Studying Latin and Greek

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Beginners and Intermediate Courses
Placement Guidelines

Those of you who have never taken Greek or Latin before and would like to start from the very beginning, you are ready to go! You need only register for one of the sections of Introductory Greek (Greek 110) or Latin (Latin 110) that will be offered in the fall semester, or one of the Intensive Languages courses (Greek 125b, Latin 125b) in the Spring semester. There are no prerequisites for these courses. Just find a time that suits you, and sign up before the section closes. By starting here you can fulfill your language requirement in 3 (or 2) semesters.

Continuing with Latin or Greek at Yale

If you have studied some Latin or Ancient Greek in high school and would like to resume your studies of either language at a higher level, you are encouraged to contact Professor Emily Greenwood, the Department's Director of Undergraduate studies. She can be contacted at

Please note that the Classics department does not administer placement exams for Latin. Some basic placement guidelines can be found by clicking here.

If you are interested in the Classics Major please contact Professor Emily Greenwood, the Department’s Director of Undergraduate studies:

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