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The historical sound recordings listed below have been digitized and will be made available online as part of this project. Contact the Curator of the Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings for more information.

Address at Hoboken on Return for Burial
Address at Washington Opening
Address by JD Rockefeller
America Answers the Call
The Americans Come
Battle Music
Belgium Put the Kibosh on the Kaiser
The Closing Phase
A Conscientious Objector (from Round the Map Revue)
Democrats in the World War
Dreaming of Home Sweet Home
Drum Waltz
Eclipse Medley One Step
For your Boy and my Boy
French Lesson No 1 Getting Around
French Lesson No 2 Food and Lodging
French Lesson No 3 Purchases and Numbers
French Lesson No 4 Campaigning
French Lesson No 5 Getting Acquainted
French Lesson No 6 Continued
From the Battlefields of France
The Further it is from Tipperary
The General Election
Gas Shell Bombardment
The German Peril
Good Morning Mr. Zip Zip Zip
Goodbye Broadway Hello France
Goodbye France
The Great War
Hello Central Give Me No Man's Land
Home Before the Leaves Fall
I May Be Gone for a Long Time
I May Stay Away a Little Longer
I'll Make a Man of You
I'm a Regular Daughter of Uncle Sam
I'm Crazy Over Every Girl in France
I'm Going to Follow the Boys
Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware
Kaiserl Belobung
Keep Your Head Down Fritzie Boy
Last Quarter of the French Lesson No 4
The League of Nations by Baker
The League of Nations by Harding
The League of Nations by Lodge
Liberty Loan March
Life in a Trench
My Barney Lies Over the Ocean
My Barney Lies Over the Ocean
My Belgian Rose
Now You've Got Your Khaki
Oh Boy! When You're Home on Leave
Oh Frenchie
Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
Oh Jack When are You Coming Back
Oh! It's a Lovely War
On to Victory March
Over There
Over There Military Band
Pack up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag
The Pity of War
President Wilson
Quand Madelon
The Rose of No Man's Land
Roses of Picardy
Safeguard America
Sarajevo Suite
Se Exzell GDK Armeekomm
Se Exzell Generaloberbst
Se Exzell KK Minister
Se Exzell Landesverteidigungskommand
Se KUK Hoheit Generaloberat
Se Majesta Kaiser
Seine Exzell Gener
Seine Kaiserl
Seine KUK Hoheit Erzherzog
Seine KUK Hoheit Feldm
Seine KUK Honeit Feldmarschall
Stacpoole the Drums of War
Stacpoole the Drums of War
The Star Spangled Banner
Tell that to the Marines
The Termination of Hostilities
They Didn't Believe in Me (From Tonight's the Night)
Till the Boys Come Home
US Field Artillery
Verdun Suite
War Ballad Medley Fox Trot
The War in the Air
We're Going Over
What Are You Going to Do to Help the Boys
What Did You Do in the Great War Daddy
When the Boys Come Home
When the Lusitania Went Down
When the Moon Shines Bright on Charlie Chaplin
When the War is Over Mother Dear
When Tony Goes Over the Top
When You Come Back
Where Do We Go from Here
Wilson Suite
WWI by Morton Gould
You Can't Beat Us
You'll Find Old Dixieland in France
Your King and Your Country Want You