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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have attempted here to respond to the most frequently asked questions.  For more in-depth guidance, however, you should consult the text of the various procedures themselves.  They may turn out to speak more directly to your concerns.

  • In what situations should I consider using the student grievance procedures?

    When you have any complaint, including discrimination on basis of race, sex, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation.   These procedures do not apply where complaints concerning academic freedom (e.g., syllabus or course content), quality of instruction, or grades, are concerned except if alleged the grade is alleged to have resulted from discrimination.

  • How are complaints resolved?

    The student grievance procedures encourage informal resolution of complaints, but also allow for a formal process for resolving complaints as well. 

  • Whom should I contact to discuss my concern?

    Contact the designated person in your school listed in the Student Grievances Contact List.

  • Are there time frames and deadlines I need to follow?

    We encourage you to resolve issues informally as soon as possible either by addressing the person directly or seeking advice from a Contact person in your school.  If you use the formal process, in general  you need to file your written complaint no later than 45 days after the alleged violation or incident. 

  • Where can I find a copy of the official student grievance procedures at Yale?

    You may contact any individual listed in the Student Grievances Contact List for a hard copy of the official student grievance procedures, or you may access it online.


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