January 30 – February 5, 2005


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Marquand Chapel


Please join us this week for the following services at 10:30 a.m.:


                        Monday, January 31: the third Difficult Texts Series service will feature          
                        Dean Robert Wilson preaching on Genesis 22, the story of the sacrifice

                        of Isaac.

                        Tuesday, February 1: M.Div. student Alice Kearney will lead us in a
                        celebration of the feast day of St. Brigid.

                        Wednesday, February 2: the service of sung morning prayer prepared by
                        Kimberly Dunn and Michael Smith continues.

                        Thursday, February 3
: the chapel team presents a service in honor of
                        Black History Month.

                        Friday, February 4: graduating student John Rohrs will preach, and the
                        Reverend Harlon Dalton of
St. Paul and St. James Episcopal Church

                        (New Haven) will preside, in a service in honor of Black History Month.  

                        All who gather for worship are welcome at the communion table in

                        Marquand Chapel.




Summer Opportunities


It’s not too early to plan for summer! Check out these opportunities, updated weekly:



The Children's mission at St. Paul and St. James Episcopal Church in New Haven needs staff for their Summer Program, Light and Peace.  The program runs from July 5 - July 22, from 12:00 - 6:00 every day, with training beginning June 27.  For more information, check out the blue notebook by
Dean Peterson's office.



Summer Camp Chaplain. Pocono Area Lutheran Ministry, in Stroudsburg, PA, has an opening for a
chaplain at their "Leisure Ministry Program" from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Applicants should be Christian, but need not be Lutheran.  For more information, check out the blue Summer Opportunities Notebook by Dean Peterson's office.



The New Hampshire UCC Conference has positions available at their Outdoor Ministries Programs.  Positions are for Program Staff, Support Staff, and Chaplain, at any of 3 different camp programs at various locations in NH.  For more information or an application, visit the website at www.hortoncenter.org, or check out the blue summer opportunities notebook in front of Dean Peterson's office.



Lilly Summer Discernment Institute. This program, sponsored by the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, offers internships in a variety of parish and community ministries throughout the country. While most of the parishes are Episcopal, there are a lot of nondenominational community organizations, and the program is open to students of any religious affiliation.  For more information, visit the website (www.sewanee.edu/lillyproj/ldsi.html) or check out the blue summer opportunities notebook in front of Dean Peterson's office.



For more summer opportunities, see past issues of the Q Source (http://www.yale.edu/divinity/Stu.QSource.html) or consult the

Summer Opportunities notebook outside of the Dean of Students’ Office.






Opportunities to support Tsunami Relief efforts:


Tsunami Relief at Yale College (TRYC) is an umbrella organization aimed at coordinating undergraduate tsunami relief efforts. Its membership is open to both individuals and undergraduate
organizations. It is also open to other members of the Yale community. TRYC will soon be a registered undergraduate organization. TRYC hopes to eventually develop into a general umbrella organization with a board of representatives from each student group involved in the tsunami relief efforts in order to better coordinate fundraising events and organize donations going into a universal relief fund. TRYC is working with the Office of the President and the Yale College Dean's Office to create a college-wide tsunami relief fund. The fund will support rehabilitation initiatives in Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. TRYC will fundraise at Yale and will reach out to the New Haven community.
TRYC wishes to support a campus-wide fundraising campaign beginning this semester and continuing into the foreseeable future. TRYC will coordinate an end-of-the-semester event composed of a
series of lectures, symposia, a concert and a dinner, etc. The proceeds and donations solicited during this event will enter the college-wide relief fund. If you or your group is interested in joining us, please contact the following people (you can contact as many subcommittees as you are
interested in):
1.      Fundraising: michelle.desaram@yale.edu
2.      Publicity: carol.yu@yale.edu
3.      Educational outreach: whitney.haring-smith@yale.edu
4.      Relief efforts in Sri Lanka: vanya.pasheva@yale.edu
5.      Relief efforts in Indonesia: erina.lie@yale.edu
6.      Relief efforts in Thailand: erica.chu@yale.edu
7.      Relief efforts in India: mahesh.balakrishnan@yale.edu
8.      End-of-semester event coordination: lekshmi.santhosh@yale.edu
9.      General enquiries: cynthia.liu@yale.edu
We hope many of you will join us. Thank you!




