Q Source

February 2 - 6, 2004

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Invitation from Dean Attridge

Lunchtime Conversation Concerning Chapel Renovations

Thursday, February 5, 12:30 to 1:30pm, Common Room


Everyone is invited by Dean Harry Attridge to a lunchtime conversation concerning proposed physical renovations to Marquand Chapel.  These proposed renovations are the result of a study and discussion by faculty in recent months concerning the seating in the Chapel and the Chapel

organ.  The conversation is scheduled for Thursday, February 5, in the Common Room.  You are invited to bring your lunch, to hear a presentation on the proposed renovations, and to have a conversation around the contents of the presentation.  Hope you can make it!


Monday, February 2: a service in celebration of Black History Month.
3rd-year M.Div. student Ian Doescher will offer a homily entitled “Green
Eggs and Ham.”  The Bible Belters, Jason Richardson and others will
provide special music.
Tuesday, February 3: Professor Lamin Sanneh will preach.
Wednesday, February 4: a new service of sung morning prayer begins!
Thursday, February 5: chapel minister and 2nd-year M.Div. student Natalie
Wigg will preach.
Friday, February 6: Professor Yolanda Smith will preach and preside at
our community Eucharist service in the American Baptist tradition.  All
who gather as a community in worship are welcome at the communion table
in Marquand Chapel.


Monday Vespers


The Lutheran and Episcopal students lead sung Vespers every Monday evening at 4:30 in the Henri Nowen prayer chapel in the basement of the library.  You are invited to join us.  The service lasts about half an hour.  To get to the prayer chapel, take the elevator downstairs and follow the signs.   It is a lovely way to end the day.


Thursday Night Compline

Please join us for Compline on Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. in the Henri Nouwen Prayer Chapel on the ground floor of the library.   Currently we are doing a service adapted from Common Worship 2000. At other times we have used the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, Taize
chants and the Lutheran Book of Worship. The service lasts approximately twenty minutes, but we often linger in fellowship and talk of our common life.  Come, magnify the Lord with us!




                   Attention Creative Writers:  "Writing About Ultimate Concerns"
Scott Russell Sanders will be holding an informal conversation with YDS students on Thursday, February 19, from 12-1:20, in the RSV Room.   (Lunch will be provided.)  Scott is Distinguished Professor of English at Indiana University and the author of eighteen books; his essays explore issues of faith, the environment, and the life of the spirit.   His conversation with YDS students is entitled "Writing About Ultimate
and he describes it as follows:  "I'd like to share my own efforts at writing in a personal way about matters of faith, especially for an audience that is largely secular and sometimes hostile to the language and outlook of religion.  And I would invite students to talk about their own experiences in writing, or aspiring to write, about matters of faith and moral grounding.  Any students who had something brief to read aloud to the group would be welcome to do so, and I would briefly comment, without doing any formal critiquing.  I'm especially interested in considering how we describe and learn from our deepest experiences--what Quakers call 'openings.'  Because I am working on a
spiritual memoir called A Private History of Awe, these challenges are very much on my mind."  If you're interested, please pick up some short pre-talk readings outside Lana Schwebel's office (they should be there by Wednesday).  This event is sponsored by the Yale Literature & Spirituality Series; for questions, please contact



A Lecture You Don’t Want to Miss

Friday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. there will be a lecture by William Rusch in
Marquand Chapel.  The lecture is open to the public, and will be followed by worship and a reception.  All are welcome to attend!   The title of the lecture is "Putting the 'E' of Ecclesia back into the ELCA," and is the first lecture in the Lutherans in Diaspora conference happening at YDS this weekend.  The conference is held annually and rotates between YDS, Harvard Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary, and Princeton Theological Seminary.  For information on registering for the conference, contact simon.burce@yale.edu or paul.stuehrenberg@yale.edu.  

William Rusch is the director of the Faith and Order Commussion of the National Council of Churches for Christ, and is the former Chief Ecumenical Officer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  



        German language table, Tuesday, February 3, 12.00-13.00 at the cafeteria
Everybody interested in speaking and practicing German, a wonderful language, is heartily invited to join the German language table for lunch. Those who attend this week will help decide how frequently we will meet as well as possible topics for our conversation. If you have any questions, please contact Christl Maier, Associate Professor of OT, Taylor S 118 or tel. 432-5338 or e-mail: christl.maier@yale.edu

Events on the Sterling Quad, Spring 2004
Sponsored by Yale Divinity School, Institute of Sacred Music, & Berkeley Divinity School

Changes/additions are marked with an asterisk.  For any further changes or additions, please email: laura.kramer@yale.edu








