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Standard Menu Items in Retail Dining Rooms

The Market Grille


  • NA = Information Not Available
  • TR = Trace
ItemsPortionCaloriesProtein (g)Fat (g)Carbohydrate (g)Cholesterol (g)Sodium (g)Fiber (g)
All-Natural Chicken Breast1 each + roll26031.15.521.8722991.6
All-Natural Hamburger1 each + roll34421.219.821.7612851.6
Black Bean Burger1 each + roll24014.43.24208306.9
Breaded Chicken Sandwich1 each + roll47919.72153268552.9
Chicken Fillet Sandwich1 each + roll265325.621.7753011.6
Deep-fried Chicken Tenders3 pieces38230.21924.55712090
Gardenburger1 each + roll22917.44.831.816024.7
Shaved Steak Sandwich1 each + roll220244.421.7352841.6
Spicy Breaded Chicken Wings6 pieces3892724181818293
Bacon Slices3 slices1107.68.50.3224720
American Cheese Slice1 slice714.25.90.3182830
Cheddar Cheese Slice1 slice1147.19.40.4301760
Provolone Cheese Slice1 slice1007.37.50.6202480
Swiss Cheese Slice1 slice1087.67.91.526540
Lettuce Leaves1 oz.
Red Onion1 slice2TR00.40TRTR
Tomato Slices3 slices120.50.22.6050.7
French Fries1 cup3203.619.13501482.9
Onion Rings7-8 each2922.721.621.604240.9

Last Updated: August 27, 2009 (jp).