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Data Management:

Data Management Team








From left to right:

Karen Hellenbrand, Data Manager (email address:

Melissa Hellenbrand, Data Programmer Analyst (email address:

Keli Sorrentino, Data Coding Supervisor (email address:

Julie Kezik, Biostatistician (email address:

Kimberly Minnix, Programmer Assistant (email

Program Manager (the FAstGen Study) :

Jo Cecille Demarest (email address: )


Livia Kidd, Coordinator and Assistant to Dr. Michael Bracken (email address:

Jodi O'Sullivan, Center Coordinator and Assistant to Dr. Brian Leaderer (email address:

Research Assistants (the FAstGen Study):

Nicole Leyva (email address:

Lisa Lyon (email address:


Hannah Strickland (email address:


Margaret Carpenter (email address:

Phlebotomists (the FAstGen Study):

Jennifer Bishop (email address:

Cateline Saint Victor (email address:

Graduate Students and PhD Candidates:

Owais Gilani (email address: (missing from photo)

   Kathryn Egan (email address:



Linlu Zhao, Kathryn Egan










(Linlu Zhao, PhD, and Kathryn Egan, PhD Candidate)




Graduate Student Affiliates


Tormod Rogne, MD Candidate, Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway















(Tormod Rogne, MD Candidate, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway)



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