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Contact Information

Chair: Paul Bloom, Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology & Cognitive Science

E–mail: paul.bloom@yale.edu
Office: 202 Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Joshua Knobe, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Philosophy

E–mail: joshua.knobe@yale.edu
Office: 102 Connecticut Hall

Cognitive Science Executive Committee

Paul Bloom (Department of Psychology, FAS)

Robert Frank (Department of Linguistics, FAS)
Tamar Szabó Gendler (Department of Philosophy, FAS)

Laurence Horn (Department of Linguistics, FAS)
Daeyeol Lee (Department of Neurobiology, School of Medicine)
Brian Scassellati (Department of Computer Science, FAS)
Brian Scholl (Department of Psychology, FAS)

Speaker Series Organizer: Kathryn Davidson, Postdoctoral Associate in Cognitive Science

E–mail: kathryn.davidson@yale.edu
Office: 405 Dow Hall

Administrative Office: Lynn Butler

E–mail: lynn.butler@yale.edu
Office: Kirtland Hall, 2 Hillhouse Avenue
Telephone: 203–432–4516

Mailing Address:

Cognitive Science Program
Yale University
POB 208306
New Haven, CT 06520–8306