Chart of Accounts (COA), Finance

Chart of Accounts (COA), Finance

About PTAEO - Organization

About Organization and the Oversight Hierarchy

The Oversight Hierarchy shows an organizational grouping of employees at the University, broken out by Officer, Division, Department and Leaf-level Org.

A division is an entity that reflects the different areas of oversight for each of the University Officers.

A department represents a particular field of knowledge or a function within the University (ex: Physics, Financial Aid, Child Study Center) and must have a leader, such as a Director or Chair, that is accountable for the budget.

An organization is the lowest organizational unit level (sometimes referred to as "leaf-level org”) of the University’s fiscal oversight hierarchy. Leaf-level org is the lowest level at which transactions take place within the hierarchy and, in this way, allows the University business community to track expenses pertaining to the activities of that organization.

Criteria for a new leaf-level org:

  • defined business objective
  • organized group of employees
  • ongoing budget with Program Leader (Dean, Director, Chair) accountable for the established budget
  • people assigned (generally mapped as their “home org”)
  • multiple programs/projects
  • assigned spaces (in most cases)

Orgs provide governance over projects, tasks and awards; they should not exist solely as a project-grouping mechanism. Leaf-level orgs should not be used for purposes covered by other segments (such as award/source or project).

(*) – Some exceptions may apply, such as building Orgs. Please consult COA with questions.



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