November 14-20, 2004


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Academic Information



From the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Robert Wilson:


Due Date

All work for the first semester is due by the end of the semester,

Friday, December 17, unless the instructor specifies an earlier date.



1.         In exceptional circumstances, such as illness or family crisis, the instructor may grant an extension of time beyond the end of the semester, but no extension can be given beyond Monday, February 7, 2005. 


2.     No work from the first semester can be accepted by a faculty member after that date.


Additional Extensions

1           A student may appeal to the Professional Studies Committee for an additional extension.  Such an appeal must be made in writing before February 7 on a form provided by the Registrar’s office. 


2.     Extensions will be considered by the Committee only in exceptional circumstances, such as those indicated above.



         The schedule of dates, deadlines, and extensions, as published by the Divinity School, applies to all courses to be credited towards a Divinity School degree, regardless of University department or school in which they are taken.



From the Dean:


If you are planning to attend the Annual Meeting of the AAR/SBL in
San Antonio, please note an important change in the program.  The time and place for the Yale Reception (AM 21-120) has been changed from what is listed on p. 213 of the program to:

Sunday 9:00-11:00
Marriott Rivercenter (MRC) Salon H

The change will be noted in the supplemental program that you will receive at registration.

Harry Attridge








From the Registrar's Office

As you are aware, we have dispensed with pre-registration. 


Students, however, are expected to meet with their faculty advisers sometime during the week of November 15-19 or November 29-December 3 to discuss how the year has been going and course selection for spring. Online registration will take place when students return in January.

Your adviser has been sent a copy of your transcript and if you are an MDiv or Comprehensive MAR they have also been sent a degree audit.

Students whose adviser is on leave this semester may wait until January to see their adviser.

Time change:

 Rel. 783, Liturgical Theology (Garrigan) will meet on Mondays and Fridays from 1:30-3:00 p.m.





Final exam schedule on following page.






Final Exam Schedule

First Semester, 2004-2005



Monday, December 13


9-12 noon

Rel. 600

O.T. Interpretation (Sharp)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 600


Latourette S223


Rel. 600


Bushnell S200

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 601

N.T. Interpretation (Fitzgerald)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 601


Latourette S223


Rel. 601


Great Hall/ISM


Tuesday, December 14


9-10:30 a.m.

Rel. 782

Foundations of Xn. Worship (Garrigan, Spinks)

Great Hall/ISM

9-12 noon

Rel. 618

Intermediate Greek (Gundry-Volf)

Bushnell S200

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 820

Philosophy of Religion (Hare)



Wednesday, December 15


9-12 noon

Rel. 712

Religious Ethics & Modern Moral Issues (Outka)


9-12 noon

Rel. 726

Systematic Theology (Volf)

Niebuhr Hall


Rel. 726


Latourette S223


Rel. 726


Bushnell S200

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 678

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (Hoffer)

Bushnell S100

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 791

Ecclesiology, Ministry & Polity UCC (Siladi)


2-5 p.m.

Rel. 795

Anglican Theology/History I: Great Britain (Beeley)

Bushnell S200


Thursday, December 16


9-11 a.m.

Rel. 679

Greek Exegesis:  Galatians (Hultin)

Bushnell S100

9-12 noon

Rel. 604

Elementary Biblical Hebrew (Neujahr)

Latourette S223

9-12 noon

Rel. 605

Elementary N.T. Greek (Berg)

Bushnell S200

2-4 p.m.

Rel. 636

English Exegesis: Gospel of Matthew (Hultin)

Bushnell S100

2-5 p.m.

Rel. 798

Anglican Theol/HistoryII: ECUSA/Anglican Church (Britton)

Niebuhr Hall


Friday, December 17        


9-12 noon

Rel. 720

History of Xn. Theology to 451 (Beeley)

Niebuhr Hall

2-3 p.m.

Rel. 700

History of Western Xnity: 100-1200 (Rittgers)

Bushnell S100



Marquand Chapel

November 15-19


Please join us this week for the following services at 10:30 a.m.:

            Monday, November 15: the chapel team leads a service on the Christian symbol of water.

            Tuesday, November 16: STM student James Mustard will offer the homily.

            Wednesday, November 17: the sung morning prayer service in the African-American

            tradition continues.

            Thursday, November 18: the Women’s Center will lead us in worship.

