April 3 – 9, 2005


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From the Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs:





To:         YDS Faculty and students

From:   Robert Wilson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Date:     March 24, 2005

Re:         Deadlines


Due Date

All work for the second semester is due by the end of the semester,

Friday, May 6, unless the instructor specifies an earlier date.



1.    In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension of time beyond the end of the semester, but no extension can be given beyond Thursday, June 30. 


2.    No work from  the second semester can be accepted by a faculty

        member after that date.


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Academic Deadlines, continued:


Additional Extensions

1     A student may appeal to the Professional Studies Committee for an additional extension.  Such an appeal must be made in writing before June 30 on a form provided by the Registrar’s office. 


2.    Extensions will be considered by the Committee only in exceptional circumstances, such as those indicated above.




         The schedule of dates, deadlines, and extensions, as published by the Divinity School, applies to all courses to be credited towards a Divinity School degree, regardless of University department in which they are taken.











Each year the faculty awards three graduate fellowships (the Day, Hooker, and Dwight Fellowships) to those members of the graduating class who have completed at least two years of residency at Yale Divinity School, have acquired such proficiency in theological studies as best to qualify them for doctoral work, and who have been admitted to a doctoral program in this country or elsewhere.  The grants have varied in size from one thousand to thirty-five hundred dollars.


Applications are available in Dean Wilson’s Office, Seabury first floor, and should be returned to Grace Chao, Room N122, no later than April 15, 2005.








Marquand Chapel


Please join us this week for the following services at 10:30 a.m.:


                        Monday, April 4: the seventh Difficult Texts Series service will feature

                        Dean Harry Attridge preaching on John 8, with music from the Bible Belters.

                        Tuesday, April 5: Sr. Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking,

                        will be our preacher.

                        Wednesday, April 6: the new service of sung morning prayer led by

                        Patrick Evans continues!

                        Thursday, April 7: Methodist minister and gay rights activist Beth Stroud

                        will offer the homily.

                        Friday, April 8: our community Eucharist will be led by YDS Emeritae

            Letty Russell and Shannon Clarkson.  All who gather for worship are welcome 

            at the communion table in Marquand Chapel.




From the Dean of Students


CLC Coordinators 2005-2006

 The Community Life Committee (CLC) is served by two student Coordinators, selected at this time each year for service the following year.  The Coordinators are responsible for leading the work of the CLC committee of faculty, students, and staff;  for overseeing the budgets and activities of CLC member groups;  and for organizing a few key events of the school calendar:  the Christmas Party, the All-School Conference, and the Spring Fling dance.  The Coordinators work approximately fifteen (15) hours per week throughout the academic year.


If you are interested in serving as a CLC Coordinator for 2005-2006, please indicate your interest to me by the end of the day on Thursday, April 7th.  A simple email message to me will suffice for indicating your interest.  I will acknowledge each email with a reply, so please verify that I received your indication of interest.    Interviews of all interested persons will be held early the following week (April 11th to 15th) by a committee of students, faculty, and staff. If you are interested in receiving more information about the work of the Coordinators, please feel free to contact the current CLC Coordinators Leslie Woods (leslie.woods@yale.edu) and Joshua Rinas (joshua.rinas@yale.edu), or me.  One opportunity for speaking with Leslie and Joshua is this Monday, April 4th, from 12:30 to 1:30pm in the
Refectory (please look for them at a table near the back wall).  Many thanks.


                                    Dale Peterson, Dean of

Final Exam Schedule

Spring Semester 2005



Monday, May 2


9-12 noon

Rel. 600

O.T. Interpretation (J. Collins)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 600


Latourette S223


Rel. 600


Bushnell S200

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 601

N.T. Interpretation (H. Attridge)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 601


Latourette S223


Rel. 601


Great Hall/ISM

Tuesday, May 3


9-12 noon

Rel. 678

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (V. Hoffer)

Bushnell S100

11-12 noon

Rel. 700

Hist. Western Xnity: 1200-1600 (R. Rittgers)

Niebuhr Hall

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 684

Greek Exegesis:  Acts of Apostles (J. Hultin)

Bushnell S100


Wednesday, May 4


9-12 noon

Rel. 605

Elementary N.T. Greek (S. Berg)

Bushnell S200

2–5 p.m.

