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Watson photoNina Watson Johnson is a senior Classical Civilization major in Jonathan Edwards College. She hails from New York City, where she attended the Trinity School and is a member of the program Prep for Prep. Her passion lies in Classical mythology and literature. She hopes to explore the ways the Classical canon has influenced and continues to flourish in modern times. Nina is a lover of music, particularly hip hop, but she enjoys music across all genres. Her favorite author is Ernest Hemingway, her favorite director Quentin Tarantino. Nina is always willing and ready to engage in conversation about any and everything, from the best Starburst flavors to the nature of the Universe.

Norvell photoSarah Norvell is a senior in Jonathan Edwards College pursuing a combined BA/MA in Classics. Born and raised in Fayetteville, AR, Sarah moved to Washington, D.C. to attend high school, where she was first introduced to Latin and Ancient Greek. Her primary interests are Latin and Greek historiography and Homeric poetry, as well as the material culture of the Eastern Mediterranean. Sarah is an intern in both the Ancient Art and Conservation Departments of the Yale University Art Gallery, where she enjoys working closely with ancient art and artifacts. In addition to her love for Classics, Sarah is equally passionate about music, especially early music and the English choral tradition. She is a keen pianist and vocalist, and when not waiting for the elevator in Phelps, Sarah can be found singing with the Yale Glee Club, the Choir of Christ Church, New Haven, or the Opera Theater of Yale College. Sarah’s list of Celebrity Classics Crushes includes Nicias (of Thucydidean fame), Hector, and Vergil.

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Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian, ca. 1692–1765). Detail from A Capriccio of the Roman Forum, 1741. Stephen Carlton Clark, B.A. 1903, Fund. Yale Art Gallery 1964.41