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Coeus eIRB enables online entry and submission of human research protocols to the Yale Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and other oversight authorities charged with the protection of Yale’s research volunteers.

The electronic routing feature provides sequential review and approval of the research, prior to the research being received by the IRB for formal review, as required by Yale policy.

Oversight committees utilizing the electronic protocol submission system include the Pediatric Protocol Review Committee (PPRC), the Magnetic Resonance Review Committee (MRRC), the PET Center, the Yale Cancer Center’s Protocol Review Committee (PRC) and Yale School of Medicine Department Chairs and their designees.

Investigators save time and resources in delivering protocols, collecting signatures and requisite approvals for research protocols.

Getting Started with Coeus eIRB

Coeus is only open to those replacing someone whc was working within a department that currently submits via the Coeus eIRB system. To obtain replacement access to Coeus eIRB, please contact the HRPP office directly to speak with your dedicated team, 203-785-4688 or email at

In addition, you are encouraged to take advantage of the many training options available to familiarize you with the online system.