            Friday, November 19: Professor Serene Jones will preach and preside at our weekly                          community Eucharist, a celebration of the “hearty” Eucharist that is now a tradition in           Marquand.  All who gather for worship are welcome at the communion table in

Marquand Chapel.







2004 -- 2005

The Vernacular Principle in Christian History

Andrew F. Walls

Professor Emeritus of Mission Studies
University of Edinburgh

Founder and director of
the Center for the Study of Christianity in the non-Western World
University of Edinburgh

Tuesday, November 16
5:15 pm

H. Richard Niebuhr Lecture Hall
Reception to follow

On-Campus, continued:


Exegesis Paper Due Soon? Learn How to Use Logos Bible Software for Exegesis.

This demonstration is designed for students with little or no knowledge of Hebrew or Greek.  You will learn how to access Logos from YDS Library workstations, how to view a passage in parallel versions/translations, how to do a concordance search on individual words using an English concordance, and get information on other resources available on Logos.  All sessions will be held in the YDS Library Instruction Room, L107:

Tuesday, November 16 at 4:00-4:45 pm

Wednesday, November 18 at 12:00-12:45 pm

For more information contact Suzanne Estelle-Holmer, 2-6374 Suzanne.Estelle-Holmer@yale.edu



Call for Papers and Projects: The YDS Initiative in Religion, Science & Technology (IRST) is inviting submissions for a Graduate and Faculty Forum, which will be held December 6th, 2004. IRST is looking for unpublished papers, works in progress, or course projects that can be adapted to a 20 minute presentation. Any topic which broadly relates to the field of religion and science is welcome. If you are interested in more information, please see the IRST website or the description which is posted around the divinity school. Anyone interested in submitting their work should e-mail an abstract (500 words or less) of your paper to wesley.avram@yale.edu, by November 15th. Up to three works will be
chosen and the presenters will be notified by November 29th. A Certificate of Academic Presentation will be awarded to each of the presenters.


Free Yoga classes for Yale students/faculty--Sponsored by Berkeley Divinity School's Annand Program for Spiritual Formation--Weekly on Monday nights, 6:00-7:30pm. Classes taught by Eric Jeuland M.Div. '06, Certified KaliRay Triyoga instructor. No prior experience required. Mats, blocks, pillows provided (though feel free to bring your own mats). Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Please try to come a bit early to begin class on time. Here is the room schedule until the end of the semester:
            11/15 *MOVED TO COMMON ROOM*
            11/22 TBD
            11/29 S100
            12/6  TBD
If there is demand, classes may be held during reading weeks.
If you have any questions or comments, email eric.jeuland@yale.edu.



Yale Center for Faith and Culture Announces Theology Live: A series engaging with and learning from leaders in diverse fields who have “gone live” with their ideas, endeavoring to engage and shape the broader public with a voice rooted in and informed by faith

Next in the Series: Stanley Hauerwas,

Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke University Divinity School

Tuesday, November 30
Reception—Yale Center for Faith & Culture (S-116)  5:15 p.m.
Lecture—Niebuhr Lecture Hall
6:00 p.m


On-Campus, continued:


Dog Sitter Wanted: Are you around for the thanksgiving holiday? Dog-sitter wanted to take care of my sweet, beautiful Welsh Springer Spaniel, Ruby Begonia, and, if you like, stay in my lovely, postmodern apartment (fireplace, grand piano, just around the corner from the divinity school). Or keep her at your own place if you prefer. Friday, November 19, until Monday, November 29. Offering $180 (but you may enjoy staying at my place; have you seen it?!) Contact Dale B. Martin: 787-0132 or email dale.martin@yale.edu.



All School Conference Planning Committee:  The 2004-2005 YDS All School Conference, entitled "Disrobing: Our Private Selves and Public Identities," is coming up on January 24-28! The conference's theme explores the image of private and public roles of clergy and academics, in order to ask questions of self-formation and vocation both as a crucial part of individual well-being and as preparation for effective public ministry, teaching, or other church-related careers.

