Wise one, you have found the meaning of life.

Every year, the Purple Crayon attempts to spread Satori (the Japanese character on the left), and improv in general, throughout the land. What is Satori you may ask?

"Satori is the Japanese word for enlightenment in the Zen Buddhist tradition, but you may have heard of one of its other names: "oh" in Korean, "wù" in Chinese. The final goal of Zen is that one might, in a flash, perceive the world in an entirely new and complete way. To this level of understanding, to this grasp of the infinities of the universe, to this peace, Zen Buddhists aspire.

When experienced briefly, it may be called Kensho; a momentary flash of greater conception of the whole. But fleeting glimpses of the greatness of the universe do not mean enlightenment. One must build on these experiences, and through practice and repetition, learn to not only sustain such vision, but alter one's way of perception. This is Satori. As the parable tells us, attaining Satori is like learning to walk. A baby takes a few steps (Kensho) but falls; eventually he learns to stand and walk without falling (Satori).

Enlightenment does not simply befall an individual; Zen tradition teaches us to aspire to be enlightened. One's mind must be prepared by thorough study, the use of koans (zen riddles), and mediation to clear one's mind of all attachments to the physical. When Satori comes, it may be brief. It will be at first shallow. Like wading into a lake, each new step brings greater depth of understanding."

Now that you’ve been indoctrinated into Satori, you should check out our propaganda again. Just do it.