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Current Work in Cognitive Science, 2009–10

Current Work in Cognitive Science
A Series of Lunchtime Presentations

All talks (unless otherwise noted) are in Kirtland Hall 207 (2 Hillhouse Avenue) on Tuesdays from 11:35am - 12:50pm. All are invited and encouraged to attend.

  • October 6: Dan Kahan, Yale Law School, "The Laws of Cultural Cognition, and the Cultural Cognition of Law"
  • October 13 -- special bonus session: Ian Quinn, Yale, Music, " "Music has syntax, but what are the parts of speech?" -- Current Work in Cognitive Psychology Lunch
  • November 3: Hal Blumenfeld, Yale School of Medicine, "Epilepsy as a Window to Understanding the Consciousness System"
  • December 1: Liz Spelke, Harvard, Psychology, "Core Social Cognition"
  • February 2: Geoff Aguirre, Penn, Neurology, "The Geometry of Neural Similarity Spaces Tested using fMRI" POSTPONED UNTIL 2010-11
  • March 2: Paul Smolensky, JHU, Cognitive Science, "An integrated connectionist/symbolic theory of phonological competence/performance"
  • April 6: Michael Frank, Brown, Cognitive and Linguistic Science
  • May 4: Nathan Novemsky, Yale School of Management

Current Work in Cognitive Science, 2008–9

  • October 7: Joshua Knobe, UNC Chapel Hill, “The Pervasive Impact of Moral Judgment”
  • November 4: Ken Pugh, Yale, “Neuroimaging studies of reading development and reading disability: Establishing brain/behavior links”
  • December 2: Joshua Tenenbaum, MIT
  • February 3: Amy Arnsten, Yale, “Molecular Modulation of Prefrontal Cortical Working Memory Networks”
  • March 3: Bertram Malle, Brown, “Is there a hierarchy of social inferences? The ease and speed of judging intentionality, mind, and morality”
  • April 7: Aude Oliva, MIT, “Remembering Thousands of Images with High Fidelity”