But we need your help! If you are interested in being on the All-School Conference planning committee, please respond to Matt Haugen (matthew.haugen@yale.edu) or to Joshua Rinas (joshua.rinas@yale.edu) with some basic information (name, year, degree program), what times work for a weekly meeting, and a sentence or two about why you are interested in being a part of this committee. We'd like to meet soon--January is fast approaching!  Committee responsibilities will include: determining the topics for the series of events for the week, arranging speakers and facilitators, creative publicity, refreshments, developing workshop materials, a variety of programming at different times and places to best include all parts of the YDS population--M.Div. and M.A.R., ISM, BDS, commuters, etc. 




ISM Upcoming Events:


Repertory Chorus Recital.  Nov. 15, Dwight Chapel, 5pm.


Great Organ Music at Yale.   Nov. 21, Woolsey Hall, 8pm.
Karel Paukert, Professor of Organ,
Cleveland Institute of Music.

Works by Foerster, Widermann, Eben, Janacek, Alain, Shrude, D'Alessio, and Franck.




Yale/New Haven Area Involvement



University Public Worship: The Church of Christ in Yale. Engaging faith and reason. Battell Chapel, Old Campus. Sunday, November 21, 11:00 AM: The Reverend Samuel N. Slie, Associate Pastor, Church of Christ in Yale, is preaching. The Church of Christ in Yale is an open and affirming congregation, United Church of Christ. Church school and childcare; Wheelchair accessible. All are welcome! University Chaplain’s Office: 432-1128.



Moveable Feast: a Multifaith Dinner. Tuesday, November 16th, 5:30-7:00 PM at Luther House (27 High Street). All are welcome to attend this free meal and open conversation about Gratitude and Thanksgiving. All are invited to bring a text or story from their tradition that expresses gratitude or thanksgiving. Kosher, vegetarian food provided. Members of all faith traditions welcome! To ensure that we have enough food, RSVP to callista.brown@yale.edu by Monday, Nov. 15 at noon. Sponsored by the University Chaplain’s Office and the Multifaith Council.



Oversees Ministries Study Center Events:

Tuesday, November 16, 7:30 p.m. “The Contribution of Religion to the Resurgence of Indigenous Movements in Latin America” presented by Edward L. Cleary, O.P., Professor of Political Science and Director of the Latin American Studies Program, Providence College, Providence, Rhode
Island. Great Commission Hall, Overseas Ministries Study Center, 490 Prospect Street, New Haven. A discussion period will follow the lecture. For lecture details or directions, visit www.OMSC.org (What’s New?) or call (203) 624-6672, ext. 315.


Friday, November 19, 12:30 p.m., Missions Research Colloquium. “Does Islam Need a Reformation or a Counter-reformation?” presented by Dr. Paul Marshall, Senior Fellow at the Center for Religious Freedom, a division of Freedom House, Washington, D.C. Held at Great Commission Hall, Overseas Ministries Study Center, 490 Prospect Street, New Haven. Bring a light lunch at 12:15 p.m. Coffee will be provided. For lecture details or directions, visit www.OMSC.org (What’s New?) or call (203) 624-6672, ext. 315.







Music Director: The Bridgewater Congregational Church in Bridgewater, CT (about 1 hour
New Haven) is seeking a music director.  

Organist Choir Director
Two manual
Austin pipe organ
Bell Choir - Schulmerich 3 octaves
Adult Choir sings Palistrina and Tallis a cappella
Enthusiastic children’s choir
For more information contact Rev. Peter Hammond (860-354-8283)



www.library.yale.edu/div/mrc   432-5319      ministry.resource.center@yale.edu

at the Circulation Desk in the Library, take a right and a left

Staff  available 10-3 weekdays





Two workshops on Nov. 17:






 If you didn’t get to the Methodist hymning, perhaps you’d like to see the new video HYMNS OF PRAISE: CHARLES WESLEY


Want to listen to the Bible on CD or tape as you commute?  Or how about some lectures by Amy-Jill Levine, New Testament or Bart Ehrman, The Historical Jesus?


Adult study groups on “hot topics”: politics and faith, homosexuality and the Bible, social principles, racism, economy, poverty, global issues, peace and war—there are leaders guides, videos and other resources that can make this comfortable and timely to pursue. 


Taize, world music, newer composers, Rachmaninoff Vespers, just to name a few.  Hear them, bring peace to your soul, and open your mind in creative thinking by filling your life with music….and there are lots more recordings, music books, etc.


Advent leadership???  We have what you need for worship, study, and other ministries.