The Purple Crayon


Spreading Laughter Since 1985

The Purple Crayon is an improvisational comedy group made up of undergraduates at Yale University. We were founded in 1985 and have been performing for audiences young and old ever since.

Dedicated to pushing our limits and experimenting with improv, we perform a wide variety of formats, usually in a long form style. Since the kinds of shows we do vary quite a bit (and we obviously don’t plan them in advance), at any time they might feature recurring characters, musical improv, extended storylines, weird noises/physicality, or kitchen cabinets (mimed).

We perform dozens of shows each year both on-campus and off, and while we’re based in New Haven, Connecticut, we travel throughout the Northeast to perform (and run workshops) at schools, corporations, and comedy festivals.

Are you a student?  Come to a workshop or audition!  Not a student?  Book us for a gig! Either way, we invite you to check out our website and find us on YouTube and Facebook!


We just returned from tour in the great city of Seattle, WA. Watch for upcoming on campus shows: a traditional Purple Crayon Harold show on Saturday, March 29, and some two-prov on Saturday, April 5!