Rel. 604

Elementary Biblical Hebrew (M. Neujahr)

Bushnell S200


Thursday, May 5


9-12 noon

Rel. 726

Systematic Theology (S. Jones)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 726


Bushnell S200


Rel. 726


Latourette S223

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 654

History 1st Century Palestine (J. Hultin)

Bushnell S200

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 797

Eucharistic Prayers/Theology (B. Spinks)

Bushnell S100


Friday, May 6


9-12 noon

Rel. 619

Patristic Greek (C. Beeley)

Bushnell S200

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 665

Apostle Paul (J. Gundry-Volf)

Bushnell S200






Summer Opportunities

It’s not too early to plan for summer! Check out these opportunities, updated weekly:



YDS Summer Employment: The Divinity School Instructional Technologies Team is looking for a student assistant to work part-time this summer and during the 2005-2006 academic year creating web pages for YDS courses.  The ideal candidate will have some experience designing and creating web sites and familiarity with Yale’s Classes.edu courseware.  This is a great opportunity to integrate technology skills with theological studies and to work with staff and YDS faculty.  Flexible hours.  For more information or an application contact Suzanne.Estelle-Holmer@yale.edu.  (telephone 2-6374)



University Chaplain’s Office: Part-time student worker needed in Chaplain's Office. Position begins
this summer (after Spring classes end) and continues through academic year 2005-2006. Approximately 20 hours/week, very flexible schedule. Duties include primarily gathering materials and producing Sunday worship bulletin and various office duties. If interested, email resume to elaine.cooper@yale.edu.



Summer Work / Living Opportunity: My father-in-law recently lost his wife of 60 years.  He's still working 8 - 6 each weekday.  He is however unfamiliar with cooking and we are concerned about his being alone at night.  We are looking for an interested and trustworthy person to do the following for my father-in-law: In exchange for rent: 1) sleep at the house; 2) prepare breakfast & dinner and on Saturday and Sunday occasionally lunch might be included; and 3) because he cannot drive at night any longer, drive him to his office in downtown New Haven in the morning and pick him up in the evening. He lives in a beautiful home in Woodbridge and the person would be assured quiet and privacy.  This person would be available all day to attend classes and or work. If interested contact me by phone or e-mail: Sheila F. Taylor, 203-287-4327 (office), st1813@ctmail.sbc.com.


For more summer opportunities, see past issues of the Q Source (http://www.yale.edu/divinity/Stu.QSource.html)

or consult the Summer Opportunities notebook outside of the Dean of Students’ Office.








Writing Consultant: Academic Year 2005-2006. Applications for the position of writing consultant for the Divinity School are now being accepted.  The writing consultant:


1.                  Assists students in understanding how to organize and draft papers for various types of classes.  This work centers on helping students understand the audience for the paper.

2.                  Reviews style, syntax, grammar, proper documentation of resources, and bibliographic formats.

3.                  Reviews papers with students who have been referred by their professors to the writing consultant and helps those students improve their writing.

4.                  Holds several workshops through the year on topics such as writing essay exams, writing credos, using computerized grammar programs.

5.                  Holds regular office hours, approximately 7-10 hours per week.


This applicant should have experience as a writer, editor, or professor/teacher and should have worked with students in writing.  A background in English, technical writing, or communications would be desirable.  The position requires patience with students for whom English is a second language and with students who may have returned to higher education after many years. Please submit a resume to Dean Robert Wilson, c/o Grace Chao, Room N122 by Monday, April 25, 2005.



Called to Common Mission: Lutherans & Episcopalians. Wednesday, April 6. An annual gathering spurred by Call to Common Mission, the full communion agreement between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American and the Episcopal Church USA. Lecture at 5:15 pm by Rev. Dr. Herbert Anderson: “A Lutheran Loose in an Episcopal Cathedral.” Holy Eucharist at 6:00, with Rev. Dr. Edgar Krentz preaching, and Rev. Maryetta Anschutz, presiding. Both events take place at Bethesda Lutheran Church, 305 St. Ronan Street. All are welcome.



Gail Godwin, "The Queen of the Underworld & The Red Nun." Award-winning and bestselling novelist Gail Godwin will be speaking about her work and sharing informal conversation with YDS students on Thursday, April 7, 12:15-1:15, in room S-100.  (Lunch will be provided.)  Ms. Godwin is the author of twelve novels, two story collections, and a work of non-fiction, Heart. Three of her novels were National Book Award nominees, while Father Melancholy's Daughter and its sequel Evensong were New York Times bestsellers.  Her forthcoming memoir, The Making of a Writer, will appear in January. In her lunchtime talk, Ms. Godwin will speak about the creative process as well as the experience of writing The Queen of the Underworld (a forthcoming novel) and The Red Nun (a novel in progress).  She describes her talk as follows:  "I will talk about how a novel evolves, the genesis of each novel, the process in which a chance spark can ignite into a full-blown complex creation…I plan to bring my early notebooks, two for each novel, full of inspirations, plans, and drawings, to pass around."