A helpful reminder: Judith Allison reminds us that donations made to US organizations are tax-deductible, though donations made to organizations outside the US are not.




For more listings, see past issues of the Q Source at http://www.yale.edu/divinity/Stu.QSource.html










2004 - 2005

"Being Fruitful: Reclaiming Virginity - Reclaiming Self"


Dr. John W. Kinney
Dean and Professor of Theology and Historical Studies
The Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
5:15 pm
Marquand Chapel

Reception Following
Day Missions Library

All are welcome and encouraged to attend


A luncheon forum titled "Forging the Dream: Remembering YDS in the Pre-civil rights Era" will precede the Parks-King Lecture, Tuesday, February 15th.  A panel made up of Black YDS alumni from the 1940s and 1950s will examine the pedagogy of gender and racial inclusion at YDS.  The forum is part of a research project being conducted by the Rev. Dr. Yolanda Y. Smith, assistant professor of Christian Education at Yale Divinity School, and Dr. Moses N. Moore, Jr., '77, associate professor of American and African American religious history at Arizona State University.  The project is aimed at contributing to the understanding of the history of theological education for blacks in America, with particular attention to the experience of blacks at Yale Divinity School. The forum will take place from noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Common Room.  Participants are asked to bring their own lunches, but beverages and desserts will be provided.  A book signing will immediately follow the luncheon.




All-School Conference Thanks: Thank you to everyone who participated in All-School Conference last
week.  Thank you especially to all those who helped organize events, and in particular, to those who participated as speakers and presenters.  We are grateful for your support and participation.
To all: please fill out an evaluation of All-School Conference so that we can make next year's event even better!  There will be an electronic version sent out by email and there will be hard copies of the
evaluation in the Common Room.  Please return them to the "CLC" box in the Mailroom.
Thank you all. – All-School Conference Coordinators




On-Campus, cont.



Curious about RefWorks, but didn’t make it to the Library Workshop?

RefWorks enables you to:

  1. Create your own personal database
  2. Import citations from ORBIS and ATLA Religion database
  3. Automatically format your footnotes and bibliographies in seconds

Please contact Suzanne Estelle-Holmer at 432-6374 or by e-mail at Suzanne.Estelle-holmer@yale.edu if you would be interested in a demonstration.  If there is sufficient interest we will schedule another class.


German Lunch Table: The German lunch table will resume its weekly gatherings. Everybody interested in practicing German (at all levels) is welcome! We meet on Mondays noon to 1:00 pm in the refectory of the Divinity School (except during reading week). For any questions, please contact: christl.maier@yale.edu.

Bible Study: Interested in a no agenda, non-academic, just people sitting around, talking, kind of Bible study?  Cool.  Bring your Bible, head to the Commuter Lounge, grab a cup of Holy Grounds coffee, and we'll start from there.  The first gathering will be Monday, January 31st at 3:30. If people are interested but can't make that time, a second group might get started, so please email if you fall under this category. Questions?  Contact: Rob Leacock at robert.leacock@yale.edu. Brought to you by the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation.



African-American Studies in Religion and Theology Candidate Lecture: You are invited to attend the African-American Studies in Religion and Theology candidate lecture by Anthony B. Pinn.  He will present his lecture, entitled "Sweaty Bodies in a Circle:  Ritual as the Black Church's Subtle Effort to Save Black Bodies," on Wednesday, February 2 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Niebuhr, N 123.  You are also welcome to attend the coffee hour at 11:00 a.m. in the Common Room after the morning Chapel service to speak with Professor Pinn.



The Initiative in Religion, Science and Technology is holding a public lecture on Wednesday, February 2nd, 8 pm in Niebuhr Hall. Prof. van Huyssteen, Professor of Theology and Science at Princeton Theological Seminary, will be giving a lecture entitled: "In Search of Human Uniqueness: Theology in Dialogue with Paleoanthropology". Please note that last week's announcement was incorrect, Prof. van Huyssteen will not be meeting for conversation in the afternoon. As always, all are
welcome at the
8 pm lecture.




