December 12 – 17, 2004


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Academic Information



From the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Robert Wilson:


Due Date

All work for the first semester is due by the end of the semester,

Friday, December 17, unless the instructor specifies an earlier date.



1.         In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension of time beyond the end of the semester, but no extension can be given beyond Monday, February 7, 2005. 


2.     No work from the first semester can be accepted by a faculty member after that date.


Additional Extensions

1           A student may appeal to the Professional Studies Committee for an additional extension.  Such an appeal must be made in writing before February 7 on a form provided by the Registrar’s office. 


2.     Extensions will be considered by the Committee only in exceptional circumstances, such as those indicated above.



         The schedule of dates, deadlines, and extensions, as published by the Divinity School, applies to all courses to be credited towards a Divinity School degree, regardless of University department or school in which they are taken.



From the Registrar's Office


Students requesting transcripts to be sent this month, please have your
request in to the Registrar's office (Seabury, 1st floor) no later than
Thursday, December 16.  After that date there is no guarantee the request
can be filled before the Christmas break.






From the Dean of Students:


Dear YDS Community,


Each Christmas, we present a gift of money to the members of the custodial, dining hall, grounds, and security staff, as one way of expressing our appreciation for the important service they offer to our community each day.  This gift of money is based on your individual contributions and is presented to our colleagues on the last day of work before the Christmas holiday. If you would like to contribute to the gift, please make your donation in cash to me.  If it is necessary for you to write a check, you may do so (make it payable to "Dale Peterson"), but a cash contribution is preferred.  You may hand your contribution to me directly, or leave it for me at my office.  We will collect contributions from Monday, November 29th through Friday, December 17th. This expression of appreciation to these friends and colleagues is an enduring and heartfelt tradition of the Divinity School community.  This is one way we can offer thanks to these individuals who make our daily routines in this place more enjoyable and productive.  If you have questions or concerns, please let me know.  Thank you.



Dale Peterson
Dean of Students





Final exam schedule on following page.


Final Exam Schedule

First Semester, 2004-2005



Monday, December 13


9-12 noon

Rel. 600

O.T. Interpretation (Sharp)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 600


Latourette S223


Rel. 600


Bushnell S200

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 601

N.T. Interpretation (Fitzgerald)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 601


Latourette S223


Rel. 601


Great Hall/ISM


Tuesday, December 14


9-10:30 a.m.

Rel. 782

Foundations of Xn. Worship (Garrigan, Spinks)

Great Hall/ISM

9-12 noon

Rel. 618

Intermediate Greek (Gundry-Volf)

Bushnell S200

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 820

Philosophy of Religion (Hare)



Wednesday, December 15


9-12 noon

Rel. 712

Religious Ethics & Modern Moral Issues (Outka)


9-12 noon

Rel. 726

Systematic Theology (Volf)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 726


Latourette S223


Rel. 726


Bushnell S200

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 678

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (Hoffer)

Bushnell S100

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 791

Ecclesiology, Ministry & Polity UCC (Siladi)


2-5 p.m.

Rel. 795

Anglican Theology/History I: Great Britain (Beeley)

Bushnell S200


Thursday, December 16


9-11 a.m.

Rel. 679

Greek Exegesis:  Galatians (Hultin)

Bushnell S100

9-12 noon

Rel. 604

Elementary Biblical Hebrew (Neujahr)

Latourette S223

9-12 noon

Rel. 605

Elementary N.T. Greek (Berg)

Bushnell S200

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 636

English Exegesis: Gospel of Matthew (Hultin)

Bushnell S100

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 798

Anglican Theol/HistoryII: ECUSA/Anglican Church (Britton)

Niebuhr Hall


Friday, December 17        


9-12 noon

Rel. 720

History of Xn. Theology to 451 (Beeley)

Niebuhr Hall

2-3 p.m.

Rel. 700

History of Western Xnity: 100-1200 (Rittgers)

Bushnell S100



All School Conference 2004/2005:
Disrobing: Our Private Selves and Public Identities


January 24-28, 2005



                                    Tentative Schedule:

                                    Monday, Jan. 24: Social Selves

                                    Tuesday, Jan. 25: Material Selves

                                    Wednesday, Jan. 26: Psychological & Spiritual Selves

                                    Thursday, Jan. 27: Sexual Selves

                                    Friday, Jan. 28: Political Selves


The conference's theme explores the image of private and public roles of clergy and academics, in order to ask questions of self-formation and vocation both as a crucial part of individual well-being and as preparation for effective public ministry, teaching, or other church-related careers.


The All School Conference is a program of the Community Life Committee.  For more information, contact Matt.Haugen@yale.edu, or Joshua.Rinas@yale.edu (ASC Co-Coordinators)



Interested in joining a Spiritual Direction Group?  New ones are forming now and will be forming into the new semester.  (FYI, they are good for the soul.) Contact Martha Korienek at martha.korienek@yale.edu with your availability to join one. Brought to you by the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation.



Yale/New Haven Area Involvement



University Public Worship: The Church of Christ in Yale. Engaging faith and reason. Battell Chapel,

Old Campus. 11:00 A.M.: University Public Worship with Communion.

