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Clinical Correlation - Bell's Palsy

A LMN lesion of CN VII which occurs at or beyond the stylomastoid foramen is commonly referred to as a Bell's Palsy.

Characteristic indications of a LMN lesion or Bell's Palsy include the following, on the affected side:
  • Marked facial asymmetry

  • Atrophy of facial muscles

  • Eyebrow droop

  • Smoothing out of forehead and nasolabial folds

  • Drooping of the mouth corner

  • Uncontrolled tearing

  • Loss of efferent limb of conjunctival reflex (cannot close eye)

  • Lips cannot be held tightly together or pursed

  • Diificulty keeping food in mouth while chewing on the affected side

Figure 7-10. Bell's Palsy: Lower Motor Neuron (LMN) Lesion.
Figure 7-10. Bell's Palsy: Lower Motor Neuron (LMN) Lesion.
After Wilson-Pauwels, et al., 1988.

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