4:30 PM

Liturgical Studies Symposium - Margot Fassler

Great Hall





4:00-5:30 PM

Dean's Tea to honor Marquand/Carpenter scholarship recipients







Lunchtime Conversation Concerning Chapel Renovations

Common Room






with Dean Attridge







Reception: YDS Faculty and Research Fellows

RSV Room





7:00 PM

NPR Program: "Speaking of Faith" hosted by YDS alum







Krista Tibbett, interviewing Miroslav Volf, Washington DC







Lecture: "Dictionary of African Christian Biography" by Jonathan







Bonk; Sponsored by and held at the Oversees Ministries Study








Great Commission Hall





4:00 PM

Scott Russell Sanders - Yale Literature/Spirituality Series

Book Supply





7:30 PM

Bartlett Lecture - "Human Rights, Religious







Freedom and Chinese Christians"







Daniel Bays






8:30 PM

Bartlett Lecture Reception

Common Room





9:00 AM

Native American Grace: the art of Fr. John Giuliani opens






4:30 PM

Dean's Tea






8:00 PM

Yale Schola Cantorum







Working Group on Religious Issues in Bioethics: "Prospects for







an Evolutionary Account of the Foundations of Ethics"  by John







Hare, Prof. of Philosophical Theology

Bushnell S-100





5:15 PM

Good Movies! Film Series-"8 1/2"

Great Hall





7:30 PM

Parks-King Lecture, "Religion and Civil Rights:







 The Revolution Led by Church Women, Preachers,







 and Sunday-School Children" Robert Franklin






3:00 PM

Yale Camerata

Trinity Lutheran











                             Upcoming Events at the Institute of Sacred Music

 Liturgy Symposium:

 Monday, Feb. 2: ISM Great Hall, 4:30 -6:00pm
Margot Fassler, Director, Yale Institute of Sacred Music and Robert S. Tangeman Professor of Music History
 "The Liturgical Framework of Time: How History was Made in the Central Middle Ages."
Medieval historians in the tenth through the twelfth centuries were of many stripes, and hence created the past using a great variety of materials. This paper outlines the importance of liturgical sources and methods, as well as the roles of cantors and other liturgists, in both the recreation and representations of the past, as well as in the writing of history.

 Student Organ Recitals:

 Full Length Recitals beginning at 8pm:

   Sunday, February 15
   Jason Roberts, Woolsey Hall


Noontime Organ Recital Series:

 Half-hour recitals on Wednesdays at 12:30

   February 4

   Lindsay Henrickson, Woolsey Hall

   February 11
   Woo-Sug Kang, Woolsey Hall



Black History Month Speaker Needed

The International Classroom program, run by the International Center of New Haven, aims to provide speakers from various cultures to the New Haven schools.  
Nathan Hale school (elementary and middle school) would like to have a speaker/performer from an African country.  They would like someone who could do a dance presentation and speak about the dance and customs of that country.  They would like this person to visit the school during February in celebration of Black History Month.   If you are interested, please contact Beth Yavenditti as soon as possible.  Email:  beth.yavenditti@icnh.org
















The Church of Christ in Yale – Battell Chapel

February Preaching Schedule

SUNDAY, February 8, 2004

11:00 A.M. ~  University Public Worship

Reverend Cynthia Terry, Associate University, is preaching.

SUNDAY, February 15, 2004

11:00 A.M. ~  University Public Worship

Reverend Joan Parrott, Director of the Sam Dewitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy and Ministry, Children’s Defense Fund, is preaching.

SUNDAY, February 22, 2004

11:00 A.M. ~  University Public Worship

Reverend David L. Bartlett, the J. Edward & Ruth Cox Lantz Professor Christian Communication, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Yale Divinity School, is preaching.

SUNDAY, February 29, 2004

11:00 A.M. ~  University Public Worship

Reverend Harry B. Adams, the Horace Bushnell Professor, Emeritus, Christian Nurture, Yale Divinity School, is preaching.




























