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Hughes photoCourtney Hodrick is a sophomore in Saybrook College planning on majoring in Classics. She started learning Latin at a young enough age to find the sentence “Sextus est puer molestus” deeply hilarious, and cried the first time she read Book 24 of The Iliad, but made the grave error of abandoning language classes in the first semester of her freshman year. Realizing that normal people don’t usually complain to their friends that they miss conjugating things, she quickly corrected her mistake and enrolled in Intensive Beginning Greek her freshman spring. Halfway through a semester of five days a week of 9:25–11:15 Ancient Greek classes and three hours a night of homework, Courtney woke up one morning and said, “Wait a minute! I’m a Classics major, aren’t I?” She’s now studying both Latin and Greek, and all is right in the world. When not conjugating things, Courtney can be found reading Russian Literature and Critical Theory, working as a counselor at Stanford’s Educational Program for Gifted Youth, and debating with the Yale Political Union.

Watson photoNina Watson Johnson is a junior Classical Civilization major in Jonathan Edwards College. She hails from New York City, where she attended the Trinity School and is a member of the program Prep for Prep. Her passion lies in Classical mythology and literature. She hopes to explore the ways the Classical canon has influenced and continues to flourish in modern times. Nina is a lover of music, particularly hip hop, but she enjoys music across all genres. Her favorite author is Ernest Hemingway, her favorite director Quentin Tarantino. Nina is always willing and ready to engage in conversation about any and everything, from the best Starburst flavors to the nature of the Universe.

Klavan photoSpencer Klavan is a senior in Davenport College. To put it more accurately, he is a “super-senior,” a title which so far has not afforded him half so many super-powers as he had hoped. In fact, what this means is that he is back from a year off traveling around the world and singing with the Whiffenpoofs, and gets an extra fifth year to study classics at Yale (a fact which he considers pretty super). Spencer’s almost pathological obsession with western cultural achievement lead him straight down the garden path into a double major in Theater Studies and Classics (Greek & Latin), and he's at his happiest when picking apart thorny passages of ancient verse and considering their rhetorical and performative possibilities. Spencer is looking forward to a lifetime of poring over classical literature and its attendant unanswerable questions.

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Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, ca. 1692–1765). Detail from A Capriccio of the Roman Forum, 1741. Stephen Carlton Clark, B.A. 1903, Fund. Yale Art Gallery 1964.41