On-Campus, cont.



The Yale Center for Faith & Culture invites you to Theology Live:  A series engaging with and learning from leaders in diverse fields who have “gone live” with their ideas, endeavoring to engage and shape the broader public with a voice rooted in and informed by faith.

            Robert Wuthnow, February 4th  at 11:30 a.m. at Yale Divinity School, Neibuhr Hall.  Professor Wuthnow is Gerhard R. Andlinger ’52 Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University and the author of many books on the sociology of religion including the classic Restructuring of American Religion

            Phil Vischer, February 10th at 6:00 p.m. at Yale Divinity School, Neibuhr Hall. Mr. Vischer, founder of Big Idea Productions and creator of Veggie Tales, has impacted millions through his innovative films including the acclaimed feature length film, Jonah.



Exciting Internship Opportunity with the University Chaplain’s Office.

·        Work with the Multifaith Council, a lively group of undergraduate students from many different religious traditions, planning a one-day fall retreat and a weekend-long spring retreat, along with monthly dinners around religious topics. 

·        Attend bi-weekly meetings of Yale Religious Ministry (the on-campus group of non-student leaders of religious groups on and near campus); these are opportunities to learn more of ministry with young adults (through meetings about developmental issues, spiritual issues, and campus issues) ministry in higher education (through meetings about various aspects of university life), and ministry at Yale (through meetings with representatives from various departments at Yale). 

·        Be part of the liturgical and pastoral leadership team for University Public Worship (Sunday mornings in Battell Chapel), as well as other University-wide Christian services

·        Participate in the planning of the Service of Music, Silence, and Light, a multifaith service designed for those who are grieving.

·        Help with student groups that need additional support and/or create programs of according to their own interest.  In particular, there is ample opportunity to explore (and enhance!) connections among the Christian ministries on campus.

  • Supervision by and work with experienced chaplains and pastors: 
    • Jerry Streets (University Chaplain)
    • Cynthia Terry (Associate University Chaplain)

Great learning opportunities.  Contact Barbara Blodgett, Director of Supervised Ministries, for more information.




Career Center Worships This Week:


Monday, January 3112:30  in room N-120. “Munch and Moan” For graduating seniors or those already graduated. Bring your lunch and swap ideas and war stories with others seeking employment (in any area). To sweeten the deal, dessert is provided.


Monday, January 313:30 p.m. in room N-120. Resumes for non-graduating students (for use in CPE, internship and summer job applications) Formatting for current students may be different from that used by graduates.


Tuesday, February 112:30 in room N-120. “So You Wanna Be a Teacher?”  For non-graduating students. Bring your lunch and chat about options for those interested in teaching (children and teens) after graduating.  Certification options, prep school processes, and how to use your time at YDS to best situate yourself for being hired as a teacher when you graduate.


Tuesday, February 13:30 p.m. in room N-120. Resumes for graduating students, with or without much work experience.


Wednesday, February 23:30 p.m. in room N-120. “Choosing and Preparing References and Utilizing the Credential Service.” Did you even know we have a credential service? Come find out about this great way to store written reference letters, transcripts and all sorts of things in one convenient on-line system.  Also learn how to pick references and best prepare them!!


Thursday, February 3- 3:00 p.m. in room N-120 (note slightly different time) “CVs”.

Who needs a CV? Folks seeking academic jobs, research jobs, or jobs in the UK.  Some prep school teachers might want them as well.   This workshop is offered only occasionally.


Friday, February 41:30-3  p.m. in room N-120. “Checking the Messages.” So God’s calling you, but hasn’t told the churches to give you a ring yet? Advice in the process, but more importantly mutual support for students actively seeking pastoral or priestly calls.




Resumes for ERG (teacher placement agency) are due by February 1 at 5 p.m. They will be selecting candidates for on-campus interviews (at HGS) on February 10.  Drop printed resumes with Susan Olson in room N-114


Got interviews coming up? Need practice?

