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Graduate Dining

Meal Plans

The HGS 150 Plan - 2015/16

The HGS 150 Plan is a block meal plan that gives graduate students 150 meals to use anytime during the semester. The plan is required for all HGS residents as a minimum meal plan, but it is also available to non-resident graduate students. Meal balances are carried over from week to week during the semester, but reset at the last service day of each semester.
Meal plan participants can dine in the HGS Dining Room, which serves lunch and dinner Monday through Friday and also eat any meal at any residential dining hall or have breakfast, lunch at Commons during the week, (certain restrictions apply, see Transfer Policy below). Meals can also be swiped at Marigolds or the Divinity Refectory using an equivalency of $4.00 for breakfast, $8.00 for lunch and $8.35 for dinner. Lunch only can be swiped at Durfee, Thain Café, or uncommon using an equivalency of $8.00. In addition, lunch can be swiped at KBT Cafe using an equivalency of $8.00.

Double swipes are allowed during the same meal period throughout the semester at residential dining locations.  Double swipes are only allowed during the same meal period at a combination of residential and retail locations, during the last two weeks of the semester.

The plan includes $75 per semester in dining points that can be spent at Yale Dining retail locations, including Durfee’s, Thain Café, KBT Cafe, The Divinity Refectory or Marigolds. Points can also be used at The Blue Dog Café, which is located in the McDougal Center at HGS. Also, the plan includes 6 bonus meals that can be used for yourself, family, guests, etc. The bonus meals however, have no transfer value. The cost of the 150 plan for 2015-2016 is $2,475 per semester.

Although this meal plan is valid at all undergraduate dining halls, access to the undergraduate colleges via the security gates is not automatically granted to graduate students. In addition, Graduate School meal plan holders are restricted from transferring to an undergraduate dining hall whenever the College Master designates the meal as “Family Night”, usually on Sundays, and whenever "college only" special events are held.

The Divinity Plan

The Divinity School requires all of their students to support their graduate community by purchasing a meal plan. The Divinity plan is a declining points program designed specifically for Divinity students. Divinity students can however use their points at any Yale Dining affiliated retail location or at the Blue Dog Café, which is located in the McDougal Center at HGS. The cost of the plan for 2015-2016 is $500 per semester for full-time students and $250 per semester for part-time students. Meal point balances roll over from fall to spring semester, but expire on the last service day of each academic year.

The Harkness Plan

Harkness does not have a mandatory meal plan. Individuals who would like a meal plan option can selesct any of our traditional meal plans, our Off-campus meal plan, or use Eli Bucks for more flexibility.

Off–campus Students Meal Plans

Non–residents, that is those who live off–campus in non–University provided housing, have choices too. Whether an undergraduate or graduate student, you may purchase the Anytime Meal Plan, the Full Meal Plan, the Any 14 Plus Points Meal Plan, the HGS 150 Plan, or the Off-campus Meal Plan.

Off-campus Meal Plan

  • Available only to students living off-campus
  • 5 meals per week (reset weekly)
  • 30 meal block (for guest meals or for extra weekly meals) per semester. Block meals carry over from Fall to Spring only.
  • $125 per semester in Dining Points to spend at Durfee’s, uncommon or the Blue Dog Café at HGS’ McDougal Center as well as KBT, Marigolds, and Divinity. Dining points carry over from Fall to Spring only.
  • $1,100 per semester

Guest Rates

Put Our Service to the Test!
We encourage campus visitors and University guests to join us for meals on campus. All residential colleges, including the Hall of Graduate Studies and Commons, are available to bring a friend or relative in for a tempting hot lunch or a delicious & leisurely dinner. The style is all-you-care-to-eat. All dining halls now accept Visa, Master and Discover cards. Children under 3 are free.

Guest Rates for the 2014–2015 Academic Year:

Children 3–10
Hot Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
Lunch or Brunch

Eli Bucks

Graduate student Eli Bucks are a great way to have maximum dining flexibility on campus and save. Every time you use Eli Bucks at one of Yale Dining’s affiliated retail locations (uncommon, Durfee’s, Thain Cafe, KBT Café, Divinity, Marigolds, or Health Center Café. You will receive a 10% discount at the point of sale at all Yale Dining campus locations (discount not valid at McDougal Blue Dog Cafe, the Yale Golf Course, West Campus, or The Kosher Kitchen at Joseph Slifka Center). When you use Eli Bucks to dine at HGS you can have an all-you-care to-eat lunch for $9.31 and dinner for $12.69. No minimum purchase is required.
For more information, or to add Eli Bucks to your student account visit

Order Eli Bucks Online


Retail Dining

We feature taste–tempting specials daily.

  • Durfee’s Convenience Store
    Durfee’s shelves are loaded with fresh and prepared food, snacks, beverages, groceries, and personal care items. Durfee's also offers hot wings, chicken strips, pizza, nachos, and fries. Salads, sandwiches, and sushi are made fresh daily.

  • Health Center Café
    The café offers fresh brewed Starbucks coffee, along with a great selection of tea, assorted bagels, muffins, Danish, croissants, fresh fruit and yogurt. Hot breakfast sandwiches, soup, chili and a hot entrée of the day is available. The Café also offers seasonal gifts, greeting cards, newspapers and magazines.

  • KBT Café
    The KBT Café offers freshly roasted coffee, espresso beverages, smoothies, along with a great selection of tea, assorted bagels, muffins, Danish, croissants, fresh fruit, yogurt, gourmet salads and sandwiches and flat breads.

  • Marigolds Dining

  • Thain Family Café
    A classic coffee bar serving a variety of specialty drinks like cappuccino, latte, espresso and organic spiced hot chocolate. The Café also has variety of freshly made sustainable sandwiches, salads, sushi, desserts, and snacks.

  • The Refectory at Divinity
    The Refectory offers continental, limited hot breakfast, and lunch Monday through Friday, and stays open into the early evening with a selection of grocery and home-meal items. In addition to freshly brewed coffee, the morning menu features made-to-order breakfast sandwiches, along with a variety of baked items and seasonal fresh fruit. At lunch you can enjoy burgers, chicken, other specials from the grill, visit our salad bar, or choose a hot entree from our daily rotating menu that includes vegetarian/vegan specialties. Fresh grab n' go sandwiches, salads and sushi, along with an assortment of bottled beverages, and popular deserts are always available.
  • uncommon
    A small market featuring fresh, portable food with a focus on sustainability. Stop in for a fresh grab n' go sandwich or salad, sushi, microwaveable meal, juice, seasonal fresh fruit or healthful snack. uncommon is located within Commons Dining Hall to the left before the main entrance.

Where Can I Eat?

Download a printable PDF of the Location Map here.