Sunday, December 19: The Reverend Frederick J. Streets, University Chaplain and Senior Pastor, The Church of Christ in Yale, is preaching.  The Church of Christ in Yale is an open and affirming congregation, United Church of Christ. Church school and childcare; Wheelchair accessible. All are welcome! University Chaplain’s Office: 432-1128.


University Public Worship: Christmas Eve Service with Communion: Friday, December 24, 7:30 PM.  The Reverend Frederick J. Streets, University Chaplain and Senior Pastor, The Church of Christ in Yale, is preaching.  (No childcare is provided for this service.) Battell Chapel is located at the corner of Elm and College Streets.  Wheelchair accessible. Information available at 432-1130.  The Church of Christ in Yale is an open and affirming member of the United Church of Christ.  All are welcome.

University Public Worship: Sunday, December 26, 11:00 AM. JOINT SERVICE with FIRST & SUMMERFIELD METHODIST CHURCH.  Service will be held at theFirst & Summerfield Methodist Church, 425 College Street, New Haven. The Reverend Samuel N. Slie, Associate Pastor, The Church of Christ in Yale, is preaching. Information available at 432-1130.  The Church of Christ in Yale is an open and affirming member of the United Church of Christ.  All are welcome.


Association of Yale Alumni 2005 Community Service Summer Fellowship Program:

Spend next summer discovering, teaching, nurturing, advocating...  Be part of this phenomenal program that provides both undergraduate and graduate/professional students (not in their final year of study) the opportunity to spend eight weeks in cities across the country (and one international city), working in full-time community service positions. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate/professional students who are not in their final year of study and who plan to return to Yale the semester following the Fellowship. Yale alumni, who also provide housing and a stipend of $2,800 per student, sponsor each Fellowship. Previous sites have included youth service agencies, homeless/outreach shelters, community re-development agencies, environment/conservation organizations, education enrichment programs, family community centers, and legal aid programs. Application deadline: Friday, January 21, 2005 by 5:00 pm. More info & application: www.aya.yale.edu/cssf   Questions? Call 432-1944






YDS Directors of Publications and Communications seek student assistant for 5-8 hours per week for photographic work.  Student will take photos using a digital camera, as well as edit and archive images.  Advanced knowledge of digital camera settings, Photoshop 7 or CS, and Macintosh OS X preferred.  Student must have a flexible schedule and be available to photograph YDS events, especially between 4pm and 7pm. Student may be asked to assist occasionally with general office duties.  Contact Jamie Manson, Director of Publications, at jamie.manson@yale.edu with resume and samples of photos.



YDS Directors of Publications and Communications seek student assistant for 5-8 hours per week for freelance writing.  Excellent grammatical skills a must.  Previous experience with magazine or newspaper writing preferred.  Student must have a flexible schedule and be able to interview subjects and cover YDS events, including those held during the evening. Student may be asked to assist occasionally with general office duties.  Contact Gus Spohn, Director of Communications, at gustav.spohn@yale.edu, with resume and writing sample.



YDS Director of Publications seeks office assistant for 7-10 hours per week.  Duties include assistance with mailing, typing, correspondence, research, proofreading and fact-checking.  Excellent writing and communication skills a must.  Previous experience with magazine work preferred.  Contact Jamie Manson, Director of Publications, at jamie.manson@yale.edu with resume and writing sample.


Work Study Student Needed for External Relations Office:  
The External Relations Office needs an additional work-study student to work 10-12 hours per week assisting with a range of responsibilities including assistance with events and preparation for  the summer term program.  For further information, please contact John Lindner phone 432-5363 or john.lindner@yale.edu.


www.library.yale.edu/div/mrc   432-5319      ministry.resource.center@yale.edu

at the Circulation Desk in the Library, take a right and a left

Staff  available 10-3 weekdays


We have worship service ideas for the rest of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany.


Want to listen to CDs of Christmas music?



LENT: Study group?  Worship resources?  Spiritual formation groups?  We probably have what you need…


ASH WEDNESDAY:  worship liturgies, prayers, customs.  We can help you prepare.  Resources for children, youth, and adults or intergenerational.


Different approaches for different persons and different congregations in spiritual formation or faith nurture.   One’s favorite is not necessarily best for all.  Read about it:  FINDING YOUR WAY: PERSONALIZED PRACTICES FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH, John Ackerman.


Public events upcoming for Martin Luther King Day and other events might make you think of PRAYING THE SACRED IN SECULAR SETTINGS, Gail E. Bowman.


SERVING IN YOUR CHURCH PRAYER MINISTRY is just one of the titles that might stimulate your thinking about prayer ministries in your congregation.


Confirmation resources for all approaches to that ministry and for all denominations…You don’t have to create your own but you can adapt it to your situation.


VBS kits or curriculum are here and more are coming.


Study group topics are as broad as the things you are interested in:

Hymns of Comfort


Hymns of Grace

Remembering Your Story: A Guide to Spiritual Autobiography   and much, much more…..