Volunteer Opportunities


   Your donation may save a Annette’s life

 Sunday February 8, 2004

12 P.M. to 5 P.M.

      Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven, CT

 (on the corner of Chapel and Temple Streets)

Adults between the ages of 18 and 60 will be asked to:

*  have a few drops of blood taken from their finger

*  be listed in the National Marrow Donor Program Registry

Annette has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant.  She is a pharmacist and her husband is a pediatrician at the Hill Health Center.  She has two beautiful children, McAllister and Ben.  Annette is of African American ancestry and doctors have told her that the most likely donor would be someone that matches her ancestry.  To save Annette’s life (&/or someone like her) we need your help.   If you are African American, please come to our screening.  We ask that you also give this flyer to at least 10 eligible people.  Tell them how important they are to Annette, her family, and to others with cancer or serious blood diseases.  We are praying that a thousand people will come.  There is no fee for eligible donors, so all you will need to bring is a generous spirit and a desire to save a life.  (For more info. about donation call 1 (800) 676-4545 or visit www.marrow.org).  PLEASE CALL THE TRINITY PARISH OFFICE AT 624-3101  OR EMAIL US AT: trinity.church@snet.net TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING




The Ministerial Internship of a Lifetime

Internship for Ministry to Young and Young Adults at The American Church in Paris.
The American Church in Paris, an international interdenominational coongregation in
the heart of the city, is seeking a Seminary Intern for the 2004-2005 year (August through June).
Responsibilities are to minister to young people ages 12 to 29. An active program is in place and requires faithful attention by a minister with the assistance of experienced volunteers and a
pastoral team of five in which the intern participates. A fully furnished apartment is provided with all housing expenses. Other support is required from the intern's own resources.
If interested: Email The Rev. Dr. T. Gregory Turner at pastortgt@acparis.org

Research Assistant needed.

The Old Testament faculty is building an electronic collection of  images relevant to Old Testament study [pictures of archaeological finds, artwork, maps], using the existing Eikon database. We seek an assistant who can work a significant number of hours during this Spring semester, if possible 10+ hours a week, on this project. Summer hours may also be available. Some training will be provided, but applicants should have experience with databases and the electronic scanning of images. Compensation will be at the standard Yale rate of $10.65/hour. Please send a letter of interest and resume to Professor Carolyn Sharp by February 20. In your letter, please indicate how many hours/week you would be able to offer the project and whether you are available for summer work or only for the Spring semester.



                         On Campus Job/Learning Opportunity for Summer and Fall
Apply to be the Resource Assistant in the Ministry Resource Center for the whole summer, 25 hours a week.  (Also openings for Academic year 2004-2005)  Gives you the opportunity to hear the real concerns in ministry in congregations of every kind throughout the region, to know the resources for every denomination on every issue that congregations care about, to make a difference through ministering with leaders in congregations and students who are working in congregations and agencies.  Ask for an
application and interview with Carolyn Hardin Engelhardt, Director of the Ministry Resource Center.  (If you need more work hours in the summer, often other campus opportunities can be added.)

                                    Wippell’s is coming ( This Week!)
Are you going to need clerical and/or liturgical attire later this year?  Clerical shirts in time for your ordination?  An alb or cassock for field work next fall?  A representative from J. Wippell & Co., Ltd. will be in the Common Room on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4 with an array of fine clerical and liturgical clothing.   Questions?  Contact Jill Beimdiek (jill.beimdiek@yale.edu).















www.library.yale.edu/div/mrc   432-5319      ministry.resource.center@yale.edu

at the Circulation Desk in the Library, take a right and a left

Staff available 10-3 weekdays


PREACHING STUDENTS:  You might want:  Social/Prophetic Dimensions of the Gospel: Staying Alive in the Pulpit, a video; videos of about 30 great preachers and audiocassettes of others.


Forbidden Scriptures:  Early Christianity and the Nag Hammadi Texts, videos


Lent worship and study group resources can be checked for your leadership.


WORKSHOP THIS WEEK and in the future at 12:30-1:30 p.m.:

Bible Study that Links Scripture and Our Experience, Feb. 2


Leading Bible Study Using Bible Dictionaries, Various Translations, Etc., Feb. 20


Selecting and Inviting People into Leadership: Don’t Ask Them to Sign Up!  Feb. 26

Adult Education for Lent (ask for it to be repeated)

Exploring Confirmation Ministry (ask for it to be repeated)


Bread for the World Offering of Letters kit and Election Kits are here to help congregations and campus groups carry out their roles of Christian stewardship.  Check them out.

Vacation Bible School kits are arriving for your review for a congregation you work with.


Need examples of prayers, calls to worship, offertory prayers and other aspects of the congregation’s worship???  We have books and books of them and will help you find those right for your denomination.


Curriculum resources for adults, youth, children on every topic:  Bible, church history, daily issues—Look at them as cookbooks with recipes and menus that can be adapted just like you cook for your particular tastes.  Seeing examples can help you

                        Save time by not having to create “from scratch”

                        Have higher quality experiences that take into account the variety of

                                    learning styles in the group

                        Resources exist on every topic congregations care about

Spanish language resources can be checked out for bilingual groups, your learning, or for Spanish-speaking groups.


Community ministry planning resources for helping your congregation branch out…Ask!