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Friday "Hands on" Training

Small group sessions are scheduled each month on the third Friday from 1:00-3:00PM. Sign up to attend one of these informal sessions. Trainers will provide a demonstration protocol for you to work on and will be available to answer specific questions about protocol submission, amendments and renewals, and to give you support as you learn to navigate the Coeus system.

Online Training

Before you attend an online session, we recommend taking our online training module, below. You may also use this module if you’d like to learn the system on your own.

Coeus eIRB Online Training Module

The Coeus eIRB online training module is an interactive demonstration of how to create and submit a protocol, amendment, renewal and revisions.

Coeus eIRB Guides

We’re pleased to provide the following helpful tools:

  1. These quick guides contain simple, step-by-step instructions for e-IRB functions:
  2. Coeus eIRB Training Manual

    This detailed manual includes explanations of all fields and entry screens for the Coeus system.
Last update: September 25, 2012 (vm)