Yale Workshop in Ancient Societies

This interdisciplinary workshop serves as a meeting ground for those who work on the ancient world at Yale, and is an important forum that allows sustained conversation about a common theme. The workshop meets once a month during the academic year, and is supplemented by the core graduate seminar in the Yale Initiative for the Study of Antiquity and the Premodern World.

Presenters include Yale faculty and graduate students, as well as occasional visiting professors. The chronological scope of the seminar extends over the first millennium BCE and up through the premodern period; issues of reception are also considered. The theme for 2013-14 is "Exchange". For a description of the associated graduate seminar go here.

Schedule 2013-14

  • September 6: Joe Manning, Richard Burger (Yale Anthropology), David Grewal (Yale Law School), and John Baines (Oxford).
  • October 4: Gojko Barjamovic, Harvard. "Volume, Infrasructure and Interlocking Trade Networks in Western Asia c. 2000 – 1700 BCE”
  • November 1: Karen Foster, "The Wine-dark Sea and the Great Green: Aegean/Egyptian Interconnections in the Late Bronze Age"
  • December 6: Neil Coffee, Buffalo. “Merchants in Love: Gift, Gain, and Genre at Rome.”
  • January 24: Sara Ronis (Judaic Studies)
  • February 14: Alex Loney, "The Greek Aetiology of Negative Reciprocity"
  • March 7: Alison Gruseke, "Moses and Mesopotamia"
  • April 4 : Seth Sanders, from Trinity Hartford, on Aramaic as a medium of exchange

For further information or to make suggestions, please contact: john.j.collins@yale.edu, joseph.manning@yale.edu

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