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Apizza, Pasta & Sauce



  • NA = Information Not Available
  • TR = Trace
Items Portion Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrate (g) Cholesterol (g) Sodium (g) Fiber (g)
Bacon Pizza1 Piece28014.210.731.7306410.1
Broccoli Bianca1 Piece25112.37.634.2184701
Cheese Pizza1 Piece3441610.247.4296480.1
Clam Pizza1 Piece26717.47.332.6374240.2
Double Cheese1 Piece2751410.231.9315260.1
Eggplant 1 Piece27711.39.836.2195880.3
Fresh Tomato & Basil (vegan)1 Piece1615.41.63203090.6
Fresh Vegetable1 Piece23010.76.831.6194320.1
Fresh Vegetable & Soy Cheese1 Piece2073.93.835.405650.1
Genovese Seafood & Olive1 Piece37921.418.732.4677140.4
Genovese Seafood & Red Pepper1 Piece36921.417.532.4677150.2
Genovese Seafood1 Piece36621.317.531.7676150
Greek 1 Piece2519.5934256490.8
Green Pepper & Mushroom1 Piece235116.932.7194320.4
Green Pepper1 Piece246116.935.2194320.3
Green Pepper & Onion1 Piece23610.96.833194320.4
Meatball1 Piece24710.97.932.4234660.1
Mushroom1 Piece234116.832.5195050.9
Olive & Artichoke1 Piece241117.433194861.1
Onion1 Piece233116.832.5194320.3
Pepperoni1 Piece25411.78.931.8265260.2
Sausage1 Piece31314.114.431.8386080.1
Spinach1 Piece23711.57.332204730.7
Vegan Mexican Bean1 Piece2037.41.740.204931.7
White Eggplant1 Piece2437.57.935.934730.3

Pasta & Sauce

Items Portion Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrate (g) Cholesterol (g) Sodium (g) Fiber (g)
Angel Hair2 cups (6 oz)2699.81.852.1023
Bow Ties (Farfalle)2 cups (6 oz)2659.71.751.3023
Celentani2 cups (6 oz)2699.81.852.2023
Fettucini2 cups (6 oz)27610.11.853.5023.1
Fusilli2 cups (6 oz)2709.91.852.4023.1
Gemelli2 cups (6 oz)2719.91.852.5023.1
Linguine2 cups (6 oz)2739.9252.5023.1
Orecchiette2 cups (6 oz)2529.21.748.9022.9
Penne2 cups (6 oz)2719.91.852.5023.1
Rigatoni2 cups (6 oz)2719.91.852.5023.1
Rotini2 cups (6 oz)2448.91.647.3022.8
Shells2 cups (6 oz)2699.81.852.2023
Spaghetti2 cups (6 oz)2709.91.852.4023.1
Tortellini2 cups (6 oz)401205.1700550NA
Whole Wheat Penne2 cups (6 oz)2529.21.748.9022.9
Whole Wheat Spaghetti2 cups (6 oz)44318.13.192.8010NA
Ziti2 cups (6 oz)2719.91.852.5023.1
Alfredo Sauce1/3 cup1597.512.34.837268Tr
All-Beef Meat Sauce1/2 cup11910.566.3344821.5
Bolognese Sauce1/2 cup755.43.84.8164481.2
Carbonara Sauce1/3 cup1865.414.24.7424160
Creamy Tomato with Basil Sauce1/2 cup1602156553902
Fra Diavolo Sauce1/2 cup361.60.56.802581.2
Fresh Tomato Sauce1/2 cup3010.5301600.5
Garlic & Tomato Wine Sauce1/2 cup6011904102
Milanese Sauce1/2 cup674.32.57.962122.1
Mushroom Tomato Sauce1/2 cup431.90.39.206632.7
Organic Tomato Sauce with Basil1/3 cup330.806.104851.5
Pesto Alfredo Sauce1/2 cup2206206452400
Pesto Sauce1/4 cup2402262101800
Red Bean Sauce1/2 cup613.30.312.704883.9
Red Clam Sauce1/2 cup8111.716.2285081
Roasted Eggplant Tomato Sauce1/2 cup4010.5801152
Romano Butiro Sauce1/4 cup2707272702700
Soy Crumble Tomato Sauce1/2 cup553.90.88.905923
Soy Mushrrom Sauce1/2 cup7041.5904100.5
Spicy Lentil Sauce1/2 cup996.40.717.404206.2
Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce1/2 cup1020.75.91214701.4
Tofu Tomato Sauce1/2 cup 402.716.604861.6
Tomato Olive Sauce1/2 cup641.829.203543
Tomato Sauce Provencale1/2 cup601.628.802722.2
Turkey Meat Sauce1/2 cup 856.83.47.3274092.2
Tuscan Bean Sauce1/2 cup240111.542572011
White Clam Sauce1/2 cup70525355700

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