Don't miss this opportunity to discuss the writing process with a remarkable author!  (If you're unfamiliar with Gail Godwin's work, please pick up an excerpt of Father Melancholy's Daughter outside Lana Schwebel's office; you can also check out www.gailgodwin.com.)  Gail Godwin will also be reading from her work later that same day, at 4:15 in the Divinity Book Supply, with a signing and reception to follow.  All are welcome!  This event sponsored by the Yale Literature & Spirituality Series in collaboration with the Divinity Book Supply.



On-Campus, cont.


Beth Stroud On-Campus: On Thursday, April 7, Beth Stroud will be visiting YDS.  The schedule for her visit is as follows: 

10:30 - Beth will preach in chapel.
12:30 - Dessert and Dialogue, a lunchtime brown-bag discussion with Beth in the Common Room. Desserts will be provided.

Afternoon - TBA - Another opportunity to hear Beth speak or talk with her.
Also TBA, Apr. 5 or 6 - showing of "The Congregation," the documentary about FUMCOG that was being made when Beth came out.  It aired on PBS. We will be showing it on campus before her visit.

Beth Stroud, associate pastor of First United Methodist Church of, Germantown (FUMCOG) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was stripped of her ordination credentials in December 2004 after having preached her "coming out" sermon in April 2003.  To learn more, visit http://www.bethstroud.info/.
This event is sponsored by the Methodist Society, Student Council, Career Services, The Coalition, YCSJ, and the Women's Center.



Jonathan Bonk Lecture: Thursday, April 7, 4:00pm in Niebuhr Hall. "Raising the Dead: The Dictionary of African Christian Biography" by OMSC Director Dr. Jonathan Bonk. In standard scholarly sources, the story of the Christianity in Africa is reduced to seemingly little more than a footnote to the story of European hegemony. The Dictionary of African Christian Biography,
initiated in 1995, is a first step in redressing the structural inadequacy of the corpus of primary source materials to which scholars typically have recourse in constructing their histories of the Church on that continent. In his illustrated presentation, Jonathan Bonk will tell the story of this multilingual reference tool. Jonathan Bonk is the director of the
Overseas Ministries Study Center, and the editor of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research. Author of five books and numerous articles, he served as chair and professor of Global Christian Studies at Providence College and Seminary in Canada before relocating to New Haven in 1997. He travels extensively throughout Africa each year. All are invited to attend.  A reception will follow.



Jeffery Stout Lecture: The Yale Center for Faith & Culture is pleased to announce the next lecture in the "Theology Live" Series.  Jeffery Stout will speak in Niebuhr Hall on Thursday, April 7, 6:00 p.m. Dr. Stout, one of the most effective and incisive interpreters of the moral ligaments that bind our nation’s common life, serves as Chair of the Department of Religion at Princeton University and is the current President of the American Academy of Religion. His most recent work, Democracy and Tradition, has sparked fresh conversations about religious traditions within the American polity.



Ultimate Frisbee: No snow? Lots of papers? It must mean it's frisbee season again! All abilities are welcome to join YDS pick-up ultimate frisbee games, beginning next week on Friday, April 8, at 2:30. Friends, newcomers welcome. Games are held at the lower part of East Rock Park. East Rock Park is
between Orange St., Livingston St., and Cold Spring St. at the base of East Rock (Note: we're not playing on top of East Rock!). Meet at the YDS parking lot around 2:30 or walk down Canner Street, take a left on Whitney Ave., and a right on Cold Spring St. at Church of the Redeemer. The park is on your left.



On-Campus, cont.



Yale Divinity School Tenth Annual Book Party: Celebrating publications by YDS Faculty in this academic year. Reception and book signing. Thursday, April 14, 4:00-6:00 p.m., YDS Common Room. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.



Save the Date: Graduating Students. The YDS Office of Alumni Relations will host a cocktail reception in your honor on Thursday, April 14 from 6:15-8:15pm in the ISM Great Hall. In addition to delicious food and a chance to celebrate your achievements, you will also have the opportunity to meet members of the current Alumni Board. Please save the date! Warmest regards, Elizabeth Strawn, Director of Alumni Relations.



