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2008 Conference of Governors on Climate Change —
Expected Outcomes

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This conference increased the knowledge of state executives about climate change science and solutions, highlighted recent policy innovations, and facilitated state-level action on climate change by developing a coordinated action plan and call for comprehensive federal climate change policy. We anticipate that this conference will support the further development, coordination, and integration of state-level policies to address climate change.

The project produced three important deliverables:

  • A policy statement that highlights the need for “partnership” between the federal and state governments – emphasizing that some policies should happen at the national scale while others can only be effective at the state level. This statement, written by commissioners and climate advisors from about 20 states, was signed during by 18 governors for the Conference.

  • A “State of the States” website that highlights innovative public policy approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation. This site was launched at the time of the conference, and accompanied by a summary for policymakers that overviewed key policy tactics and address communication of climate change risk.

  • A Conference summary report with key conclusions and recommendations to inform the climate change policy debate heading into the Presidential election. This summary, along with netcasts and webcasts of the event is posted on the Conference website.