes are available for you to take while supplies last!


Exploring the Reformation?

Provide learning experiences for your congregation about the Reformation? These DVDs/videos can help: Martin Luther, Morning Star of Wittenberg: the Life of Katie Luther, Opening the Door to Luther, Reformation Overview, Reformation: Luther and the Protestant Revolt, Revolution of Conscience, Story of Anglicanism, Swiss Reformation, Testament: the Bible and History, Where Luther Walked.


Advent studies

The change of seasons is a good time to start new groups—ask us for resources that are high quality and easily led.  Dramas for Advent-Christmas:  check them out before everyone else does!