Who we are

Who we are

Yale Sustainable Dining

Yale Dining is passionately committed to sustainability. We have integrated these
values in every aspect of our operation and decision making processes. We believe this allows us to provide healthier food, that tastes great and is good for the environment and the people in our community.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Continue to improve sustainable supply chain management
  • Reduce non-renewable resources used and waste produced
  • Use recycling and composting to minimize operational and environmental impact from waste
  • Provide ongoing education through information, training, and developmental models for students, guests, and employees
  • Develop ongoing partnerships with other Yale entities, peer institutions, industry, supply chains, and local, regional, and national resources to develop sustainability initiatives and promote shared learning and resources

What's On The Menu

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  • Hormone- and antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, ground Angus beef
  • The Farmer’s Cow milk in residential units
  • American Humane certified cage free, vegetarian-fed eggs
  • Niman Ranch pork
  • Grass-fed, grass-finished beef and lamb from Australia
  • Antibiotic-free, vegetarian fed, cafe free chicken
  • Organic Fair Trade coffee
  • Vegan entrée and vegetarian entrée available at every meal period
  • Locally and regionally sourced bagels and breads
  • Local honey from Swords into Plowshares
  • Check out the certification requirements for fisheries here, and for species here
  • Hormone-free yogurt
  • Up to 37% of the food purchased and served in all dining facilities meets one or more of the following sustainability criteria: regional, eco-sensitive, humane, and fair.
  • Organic and natural options in retail outlets
  • Yale Catering offers sustainable menu options for events

Local 2 Yale

In cooperation with local and regional farmers, our Local 2 Yale program provides an array of local and regional produce as seasonally available. We will continue to provide fresh healthy food and work closely with producers to ensure quality.

Yale Dining is passionate about the environment. We continue to minimize our environmental impacts in all areas of business, from purchasing our food to managing our waste. We support local farmers that practice sustainability and stewardship of the land.

Erase the Waste

We are constantly engaging in improved methods of food production and purchasing. Did you know that almost a third of all the food purchased in American homes ends up being thrown away, and most of it could have been eaten?
Reducing food waste is important to Yale Dining and to the Yale community, but we can only do this with your help. Some of the waste is made up of peelings, cores and bones, but the majority is, or once was, perfectly good food. The amount of food that is thrown away is not only a waste of food but energy, and water as well. Yale Dining asks you to please be aware of the food you choose during your meals and to help reduce the amount of food that is thrown away in the dining halls.
Trayless dining is another facet of our waste reduction strategies. Studies have consistently shown that using a tray leads to wasting almost twice as much food as trayless diners. Producing less waste saves money on composting and making uneaten food, savings which are put back into supplying even better food in the dining halls. All residential college dining halls are trayless.

We nourish the well–being of those dining at Yale and, in so doing, support the world class standing of Yale University.