Spring Fling 2005: All of the YDS, BDS, and ISM communities and their guests are cordially invited to the 25th ANNUAL SPRING FLING, Saturday, April 16th!!  This year's event will be held at Lighthouse Point from 8pm to Midnight.  There will be music, refreshments and hors d'oeuvres provided, and of course, what would Spring Fling be without an antique merry-go-round!! The theme of Spring Fling is Carnivale.  Semi-formal attire encouraged, costumes invited! There will also be a shuttle bus service from the YDS parking lot leaving for Lighthouse Point at 7:45 and 8:30 pm, and returning to YDS at 11:30 pm and 12:15 am. See you at Spring Fling!        



Logos for Mac….Soon: Logos Bible Software announced March 29 that a Macintosh version of the
company's digital library software is slated for release in December 2005, making thousands of Bible reference eBooks available to Macintosh users. The Macintosh version will read the same book files as the PC version, making 14 years of digital book publishing instantly available to Mac users. Categories include Bibles, original language texts, morphological databases, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons,
>grammars, maps and more. Electronic books can be acquired in money-saving library collections or unlocked individually. This info provided for the community by Chris Tate.



ISM Upcoming Events


Monday April 4 at 4:30pm in the ISM Great Hall.
Liturgy Symposium with Stephen Marini, Visiting Professor of Liturgical Studies.
New England Singing School: Sacred Music and Community Ritual in Revolutionary America
Refreshments for mind, body, and spirit will be served.
For more information please visit: http://www.yale.edu/ism/events/litsymposium2.htm

Thursday April 7 at
4:15pm at the Divinity Book Supply.
Literature and Spirituality Series with novelist Gail Godwin.  There will be reading by the author followed by a book-signing and reception.
For more information please visit: http://www.yale.edu/ism/events/litsprt05.htm

There are two recitals being performed on Sunday, April 10th by student organists.
For more information please visit: http://www.yale.edu/ism/events/calendar.html

Yale/New Haven Area Involvement



University Public Worship: The Church of Christ in Yale. Engaging faith and reason. Battell Chapel,

Old Campus. 11:00 A.M.: University Public Worship. Sunday, April 10: Sarah Garcia, MDiv ’05, The Rev. Samuel N. Slie Intern, is preaching. The Church of Christ in Yale is an open and affirming congregation, United Church of Christ. Church school and childcare; Wheelchair accessible. All are welcome! University Chaplain’s Office: 432-1128.



Multifaith Community Service Day, Friday, April 8th.  In connection with the National Days of Interfaith Youth Service, the Yale Multifaith Council and the University Chaplain’s Office invite you to join in an afternoon of Multifaith Community Service! Please join us for this afternoon of both conversation about religious identity and work of community service.   Religiously diverse Yale students will come together, realizing that we all share the common value of service.  While working together in the community, we’ll share about our own religious traditions and learn about others. We will work together in greater New Haven’s homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other social service agencies. Sites include Fellowship Place, Christian Community Action, Children’s Mission of St. Paul & St James Episcopal Church, Branford Soup Kitchen, and others.


Service Day Schedule: April 8th

12:00 noon       Gathering for lunch and conversation (Bingham basement lounge)

1:00-5:00         Work at sites throughout New Haven

5:15                 Closing dinner and conversation (Bingham basement lounge)


Please register by Wednesday, April 6th. Open to all Yale students. Email callista.brown@yale.edu, and please include the following information: name, program/yr, religion, dietary needs, and any particular skills or limitations that we should be aware of when planning work sites. Thank you!



OMSC Lecture: Dr. Frans J. Verstraelen, former professor of religious studies at the University of Zimbabwe, and currently OMSC's Senior Missions Scholar in Residence, will lecture Friday, April 8, 2005, at the Overseas Ministries Study Center, 490 Prospect Street, New Haven. His topic will be "Mission and Politics: Government and Church/Churches in Post-Independence Zimbabwe." The
lecture begins at 12:30 p.m. Bring a light lunch at 12:15 p.m. Coffee will be provided. Details and directions are online at www.OMSC.org/notices.html.  


AIDS Walk New Haven 2005: AIDS Walk New Haven will be held on Sunday, April 17, 2005. Registration and opening ceremonies will begin at 9:00 AM on the New Haven Green. Registration and donations are accepted online. We are welcoming fund raising teams and individuals to be walkers, and donations are welcome as well. If registering on line as an individual, the registration fee is $25: please either pay on line, bring payment the morning of the race, or mail payment to the address below. To register on line as part of a team, please select the "Team" button and include a team name in the text box. Teams must pre-register online and must consist of at least five members. There is a flat team
registration fee of $100: please either pay on line, bring payment the morning of the race, or mail payment to: AIDS Walk New Haven, PO Box 207236, New Haven, CT 06520-7236. You can visit our website at: www.aidswalknewhaven.org.