Come on down!  I can give you practice in just about any kind of interview---phone, committee, individual, and with a little time can even find denominationally specific folks to help.  I can even digitally record your interview and send you a JPEG to review it! Susan.olson@yale.edu


Need a sermon tape? 

If you’re applying for a pastor type position in the ABC, UCC or PCUSA –amongst other denominations, you probably need sermon tapes.  I have the equipment to help you digitally record a sermon or two and burn them to CD.  Just make an appointment.






Yale/New Haven Area Involvement


University Public Worship: The Church of Christ in Yale. Engaging faith and reason. Battell Chapel,

Old Campus. 11:00 A.M.: University Public Worship with Communion. Sunday, February 6: The Reverend Frederick J. Streets, University Chaplain and Senior Pastor of the Church of Christ in Yale, is preaching. The Church of Christ in Yale is an open and affirming congregation, United Church of Christ. Church school and childcare; Wheelchair accessible. All are welcome! University Chaplain’s Office: 432-1128.



Bereavement Group Forming: Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30pm, Jan. 26 – March 2 (for 6 weeks), Chaplain’s Office, Bingham Hall, (entryway D lower level). For students who want to talk with others
about living with loss and grief following the death of someone significant. Group is open to all students
(undergraduate & graduate) of any or no religious background. If you can’t make the first meeting, please come to the second.  After that, the group will be closed. Facilitated by Rev. Cynthia A. Terry
(Associate University Chaplain).Questions:  Rev. Terry, 432-1131. Sponsored by The University Chaplain’s Office.




Martin E. Marty to give Elliot Lecture, "The First Amendment-- Religion: Subordinated, Not Subservient," Monday, Jan. 31. Martin E. Marty, the Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago, will deliver the 2004-05 Ralph Gregory Elliot Lecture. Jan. 31, 4:30 p.m. in Room 127 at the Yale Law School. The talk is free and open to the public.




St. Olaf College Choir will be performing at Woolsey Hall on Wednesday, February 2nd at 7:30 p.m. The St. Olaf Choir, with 75 mixed voices, is the pioneer a cappella choir in the United States. For more than three-quarters of a century, the choir has set a standard of choral excellence and remained at the forefront of choral artistry. Directed since 1990 by Anton Armstrong, the St. Olaf Choir continues to develop the tradition that originated with its founder, F. Melius Christiansen. This concert is part of the choir’s annual tour. Tickets $25 for adults, $15 for students. General admission. Tickets can be ordered through the Shubert Theatre: www.shubert.com/tickets, or call 203-562-5666.




Art and Soul Workshop: On Saturday, Feb. 26 from 1:00-4:30, Spiritual Director Harriet Carew will be offering her annual workshop on art and the soul (which involved painting!) at Artist's Crossing in Hamden.   More details are to follow.  Brought to you by the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation.






www.library.yale.edu/div/mrc   432-5319      ministry.resource.center@yale.edu

at the Circulation Desk in the Library, take a right and a left

                Staff  available 10-3 weekdays




Workshops at 12:30 in the Ministry Resource Center.  Just show up! 

If date or time isn’t right for you, ask for a repeat:


Easy, High Quality, Lay-led Adult Education, Feb. 4


Exploring the Lives of Great Religious Leaders in Adult Education,

Feb. 9


Considering Issues Christians face while participating in  Adult Learning Groups



Resources for Lent:  study, worship, retreats, etc.  Ask for them.



ASH WEDNESDAY:  worship liturgies, prayers, customs.  We can help you prepare.  Resources for children, youth, and adults or intergenerational.



Black History Month resources for worship, study, special events:  posters, music, videos, etc.!



Capital Punishment:  Does your church need to be better informed?  Ask for study group and action resources.


Vacation Bible School kits are here for you to see and select for the summer.


BIBLE STUDY:  Leaders guides, curriculum resources, videos, DVDs are available to assist you in leading groups for adults, youth, children.  Start from a book of the Bible, a personality, hymns or other music as related to the Bible, artworks, etc.