The Purple Crayon performs regularly on campus at Yale University. We perform a variety of shows ranging from full-length Shakespeare plays to musical performances to free association sets, all of them entirely improvised! We try to film as much as we can, and below are links to all of the shows we have footage from (or are soon to have footage from). More videos will be added as more shows happen/people edit them. Enjoy!

    If you watch something and wonder why some nonsensical comment made the audience laugh so much, chances are it is a callback to some other part of the show not included in the clip. As a result, we highly recommend, for maximum enjoyment, watching separate shows chronologically (most of them are arranged into playlists to make this easier).

    Be warned of occasional strong language and adult content, as most of the filmed shows below were performed for college audiences. Check out the Bookings page to inquire about family-friendly styles and workshops.