Yale/New Haven, cont.



St. Joseph's Tours is leading two pilgrimages to Catholic Shrines this spring:

Sunday, April 10, 2005--Boston and Spencer, MA, Basilica of Our Mother of Perpetual Help Miraculous Shrine, Boston MA, Monastery of Saint Joseph (with gift shop), Spencer MA.
$36.00 includes guided tour and seat on Peter Pan Coach
 Sunday, May 22, 2005--Philadelphia, PA, National Shrine of Saint Rita, Feast Day Mass and blessing of Roses, National Shrine of Saint Katherine Drexel, $46.00 includes guided tour and seat on Peter Pan Coach.

If you are interested in going, please email victoria.gardner@yale.edu.

Note: While these pilgrimages are open to all people of all faiths and denominations, they are directed towards Catholics.  The Rosary and other prayers that are generally dubbed Catholic will be prayed, and Masses will be heard.  But please do not let this stop you from going if you are interested.  It will be a very enlightening and spiritual experience for all.






Summer Childcare Needed: YDS faculty member in Hamden looking for in-home childcare provider from 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., three days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), from July 5 to Aug. 30, for two boys aged 11 and 7. Pay up to $50, contingent on experience. Own car preferred. Call 288-4393 or inquire at Rm. 127. Thanks, Ken Minkema.


Christian Education position at First Presbyterian Church, New Haven available for next year. Could begin as early as mid-August or as late as early September. Duties involve coordinating the Sunday morning education programs, and participating in mid-week staff meetings and a monthly committee meeting (about 10-15 hours/week).  There is also the possibility for involvement with the Jr. and Sr. High youth groups. Wages and hours are both negotiable (I've been very comfortable and satisfied with both this year). To apply, please contact Maria LaSala or Bill Goettler at First Presbyterian (562-5664) and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me, Natalie Wigg Stevenson (natalie.wigg@yale.edu) - I've held the position for this current academic year.


f f f f f f f f f f f f f f




Provide Live-in Help in Exchange for Rent: My father-in-law recently lost his wife of 60 years.  

He's still working 8 - 6 each weekday.  He is however unfamiliar with cooking and we are concerned

about his being alone at night.  We are looking for an interested and trustworthy person to do the

following for my father-in-law: In exchange for rent: 1) sleep at the house; 2) prepare breakfast & dinner

and on Saturday and Sunday occasionally lunch might be included; and 3)  because he cannot drive at

night any longer, drive him to his office in downtown New Haven in the morning and pick him up in the
evening. He lives in a beautiful home in
Woodbridge and the person would be assured quiet and privacy.  

This person would be available all day to attend classes and or work. If interested contact me by phone

or e-mail: Sheila F. Taylor, 203-287-4327 (office), st1813@ctmail.sbc.com.


www.library.yale.edu/div/mrc   432-5319      ministry.resource.center@yale.edu

at the Circulation Desk in the Library, take a right and a left

Staff  available 10-3 weekdays



Some resources you may be interested in:


MEETING GOD AT THE BOUNDARIES: CROSS-CULTURAL CROSS-RACIAL CLERGY APPOINTMENTS.  It explores how we can be a more multicultural Church in staffing.  See also videos on multicultural counseling and being a multicultural church—print and video recordings available.



7 WAYS OF TEACHING THE BIBLE TO ADULTS: explores using multiple intelligences in Bible study.  There are many more resources about this important way of reaching all audiences.  Games, DVDs, videos, CD-Roms, group interactive procedures, art, etc. are available to meet all the learning style needs.



New jobs or summer jobs to prepare for.

 Come talk to us about what you need to know to prepare and resources that will help you.  If you are continuing as a student, you may check out resources during the summer.  If you are graduating and working in a congregation, near or far away, your congregation can be a member of the Ministry Resource Center and resources you request will be shipped to you.  Ask for details.


Ministry Resource Center is open year round, January-December.  Use us and let congregations know that we do not close in the summer.




THE CONGREGATION, DVD about the church that this week’s chapel preacher Beth Stroud, is a part of is available for you to check out or to view in the Ministry Resource Center.  Additional resources to go with the DVD include  Outreach Discussion Video for THE CONGREGATION  and Discussion Guide.


Taize, Arvo Part’s Passio (presented during Holy Week), the entire Bible in various translations, other interesting music, sermons, lectures, Old Testament by Amy-Jill Levine, New Testament by Bart Ehrman, all on CD, to use your commuting hours or to take a break while still being productive.