Chart of Accounts (COA), Finance

Chart of Accounts (COA), Finance


For a list of all the PTAEO Forms please see PTAEO Management Forms.

The COA contains five segments: project, task, award, expenditure type, and organization. The order in which they fall creates the acronym PTAEO.

  • Project indicates the activity for which the money is used.
  • Task is a subset of project, and is used to identify components of the project.
  • Award indicates where the money comes from.
  • Expenditure Type indicates the category of an account (asset, liability, fund balance, expense or revenue).
  • Organization indicates who uses the money.



Expenditure Type


About Project About Task About Award/Source About Expenditure Type About Organization
Project Attributes & Linkages Task Attributes Award Attributes Expenditure Type Attributes Organization Attributes
Functional Classifications        
Project – New Task Worksheet Linkage New/Modify   Organization – New/Modify
Project – Modify Task – Modify   Expenditure Type – Request  
Project – Close Task – Close   Expenditure Types Resources & Links  

Last Updated: January 2, 2014 (ap).